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Matt Farah and Zack Klapman sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind. Watch our car reviews at Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Rent or buy our movies!, where we find out if some bad CraigsList cars can cross an entire US State, off-road!


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Matt Farah and Zack Klapman sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind. Watch our car reviews at Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Rent or buy our movies!, where we find out if some bad CraigsList cars can cross an entire US State, off-road!




Lamborghini Revuelto; New BMW M2; Dealing with Social Media

We talk about the new Lamrboghini Revuelto; the book "There are no accidents"; and the new M2 in the driveway. Then we answer questions about cars that are universally loved that we never warmed too; why buying a 90s car might be more reliable than something brand new; what to replace an M3 with; how to handle social media; and more. Recorded March 29, 2023 Get yourself some of the most comfortable and versatile clothing on the planet at Not only will you...


Crew Show: NASCAR Trip w/ Segura; Health; IS500 vs CT5-V; Q&A

Matt attended the NASCAR race in Austin with Tom Segura and has many stories! Dinner with Jenson Button; a zip line; talking semi trucks with Super Troopers; how Thrifty rental cars could get REAL expensive; and driving Tom's Deman Motorsports 911 GT3. How does it compare to Matt's 4.5-liter Spyder? You'll find out. Then we answer Patreon questions about: to IS500 or CT5-V Blackwing; how to handle your first track day; the watch for the subtle man; the effect of influencers on press...


Andrew Comrie-Picard DROVE across the OCEAN

Andrew Comrie-Picard has done all the things with cars one could dream of. He was a professional rally driver for Mitsubishi and Ford, winning trophies for each. He has competed in Formula Drift, stunt driven for Hollywood stars, and helped design and test the course for the Netflix show "Hyperdrive". We talk about but our main focus is his INSANE adventure driving F-250 Arctic Trucks across Northern Canada and the Northwestern Passage. Polar bears. Sinking car. Balloon tires. Helicopters....


Mike Spinelli

Mike Spinelli is a long-time journalist, TV producer/host, and one of our funniest and wisest friends. He was the founder of Jalopnik, helped build /DRIVE (Now The/DRIVE). He's currently producing "American Tuned with Rob Dahm" for Top Gear's YouTube channel and the new docu-series "Win the Weekend" for IMSA. We talk about this year's IMSA stories (and drama), sucker-fan cars, witnessing McMurtry's science project, HAAS's Russian troubles, Mike's Jaguar daily, sweaters, teal Mustangs, and...


Stephan Papadakis

Stephan Papadakis is the founder of Papadakis Racing which has more Formula D podiums under its belt than any other team. After developing his skill set building record-holding FWD dragsters, Stephan turned his attention to the growing sport of drifting and has since made quite a name for himself and for good reason. Papadakis racing has built several championship-winning cars for Frederic Aasbo, built Ryan Tuerck's FD Corolla, and Jhonnattan Castro's GR86. In this episode we talk about:...


Best Car Decades; Southern roads; Dream Car Build

Matt is back from scouting the Southern route for Road & Track's "Smoky 600" event and tells us about the good roads and where to visit; Zack went to the launch for the Hummer EV SUV; the government might address the fast/heavy EV SUV issue. Patreon questions include: Who made the best cars in a specific decade; is more displacement the answer; what dream car "Turducken" would we build; whether or not to track the same type of car you daily; do fun EV commuter cars exist?; why Porsche...


Our worst car moments; Favorite race tracks; Cars we hate

Matt Farah and Zack Klapman discuss: the Top 3 worst moments in their careers (and what they taught us); bad cars we reviewed; a fake Ferrari; and our 3 favorite race tracks. Then we answer Patreon questions about: To GT-S or Corvette; A good $15k daily for a BMW fan; what the government should do about fast cars; whether or not you should get the upgraded stereo; cars we regret owning; and more! Recorded March 5, 2023 Make sure you don’t miss out on the action and tune in to the...


Tesla Chargers for All; Drive to Survive; Why Aston?

Tesla is forced to open their superchargers for everyone; Matt rants about phrasing; Subway's optimistic sizing vs Jersey Mikes; Cayman GTS vs 4.0; GT86 vs Supra; why you should love Aston Martin; should you daily an old car? And remembering Matt's brother-in-law, John Stein; Recorded March 2, 2023 Make sure you don’t miss out on the action and tune in to the NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday, March 12th at 3:30 PM Eastern on FOX. It’s time to bring your belt into the 21st century....


Jake Thieves of Out Motorsports

Jake Thiewes is a digital creator and the founder of Out Motorsports, an organization for LGBTQ driving enthusiasts. His extensive track experience led to OM organizing events at road courses and Rally-X, and partnering with OEMs. In addition, Jake does video and written reviews for OM. We talk about Jake's drive in the new Chevy Colorado; disappearing headlight controls; when a slower race car is better than a fast one; the case of the recurring oil leak; what's broken about HPDE and...


Iain Tyrrell can Fix Anything

Iain is the founder and director of Cheshire Classic Cars, which restores and sells rare metal from, Bentleys to Ferraris, rally special to open-wheeled race cars. His YouTube channel, Tyrrell's Classic Workshop, frequently features the cars of Harry Metcalfe, who entrusts his Lamborghinis to Tyrrell. That's quite an endorsement. On this episode Iain tells us about opening his shop in his early 20s; undercharging for Ferrari work; how 3D printing has changed his profession; parts that are...


