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A podcast for everything Dune and Dirt.

A podcast for everything Dune and Dirt.


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A podcast for everything Dune and Dirt.




TDDS 115-Glamis Hub

If you aren't following Glamis Hub, its because you've been living under a rock! This page has some of the best content, AND the behind the scenes of some of the wildness that goes out in the desert and dunes. He joins us today to talk about how Glamis Hub was birthed, and also talk a little shit! Enjoy! Find Holden on IG: @GlamisHub If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob...


TDDS 114-John Walter

No excuses for this one and how long it took to release, I have sucked at time management the last couple months. I bring you John Walter. John is a Dad, Firefighter, Offroad Racer, Fabricator, and all around Badass. When he isn't driving his 1450 race truck, he is driving his other ride, A Fire Truck. Listen now to hear about his Career Journey, and his Racing Journey. Enjoy! Find John on IG: @Walter_Built_Motorsports If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and...


TDDS 113-Savage UTV

This show is a BANGER! I always love having first responders who run a side business on the podcast because their personality always shines through and the shows always kick ass! Matt Scarpuzzi wears many different hats including racer, firefighter, business owner, Father, and many others. In this show we pretty much cover all of these things. Listen now and check out his products at Find Next Level on IG: @SavageUtv Savage UTV If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share,...


TDDS 112-Next Level Industries, Kenny Roth and Tyler Herzog

I'm back with a really fun show featuring Kenny Roth and Tyler Herzog. These guys have taken their passion for Offroad and made it a business! Next Level Industries is an AZ based company that specializes in Destination Rides for the SXS crowd. They've got a few under their belt now and it sounds like a hell of a time, might even make me want to get a SXS so I can participate. Do you want to experience Beautiful AZ from a SXS? Hit up these guys! Find Next Level on IG: @nextlevelind Next...


TDDS 111-SDR Motorsports Part 2.

I recorded this episode a few weeks back with Tim Berendes of SDR Motorsports. Tim is a small business owner in Southern California who shares how him and his company have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is interesting to hear about the panic that was going on when this episode was recorded to how things have normalized a little over the last couple weeks. We also discuss the new Polaris XP PRO4 that Tim built for the sand this season! Enjoy Find SDR on IG: @sdrmotorsports If you...


TDDS 110-LG co-hosts with Justin Chaisson

What would your dream job be? I think its safe to say that Justin Chaisson might have one of the coolest jobs out there. He is Bryce Menzies right hand man and gets to help Bryce create rad Content. LG was the brains behind this one. Her and Justin have been friends for a few years and she thought that it would be cool to have Justin on to hear part of his story. Enjoy! Recorded From Jeffries Performance Find Justin on IG: @chaissoncollection If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share,...


TDDS 109-Brent Macias, Dune Season is Extended due to COVID-19!

People like Brent Macias are why I started this Podcast. I wanted to talk to like-minded people who work in the Industry but at the end of the Day are just RAD normal people. Brent went during with my normal group a few weeks back and I reached out to him asking him to come on the Podcast. When I initially reached out to him I didn't realize how much history and how many stories he would have about the Toyhauler and Offroad Industry. Enjoy! Find Brent on IG: @ckymacias If you enjoy the show,...


TDDS 108-Optic Helicopters Part 2

Our buddy Derick of Optic Helicopters has been crushing it over the last 2 years! When I saw a few weeks back that he had finally reached a huge goal of his and had his own Heli I thought it would be a great time to have him come back on the show and talk about what he has been up to. Since locking down a deal on a Heli he has done some pretty rad jobs including filming for Jeffries Performance, Rides in Glamis from Boardmanville, and this years Mint 400. He came on to share his story from...


TDDS 107-Chris Brahs/Outlaw Desert Racing

Chris Brahs comes on the show to talk about helping veterans and first responders injured in the line of duty. Right out of the gate, Chris talks about how the how, why, where, and when of what he is doing with Adrenaline Therapy. They recently took a Military Veteran to the Parker 425 and gave this guy a great experience! Enjoy Find Outlaw Desert Racing on IG: @outlaw_desert_racing


TDDS 106-Caleb/Copeland Creative a hunter from Georgia hits the dunes for the first time!

What does a hunter from Georgia and this Podcast have to do with anything? Well, a few weeks ago Caleb Copeland from Copeland Creative joined us out in Glamis for his very first time. Caleb is an extremely talented Producer in the Outdoor scene, and has a really cool way of telling a story. When Caleb told me that he also produces a podcast "Redneck Tech" I knew he would a be a great guest for this show. In this show, Caleb shares his first experience in Glamis along with how he got to where...


