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The Nissan Nation Podcast is hosted by David and Danny. From Racing, Camping and events the NNP has all things Nissan covered. Join the fun take the boys have to offer on the Nissan brand.

The Nissan Nation Podcast is hosted by David and Danny. From Racing, Camping and events the NNP has all things Nissan covered. Join the fun take the boys have to offer on the Nissan brand.
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The Nissan Nation Podcast is hosted by David and Danny. From Racing, Camping and events the NNP has all things Nissan covered. Join the fun take the boys have to offer on the Nissan brand.




083 - Overland Nashville and Interview Kody Jamieson

Big names are here for the start of 2019 and Instagram Overland guide Jim Bob stops by the studio to help the podcast ring in the new year. Danny is on pins and needles with his race truck coming home this week. Dave and Holden spend time in the land down under as they interview Kody Jamieson about his latest trip in the outback. This show was brought to you in part by


082 - Going, Going, Ghosn

Nissan has evicted Carlos Ghosn from the top spot in a TV movie of the week fashioned we have all the latest news. Dave has a one on one interview with Matt Webber of Dash Offroad in Australia discussing the Y62 Patrol and aftermarket support for the SUV. Happy holidays from the crew of the NNP


081 - Billy Hayes of Nissan US interview

Sales figures and the hard question "Is the Infiniti brand needed" are on the table for this weeks show. Holden has a one on one interview with Billy Hayes of Nissan US and has Jim Bob of Overland Nashville stop by the Regal lot. This show was brought to you by Lifestyle Offroad. Graphics, Printing and all your media needs are a click away at


080 - WENTwindrock 2018 recap

WENTwindrock 2018 was once again a huge success and Holden and Dave were in the middle of the action. Danny has to listen to the guys talk about all the fun he missed and Holden lets us in on "Wenterviews" *Stay till the very end* #went2018 #wentwindrock #nissan #xterra #frontier #titan Dave, Danny and Holden


079 - Warrior Come out and play

This week brings out grump bear and Dave talk over his recent experience with a Nissan service tech. The Holden effect stops by with talk of the Nissan Warrior and Danny the big deal stops by to give his words of wisdom. Show 079 is brought to you impart by Regal Nissan of Atlanta. If you are looking for a new or used car give the ATL's best a chance to earn your business.


078 - banging studs

The 2019 Nissan Altima has launched into production and the NNP has it covered. Holden tested the new car and gives us a peek into what the car drives like. Danny touches up on the Vegas to Reno race. Team Xterra racing took to the course and had some issues with some new wheels. Danny fills us in on the details. This show was brought to you in part by and drbandkgb media 2018


077 - The Regal Beagle Adventures

When Regal Nissan decided to purchase a SAS'ed Nissan Frontier for its dealership Holden and Dave step up to the challenge to pick it up. Holden picked Dave up in Middle Tennessee and the guys spent the next 2 days to Arizona and then 2 days back to the east coast. This show was brought to you in part by and


076 - Locked and loaded - Interview Marvinbuilt

Marvin Mancia of Tim Dahle Nissan has taken a liking to the Nissan Titan and NV vans. From epic 4 wheel drive conversions of the NV to monster builds of the Titan and Titan XD Marvin has taken the platform to the next level. Danny and Dave answer some listener questions this week. Jim Bob of the epic OverlandNashville stops by to ask the deep questions. Show 076 was brought to you impart by Lifestyle offers complete event packages (Graphics, Printing, Vinyl...


075 - Interview Australian David Garcia

Is it summer or winter? This week Dave gets to talk with Australian and fellow Nissan enthusiast David Garcia. They discuss how things are the same with the US market and Australian market. Holden schools Dave on his new found love of the all new Nissan Kicks. This show was brought to you in part by


074 - The straight axle swap with Luke Pankow

Something were built to last and others need upgrading. Luke Pankow of and drops into talk all things SAS. The guys break down some of the do's and dont's of swiping axles and the good and bad of IFS vs SAS. We have velcro patches for sale on our site Buy one to three to help support the show.


073 - Rants, Interview GTR

RANTS! We asked and you gave back and it seems Danny and Holden have a few as well. Interview: Johanna and Josh stopped by the interview loft to talk GTR ownership. We discussed some do's and fonts when looking for a used R35. This show was brought to you in part by When you need OEM parts or that brand new 370Z Regal has you covered for the best prices in the south. Be sure to tell them the NNP sent you.


072 - The 3rd Gen US Frontier and more

Are we some of the first in the know or what? Rumors are flying about the next generation US Frontier and the NNP is in the loop. Listen and decrypt the information This show was brought to you in part by If you need stickers, shirts or more be sure to give lifestyle a call and tell them the NNP sent you.


071 - Nissan North America Product planning Interview

Nissan North America Product planning InterviewNissan has just built the Armada / Patrol as a Overlanding beast for the Expo WEST gathering. Dave gives his opinion on the build and listens to some audio from the live reveal. Altima pre orders are coming, will you be one of the first? Nissan talks trucks and SUV's Dave talks with Brent Hagan of Nissan North America's Product Planning and Development Truck and SUV. Brent fills us in on the current line and what makes the offerings special...


070 - Team Venom Racing Interview

Nissan is whats up and we have you covered with your favorite brand. Dave and Holden talk with Walter of Team_Venom_Racing to find out what makes a family want to racing a Nissan Titan. If your patch game is weak then jump onto and get the latest NNP patch. Stickers are old school for HPs.. Patches bring it!


069 - Hold on its 3 persons race now

The NNP is proud to welcome in Holden of Regal Nissan into the podcast family. Holden is a fellow off roader and Exec of a Nissan dealership in the ATL. Dave and Danny welcome in a new big deal to the show and talk about each others current situation. #nissan #altima #maxima #titan #titanxd #xterra #patrol #frontier #navara #truck #car #gtr #leaf


068 - 2019 Nissan Altima first look

The NNP has been talking about this next Gen Altima for some time now and Nissan gave the US market a first look at the Mid sized sedan in NYC. The New Altima has the brand new VC-Turbo 2.5 4 cyl and no big V6 this time around. The show has been talking about Nissan bringing an All Wheel Drive system to the market and Nissan did just that. Be sure to check out our website and Facebook page for all the latest news from Nissan. Rate rate rate the show on iTunes or where ever you download us...


067 - East Coast Nissan Titan Meet

Danny wants to talk sales numbers? The guys talk about the next gen Altimaand how it could be All Wheel Drive. Is there a Mitsubishi influence there? Matt of the ECNTM stops by to give us the info on the East Coast Titan Meet. This show was brought to you by and drbandkgb media 2018


066 - Dave Solo

Flying solo Dave takes a peek at the world of Nissans and whats up with the design dept. The NNP is a presentation of drbandkgb media ©2018


065 - Interview Vegas Nationwide Nissan Meet

The new year is in full gear and so is the NNP. Dave and Danny discuss changes to the web site and what each other have going on so far this year. Melissa of the Vegas Nationwide Nissan Meet stops by the NNP studios to talk about the Vegas gathering. If you would like to donate to the show or would like to support us through Amazon links use out web address and click the Travel fund / support link.


Show 65 preview - Welding

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