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Day1 is the voice of the mainline Protestant churches, presenting outstanding preachers from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and other denominations.

Day1 is the voice of the mainline Protestant churches, presenting outstanding preachers from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and other denominations.
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Day1 is the voice of the mainline Protestant churches, presenting outstanding preachers from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and other denominations.




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Martha Spong: All in the Same Boat

I thought it was a brilliant idea. I was serving a church in Maine, where Summer Sundays are not the best-attended. The window of good weather is brief, and people want to be in their gardens or at their lakeside camps. That particular summer, I felt motivated to make worship interesting for the ones who did come. For this story from Mark 4, I arranged the text for multiple readers, plus the congregation, with effects designed to put us all in the midst of the storm. I started planning weeks...


Chris Henry: Faith in a Seed

"With many such parables, he spoke the word to them. He did not speak to them except in parables." The words of Mark seem to summarize the preaching ministry of Jesus. Time and again in the gospels, Jesus gathers a crowd of followers together and speaks to them, not in propositional assertions, creedal statements, or enumerated lists but through these vivid and memorable narratives. A sower went out to sow. A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. There was a man who had two sons....


Ozzie Smith Jr.: When Jesus Comes Home

Several summers ago while on vacation, I purchased a small white wooden sign from a gift shop that read, "Friends welcome, relatives by appointment only." That sign arrested my attention while also stating an oft-unspoken truth. Friends are sometimes easier to deal with than family. Jesus says as much near the end of our passage today. His actions in this brisk-paced text have stirred the pot. He is harassed by the rumor of the crowd, demonized by the ideology of the scribes, and annoyed...


Ellen Richardson: The Man with the Withered Hand

What is it like to experience a story of healing? When does healing happen and how do we recognize it? Does healing require a recognizable change in the body to count, or is it really about something else? The healing of the man with the withered hand in today's gospel from Mark is one that happens so quickly that it is almost lost in the greater drama that surrounds it. The scene is a synagogue, a place of teaching and worship. The attention-grabbing characters - the law-loving Pharisees...


David Hull: Benediction

The Benediction was my favorite part of the Sunday morning worship service. As a young child, I thought I knew what Benediction meant. The cartoons I watched signed off with "That's all folks!" and I knew the cartoon was over. Benediction was the church's way of saying, "That's all folks!" Soon I could get up and move around. No longer did I have to be quiet and worry about the stern look from my Mother if I was not so attentive. Lunch was not far away. I loved the Benediction and...


Juan Carlos Huertas: Understood

All of a sudden, they understood! The scared disciples becoming courageous proclaimers, the hesitant and doubt filled ones now bold and assured, the Aramaic speaking ones, now heard in all possible tongues. What was happening? Jesus had promised from the very beginning that he would leave but that he would not leave the disciples alone. Again, and again, he told them that he would die and leave them, but the disciples did not believe. In fact, often they responded in despondency and anger....


Juan Carlos Huertas: Why Are You Looking Up?

It was a promise. They would not be left alone. They had already lost him once and were already grieving losing him again. There had been so many amazing moments. So many miraculous things, so many people healed, so many conversations had, and so many opportunities to learn. There was also that amazing set of weeks when they had gone two by two to rehearse the work of Jesus. The disciples returned filled with joy at what they had seen, at the ways that God had used them to bring the...


Kimberly S. Jackson: Quack Like a Duck: Singing in the Rain

Each morning before even getting out of bed, I am still and listen for my animals. Can I hear the chickens singing their egg songs - to make sure that everyone around knows that they just produced new eggs? Can I hear the distinct sounds of my sure-footed goats hopping over logs, foraging for breakfast, and calling out to the others to come and taste something new? Has Arnold, my cat, taken his place at the door and started demanding his morning meal? And I always know if it's raining...


David Gushee: Justice Denied--Except from the God of Love

In the story of the Ethiopian eunuch, we meet a man who occupied a post of high authority in Ethiopia, but who, on account of his status as a eunuch, could not have worshipped in the Jewish Temple or become a part of the Jewish community even if he wanted to with his whole heart. This was a man who knew something about humiliation, and so it is no coincidence that he was drawn to Isaiah 53 and its amazing depiction of a suffering servant who brings redemption - quoting, "in his humiliation...


Jason Micheli: A Sheep Without Verbs

My first funeral sermon 16 years ago flopped. "It didn't sound like you knew him at all," a worshipper told me on the way out of the funeral home chapel. "Uh, I didn't know him at all," I replied. I was just a student. I didn't know then - they don't warn you in seminary - that most lay people consider it the mark of a good funeral sermon when the preacher sounds like he knows the deceased. When it comes to funerals, lay people don't usually judge whether I've proclaimed the Gospel or done...


