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A unique view of motorcycling including news, stories and motorcycle related product reviews.

A unique view of motorcycling including news, stories and motorcycle related product reviews.
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A unique view of motorcycling including news, stories and motorcycle related product reviews.




Episode 146 : Harley shocks the world

Alright so maybe the headline is a bit heavy handed but Harley did surprise almost everyone. As motorcycle enthusiast we feel that Harley may finally be listening to everyone. So this episode is us breaking down Harley’s big news and it is pretty much dedicated to that. News: Harley Davidson Special Thanks: A big thank you to Roger, Steven, Lloyd, Scott, Chad, Mathew, Dan, TC, Jorge, Randy, Shaun, James, Tyler, Tom, both Chris’s, Paul, Jeff and Chuck. Thank you all for becoming...


Episode 145 : Reflecting on your riding

Welcome back fellow riders! We hope you had a great week and were able to enjoy some wind therapy. Kevin, Chris and Larry discuss their riding respectively and then dive into some of the news this week. News: Harley Davidson 2018 2nd Quarter Earnings Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Jobs Recalls: Suzuki DRZ 400 Topic: This week Kevin, Larry and Chris take some time to reflect on their first year of riding and the past year and compare and contrast them from a skills, goals and...


Episode 144 : Husqvarna gets some good news

It is hot. We are still out there riding, Kevin and Chris detail their adventures on two wheels. Larry, well he is getting there. News: Will this obsolete motorcycles? 2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen 701 certified by CARB, here is more info on the Svartpilen if you are interested. We might as well throw in a link to the Vitpilen as well. Reviews: Revzilla review of the Yamaha Tracer GT review of Yamaha Tracer GT Revzilla review of the 2018 KTM 1290 Super Adventure...


Episode 143 : Final MPC Results plus Motorcycle News

The MPC is over for 2018 and after a hard fought battle Throttled managed to bring home the trophy. Special thanks goes out to Chris and Roger for being awesome teammates this year. We are already looking forward to next year which promises to shake things up a bit. News: Yamaha Niken price Mid sized Niken Travis Pastrana channels Evel Knievel HUD in a helmet Ducati testing car to bike communication Toronto to consider lane sharing. Review: Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Recalls: Indian...


Episode 142 : Honda has a Hybrid Scooter, MPC Week 2 Update

We are going to talk about the MPC and the riding we did when Chris joins the show for a special live report from the field. Let’s jump into out first topic/mail call piece for a great question from Justin. Mail call: Email from Justin News: Honda’s hybrid scooter; wave of the future? Honda UK offering free tracking devices on new bike purchases. Ducati World Theme Park building begins. Vozz rear entry helmet. Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge Week 2 Update! Special Thanks: A big...


Episode 141 : Group Riding Beginner Tips, Harley Responds to Tariffs

Motorcycles are a lot of fun, just ask Larry. Chris and I discussed the riding we did for the podcaster’s challenge and then we get into the review of week 1 of the challenge. Chris also details his experience at the Corner College that he attended during the weekend. Mail Call: Email from Brittany Discussion of Group Riding News: Harley Davidson responds to EU tariffs MotoAmerica now available on YouTube. Nortan teases the 650cc Atlas. Curtiss selling the last 36...


Episode 140 : Harley Davidson being hit with tariffs, announced new trade in program.

What an amazing week, we kicked off the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge. That means that 2 out of 3 hosts got to ride (sorry Larry). Mail Call: Email from Randy Email from Sandra Podcaster Challenge News: News: Harley Davidson caught in trade dispute Harley announces Freedom Promise Program Rever announces rlink connected motorcycle device Interview with new Indian Design Chief: Ola Stenegard Passing of Cyril Huze Recalls: Ducati fire recall Special Thanks: A big thank you...


Episode 139 : 2019 Indian FTR1200 and Starting on a Hill

Welcome to what we think is the best motorcycle related podcast in the land. Once again this week Larry gets to sit back and listen to Kevin and Chris gleefully discuss the riding they did this week. Mail Call: Email from Mike Motorcycle Podcaster Challenge: Stating this Wednesday remember the Top 3 individual riders can score points that help out the team they are riding for. Sign up before Wednesday. Remember you must give them a photo of your current mileage on the Facebook group...


Episode 138 : Honda’s Super Cub and Monkey

Chris and Kevin get out on the bikes this week, Kevin gets his back from the shop. Mail Call: Email from Alan News: Telsa won’t make motorcycles. Honda unveils the 2019 Monkey and Super Cub to the US Topic: How to ride a motorcycle on the highway. Review: KTM RC 390 vs. Kawasaki Ninja 400: Comparison Review Special Thanks: We welcome a new Throttled Crew Member, Roger, who is joining team Throttled as part of the on air talent in the Motorcycle Podcaster’s Challenge. Thanks...


