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TAC 152 - Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright (Lost in Space) Part 1 of 2

(07-11-2019) - Randy visits a "Hollywood Show" at the LA Airport and catches up with former original Lost in Space actors, Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright who played "Will Robinson" and "Penny Robinson". Billy gives Randy the lowdown on his love of European cars, and mentions how he and Angela were very close after the show ended. Billy feels Angela has selected amnesia about a certain incident in his dad's old '68 Pontiac LeMans.


TAC 151 - Ray Parker Jr, Dan Akyroyd (Ghostbusters), Steve Tash (Christine) Hot Rod Bob Beck

(07-04-2018) - Randy checks in with Hot Rod Bob Beck on the latest car news, then he shares interviews from the Ghostbusters Fan Fest at the Sony Studios, chatting with singer Ray Parker Jr, and a new segment called..."123 Seconds with Dan Aykroyd*!! Then he talks with actor Steve Tash who played the bully with the 67 Camaro in the movie "Christine!" Let's just say his role in the movie didn't end well!


TAC 150 - Rick Lorenzen, Larry Sutton, Sid Waterman (Lions Drag Strip Museum)

(06-27-2019) - Randy visits the new "Lions Drag Strip Museum" in Rancho Dominguez, California (near Long Beach) and talks with land owner Rick Lorenzen who helped make it a reality, and supplied the incredible cars and displays including a mock up of the actual location where the races began! Larry Sutton worked at Lion's for all 17 years of it's existence and has some great stories including how he ended up in an out-house at 65 miles an hour on the strip! Sid Waterman shares his...


TAC 149 - KC Jones (Team Steam) Hot Rod Bob Beck (co-host)

(06-20-2019) - Randy and "Hot Rod Bob" talk with "K.C." Jones....who operates "Team Steam", a racing team that rides Jet powered dragsters (that look like Trains) and Jet powered Peterbilts down the race track!


TAC 148 - Mike Mantel, Wild Bill Shrewsbury (Hemi Under Glass), Steve Gibbs (Nitro Reunion)

(06-13-2019) - Randy checks in with the owner of a "Hemi-Under Glass" 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, Mike Martell, and driver "Wild Bill" Shrewsbury and the version of the car he almost bought, until it rolled over on Jay Leno's TV show, him owning the real "Little Red Wagon", and a "helliphant" version using a modern Dodge Challenger! Then we listen as Steve Gibbs honors a group of drag racing legends from the San Gabriel Speedway!! and....Talking About Cars NEWS looks at finding the owner of a...


TAC 147 - Hollywood talks about Movie & TV Cars at the Petersen Museum

(06-06-2019) - This week, Randy joins Hollywood Movie Car execs, Art Directors and those who provide "movie cars" for some of the biggest and most memorable movies and TV Shows that are part of the Petersen Museum's "Hollywood Dream Cars" exhibit. They include Art Director George Hill (Blade Runner 2049), Car Co-ordinator Josh Hancock (John Wick 3), Howard Belker (Porsche designer), Dennis McCarthy (Fast & Furious), Michael Scheff (Spiderman), Bob Gale (Back to the Future) and Scott Mantz....


TAC 146 - Kenny Harms (PGA Caddy), Ron Hurwitz, Derek Scouler (Police Vehicles)

(05-30-2019) - when PGA golfer Kenny Na won the "Charles Schwab Challenge" at Fort Worth, Texas (the former Colonial event), he won a trophy and a big check but handed over the keys to the other prize...a restored 1973 Dodge Challenger to his caddy Kenny Harms. Kenny joins Randy to explain how THAT all happened! Then, Ron Hurwitz and Derek Scouler join Randy from the Chrysler Performance West "Spring Fling" in Van Nuys, talk CHP and Police Car collecting and how, if you...


TAC 145 - Dieter Obeji (Hearse Owner), Donna Culwell (Ambulance owner), 55 GMC all girl rebuild

(05-23-2019) - Randy and Bob Beck (GAAS, Great American Auto Scene) talk with Dieter Obeji and Donna Cauwell who drive their own hearses, and ambulances around LA. Why? That's why this podcast episode is here. To set the table for the June 1st VTAC LAPD, LAFC car show at Warner Center in Woodland Hills, CA. Then Bob and Randy talk to some of the women involved in a '55 GMC rebuild at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo.....when they visited the Talking About Cars/Great American Auto...


TAC 144 - Monique St Pierre (PMOY 1979), Audra Lynn (PMOM Oct 2003), John DeRoy (Distinctive Carriages)

(05-16-2019) - This week we catch up with two Playboy Playmates at a picnic in the Holmby Hills near Los Angeles where October 2003 Playmate of the Month Audra Lynn and her boyfriend talk about why they have THREE Dodge Challengers between them, and what they do with TWO of them in Florida (altho' we figure you can guess already), 1979 Playmate of the Year Monique St. Pierre tells Randy about her "Playmate Car", one of the original Porsche 928's.....John DeRoy on his love of London Taxi Cabs...


TAC 143 - Mark Greene (Cars Yeah)

(05-09-2019) - "Hot Rod" Bob Beck joins Randy at the "Classic Auto Show" at the OC Fairgrounds to talk to "Cars Yeah" podcaster Mark Greene. He's been "motivating car enthusiasts" 5 times a week for 4 plus years, and now has expanded his podcast horizons to a TV show on Mav TV! Mark gives us his car beginnings and is one of the first ever guests to actually come up with 10 cars he's like to own!


