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NZ EV Podcast 67: Spark 5G Autonomous Electric Vehicle Testing

This week Theo and Dee talk news. Dee fills us in on her early morning start at the launch of the Sparks 5g Autonomous Electric Vehicle Trial. Spark has teamed up with Ohmio who spoke with us on episode 56 to bring NZ some exciting new electric toys. Show Links: Ohmio Spark uses NZ company’s […]


NZ EV Podcast 66: Gen Z – Daniel West

This week Theo and Dee talk to 14-year-old Daniel West (Dee’s Son). What does Gen Z think about the EV revolution? Will the younger generation own their own vehicles in years to come or even bother to sit their driver license test?What does the younger generation think about how we are treating the planet? We […]


NZ EV Podcast 65: Mr & Mrs T On Tour

This week Theo and Dee talk with Mr & Mrs T and Hayley from the New Zealand Tesla Owners club about the exciting Tesla road trip which will be travelling down the country. Proudly presented by: ChargeNet NZ – Electric Vehicle Charging Network – Show Links: Mr and Mrs T on Tour: Tesla Owners Club […]


NZ EV Podcast 64: $1b Invested into Rivian

This week Dee is back in the studio and the team talk EV news. We also have a new sponsor. Can you guess who it is? The NZ EV Podcast is brought to you with the help from: ChargeNet NZ – Electric Vehicle Charging Network – OEM Audio – […]


NZ EV Podcast 63: Robert Llewellyn – Fully Charged

This week the two EV Converters Theo Gibson and Gavin Shoebridge talk with a very special guest Robert Llewellyn. Robert Llewellyn is a British actor, comedian and writer. He plays the mechanoid Kryten in the TV sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf and formally presented the TV engineering game show Scrapheap Challenge. He also presents a very […]


NZ EV Podcast 62: Adam Metalbob – Electric Trucking

This week Theo talks with listener favourite Adam Metalbob (not his real name) about trucking and the industry move towards electric powertrains. Show Links: Daimler’s Freightliner aims to be “frontrunners with electric trucks” and offer all-electric options to compete with Tesla Semi – Hyundai And H2 Energy To Launch 1,000 Hydrogen Trucks in Switzerland […]


NZ EV Podcast 61: Hayden Johnston – General Manager GVI

This week Theo and Dee talk to Hayden Johnston General Manager at GVI about EV buyer trends. What questions do first-time EV buyers really have when purchasing an EV. How did the stink bug hitting used car imports effect our EV dealers in the country? So many questions, not enough time! Enjoy the show. Quality […]


NZ EV Podcast 60: Kiwi EV Converter Gavin Shoebridge

This week Theo and Dee talk with EV Royalty. Fresh off the plane from Slovakia, Number 16 on the LVVTA Conversion list and the inspiration for Theo’s Toyota Sera EV conversion. The one and only Gavin Shoebridge. Not only has Gavin converted a car to electric drive but he also made a very successful series […]


NZ EV Podcast 59: Jef Ikenn E-Bike Road Trip

Hello, 2019! Theo and Dee are back on the studio. This week we talk the latest news. Top 12 Pure EV for 2019. Toyota’s move for fully electric vehicles and we talk to Jef Ikenn about his record run road trip from the top of New Zealand to the bottom on his 2016 ZERO SR […]


NZ EV Podcast 58: ChargeNet NZ

This week Theo and Dee talk with CEO of ChargeNet Steve West about the year just been, we chat about what we are looking forward to in 2019, and we fill you in on what ChargeNet has been up too. This is our final podcast of 2018. Check back […]


NZ EV Podcast 57: Kwikli Electric Mopeds

This week Theo and Dee talk with Rushabh Trivedy Founder & CEO of Kwikli. Kiwikli is a start-up ridesharing service offering electric moped which is currently being trialled on Auckland North Shore. Rushabh talks to us about how it all started. If you enjoy our Podcast please support us by subscribing to the podcast on The more support we get the […]


NZ EV Podcast 56: Ohmio

This week Theo talks with David Verma Program Director, Technologist, ITS Expert at Ohmio. Ohmio self-driving vehicle technology originally created by HMI Technologies, a global technology company and innovator of Intelligent Transport Systems. Ohmio is making big in the world of autonomous driving with big plans on the horizon. We also talk about electric […]


NZ EV Podcast 55: SolarCity

This week Theo and Dee talk with Gareth Williams, Chief Technology Officer at SolarCity about their fantastic solar offerings for your home. We talk about how to be more energy independent and the best way to charge your EV on a Solar System. Also, we talk with Paul O’Connor from OEM Audio about his new charging cable […]


NZ EV Podcast 54: EV Insurance

This week Theo and Dee talk with Jon-Paul Hale a personal insurance broker from Willow Grove Insurance about EV insurance. And we dive into a discussion on Tesla Insurance and why it may cost you more than you think. The NZ EV Podcast is brought to you with the help from OEM Audio, New Zealand’s leading supplier […]


NZ EV Podcast 53: Electric Avenue – Big Boys Toys

This week Theo and Dee talk with Director of Big Boys Toys Dean Wilson about Electric Avenue which will be part of Big Boys Toys 2018. We have a great chat about what will be on the show and how to Win some free passes to Big Boys Toys. Also, if you have thought about […]


NZ EV Podcast 52: Lime Scooters

This week Theo and Dee talk with Hank Rowe, Launcher at Lime Scooters about Limes electric scooter rollout. Hank did very well even when faced with Dee West who was dressed as Wonder Woman for the interview. It was Halloween on the day we recorded this episode if that helps you work that one out. […]


NZ EV Podcast 51: We need to talk about Elon

This week Theo and Dee are back in the studio talking EV news and current events. Well mainly having an overdue talk about Elon and EV insurance. Thank you to all our listeners for sticking with us contributing to the show and do keep letting us know what you want to hear about. We love your […]


NZ EV Podcast 50: Welcome to our 50th Episode!

Welcome to our 50th Podcast. Who would have thought we would get this far. This week Theo and Dee are back in the studio with guest Darcy Ungaro from the NZ Everyday Investor Podcast talking about how much it makes sense to buy that EV you have always wanted now and how you can do it! Thank you to […]


NZ EV Podcast 49: NZ Hits 10,000 EV’s

This week Theo and Dee are back in the studio and catch up while talking the EV news. Well mainly catch up. We announce prize winners of our feedback competition, and we talk EV T2 trial coming to an end, 10,000 EV registration and Star Trek. Show Links: Tesla Model X owner says car ‘saved’ […]


NZ EV Podcast 48: The Real First 50 EV Conversions

This week Theo is back from his holiday in Samoa and talks through stats recently received from the LVVTA about EV Conversions in New Zealand. What number are you, where do you fit on the list? Show Links: Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association EV’s as at August 2018: LVVTA: NZ EV Podcast Facebook […]