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Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6


Louisville, KY


Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6




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The Opening Chapter 14

What does it mean? Why is it important? How does it impact your life? Bro. Jeff begins answering those questions as he looks at the significance of Christ's ascension.


The Opening Chapter 13

Are you ready for Jesus to come again? He came to earth once, and ascended victoriously back to Heaven. We learn more about His ascension as Bro. Jeff continues in Luke 24.


The Opening Chapter 12

It is important to look at the account of the ascension of Jesus - the incredible victory it represents and the great blessing it is for us. Bro. Jeff begins tonight by looking at the setting for the ascension.


The Opening Chapter 11

More than ever, we need the empowering of the Holy Spirit to help us carry out God's plan of worship and witness. Bro. Jeff shares two things important to being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Opening Chapter 10

"We live in a culture that is in full rebellion against God's Divine order." We need Jesus, and God uses all kinds, mariners, men, missionaries, mothers, even murderers, to tell others about Jesus. Will you allow God to use you? Bro. Jeff poses this question as he describes those who have been bold in their witness.


The Opening Chapter 9

Whose Name is above all names, whose power is more powerful than the most mighty, and whose life and work is worth sharing to the ends of the earth? Bro. Jeff shares more about the Person behind the plan.

The Opening Chapter 8

Repentance is the response of the sinner, but remission is the response of the Savior. With true repentance to the point of surrendering to Jesus as Lord and Savior comes Divine forgiveness. Bro. Jeff continues describing God's plan from the "opening chapter."


The Opening Chapter 7

What the disciples thought was the plan...wasn't the plan. Preaching the good news of the gospel, sharing the message of repentance is part of God's plan. Has God ever brought you to the point of repentance? Bro. Jeff poses this critical question as he helps us understand God's plan.


The Opening Chapter 6

Inspiration. Illumination. Enlightenment. Discover more about our Savior's purpose as Bro. Jeff continues in Luke 24.


The Opening Chapter 5

He was fully man. He was fully God. One way that He demonstrated both after His resurrection was His appearing out of nowhere. Jesus opened their understanding, and the Bible opens ours. Bro. Jeff continues explaining Luke 24 in tonight's message.


The Opening Chapter 4

Do you have an emptiness inside that you can't explain? How can you have real, lasting peace in your heart? Find out here as Bro. Jeff shares how our Savior opens our understanding.


The Opening Chapter 3

After his resurrection, Jesus not only opened the tomb, and opened the Scriptures, but he also opened eyes. Have your eyes been opened? In this last, but "opening" chapter, Bro. Jeff continues sharing what we can learn about the resurrection of our Savior.


The Opening Chapter 2

The tomb isn't the only thing opened in this chapter. The One who opened the scriptures to some travelers also wants you to experience the transforming power that comes from the Living Word. Learn more about what God wants to do in your life as Bro. Jeff encourages us from God's Word.


The Opening Chapter 1

On this day of celebration of Christ's resurrection, Bro. Jeff focuses on the open tomb. Why did God open the tomb of Christ? It wasn't so that Jesus could get out. How did it serve as the most important evidence of all that the Bible reveals about Jesus? We learn why here!


The Signs of Redemption 3

"Death is not a prison, but a pillow." Take a look with us at examples of resurrection as Bro. Jeff describes how the defeat of death is a great sign of redemption.


The Signs of Redemption 2

First the bad news, but don't get too shook up... There is good news! Learn more about a second supernatural event that signaled something extraordinary as Bro. Jeff continues reflecting on the great redemption price that was paid for humanity.


The Signs of Redemption 1

In today's message, we journey to the cross to witness the most important event in world history since the creation. How do we know it was the most important? By the signs... Bro. Jeff describes for us the first sign and how it symbolized and signified the way to God that opened up to all.


The Last Days 40

Do you need help with daily struggles and trials? Does the thought of death lead to distress? God has provided comfort. We continue learn the many ways that God's Word equips us in our daily lives; in tonight's lesson, Bro. Jeff focuses on Romans 15:4.


The Last Days 39

Bro. Jeff paints a humorous, but vivid, picture of what an entrapped life looks like. How can you be truly liberated? Where is freedom found? Do you want to be truly free? Learn more here!


The Last Days 38

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed," Jesus promises. Have you been set free, or do you have a deep-down nagging feeling of bondage? You may even be a believer, but is your believe a "head belief," or a deep down full heart surrender that led to an unforgettable meeting with Jesus? In this powerful and inspiring message, Bro. Jeff points us to the truth that liberates.