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TAC 120 - Michael Cole (Mod Squad), Scott Newstead (Cold War Motors)

08-16-2018 - This week Randy gets the lowdown behind the destruction of a beloved TV car, the 1950 Mercury Woody Wagon from the original ABC TV show "The Mod Squad" Michael Cole played Pete Cochran and at the Hollywood Show in LA, he told me not only why the car was blown up in an episode, but how many tries it took to do it. (it didn't want to die)!! He also talks about how he got the role with Peggy Lipton and Clarence Williams III from Aaron Spelling! Then Scott Newstead gives us the...


TAC 119 - Victoria Vetri (Playboy PMOY '68) - Josef Newgarden (IndyCar)

(08-02-2018) - In 1968 "Angela Dorian" was named Playboy's "Playmate of the Year" and was given a pink 1968 American Motors AMX (the same car Mark Melvin talked about in TAC 117!) Dorian was a stage name for actress Victoria Vetri who'se life has taken several turns since that day, and she shares her love of cars, and her story that she believes is now on the right track! ALSO, IndyCar's Josef Newgarden on the kind of racing he would do if it wasn't IndyCar and what it's like to travel to LA...


TAC 118 - Alonzo Bodden (Comedian, Actor)

(07-19-2018) - Alonzo and Randy Kerdoon talked about what is "460 Air Conditioning", why Ford deciding to make trucks only isn't such a good idea, what's with newer Camaros and their small windows, and Alonzo weighs in if he's a Demon, Hellcat, SRT Superbee, R/T Shaker or a 6 cylinder rental kind of Challenger guy....and why he's not wild about them anyway! Don't forget to LISTEN, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE (it's free), COMMENT and rate us (on iTunes!)


TAC 117 - Mark Melvin (Playboys Pink AMX) Cecile Bukmeier (Custom car painter), Johnny Martinez (Wicked 29 Ford)

(07-05-2018) - Mark Melvin is the co-owner of a 1968 AMC AMX given to that year's "Playboy" "Playmate of the year" Angela Dorian. He talks about how that car became "mythical" to the American Motors collectors hobby, how he found it, and how much it cost to bring that car from how he found it, to near original condition. ALSO, Bob Beck of (GAAS) the Great American Auto Scene joined Randy to talk to Johnny Martinez and Canadian custom car painter Cecile Bukmeier from the Classic Auto Show in...


TAC 116 - Dave McClelland (NHRA Hall of Famer) - Bob Beck (from NHRA Reunion in Kentucky)

(06-21-2018) - Hall of Fame NHRA broadcaster Dave McClelland joined Randy in "Studio 25" to talk about how he began his 44 years at the mic in the NHRA, how many cars he once had at his Southern California home with only a two car garage, this thoughts on the passing of the late Tom McEwen. and Bob Beck of the Great American Auto Scene (GAAS) checks in from the NHRA Reunion at the Corvette Auto Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky! Remember to Subscribe to our podcast (it's free), Share (on...


TAC 115 - Michael Alan Ross (Barn Finds Photographer), Bob Beck (GAAS)

(06-07-2018) - Michael Alan Ross takes the great pictures in Tom Cotter's series of Barn Find car books, that includes rusted, dusty, and forgotten cars people put in their backyards, in garages, and warehouses all over the U.S. They also visited celebrities who have unusual car stories of their own. Randy Kerdoon and Bob Beck talk with Michael from the Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, California! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, SHARE/RETWEET, LEAVE A COMMENT ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA AND iTunes...


TAC 114 - “Horny” Mike, Kevin Mack (Counting Cars)

(05-24-2018) - "Horny" Mike and Kevin Mack from History Channel's "Counting Cars" joined Randy on the Celebrity Stage at this year's Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles, where they talked about the ever-changing "pecking order" of owning a Dodge Challenger, How both joined Danny "The Count" Koker at "Kounts Customs", and the cars in their garage! Don't forget to LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE US (on social media), COMMENT and (if you listen on iTunes, COMMENT AND RATE US!! we suggest 5 stars!!....and...


TAC 113 - Dave Kindig (Bitchen Rides)

(05-10-2018) - From the "Celebrity Stage" at this year's Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles, Randy Kerdoon talks with Dave Kindig of Velocity TV's "Bitchen Rides", where not only do they talk about projects that Dave wants to work on, Dave takes audience questions, we solve the controversy on whether a 58 Continental is a Lincoln, or just a Continental, and DAVE SINGS!!! Make sure you Subscribe to this podcast, share it on social media and give us a review!!


TAC 112 - Todd Wertman, Nick Smith (Sticker Shock), Bob Beck (co-host)

(04-26-18) - LIsten as Randy and guest co-host Bob Beck of the Great American Auto Scene (GAAS) talk with car experts Todd Wertman and Nick Smith about their car stories, brushes with celebrity, answer the question..."What the heck is a Keller?" and talk about their participation in a new car show on Discovery Channel called "Sticker Shock"! Don't forget to Subscribe so you can get a heads up everytime a new Talking About Cars is uploaded, and if you listen on iTunes, please rate us 5 stars...


