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From washing a car with Optimum No Rinse, to running a successful auto detailing business and beyond. Optimum Detailing Synergy Podcast has you covered with interviews from industry professionals, successful Detail Business Operators,and educational information about Optimums products.

From washing a car with Optimum No Rinse, to running a successful auto detailing business and beyond. Optimum Detailing Synergy Podcast has you covered with interviews from industry professionals, successful Detail Business Operators,and educational information about Optimums products.
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From washing a car with Optimum No Rinse, to running a successful auto detailing business and beyond. Optimum Detailing Synergy Podcast has you covered with interviews from industry professionals, successful Detail Business Operators,and educational information about Optimums products.




Introducing Lauren Forsch

On today's podcast I interview the lovely Lauren Forsch. Lauren has been a great friend of mine for a couple of years now and is one of the people that pushed me to grow my business bigger than I ever thought it would grow and it came from her insulting me. Find out what made me prove her wrong and how it ulimately made me grow bigger than I thought possible. You can contact her at alluv.io


Introducing Justin Pollington-Woods Global Director of Optishield

On this episode I sit down with the one and only Mr. Pollington-Woods or lovingly known internally as the Panda. We go over how Justin came on to the family, how he got to where he is now and just have a good laugh in general.


Clear Coat Restorer

On today's podcast I sit down with Mr. Yvan Lacroix and talk about Optimum's newest product....Optimum Clear Coat Restorer or as I refer to it, CCR. You will learn how to properly prep the surface for it, what it can and can't fix and how to apply it. We even add in a bit of math!


Introducing Jason Gibson....Optimums Northern Regional Manager

On today's podcast, we have a LONG overdue show which is introducing our Northern Regional Manager Jason Gibson! Learn about his start in the detailing world and how he transitioned into team Opti.


Extreme Results from Extreme Training

Western Regional Manager Adam Huber does his first ever solo on-site training with Extreme Detail in Olathe, KS and sits down with the employees to talk about their experiences. In the coming weeks the podcast will have an announcement so please stay tuned for that!


Becky Caldwell, Marketing, NonProfits, and Profits!

OSP 134! This week I talk with a detailers wife. Becky Caldwell is the Executive Director for the Virginia Highlands Festival and a virtual Executive Director helping Non Profits. She contacted me to share her insights on marketing and building a detailing business. She was a blast to interview, and gives us all some great info!


SEMA Files 2018, P.J. from Waxstock and Dodo

OSP 133! This week we flashback again to the SEMA show floor as I sit down with P.J. from Waxstock, Europes largest Detail industry show, and Co Owner of Dodo Juice. We talk conventions, traveling, marketing, and products. It is nice to sit down to an open conversation with this industry professional!


SEMA Files part 3 2018, Huber and Tran

OSP 132! This week we revisit the Las Vegas Convention Center Showroom Floor to listen to a discussion between Adam Huber and Marcy Tran, Co Owner of Clean Car Custom Detail, in Brenham TX. They discuss the Optimization Training classes as well as dive into Dave Ramsey principles for business and life.


SEMA Files 2018 Part 2, Detailing in the Country!

OSP 131! This week I play a couple more interviews from Opti Coats Mobile Podcast Studio. First visit with Robert Fafrowicz, owner of All In The Polish Detailing in Camp Verde Az. Learn how this young man thrives in a small town. Being from an entrepreneurial family, Robert is a natural. Then I sit down with Drew Truitt, owner of Lake and Land Detailing, in Mt Juliet TN. Fellow hockey fan and polisher, and soon to come on board with Opti Coat!!!


SEMA Files 2018, Adam Thurman and PCA Vu Nguyen

OSP 130! This week you get the first installment of the SEMA files of 2018. First I sit down with Adam Thurman owner of Ultimate Image Detailing in South Weber, Utah. Then I have my yearly talk with Vu Nguyen Executive Director of PCA Porsche Club of America. I learned that even 6 month old Porsche Enthusiasts can now join!