TAC 142 - Jim Owens (Ford), Bob Rosas (Hot Wheels), Kelly Faley (Fiat Chrysler). Tanya Inglis (Inglis Classics), Bill Montgomery (Prime Motivation),

(05-02-2019) - FoMoCo's Jim Owens joins Randy to talk about previous guest Allen Grant of Shelby, and then about the all new, more affordable, 4 cylinder turbo Mustang on it's 55th anniversary! Then Hot Rod Bob Beck joins Randy at the Classic Auto Show to talk with former Hot Wheels designer Bob Rosas about which "Hot Wheels" model he sold to help redo his roof on his home, and Bill Montgomery of "Prime Motivation", "Inglis Classics" Tanya Inglis and "Fiat-Chrysler's" Kelly Faley talk about...


TAC 141 - Will Scott (Graveyard Cars), Heather Jones, and Rob & Judy Johnson (Ozzie & Harriet's Pontiac)

(04-25-2019) - Two TV Shows, that have more in common than you think. Ozzie and Harriet, and Graveyard Cars. Both are "family shows", with "understated" father figures who have a wise cracking sense of humor, and sure one has a laugh track behind everything that is said on the show and one that doesn't....LISTEN as I get the lowdown on Ozzie & Harriett's actual 1956 Pontiac 870 station wagon that's now for sale....and the inside scoop on Graveyard Cars from painter Will Scott and his lady...


TAC 140 - Ant Anstead (Wheeler Dealers), Tegan Hammond (Race Car & Stunt Driver), Bob Beck (GAAS)

(04-18-2019) - In TAC 140 we ask...what did you get for YOUR birthday? We're guessing it's not on a scale of what "Wheeler Dealers" co-host Ant Anstead found on his driveway for HIS birthday! Ant takes us to that moment of discover PLUS, New shows for him and Mike Brewer are ahead! Then Bonneville Salt Flats driver Tegan Hammond on her trek to drive over 300 miles an hour, and still trail her mother in the family standings....PLUS her stunt driving adventures on the set of CBS' "Magnum...


TAC 139 - Peter Brock (Car Designer), Allen Grant (Race Car Driver)

(04-11-2019) - Bob Beck of GAAS (the Great American Auto Scene) joins Randy from the "Dr George" Classic Car Show at Indian Wells, CA to call a kids pedal-car race, and chat with a pair of automotive legends! Car designer Peter Brock and Race Car Driver Allen Grant!! We get the behind the scenes stuff about working for Carroll Shelby and Peter's input into the '63-67 Chevrolet Corvette designs!


TAC 138 - Big Mike (SEMA Battle of the Builders) Mauricio Rosales (JDM Legends), Rick Dore

(04-04-2019) - Bob Beck (GAAS, Great American Auto Scene) joins Randy in their broadcast booth at the Classic Auto Show at the OC Fairgrounds as they talk with Battle of the Builder's "Big" Mike and Mauricio Rosales of JDM Legends about the Japanese Collector Car market and customizing a different group of cars!! Also, Car Designer extrodinare Rick Dore joins Randy to update a health scare!! Don't forget to LISTEN, SHARE/RETWEET, SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW!!


TAC 137 - Michele Greene (LA Law), Sebastian Bourdais (Indycar)

(03-28-2019) - former LA Law actress Michelle Greene LOVES cars, and joins Randy to do some 4 wheel fantasizing from the Hollywood Show in Los Angeles. Then Randy talks with IndyCar driver and new Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Famer Sebastian Bourdais to talk about the 2019 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, what else the city of LeMans has going for it besides some race and the place of his birth, and who is the better cook, him or his wife? LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE/RETWEET, COMMENT!!


TAC 136 - Larry Wilcox, Lou Wagner (CHiPS)

(03-21-2019) - Larry Wilcox (Ofcr Jon Baker) and Lou Wagner (Harlan Arliss) from the original CHiPS TV show joins Randy at "the Hollywood Show" to talk about their car stories, Larry's case, his flying stories. You see, Larry is an avid aircraft guy, including a few close calls in the air, while Lou still has his 2ND car...right now in his garage! Is it a Barn Find if you find it in your own garage? Probably not.


TAC 135 - Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), Raquel Pomplun (2013 PMOY), Matt DiBenedetto (NASCAR)

(03-14-2019) - Randy visited the Hollywood Show where he caught up with actor Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds, Lizzie McGuire) who has some great tales of his competitive racing days and why he's not racing anymore. Raquel Pomplun was Playboy Magazine's 2013 "Playmate of the Year" and received a Jaguar F series convertible (for a year). We find out just how fast she got that Jag up to, and who taught her how to drive,then NASCAR driver Matt DiBenedetto talks about going from little...


TAC 134 - Cristy Lee (AGG, Mrs Claus), ‘60 Plymouth build, Harley trikes & electric bikes!

(02-28-2019) - Join Randy Kerdoon and Bob Beck (GAAS) as they visit Barrett-Jackson to find out what some car builders do just to acquire a car to build, they visit with "All Girl Garage"'s Cristy Lee and find out the real story on how she became "Mrs. Claus" to Goldberg's Santa in a Dodge commercial, then they find out about how you can have your own Harley Davidson "Trike", and more!!


TAC Special - Matt Farah's Lexus finally hits a million miles!!

(02-24-2019) - Back in 2017, Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire joined Randy to talk about buying a high mileage Lexus. But there was a method to his madness, and this past week, a goal was finally reached!! (Check out TAC #98 to listen to the entire Matt Farah podcast for more fun car stories!)