TDDS 105-M. Wilson Photo, 5 things you need in the dunes, and 5th wheel VS Bumper Pull

Mike Wilson has an Interesting story. He is a Baja Lover, professional Photographer, and has found a way to escape the rat race of Southern California and Arizona where Offroad thrives. Enjoy! Find Mike on IG: @mwilsonphoto If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob @dunetherapy @rowleywhite_rv @glamisblackbag @axaoffroad


TDDS 104-Greg Flinders/MTS Offroad

On todays show I was joined by one of the most well-spoken guys in the Industry, Greg Flinders. Greg talks about the evolution of MTS Offroad, where it came from and where it is going. You can find MTS out playing, tuning, or all around finding ways to help their customers! Enjoy! Find MTS Offroad on IG: @mtsoffroad If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob @dunetherapy...


TDDS 103-Desert Whips/Nick Farmer

I have been trying to get Nick Farmer from Desert Whips on the Podcast for a LOOOONG time now and our schedules finally aligned and we were able to make it happen. We talk about the many relationships he has developed through the Desert Whips Facebook Page. We chat about how he is always willing to help people in and out of the dunes, and about keeping our dunes clean! Enjoy Follow "Desert Whips" on Facebook If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review!...


TDDS 102-Dune and Destroy Pt. 2, IG Live Intro, and Lets Talk Toyhaulers!

2020 is here and I am mixing it up! The meat of this show is Part 2 from the Boyz at Dune and Destroy John and Kyle. We chat about some great things that D & D is doing in the community, and making memories out in the sand. I also mixed up the intro of this show with a short "Lets Talk Toyhaulers" Segment and did it Live on IG! Enjoy! Follow on IG: @dune_and_destroy If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review! ______________________________________ This show...


TDDS 101-Dune and Destroy, Offroad & UTV Expo, AZ Offroad Swap Meet, and Rowley White RV Dune Trip

I am back for my first show in the 100's! In this show I sit down with John and Kyle from Dune and Destroy! These guys are all about having fun and building a community! I also talk about the Offroad & UTV Expo, AZ Offroad Swap Meet, and the Rowley White RV Dune trip last week. Enjoy! Follow on IG: @dune_and_destroy If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob @dunetherapy...


TDDS 100-LG Creative X Jeffries Performance

For show 100 I bring you 2 amazing guests who I have had the privilege of getting to know BECAUSE of The Dirty Duner Show. Lindsay Geiser and RJ Jeffries join me to talk Camp RZR, about there businesses, and where the industry is headed. Thank you for sticking with me for 100 shows! Whoo Hoo! Enjoy! If you enjoy the show, please Subscribe, share, and leave a rate and review! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob @dunetherapy @rowleywhite_rv...


TDDS 099-SandBox Therapy

Tyler Fricke of Sandbox Therapy is in the house! Literally in the house to talk about his awesome foundation to help Veterans in Need. This was a cool show hearing about Tyler's involvement in the military and what he is doing to give back! Sandbox Therapy is just getting off the ground so make sure to follow them on IG and FB. Follow on IG @sandbox_therapy Happy Veterans Day, Thank you Vets for your service! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob...



In this special episode I talk about the comeback of the podcast with Mrs. Dirty Duner, Jeff Pont talks about his new builds, Lance from Boardmanville talks about a crossing, Ruslan Greasehandz talks about Jumping the Canal, Tim Berendes of SDR Motorsports talks about his builds and our new Podcast "2 Guys SXS, and Mattressman Rob! This show is Jam packed! Enjoy! ______________________________________ This show brought to you by: @mattressmanrob @dunetherapy @rowleywhite_rv @glamisblackbag...


TDDS 097-Whipple Sand Jeeps

Scott Whipple has a ton of History in the Off-Road world. From Sand Drags to Trophy Trucks it seems like he has pretty much done it all. Today he is here to share his newest creation from RPO motorsports, Whipple Sand Jeeps. I have been absolutely fascinated since the first time I saw one of these beasts, and today Scott is here to share what makes these things so rad. Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________________ This show is brought to you by The Mattress...


TDDS 096-Adrian Orellana/Rancho Racing

50 something episodes later, Adrian is back to catch up and share with the Dirty Duner listeners what he has been up to. He is getting faster, growing his program, and continuing to have fun! He talks about his new build, new toyhauler, and new people he is bringing into the crew! He also shares his story on this years Baja 500! Thanks for coming on again Adrian! Enjoy! Find Rancho Racing on IG : @ranchoracing ________________________________________________________________________ This show...