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The Nissan Nation Podcast is hosted by David and Danny. From Racing, Camping and events the NNP has all things Nissan covered. Join the fun take the boys have to offer on the Nissan brand.

The Nissan Nation Podcast is hosted by David and Danny. From Racing, Camping and events the NNP has all things Nissan covered. Join the fun take the boys have to offer on the Nissan brand.
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The Nissan Nation Podcast is hosted by David and Danny. From Racing, Camping and events the NNP has all things Nissan covered. Join the fun take the boys have to offer on the Nissan brand.




099 - Big news and one big dude - Aaron Powers interview

Did we adventure last time or what? Dave and Danny are heading back for round 2 of the Titan Adventures and this time we take on Park City, Utah. The 2020 Nissan Titan is kicking off with a bang and the show will be there to cover the epic adventure Nov. 14th. To some he is just another guy but to those that know him in the Nissan Xterra community Aaron Powers is a ray of sunshine. Aaron has been a friend to Dave, Danny and Holden for many years now and he sits down for a WENTerview. Aaron...


098 - 2020 Nissan Titan thoughts

Has the current Nissan Titan been a hit or miss? Nissan rolled out the updated 2020 Titan and are the refresh grill and lights enough to win back full size truck customers? Facebook: Nissan Nation Podcast Instagram: nissannationpodcast


097 - Interview B Roll Offroad

This week we talk with B Roll offroad of youTube. B Roll documents trails in the Colorado and Utah area. We talk about why this valuable youtube channel was needed and where he and his Xterra will go next.


096 - Server is not available

What happens when you main systems for North America crashes? Chaos ensues! Nick of stops by to talk trips planned for the year and Danny gives us the lowdown on racing Vegas to Reno.


095 - Nissan Titan Diesel is Dead

Why did the diesel not work in the Nissan Titan XD? Dave breaks it down and whats the future of the XD line.


094 - Skyline GTS interview

If Nissan wins a JD Powers award that means the show does as well right? Dave talks with Brent Poslston about importing and owning a Nissan Skyline R33. Thank you for the continuing support.


093 - East Coast Xterra Challenge Interview

News broke that Nissan was blindsided with merger talks from FCA and Renault and guess who had the final say in that matter. Mt Dew Mike stops by the show to talk East Coast Xterra Challenge and gives us the run down on this years event. If you like the free content we provide and would like to give back to the show then like and subscribe to Nissan Podcast on youTube and show us a little love on our Patreon


092 - Killer Orca Interview

We are a international show! Danny took a drive in a new Ford Ranger. We break down the good and bad about the mid size truck. Which truck did Danny like more? Nissan or Ford?? Interview time! Taylor the owner of the Killer Orca 2009 Maxima met up with Dave and walked us around his one off build.


091 - CFT Diesel Performance interview

Nissan is falling hard and the French hope to take control. Holden breaks down the issues at hand. Josh with CFT Performance stops by the show to talk Titan Diesel performance.(618) 781-3981 Help spread the show... Post the NNP to your favorite Nissan/Datsun/Infiniti group.


090 - Drinks in hand and the NYC on our minds

With drinks in hand Danny and Dave bring back an old school NNP. The new Versa was shown to the FL crowd and the New York auto show gave us a dream garage. Holden on a min!


089 - The Red Baron Chronicles

The what if's have caught the podcast and Nissan has teased us with 50 years of Z and GTR for the NYC auto show. Double interview with The Red Baron Chronicles (370Z) and Cody Fletcher of Xterra Crew If you like the audio content then beside to check out our YouTube channel Nissan Podcast for reviews and more of you favorite brand.


088 - Interview Slickrick.510 of the Titan Adventure

Holden talks the Atlanta Auto Show and how Nissan could bring a little more to it. Dave talks New/ Used Z's and Danny does his best to not hiccup. Interview: Rick Hernandez met up with us at the Nissan Trucks #titanadventure and talked to the guys about his family love of all things Nissan. Datsun 510 Nissan 240sx and Titan XD


087 - Truck Night in America: Ryan Miller

Numbers speak volumes and in this case not much volume as Nissan has a slow month. With leadership issues Nissan isn't setting the world on fire starting the new year. Holden and Dave solve Nissan's issues car by car. New segment "Holden on just minute" Co-host Holden speaks his mind about the latest trends and Issues in the Nissan world. Interview: Ryan Miller stops by to talk Truck Night in America. We learn the why and how He was on the show and what you could do to be a contestant.


086 - Calling All Titans #titanadventure

When adventure calls and it's Nissan would you pick up the phone? Dave and Danny sure did and were treated like royalty in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the week. Listen in as we adventure across Wyoming and Idaho for this epic experience. Interviews include: Team Venom Racing, David of Fluid Peak and more.. Thank you to Wendy Orthman of Nissan USA and David Page of Fluid Peak for the invite. Nissan Titan Armada Snow Patrol #callingalltitans #titanadventure #nissantrucks #marmont...


085 - Rally Racer Lars Wolfe

Lars Wolfe has built his Nissan Juke MPR 2.0 for the world of Rally Racing on the west coast. Lars discusses what it takes to make a Juke fly. ***SPOILERS*** Truck night in America turned into a goofy mess for some friends of the show. In a interrupted interview Danny, Dave and Luke of Lifestyle Offroad discuss what happened.


084 - Parts will be dropped

We pull apart the topic of OEM, USED and PARTS store shopping and the value of each. Is that deal of a lifetime warranty really worth it or is the used OEM part the best of both worlds? What is holding back the world of lowrider cars and trucks? Holden asked the question of dropping a new Nissan Kicks. #titanadventure


083 - Overland Nashville and Interview Kody Jamieson

Big names are here for the start of 2019 and Instagram Overland guide Jim Bob stops by the studio to help the podcast ring in the new year. Danny is on pins and needles with his race truck coming home this week. Dave and Holden spend time in the land down under as they interview Kody Jamieson about his latest trip in the outback. This show was brought to you in part by


082 - Going, Going, Ghosn

Nissan has evicted Carlos Ghosn from the top spot in a TV movie of the week fashioned we have all the latest news. Dave has a one on one interview with Matt Webber of Dash Offroad in Australia discussing the Y62 Patrol and aftermarket support for the SUV. Happy holidays from the crew of the NNP


081 - Billy Hayes of Nissan US interview

Sales figures and the hard question "Is the Infiniti brand needed" are on the table for this weeks show. Holden has a one on one interview with Billy Hayes of Nissan US and has Jim Bob of Overland Nashville stop by the Regal lot. This show was brought to you by Lifestyle Offroad. Graphics, Printing and all your media needs are a click away at


080 - WENTwindrock 2018 recap

WENTwindrock 2018 was once again a huge success and Holden and Dave were in the middle of the action. Danny has to listen to the guys talk about all the fun he missed and Holden lets us in on "Wenterviews" *Stay till the very end* #went2018 #wentwindrock #nissan #xterra #frontier #titan Dave, Danny and Holden