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Home of the first 93 episodes of the award winning "Talking About Cars" podcasts and teasers for episodes 94 and beyond! LISTEN to our new podcasts on,, iTunes & our website! don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! And follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!! email us at

Home of the first 93 episodes of the award winning "Talking About Cars" podcasts and teasers for episodes 94 and beyond! LISTEN to our new podcasts on,, iTunes & our website! don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! And follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!! email us at
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Home of the first 93 episodes of the award winning "Talking About Cars" podcasts and teasers for episodes 94 and beyond! LISTEN to our new podcasts on,, iTunes & our website! don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! And follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!! email us at




Preview for TAC 128-A Catherine Bach (Dukes of Hazzard)

(12-07-2018) - the original Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach joined Randy at the EG Auctions event in Indio, California to talk about her first car and how long it lasted...or didn't....and why she had to go into hiding to avoid her uncle for a few months. LISTEN to the entire podcast on ,, apple podcasts, and our website,!


Promo for TAC 127 B - Constance Nunes (Rust to Riches)

(11-30-2018) - a bit of a tease from model and engine specialist Constance Nunes from the Netflix show "Car Masters: Rust to Riches)! What's her first car? Not the same as her families....


promo for TAC 127 #1 - Mark Towle (from Rust to Riches)

(11-25-2018) - Mark Towle of Gotham Garage and Constance Nunes joins Randy to talk about Mark's first car and what it had in common with the movie car "Christine"! Listen to the entire podcast on, apple podcasts,, itunes and!


Promo for TAC 126 #2 - Rachel DeBarros & Chip Foose's 65 Impala

(11-16-2018) - Rachel DeBarros of Velocity (and soon to be Motor Trend TV's) "All Girls Garage" joins Randy at SEMA to talk about the backstory of a customized 1965 Chevy Impala! LISTEN to the ENTIRE PODCAST on, iTunes, and! LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE (it's free), LIKE, SHARE and comment!


TAC 126 PROMO - What happened to Gene Winfield in Finland

(11-08-18) - So 91 year old Gene Winfield, car customizing legend, goes to Finland to get honored and fractures his hip and gets pneumonia!! His co-workers in Mojave start a Go Fund Me page which attracts over $117,000 to rent a fully staffed plane (with medical personnel) to make sure he arrives safely. So how did he injure his hip? Fellow customizer John D'Agostino was in Finland with him.....listen, then hear Gene on our TAC 126 podcast on, iTunes, &...


TAC 125 Teaser #2 - Ant, Mike & Labor Charges

(11-04-2018) - another sneak peek at our Talking About Cars #125 podcast where I ask Ant Anstead, how much he charges for labor when he works on cars away from Wheeler Dealers. Mike Brewer joins the wackiness. LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE PODCAST!! go to, iTunes, or our website, for the entire backstory!


TAC 125 - Teaser #1 with Mike Brewer & Ant Anstead (Wheeler Dealers)

(10-26-2018) - Randy asks Mike and Ant for the car that's number one on their list to work on....but they can't seem to find. Ant serenades us with "Holy Trinity" music.... Acapella! This was a funny one, listen on iTunes,, and at our website,!


TAC 121 Teaser #2 - Chuck Schuawecker (RodRiguez)

(10-19-2018) - Southern California resident Chuck Schuawecker talks about his custom car "RodRiguez" which was built in Japan, and bought by Chuck here in California....and it soon will be up for sale! See the full picture at our website, and listen to our podcast at! Also, and iTunes!


Teaser for TAC podcast 124 - the Rebelle Rally

(10-12-2018) - Here's a preview of TAC podcast 124, with off road rally sister Deborah and Laurie who are participating in the Rebelle Rally from October 11th to the 19th in California. For an update on their standings in the race...go to!


TAC 123 A Teaser - John D'Agostino (Celebrity Kustoms)

(09-28-2018) - Custom Car designer John D'Agostino of the Bay Area's "Celebrity Kustoms" talks about his travels visiting custom car fans all over the world....listen to the ENTIRE podcast on,, iTunes, and anywhere you listen to your podcasts!! Don't forget to Subscribe!!


