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ConeCoach is focused on helping autocrossers go faster. Each episode, we'll focus on specific topics you can use to improve your car, and the nut behind the wheel. Hosted by Shane Donahue and Neal Tovsen.

ConeCoach is focused on helping autocrossers go faster. Each episode, we'll focus on specific topics you can use to improve your car, and the nut behind the wheel. Hosted by Shane Donahue and Neal Tovsen.


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ConeCoach is focused on helping autocrossers go faster. Each episode, we'll focus on specific topics you can use to improve your car, and the nut behind the wheel. Hosted by Shane Donahue and Neal Tovsen.








023 - Racing in a Time of COVID

In this episode Neal and Shane sit down and talk about how we're dealing with some of the aspects of the shutdown, interesting effects on E-Sports racing, and some of the challenges faced in getting started with online racing.


022 - Tireside Chat

This episode, Shane puts his feety-pajamas on and let's ol Neal tell him about his glory days as an enduro racer.. then switches gear to have a discussion on choosing the right Tires for your application, where to go for data, and how big of a grain of salt to take it with. ED Note: This ep was recorded before before some of the information on new Yokohamas and Falkens hit the air.


021 - Going Even Faster

Neal and Shane talk Nats Recap, and Neal's adventures in faster events.. and tips on making that transition to your first track day and getting more comfortable with high speed driving.


020 - It's all about balance.

In the last episode before Nats 2019, Neal and Shane have a relaxed discussion about approaching Nats without absolutely freaking out, point at a few other episodes we've done on Nats Prep (Episodes 5 and 12) and trying to find that balance of fun and srs bzns. Make sure to listen in before heading to nats, as there's a special surprise in this episode for our listeners who will be visiting us in Lincoln


019 - Bumpin' with Chuck Mathews

Through unknown powers of persuasion, Neal was drawn into a hotel room with none other than Chuck Mathews of Mathews Racing / Team Overkill. Once the microphones were busted out, the discussion immediately turned to urethane cylinders... No, not those you pervs. We're talking about Bump stops, and bump stop tuning! Is it black magic and wizardry? Should you just throw them away? Find out on this episode of Cone Coach! RE Suspension Bump Stop Force v Travel...


018 - I like Big Data and I Cannot Lie

Neal takes Seb up to pride rock, and it's time to finally talk about DATALOGGING! What has Shane done to the BMW? What did Neal build into the CSP car? What should you be looking at? Where should you get started with your data-logging budget? Find out on this episode of Cone Coach!


017 - Back to the Store

In this episode Neal and Shane wrap up the shopping list of suggested tools and equipment, while talking about some of the uses you might find for this gear. And Shane finally gets his act together and gets to full F-Street Prep, takes the M3 on a road course, and welcomes a couple with some very snazzy jackets to co-drive with him


016 - Shopping List

Neal and Shane return from the holidays with fistfuls of gift cards, and it's time to review what goes into the autocross kit.. and we almost made it too..


015 - Staying in Focus

On this episode of Cone Coach, Neal came across a discussion of "Brain Stuff" that he wants to share with the class. We talk about how important driver's focus is, what factors impact it, and what you can do to help minimize those factors.


014 - Cold and Not So Sticky

On this episode of the Cone Coach Podcast Neal Tovsen and Shane Donahue connect again the first time since Solo Nationals and have a bit of a recap chat about our various performances, as well as having a discussion about cold weather tire performance, ranging from heat management to when the no-seasons in the garage may be a better play. If you're uninterested in the story of Neal's first National Championship, we understand.. you can Skip to 27:27 to get right to the tire stuff. But you...


013 - Name That Tune (Feat. Peter Florance)

Solo Nats time has come and gone, but with both Shane and Neal driving on Thurs/Fri and only minor catastrophic explosions this year, we were met with our first opportunity to have a guest! By his Facebook description, Peter Florance is the "Tuning Guy at" and you could say he knows a few things about how the flame liquid gets into your engine, and how the spark makers light it on fire. So sit down with Peter, Neal and Shane in a rented RV in the on a huge piece of concrete...


012 - We're not playing Risk here.

Neal and Shane are BACK! Just in time for your transit to Solo Nationals 2018 Cone Coach cuts another episode where we re-cap what we've been up to in our summer absence, and get into a look at event strategy. When should you take that safety run? Is it time for MAXIMUM ATTACK? Find out this episode of Cone Coach!


011 - The Corner Series Pt. 3: Corner Exit

Neal and Shane are back after a bit of a hiatus, and as apologetic as Minnesotans can be.. but we're going to finish of this corner series, even if it causes us to spin out from over application of throttle! (ba-dum-tiss) Finishing off the corner series, we recap a little on what we've talked about in the prior two episodes, add some updates, and then talk about the joy of that Goldilocks moment of perfect corner exit.


010 - What's the Diff?

The corner series takes a bit of a brake (see what I did there?) this month, while Neal and Shane talk about differentials and how their black magic wizardry makes sure both wheels keep turning.. unless you've got the kind that doesn't do that..


009 - The Corner Series Pt. 2: Mid-Corner

This month Neal and Shane continue the corner series with the logical next discussion: Mid-Corner! Through the discussion of mid-corner handling, we delve into steady state cornering dynamics, and differences in setups that can have an impact on your driving style, and what you should be looking for in a well handling car. Also, tacos.


008 - The Corner Series Pt. 1: Corner Entry

In this episode, Neal and Shane start a detailed and fairly technical breakdown of sensing handling characteristics through a corner at various points, along with setup and techniques to help you get the desired results. The beginning of this multipart I've named this "The Corner Series" is part one, corner entry.


007 - You want me to let WHO drive my car?!

This month the Cone Coach crew gets together to discuss contract negotiations in preparation for the 2018 autocross season.. Ha ha, yeah right. But we do sit down and discuss the pros and cons and getting the most of out of the unique teamwork aspect that only autocross can provide: Co-Drivers.


006 - Off Season? What Off Season?

In this episode, Neal and Shane discuss decisions to be made in shopping for your next autocross car and methods to stay sharp while the snow flies.


005 - Are You Ready for the Big Show?

This month on the podcast, Neal and Shane talk about preparing for and getting the most out of your SCCA Solo Nationals experience. Touching on everything from the pre-event car checks to the majesty that is the sunset beer-walk, this episode is a must listen to before you hit the road. For some additional Nats course walking tips, make sure you check out Cone Coach Podcast Episode 3: A Long Walk off a Short Course


004 - Input! Input!

This month on the Cone Coach podcast we're talking about driver inputs. Smooth but fast? Fast Hands? Double Steering? Setting your line? Neal and Shane have a chat about optimizing the process of telling your car what to do.