Bentley Continental V8S Review; Route to Vine Recap; GT3 RS Issue; Top 5 Road Trips

Matt is back from the Route to Vine and gives his take on the Bentley GT V8 S; Why filming the GT3 RS was so hard; our 5 greatest road trips; what separates "supercar" from "sportscar"; how WE would build a fun, affordable sports car; 992 vs 991; blowing up an RX-7; what to drive in Iceland; and more! Whether you’re an avid fan or a NASCAR newbie, make sure you tune in to the NASCAR Cup Series race at Auto Club Speedway on Sunday, February 26th at 3:30PM Eastern on FOX. Get yourself...


Kyle Conner Knows (nearly) Everything EV

Kyle Conner is the host and creator of the Out of Spec Studios and YouTube Channel. He is an expert of emerging technologies in the automotive space, especially EVs and autonomous technology. On this episode we talk about why EV chargers don't deliver their advertised kW; why the expensive Teslas are getting worse while the cheap ones get better; towing with the Rivian; riding in a driverless taxi; the weird Austrian EV he can't register; his EV 3-wheeler; why putting electric drive-trains...


Mining Facts; Uber Nightmare; Mach-E Trip; Q&A

It's a crew show! Matt rode in a terrible Uber and lived to tell the tale. We did 800 miles in the Mach-E to see Bert Kreischer perform at the Mullet Arena in Tempe, AZ so we'll be talking about the drive, BlueCrusie issues, charging, and the show. Then, we respond to the comments on Jonny Lieberman's appearance using some hard numbers about water usage for mining. Plus, Q&A about Panamera vs AMG 63; using EVs in Canada; Camaro Z28 vs SS 1LE; and more! Recorded February 13, 2023 It’s...


Alpina's CEO on the Past, Present, and Future of Fast BMWs

Andreas Bovensiepen is the CEO of Alpina, the famous company that takes BMWs and turns them into some of the fastest and most exclusive sleepers available. Alpina Automobiles was founded in 1965 by Andreas' father, Burkard Bovensiepen. That company started out in typewriters before moving into textiles and ultimately, building fast cars. We know which we prefer. We ask about how the company started; about his experience working for BMW before going to Alpina; attempting to put a V12 in a...


Peter Lenkov - Writer of "Demolition Man", "Son in Law", "Hawaii 5.0", and more

Peter Lenkov is a screen writer and producer who has worked in TV and film. Of note, he wrote "Demolition Man", and has been a writer/producer on "Son in Law", "24", "CSI:NY", MacGyver", "Hawaii Five-O", and the "Magnum P.I." reboot, among many other shows. Peter tells us about his incredible rise to success at 24; the weird pen-name he used on his script; walking out of his own movie premier; how "Demolition Man" came to be; why he loves "Hawaii 5.0"; how they chose the cars in his...


Jonny Lieberman: Rivian; Racing is EXPENSIVE; Mining Hypocrisy; More!

Oh man what a ride, especially the heat at the end! It's always a good show when Jonny is in the hot seat. Topics include: why the complaints about the Rivian R1S are misguided; off-roading the new Silverado ZR2; something broke on his Rivian R1T; the worst flight:driving time ratios; the strange tax bill from his Pikes Peak run; Tesla's crash standards; responding to criticism of MotorTrend's reporting on Tesla; and (this was the big one) Jonny's opinion of people who criticize precious...


Podcasting at the Coliseum; 911 Dakar Deep-Dive

Podcast at a race track! We are sitting up above the incredible temporary NASCAR track inside the LA Coliseum. 11 months out of the year this is a grass-covered football field but right now it is a tarmac short track with concrete walls, catch fences, and even rumble strips. We talk about NASCAR's move to attract new audiences; why this short track shouldn't be dismissed; why it's a great live sporting event; and Matt's introduction to Cypress Hill. Then we do a deep dive on the 911 Dakar;...


Doug Demuro

Get ready for an incredible, informative, marathon episode with Doug Demuro, one of the most popular and successful automotive YouTubers ever. Topics include: why he does and does not regret buying a Ford GT instead of a Countach; a hilarious story about a door; what he's seen change about the car market in 2023; upcoming collector car trends; why building a business is so hard; his error in programming; the YouTube algorithm; the announcement that he partnered with an investment company and...


Mike Guy on the magazine; Driving at 13; ChatGPT's Impact ; and more

Mike Guy is the Editor-in-Chief of Road & Track magazine. Today we talk about: How Mike dropped out of college to chase police cars; secretly fixing and driving junk cars at age 13; his time working for Rolling Stone with Hunter S. Thompson; a scary Lamborghini spin in Miami; how good the Arturo is; the GR Corolla; why Road & Track will be here for a long time; ChatGPT’s impact on the reader and the writer; and so much more. Recorded January 27, 2023 Go to and...


Questionable Cars to Import; Tesla's Fake Video; Cars Women Like; Q&A

Matt Farah and Zack Klapman talk about an attribute of car women seem to like; Tesla's revealing deposition; Lamborghini patenting sounds; what's important in a garage; the ideal muscle/drift car; when we will see a woman driving in F1; and more. Recorded January 23, 2023 Tesla deposition transcript: Go to and discover the versatility of Vuori Clothing. Not only will you...