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Episode Forty Four - Five Car Garage, Art, The Future of Music, Dictionary Corner & being a Robot

Jonny returns and explains where he's been (very briefly) before unveiling Smooth Traffic's first hit single in collaboration with Ben and the mysterious Cylo Lawnch. Rob and Jonny go back in time to discuss Five Car Garages that they put together in 2009, before Jonny moves on to discuss another piece of art. Rob takes everyone back to dictionary corner, much to Jonny's annoyance, and there's another fax on the trusty machine, this time regarding robot sentience.


Episode Forty Three - Eunos Roadster Project Car, Karlmann King SUV, GT Sport, Dinosaurs & Fruit Trees

In a Jonny-free episode (well, almost), Rob and Ben provide an update on the Smooth Traffic Project Car, the mark 1 Eunos Roadster. Rob shows Ben the most expensive SUV in the world, the Karlmann King, to prove that money can't buy taste. Ben tries to figure out why Rob and Jonny persist with GT Sport, due to all of the moaning that they do in the group WhatsApp chat. There's talk of a podcast rebrand following actual, real-life, feedback from listeners, and an interesting fax is received...


Episode Forty Two

The 2018 Formula One season is upon us, and who better to give you a totally uninformative preview than Rob and Jonny! Prior to dissecting all of the changes for the new season, as well as making the usual bold predictions, Jonny also talks about his recent trip to Wales driving the Caterham 620S. The chaps receive a rather interesting fax, posing the age-old question of the best layout for a mermaid. Rob and Ben humour Jonny in his attempts to diversify his skill set by becoming an art...


Episode Forty One

Jonny has had two very fast Audis in recent weeks and reveals why he thinks the RS6 is the best car of all time, from a logical perspective. He also talks about the R8, which he took to Silverstone for a celebration of four-wheel drive with Porsche. Find out how he got car sick, and why you should eat at the Porsche Experience Centre. Rob once again delves into the dictionary to assist Ben in finding just the right words to describe Jonny, and the fax machine produces another classic...


Episode Forty

Smooth Traffic has turned 40, and celebrated by having an existential crisis. However, before that, Ben returned from New Zealand and reveals all about the magical land and it's appalling hire cars. Jonny reveals details of the new VW up! GTI that everyone has been waiting for. Rob takes everyone on another trip to his dictionary corner, and Ben makes up for lost time overseas by talking about batteries.


Episode Thirty Nine

It's a Ben-free episode this time, as Jonny and Rob get stuck in to all the topics that don't interest Ben. Jonny reveals all about his luxury road trip to Scotland in the Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge, as well as the slightly less luxurious couple of days he spent in Lisbon with the new Ford EcoSport. Rob helps Jonny fill in the gaps in his education in a new segment designed to answer any question that Jonny raises (think primary school level) and there's also another healthy discussion...


Episode Thirty Eight - Christmas 2017 Special

Join the chaps in full, festive spirit as they host an alcohol-fuelled Christmas special. Jonny tells more about his trip to Italy, and the car museums that he visited. Rob and Jonny go through their predictions for the 2017 F1 season and discover that they were right about everything. Probably. Ben gets things back on track with the movie character segment that Rob had started a few months ago. Rob hosts another segment from Dictionary Corner, complete with a brand new jingle. The rest of...


Episode Thirty Seven

In an incredibly jovial episode, Rob teaches Jonny and Ben about the origins of some inappropriate words, Ben reveals some of his favourite quotes from the Smooth Traffic WhatsApp group, and Jonny is proven correct about his predictions for the future of the Subaru WRX STi. The chaps also reveal the patron saint of Smooth Traffic, and Jonny recounts the time he got stuck up a mountain in his Abarth... with audio recorded from his 'rescue'.


Episode Thirty Five

After a two-month hiatus, Smooth Traffic returns! In that time, Ben's changed his name, Jonny's bought a car, and Rob's life is exactly the same. Jonny and Rob talk about the cars they drove at the end of September at SMMT South, as well as their experiences in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider earlier in the month. The chaps discuss Jonny's new car, the Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Edition, and try to figure out what modifications Jon may be able to make without anyone else's help (it's not a big list!)....


