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Professional Racing Driver Nico Silva

At just 22, Nico Silva has raced around the world, at some of the worlds most famous tracks. The young driver has powered through major setbacks, like sabotage from his own racing team, lack of funding to race, and catastrophic mechanical failure. One thing's for sure, someday soon, you will see Nico behind the wheel and on the podium.


Matt Schneider of MSDS, Inc Part 2

Part 2, is all about the story of the V8 powered, turbocharged 914. Matthew, Marty's son, give us the full scoop. From drawing, to concept, to execution, you don't want to miss this story of ideas, set backs, and perseverance.


Jay Lamm, Founder of 24 Hours of Lemons

Jay Lamm is the founder of the 24 Hours of Lemons, and king of the hoopties. When the automotive print business took a turn for the worse, the Ivy League educated journalist took lemons, and made them into a worldwide phenomenon. For more information on 24 Hours of Lemons visit or follow them on social @24hoursoflemons You can find me on Instagram @roadstoriesmike


Marty Schneider of MSDS, Inc - Part 1

Martin "Marty" Schneider is the founder of MSDS, Inc, a private label exhaust company supplying some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Marty shares his stories of legal and illegal drag racing in the 70's, crashing his '69 Camaro, and discovering his love for the 914 chassis. Marty is a veteran of the Porsche club, and with the help of his is building a Cayenne Turbo powered 1000+ horsepower 914. MSDS, Inc Instagram @msds_inc My Instagram @roadstoriesmike


YouTube Personality, Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez

Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez is a YouTube personality with no fear. If it's an exotic that has caught fire, it has likely also caught his attention. His latest build, a Ferrari 355 Spider, was nearly burnt to a crisp. Just another day at the shop. Follow me on Instagram:@roadstoriesmike Follow Freddy on Instagram: @therealtavarish His YouTube channel:


Randy Nonnenberg, Co-Founder And CEO of

Randy Nonnenberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bring A Trailer, an addictive online car auction. On this episode, Randy shares how he went from working for BMW to blogging, to having a website that generates over 200 new car auctions a week. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project. Randy's Instagram: @nonnstock BaT Instagram: @bringatrailer My Instgram: @roadstoriesmike Listen to CLARENCE here:


Corbin Goodwin, Automotive Mad Scientist

Corbin Goodwin can't leave cars alone. The young engineering student and car builder has quite possibly created a new genre of car modding. His cars are interpreted as art, and in some cases blasphemous. In this episode we talked turbo Rolls-Royce's, and Shelby inspired Mazda's.


HondaPro Jason Richmond

Jason Richmond AKA Honda Pro Jason has dedicated his life to Honda. He travels the world helping Honda dealers, consumers and Honda fans, filming videos along videos along the way. In this episode we talk Accords and Prom, and the only Yellow FK8 Type R Civic in the world. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project. Listen to CLARENCE here: Jason's Instagram: @hondaprojason


Art Cervantes, DWA! Co-host And RADwood Co-Founder

Driving While Awesome co-host and RADwood Co-founder, Art Cervantes joins me this time around to talk about owning over 60 cars and the logistics of putting together the car culture phenomenon, RADwood. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project. Art's Instagram: @artsees DWA Instagram: @drivingwhileawesome RADwood Instagram: @radwoodofficial Listen to CLARENCE here:


Driving Instructor And S2000 Challenge Competitor, Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke likes to go fast. He also likes to help others go fast. With 30+ track days in less than a year, Kevin became a racing instructor in a very, very short time. Tune in to hear how Kevin takes on Mclaren's and Ferrari's in his 220 wheel horsepower Honda. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project. Listen to CLARENCE here: Kevin's Instagram: @_schmevin_ Road Stories Instagram: @rspodcast Mike's...


Sculptor and Automotive Designer Jamie Schena

Sculptor and Automotive designer, Jamie Schena creates works of art using old automotive components. Jamie shares how finds automotive design inspiration,how racing go-karts in Australia started his sculpting, and much more. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project.Listen to CLARENCE here: Jamie's Instagram: @jamieschena59 Road Stories Instagram: @rspodcast Mike's Instagram: @ontimemike


Paul Zuckerman, Attorney and Spike's Car Radio Co-Host

Paul Zuckerman, powerhouse attorney, car collector and foul mouthed co-host of Spike's Car Radio joins me to share his story of Hurst shifters, Long Island car culture, and of course, collecting cars. In this episode we dive right into his "Taproots" and discuss the history of German products. As you'd expect, this one has some controversy. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project. Paul's Instagram: @therealzuckerman Carpenter, Zuckerman &...


Lane Skelton of Driving While Awesome

Driving While Awesome co-founder, Lane Skelton joins me to talk car design, carving up the Santa Cruz mountains during his High School days, and of course, starting the movement that is Driving While Awesome and RADwood. Ready. Set. NEON. Music for this episode is provided by CLARENCE and The Road Stories Project. Lanes Instagram: @laneskelton DWA Instagram: @drivingwhileawesome RADwood Instagram: @radwoodofficial Listen to CLARENCE here:


Photographer Larry Chen

World renowned photographer, Larry Chen AKA "Machine Gun Larry" joins Mike to talk photography, and the 24/7 lifestyle that he maintains to get what he and his cohort call "beautiful stuff". Larry is no stranger to hard work, and is one of the most passionate photographers to ever click the shutter. On this episode, Larry shares how he went from sleeping on friends hotel room floors to working for the paparazzi, to becoming a brand ambassador to Canon. Music for this episode is provided by...


Cameron Weiss Of Weiss Watch Company

Cameron Weiss is a Master Watchmaker, and a risk taker. While at USC Business School, he flipped cars to make rent. After leaving USC three years in, he began his journey to become a master watchmaker. He is now building watches that bare his own name, by hand, and exploring the beauty of the outdoors with his wife, dogs, and a bitchin' Mercedes Sprinter converted into a camper.


Marlon Goldberg Of LA Workshop 5001

Marlon Goldberg, master mechanic and founder of LA Workshop 5001 knows a thing or two about Porsche. His cars have been featured on Jay Leno's Garage, and have won the honor of being the winning car in Motor Trend's "Head-2-Head". In this episode, Marlon shares his philosophy on building some of the best hot rod Porsche's on planet earth, and his dreams for the future.


Mark Greene Of Cars Yeah

Mark Greene helped build one of the most respected detailing brands in the world, Griot's Garage. In this episde Mike and Mark talk about the work it took to foster a nationally recognized automotive company, and Mark's tenacious drive to interview 5 people per week, resulting in over 1,000 interviews to date.


Chef Sang Yoon

World famous Chef and Restaurateur Sang Yoon, the creator of the Gastropub sits down with Mike to talk ugly cars, delicious food, and his extensive car collection that at one time consisted of a Ferrari 550 Maranello, and a Honda Fit.


Marco Gerace of TLG Auto

Marco Gerace, owner and operator of TLG Auto stops by the Road Stories Studio to share his story about the family business, and talks Porsche history, the shops place in Southern California Porsche Culture, and the challenges of growing a boutique Porsche repair business.


Derek Whitacre Part 2

In Part 2, Derek talks about the Targa Baja and how Adam Carolla influenced him to make the documentary, what happens when the Mexican Police decide not to show up, and the freedom that Baja grants drivers.