TAC 111 - Alexander Rossi (IndyCar) - Doug Stokes (Irwindale Speedway)

(04-12-2018) -- the winner of the 2016 Indy 500 on how he first came across his first race, what's in his garage right now (and why he doesn't get to drive the really cool wheels much lately), and how he needs to improve at the Long Beach Grand Prix; plus how you can "sideshow" your car LEGALLY without having to pay a thousand dollar ticket and have your car impounded! Doug Stokes of Irwindale Speedway talks about their "burnout box"


TAC 110 - Bogi Lateiner & Rachel DeBarros (All Girls Garage), Jeff Gilbert (Tales from the Auto Beat)

(03-29-18) - Bogi and Rachel from All Girls Garage on Velocity join Randy on the Celebrity Stage at the recent Classic Auto Show, to talk cars, the careers they gave up to work on cars, why one would put a BMW engine in a 57 Chevy Truck, and advice for those who want to follow in their car wrenching footsteps, PLUS WWJ Radio's Jeff Gilbert (and the Tales from the Auto Beat podcast) reports from the New York Auto Show for the latest from the showroom!!


TAC 109 - Stacey David (Gearz), and we "plug away" for a charity car show in So Cal

(03-22-2018) - Stacey David of the Velocity and MAV TV show "Gearz" joined Randy on stage at the Classic Auto Show in LA, to talk about the best thing about his current show, how his TV hosting career began 20 years ago, how a basketball helped him meet the legendary singer Johnny Cash and the Buick he envisions racing against a Hellcat! Then Car Promoter Cassie Nunes gives us a preview of the upcoming..."Motors for Magoon" Charity Car Show.


TAC 108 - Kurt Busch (NASCAR); Wayne Carini & Steve Moal (at the Classic Auto Show)

(03-15-2018) - NASCAR's Kurt Busch talks about how his new Ford GT made it to California and the pages of TMZ, who he thinks is the driver to watch out for in the Cup chase, and the age old subject of what happens...when ya gotta go! Then from the "Celebrity Stage" at the Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles, Wayne Carini (Chasing Classic Cars) and Steve Moal (Moal Coachbuilders in Oakland, CA), which includes fans asking questions! Please take a moment to Like us, Share us in social media,...


TAC 107 - John Kraman, Scott Hoke (Mecum Auctions)

(03-01-2018) - John Kraman and Scott Hoke joins Randy Kerdoon to talk about the cars that first caught their eye growing up, the best celebrity appearances on their auction broadcasts, what they do (or don't do) with their frequent flier mileage, and why you should never wave at anyone during an auction! Don't forget to subscribe, rate us and leave a review!!


TAC 106 - Donald Osborne (Jay Leno's Garage)

(02-15-2018) - Jay Leno's car expert from his "Assess and Caress" segment on "Jay Leno's Garage", Donald Osborne joins Randy Kerdoon and guest co-host Bob Beck (from GAAS, the Great American Auto Scene) to find out more about Donald's interest in European cars, sedans over convertibles; which came first, his singing or his career as an automotive journalist; what he'll be doing at the March 2nd-4th Classic Auto Show at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles and why he once called Jay's car...


TAC 105 - Leah Pritchett (NHRA-Top Fuel Driver)-Bob Beck (GAAS)

(02-01-2018) - NHRA Top Fuel driver Leah Pritchett joins Randy and guest co-host Bob Beck of GAAS (Great American Auto Scene) to talk about her first car experience, the adjustment of moving from Southern California to Indianapolis (think snow), how she lost her racing sponsorship in mid-season and managed to get another one...and the one food she really misses now that she lives in Indiana! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, follow us on social media, rank us (on iTunes) and write a comment!!


TAC 104 - Jeff Allen (Car Chasers), Can Driverless cars and cars with drivers share the road

(01-19-2018) - Jeff Allen of Car Chasers fame (formerly on CNBC) talks about growing up in a room full of '57 Chevy car parts, how emotional he can get when selling a car of his own, and what really happened to Car Chasers? But first, I am joined by Wes Nielsen of the Daily Driver Project, MMA fighter Chael Sonnen and students from the College of Art and Design in Pasadena, CA to talk....Driverless Cars! Listen, Subscribe, rate us and let us know how we are doing!!!


TAC 103 - Tom Smith, Thomas Weeks (Misfit Garage), Tim Huddleston (Irwindale Speedway) and a special celebrity guest

(01-04-2018) - Joining Randy Kerdoon for a new Talking About Cars 103, Tom Smith and Thomas Weeks from the Discovery TV show Misfit Garage, on how one of them broke a '67 Ford convertible in half...while driving, and Tom's great idea for a new car show!; new co-owner of Southern California's Irwindale Speedway Tim Huddleston talks about how their purchase came about and what he'd love to do at the raceway, hint : think roller derby....with motors.... and gossip from a special guest star from...


TAC 102 - Smokey Robinson (Singer, Songwriter), Rick DeBruhl (Barrett-Jackson), So Cal Smarties

(12-21-2017) - Music legend Smokey Robinson on the car his dad built for him out of pieces at a junkyard, his thoughts on driverless cars, and if his song "Cruisin" is about car "cruisin"; Velocity/Discovery's Rick DeBruhl previews this years Barrett Jackson Auction and talks about ways to save your voice while doing 8 hour broadcasts; and we get the lowdown about "So Cal Smarties". A car club...for Smart Cars.


TAC 101 - Candy Clark (American Graffiti), Fireball Tim, Regular Car guy story (Crown Vics)

(12-07-2017) - Candy Clark of American Graffiti fame joins Randy at SEMA 2017 to talk about the iconic cars from the movie, and the one that it's owner wanted to sell for..."one million dollars", which car of hers would catch fire....twice, then our pal Fireball Tim Lawrence has written the ultimate car and trivia...coloring book! Tim will "Plug away".....and Chase Rubin explains why the perfect first car for teenagers nowadays is.....a used police car!! (don't forget to subscribe, comment...