Opti Coat, Down Under, In the Middle, On the Side!

OSP 129! This week Dann and Adam Huber talk to Sam Pain, owner of Prestige Automotive Care in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and Joseph Nucifora, owner of Clean Get Away Detailing, Warana Queensland Australia.Although our accents are different, our passion for clean and protected cars is very in line!


It’s How You Get There, Opti Coat Meets the History Channel

OSP 128! It is not every day I get to interview celebrities on the Optimum Synergy Podcast, but this day I did! Meet Jenn Barlow, Julian Taylor, and Sam Nehme and go behind the scenes and look into the life of the 3 stars of History Channels, "It’s How You Get There". As a show sponsor, Opti products are used during the show. One show even features our newest regional managers Adam and Jason polishing and coating something! Listen and make sure to watch It’s How You Get There on the History...


Lean Marketing, Fat Profits

OSP 127! This week on the Optimum Synergy Podcast Dann sits down with Detailing Legend Paul Apollonia and marketing guru Martin Brossman. These guys will be hosting a seminar at Mobile Tech Expo this year. I think anyone at Mobile Tech would be wise to attend. Learn some different tricks to marketing on a budget and discover different revenue streams you probably have never considered! These guys were fun to talk to and chock full of great, useful info! This is the auto detailing podcast, to...


Shoestring Budget Follow Up with Bo, and the Opti Boys!

OSP 126! This week on the Optimum Synergy Podcast Dann, Yvan And Adam Huber talk to Bo Sparks from South Shore Kentucky. Bo reached out to me after listening to OSP 124 with some questions about detailing on the side. So we break down Bo’s situation and discuss a side hustle and detailing part time with Optimum Products. There is something for everyone on the, auto detailing podcast, SYNERGY!!


Stars Rising in the Optiverse

OSP 126! This Week Dann sits down with Mack, Huber, and Carter, Opti Coats new Creative Director, to discuss upcoming product releases, Events, trainings, and our new Marketing strategies. More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Opti Coat and the Ultimate, auto detailing podcast!


Retirement Redux

OSP 125! a Redux of OSP 24! I sat down with Justin Wees VP Financial Advisor from Charles Schwab. Justin sheds light on the different ways a small business owner can get on the right track for retirement. Learn the difference between a 401k, Roth, SEP, and Individual IRA! This is likely the most important thing you can do for your future. You just can’t detail forever!


Shoestrings and Loose Ends

OSP 124! This week Adam Huber, Yvan and Dann discuss starting a business on a shoestring budget. With a starter kit and some determination, good things can be had. Then the loose ends part we talk about SEMA and training and a a couple of other loose ends! This is the auto detailing podcast for success. New or seasoned we got you covered!


Coating Cars and TV Stars!

OSP 123! This Week Dann sits down with Adam Huber, Opti Coat"s Western Regional Manager, and Jason Gibson, Certified Opti Coat installer and Owner of Radiant Reflections Detailing of Salem Va. They were both recently in Virginia for the filming of an episode of “It’s How You Get There”, airing this fall on History Channel and Amazon TV. Hear about their experience from travel, to laying down coating, to talking on camera!


Lean Processing, Next Level Efficiency

OSP 122! This week Dann sits down with Steven Jackson of Cambria UK to discuss Lean Processing. Dann and Steven are connected on Linkedin, and Steve is a contributor to the Optimum Forum. It seems the most basic simple ideas ore often overlooked, which can lead to inefficiency in any business. These themes will improve your detailing business, or any business.


Dustin and Dann 2 Years

OSP 121! This week Dann and Dustin sit down and discuss the 2 year anniversary of Dustin moving to California, buying Big D’s Mobile Detailing, Dann’s move to Opti Corporate, and the growth for all! I think you can hear we are both pretty darn happy where life has taken us. Watch as we accelerate into the future!!!