Jason Micheli: Emmaus at the Bass Pro Shop

It was the third month since we'd last spoken or seen each other, leaving the most recent wounds to fester and scar. I was on the road, heading towards Richmond. And as I drove with the radio low, I tried to work out just what had happened, why things had gone the way they did, how this was neither what we'd hoped for nor every expected. I talked all of it out aloud, as though there were someone alongside next to me in the car. I stopped on the way even though there was no need. I just sat...


Kate Moorehead: Peace--I Got This

John the Evangelist, the writer of the gospel, begins the story today with these words...It was on that day. You know, THAT day. Do you have a THAT day? The day that comes to mind when you think of the day that changed the course of your life. Maybe it's your wedding day. Your graduation day. The day you saw the love of your life across the room. The day you realized you were miserable in your job and decided to make a change. You know, THAT day. The day that changed everything. It was...


Chris Girata: Get Up and Live

Whenever I prepare an Easter sermon, I always think way too hard about what it is I'm going to say. And today was no different. As my mind went in many different directions, I began to wonder just how our minds work anyway. Our minds are so complex and mysterious. For many of us, Christianity, our faith, even the person of Jesus himself, is really a heady exercise. We think very hard about faith, and perhaps sometimes, our minds can get in the way. What we think we see in the world is only...


Chris Girata: Parade of Grace

For many churches, today is not only Palm Sunday but Passion Sunday as well. Although I am certainly no expert on liturgical history, I do know that if people attend church, most people only attend church on Sundays. Even on weeks such as the one we enter, the holiest of weeks, most people will only attend worship services today and next Sunday. So, I agree that the experience of those who only worship on Sundays is enhanced and deepened by hearing the passion story today, before we hear...


B.J. Hutto: On Being Philip

Today we need to start out by talking about Philip. Not Philip the Apostle - we'll get to him in a minute - but that great conquering hero, Philip of Macedon. When he was made king in the 4th century B. C., Philip took the beleaguered and bedraggled Macedonians, and he carved an empire for them out of the Greek world that his son, Alexander the Great, would expand east and west from India to Egypt. Philip and Alexander created the imperial footprint on which the Romans would later build...


Allen Pruitt: There Is Enough

Endless complaining. It starts from the very beginning and it never seems to end. Here we are in the book of Numbers, near enough to the promised land that we might expect the Israelites to have pulled themselves together, figured out how to live, or at least to have discontinued their relentless complaint. No. That's not how we work, is it? That's not how we're built. For us the grass is always greener; the whole garden is never enough, not when there's one tree smack in the middle that...


Walter Brueggemann: Strategies for Staying Emancipated

Note: Final transcript to come. The Old Testament reading given us today in the lectionary is the Ten Commandments. The Big Ten were given to Israel just as they had left Egyptian slavery. Thus the Ten Commandments are rules by which to celebrate and maintain their recent emancipation from Egypt. As you know, the Ten Commandments begin with the identification of the God who frees them: I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. The God of...


Kate Moorehead: Self Give-Away

Rebecca had a baby girl just as the Nazis invaded Poland. As the soldiers marched into Warsaw, she clutched her baby girl to her chest in desperation. Rebecca was Jewish. Her husband was a professor. They were too smart for their own good and they were reading the signs. She and her family knew that the Nazis hated them. As tensions arose, Rebecca and her husband began to make plans for her baby girl. Her best friend from grammar school was a Christian. She had recently married and they...


Gordon Stewart: He Was With the Wild Beasts

In his autobiography Samuel Clemens, the beloved humorist known as Mark Twain, wrote words akin to the Gospel of Mark's briefest description of Jesus' forty days and nights in the wilderness: With the going down of the sun my faith failed and the clammy fears gathered about my heart. Those were awful nights, nights of despair, nights charged with the bitterness of death. In my age as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse. None of us is ever quite sane in the night. Sometimes our...


Cuttino Alexander: The Happiest Place on Earth

Have you ever been to Disney World? Or Disneyland? There's a pretty good chance that you at least know somebody who has been there. And there's an even better chance that you've seen advertisements or photos from what they like to call the happiest place on earth. I went a couple times as a kid and once as an adult. And now, I've got a three-year old and he can't wait to go...maybe in the not-to-distant future. We'll just have to see about that. It's a very popular destination. Apparently...