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Episode Fifty - Fiftieth Celebrations, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Drunk Horses

Smooth Traffic has (finally) made it to 50 episodes, and the chaps celebrate in style(ish). Jonny reviews two Jaguars, the XE and XF, as well as the Alfa Romeo Giulia. There's a world exclusive Alfa Romeo Stelvio passenger ride, as well as thoughts on the recent gameplay trailer release for Red Dead Redemption 2. Jonny reviews more art, there's an exciting round of Deadliest Boot Spaces, and the usual level of disjointed discussion.


Episode Forty Nine - Jaguar F-Type & Ford Focus Reviews, Faraday Future, Jonny on Art, Deadliest Boot Spaces, Dictionary Corner & a Car Park Crash

Jonny gives his verdict on the 2-litre Jaguar F-Type that he recently drove for a week, as well as the brand new Ford Focus that he travelled to France to drive. Ben tells the exciting tale of witnessing a crash in a car park while shopping at his local Pets at Home, before going on to make Jonny very miserable with news about Faraday Future. Rob somehow manages to cheer Jonny up with a return to Dictionary Corner and Jonny starts handing out vouchers. There's also time for Deadliest Boot...


Episode Forty Eight - Jonny's New Job, Tim Sherwood, Jaguar & Audi Test Previews, Jonny on Art, Deadliest Boot Spaces & F1 2017

The biggest news in Smooth Traffic history is announced, as Jonny reveals details about his new job. While reviewing the World Cup to date, Rob receives a birthday surprise in the form of an 'interview' that Ben & Jonny organised with Tim Sherwood. Jonny previews his upcoming tests of the 2-litre Jaguar F-Type and the new Audi R8 RWS. There's another round of the smash hit Deadliest Boot Spaces, as well as Jonny's opinions on Picasso and a review of F1 2017 on the PS4.


Episode Forty Seven - 2018 FIFA World Cup Preview

In this episode, the chaps preview the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, in their own unique way. There's a rundown of the teams that qualified, the teams that didn't and some absurd predictions along the way. Jonny (allegedly) sends a report from Kenya to see whether an African team can be crowned champions this time around, and there's also some football themed art and an unusual Dictionary Corner.


Episode Forty Six - Timestain: The Movie, Deadliest Boot Spaces, Jonny on Art, VW Golf GTi, Dictionary Corner & More

Episode 46 picks up where the last episode left off, with Jonny being inspired to begin writing a screenplay for 'Timestain' that features Rob and Ben cast in the main roles. Deadliest Boot Spaces returns again, as Ben tries to claw back the deficit against Rob with help from Andre the Giant. Jonny reviews a Botticelli and Rob tries to avoid segment-envy by giving Dictionary Corner a flavour that Jonny would enjoy. There's also another fax, and the chaps discuss the VW Golf GTi TCR.


Smooth Traffic Episode Forty Five - Deadliest Boot Spaces, 5 Car Garage, Improving the Roast Dinner & Teleportation vs Time Travel

Episode 45 opens with a return to one of the most popular segments in Smooth Traffic history... Deadliest Boot Spaces. Jonny once again hosts the hit gameshow segment to discover just how deadly boot spaces can be. Jonny was given free-rein on this episode, so a segment on the disappearance of white dog poo is not to be missed. Rob and Ben manage to restore some sanity as the chaps go through their car histories to come up with a 5 car garage of cars that they've owned. Jonny reveals his...


Smooth Traffic Episode Forty Four - Five Car Garage, Art, The Future of Music, Dictionary Corner & being a Robot

Jonny returns and explains where he's been (very briefly) before unveiling Smooth Traffic's first hit single in collaboration with Ben and the mysterious Cylo Lawnch. Rob and Jonny go back in time to discuss Five Car Garages that they put together in 2009, before Jonny moves on to discuss another piece of art. Rob takes everyone back to dictionary corner, much to Jonny's annoyance, and there's another fax on the trusty machine, this time regarding robot sentience.


Smooth Traffic Episode Forty Three - Eunos Roadster Project Car, Karlmann King SUV, GT Sport, Dinosaurs & Fruit Trees

In a Jonny-free episode (well, almost), Rob and Ben provide an update on the Smooth Traffic Project Car, the mark 1 Eunos Roadster. Rob shows Ben the most expensive SUV in the world, the Karlmann King, to prove that money can't buy taste. Ben tries to figure out why Rob and Jonny persist with GT Sport, due to all of the moaning that they do in the group WhatsApp chat. There's talk of a podcast rebrand following actual, real-life, feedback from listeners, and an interesting fax is received...


Smooth Traffic Episode Forty Two - 2018 F1 Season Preview, Caterham, Faxes, Art & Dictionary Corner

The 2018 Formula One season is upon us, and who better to give you a totally uninformative preview than Rob and Jonny! Prior to dissecting all of the changes for the new season, as well as making the usual bold predictions, Jonny also talks about his recent trip to Wales driving the Caterham 620S. The chaps receive a rather interesting fax, posing the age-old question of the best layout for a mermaid. Rob and Ben humour Jonny in his attempts to diversify his skill set by becoming an art...


Smooth Traffic Episode Forty One - Audi R8 & RS6, Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, Dictionary Corner & a New Zealand Car Quiz

Jonny has had two very fast Audis in recent weeks and reveals why he thinks the RS6 is the best car of all time, from a logical perspective. He also talks about the R8, which he took to Silverstone for a celebration of four-wheel drive with Porsche. Find out how he got car sick, and why you should eat at the Porsche Experience Centre. Rob once again delves into the dictionary to assist Ben in finding just the right words to describe Jonny, and the fax machine produces another classic...