Episode 137 : MotoCamping & Riding Skills to Practice

This week marks the beginning of Larry being jealous of all of us with two good, well functioning shoulders. Kevin and Chris are able to log a few miles. Don’t forget about the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge. It’s not to late to join under the Throttled banner. Mail Call: Email from Mike G. Email from Corby News: Supreme Court Sides With Motorcyclists’ Rights In Virginia Search Case CFMoto Unveils 400GT Sport Tourer Ford patents tech to detect lane-splitting...


New Rider Special : Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of our New Rider special. So on the first episode we discussed training and what to do after training classes. This time we dig into bikes a bit and some other tips. Here are a few of the links : Top 10 Ultimate Beginner Bike


New Rider Special : Part 1

So this is part 1 a special mini series of Throttled. We received an email from Corby that we wanted to flesh out a bit. So listen to part 1, you get a little of some of our back story plus some direct advice.


Episode 136 : Niken does wheelies and Honda’s CRF450L

We record on a special time and day of the week and also begin to break in the new headquarters of Throttled. Hopefully, the new studio holds up. As Larry returns from his cruise and prepares for some surgery we get started by talking about our rides this week. Mail Call: Email from Ed News: Niken news, reviews, and test ride plus a wheelie video. CSC’s new “Café Racer” BMW 9cento sporty tourer Honda 450cc Dual Sport Polaris is in the Fortune 500 Retread: C-Max van with the...


Episode 135 : Get in Shape, Ride your Motorcycle!!

Welcome back! Summer is starting to warm up and as Larry ventures off on a well deserved (according to him) vacation. Kevin and Chris hold down the fort. Kevin relocates his bike to his new home before his move this upcoming week and Chris decides to take a late night ride. Mail Call: Email from Ed – Kawasaki ad News: Curtiss Zeus Wins Prestigious Most Innovative Motorcycle Award At The Quail. Motorcycling Burns Between 170 and 600 Calories Per Hour. Space Shuttle Thrusters for our...


Episode 134 : Super Adventure Showdown

Welcome back! This week Kevin and Chris don’t get a lot of riding in but before he leaves for his vacation Larry takes some time to enjoy the two wheeled life. New Throttle Crew Member: Steven Case News: Curtiss Zuess reveal. GHSA 2017 preliminary statistics overview, direct report. Strong European sales. Do we really appreciate lightweight bikes? Reviews: 2018 Super Adventure Bike Showdown Special Thanks: A big thank you to Steven, Lloyd, Scott, Chad, Mathew, Dan, TC, Jorge,...


Episode 133 : Motorcycles That Deploy From Your Car.

Welcome back boys and girls! Kevin, Larry are back and once again joined by Chris Geiss in this episode. We of course start the show by discussing our rides. Kevin attends the Advanced Rider Course and gushes a bit much about it. Product Links: Bohn Armor Draggin’ Liners Mail Call: Email from Alan Email from Greg News: Does the Goldwing have a suspension problem. Ford patents the deployable motorcycle. Recalls: Ducati Panigale V4 Yamaha Tracer 900GT Special Thanks: A big...


Episode 132 : Singapore to Ban Old Motorcycles Plus a Special Guest

This episode we have a special guest joining us, Throttled Crew member Chris Geiss. Larry is under the weather but able to be thankfully able to join in on the conversation. Of course, we start the show by discussing our weekly riding adventures. News: Singapore to ban pre 2003 motorcycles in 10 years. Indian 1st Quarter Sales Harley 1st Quarter Sales Last Motorcycle on Earth Topic: Can rider training turn around he motorcycle industry? Special Thanks: A big thank you to Lloyd,...


Episode 131 : Ducati to use radar and Harley has a new internship program

Welcome back everyone and if this is your first time tuning into our little motorcycle podcast, welcome! Both of our hosts managed to get out and ride. Remember, going fast is easy, maneuvering while going slow is tough. Get out and practice. News: Ducati to use radar? Is student load debt a reason millennials aren’t making major purchases, like say a motorcycle. Harley Davidson unveils the Ultimate Social Media Internship. We cover a Cycle World interview with Matt Levatich, the...


Episode 130 : There is a New RiderCoach Amongst Us

Greetings and Salutations you wonderful motorcycle people. This past week has been a roller coaster for one of our hosts. Give a big shout out to Kevin for becoming a MSF RiderCoach. Kevin plans to teach the Basic Rider Coarse (BRC) and hopefully teach new wannabe motorcycle riders in the Harley Riders Academy soon. Mail Call: Email from Ed Email from Nigel Review: Motus First Ride KTM 790 SuperDuke Recalls: Zero Motorcycle Buy Back Special Thanks: A big thank you to Lloyd,...


Episode 129 : Riding After the Winter Hibernation

Welcome back everyone. It has been a crazy week and we have a fun show to get this next week started. Larry get’s out for a ride and has some news to share. Kevin gives some advice to those in our lives who don’t understand the need to ride. Motorcycle Podcaster Challenge: Mail Call: Email from Lloyd News: 2019 Honda CB300R. Is the Fat Bob the impact player for Harley. MAG concludes Chapter 11. Investment talk on Harley going electric. Benelli TNT 135 Topic: Reminders for...