Episode Thirty Four

Jonny decides to draw comparisons between the Ford Mustang V8 and the Abarth 595 Competizione to find out whether or not size really matters. Ben sets Rob & Jonny a challenge that involves a trip to a scrapyard, and then bamboozles Jonny with a discussion on Elon Musk's boring company. Rob presents the second part of the film character fight to the death, with a guest appearance from Brum. Jonny previews his upcoming visit to Silverstone to drive some Radical cars, and the chaps receive...


Episode Thirty Three

Jonny talks about his experiences in Germany with the new Honda Civic Type R, and also reviews the new Ford Fiesta after a brief trip to Spain. Ben asks about "Land of the Ancients" to great amusement while Rob tries to discuss phone data storage in rental cars. Finally, the chaps crack open the world of movies, to decide who will be the greatest film character in a fight to the death.


Episode Thirty Two

Rob reveals the outcome of his parking ticket from the last episode; Jonny discusses his experiences with the Aston Martin V8 and a longing for driving gloves; Ben brings up some options for more efficient battery charging for electric cars; and the chaps discuss Haynes Motor Museum and respond to a letter.


Episode Thirty

Smooth Traffic reaches episode thirty, and has a mini celebration by discussing anything that doesn't relate to being 30. Jonny talks briefly about the Audi TT RS, Ben brings up smart traffic lights from the USA, and Rob tries to keep order when the chaps reveal their highly spec'd cars that start under £25,000.


Episode Twenty Nine

Jonny tells all about his recent exclusive encounter with the only Porsche 959 cabriolet in the world; the chaps discuss the Renault Kadjar and it's many interesting features; Rob sets the guys a challenge to spec up a cheap car for the next episode; Ben tries his hand at gameshow hosting once again; and there's the inevitable round of Deadliest Boot Spaces.


Episode Twenty Eight - F1 Special

Jonny and Rob return with a special episode of Smooth Traffic to preview the 2017 Formula One season. In a similar format to last year, the guys will look at the teams and drivers, the 2017 calendar, and the big changes to the sport this season. As well as this, there will be ridiculously bold predictions and a complete absence of Ben.


Episode Twenty Seven

Jonny shares tales of travelling within the former Yugoslavia while reviewing the brand new Nissan Micra; Rob blends together two regular Smooth Traffic features in order to talk about being a car collector; Jonny discusses an up-and-coming graffiti artist and tries to rally the nation; there's an unusual round of Deadliest Boot Spaces; and the chaps finally resort to toilet humour after Jonny has a new 'experience' in Europe.


Episode Twenty Six - Live(ish) from Wales

The chaps discuss the Smooth Traffic Winter Road Trip 2017, while still on the trip! Comparisons are drawn between the new Subaru WRX STi and it's second generation Impreza predecessor. Rob and Ben both get some issues off of their chests, and there's another round of the missing word game, which still bares no resemblance to any other gameshow segment.


Episode Twenty Five

It's a news-heavy episode, as the guys discuss Bentley, Alfa & F1 news. Bentley's proposed fuel-concierge service is discussed, the reveal of the new Alfa Stelvio raises some differing opinions, and Nico Rosberg's decision to retire falls under the Smooth Traffic microscope. There's still time for Ben to rip-off a popular quiz show segment, for Jonny to make some slanderous comments, and for Rob to almost make it through the entire show without being baited by Jonny. Almost.


Episode Twenty Four

Jonny returns from his internet connectivity-based issues to talk about the recent launch of the Audi Q2 and how the pricing structure isn't all that it seems. Jonny also talks briefly about the Audi A4 that he currently has on a long-term test. There are some big announcements regarding the Smooth Traffic Winter Road Trip 2017 and the Smooth Traffic Project Car, while Ben once again takes us into the future of autonomous cars to discuss how we'll spend our journey time. Finally, following...


Episode Twenty Three

Rob talks about the brand new SsangYong Musso, along with a brief summary of the rest of SsangYong's commercial vehicle range; Jonny reveals how the new Caterham 310R compares to the 420R that accompanied the lads on the Summer Road Trip; and Ben takes everyone into the future to discuss how autonomous vehicles could change the motor industry.


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