TAC 122 Promo #2 John Biel (Collectible Automobile Magazine)

(09-20-2018) - We talk car art and classic toy cars with Collectible Automobile editor John Biel. Listen to John and Nikki Blonsky on our full length podcast on iTunes, Radio dot com or whereever you get your podcasts!!


TAC 122 - Promo Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray, the movie)

(09-14-2018) - Nikki talks with Randy Kerdoon from the Hollywood autograph show in LA about her first ....rather large car, what cars she bought with her "Hairspray" paycheck, and what car is next on her "Top 3 Cars I want to get someday" list! LISTEN to the ENTIRE podcast with Nikki at, itunes, and wherever you listen to your podcasts!


TAC 121 Promo - Shirley Jones (Partridge Family)

(09-07-18) - veteran actress Shirley Jones, Shirley Partridge from the 70s TV Show Partridge Family on ABC, talks about her own car stories, what she drives now and some interesting tidbits about the colorful Partridge Family Bus, including what she did to be able to drive it. Listen to the entire podcast on,, and iTunes! and listen to our early podcasts right here on soundcloud!


Promo for TAC 120 - Michael Cole (Mod Squad)

(08-20-2018) - actor from the popular 1968-1973 ABC TV show "the Mod Squad", Michael Cole talks about how he snared the part of Pete Cochran during a meeting with executive producer Aaron Spelling, and why it was decided their "Mod Squad" TV car, a 1950 Mercury Woody Wagon was blown up and replaced by a 1972 Dodge Challenger Convertible (which was actually a 1971 since they didn't make a '72 convertible, but I digress). LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE PODCAST on, itunes or go to...


TAC 119A Promo - Victoria Vetri (Playboy PMOY 1968)

(08-02-2018) - She was crowned Playboy Magazine's Playmate of the Year in 1968, and was given a Pink AMX, the same car we discussed in TAC 117 with Mark Melvin. Now...fresh out of a prison stay, Vetri talks about the car ....and other fun stuff! LISTEN to the full podcast at, ITunes, and!


TAC 118 Promo with Alonzo Bodden (comedian/actor)

(07-20-2016) - Comedian/Actor Alonzo Bodden has some great car stories, check out his brief story about his first car...then listen to the ENTIRE PODCAST on iTunes, or LISTEN, SHARE, RETWEET, COMMENT and (if you listen on iTunes...rate us 1-5 stars!!!) Thanks!


TAC 117 - Promo talking Playmate of the Year cars with Mark Melvin

(07-12-2018) - Mark Melvin is the co-owner of playmate Angela Dorian's 1968 American Motors AMX. The car has a story nearly as mysterious as it's first owner. Of course, ALL the pink cars given to Playmates of the year from 1964 to 1975 had a story. This one is just that much more interesting! Now that you've heard the promo go listen to the ENTIRE PODCAST on, iTunes, or listen at! Don't forget to subscribe, comment, rate us and share our links to your classic...


TAC 116 Promo - Dave McClelland (NHRA)

(06-22-2018) - Hall of Fame NHRA broadcaster Dave McClelland had a 44 year career which included him owning a few cars himself. in this preview, Dave talks about where he parks his cars, and one car that's a pretty rare Buick!! LISTEN to the entire podcast on iTunes, and!!


TAC 115 Promo - Michael Alan Ross (Barn Finds Photographer)

(06-07-2018) - Check out a promo to our full Talking About Cars podcast which you can hear at,, iTunes and! Michael Alan Ross shoots the pictures for many of Tom Cotter's "Barn Find" books that you can get online and at the book store. Excellent pictures and great stories about tracking down old forgotten cars in backyards, garages, warehouses and...barns! LISTEN to our entire podcast!


TAC-114-B promo - Kevin Mack (Counting Cars)

06-01-2018 - What was the first car you remember growing up? Kevin Mack of History Channel's "Counting Cars" shares his first car memory! Listen to our promo and then race over to iTunes,, or and Listen to TAC 114 with Horny Mike!! They were a great, fun interview! Help us out, by listening, subscribing, sharing, retweeting, commenting and ratings us (on ITunes)....thank you!