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Provide Information, Give Insight, and Edify Believers. Reading and Analysis of Scripture, Historic Baptist Writings, and Current News.

Provide Information, Give Insight, and Edify Believers. Reading and Analysis of Scripture, Historic Baptist Writings, and Current News.
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Provide Information, Give Insight, and Edify Believers. Reading and Analysis of Scripture, Historic Baptist Writings, and Current News.




Episode 41 - Fascism. What it means. Its history, proper use, and composition. Fascism in our own day: what is it and what to do about it. Ecumenism, LGBT Agenda, Tax Exemption 501c3, SBC.

We’ll discuss the right understanding of Fascism in its proper understanding. Then view its history and composition, in order to understand its proper use. Having done that, we’ll review an interesting article which discusses this very topic in relation to what is going on in the Catholic Church. Thence, we’ll discuss the relationship with what is happening in the broader religious and denominational context for churches. We’ll touch on Ecumenism, LGBT Agenda, Tax Exemption, and the recent...


Episode 40 - Genesis 9:20-25. What Was the sin of Ham? Why Was Canaan Cursed? How does this fit into the broader context of Scripture? Reading and Analysis. Jon Huss.

In light of last weeks discussion, we’ll further our understanding by using what we’ve learned to understand Genesis 9:20-25. We’ll discover what precisely Ham did, when he committed the sin which caused his son, Canaan to be cursed. Many interpretations have been given, but few settle all the issues. Given what we’ve learned and information discussed in this episode, we will be able to grasp the full issue as we interact with a Theological Article. In our Reading and Analysis, we’ll...


Episode 39 - Leviticus 18, Dr. Dershowitz, Bible Permits Gay Sex? What does the Bible really teach? Reading and Analysis. Baptists did not come out of Reformation.

Recently, there has been an article making numerous rounds on the internet, which makes claims by a “Bible Scholar”, Harvard Professor, Dr. Idan Dershowitz, that Leviticus 18 is heavily edited, and that the Bible originally permitted Homosexuality. Is that true? What does the Bible really teach? What is the evidence? We’ll examine Leviticus 18 and the rest of Scripture to get at the right view. After our Reading, we’ll discuss the fact that Baptists can’t have come out of the Reformation,...


Episode 38 - Oracles in the Bible? An analysis of various Scripture References, Mysticism in Translations. Reading and Analysis. Egalitarianism and True History.

We’ll provide analysis and insight into the use of the term Oracle in the Old Testament. How are we to understand this word found 17 times in the King James (along with others) translation of the Old Testament. What is the actual Hebrew word behind this english phrase? Is Oracle a good word to use? Why don’t we see the same word (Oracle) in the New Testament? The final and definitive answers will be enlightening and helpful. After reading and Analysis, we’ll cover Egalitarianism and its...


Episode 37 - Oard’s Book “Frozen in Time,” The Ice Age and the Flood. Next - God and Gender in the News again, Episcopalians. Real Patriarchy and the Biblical Perspective.

A slight review of Michael J. Oard’s book: Frozen in Time. An excellent book which covers some fascinating bits of information related to the Ice Age which came at the end of the Flood. Some information from the book and its evidentiary topic: Wooly Mammoth’s. Next in our introduction, we’ll discuss an old topic recently reintroduced to the News as this week the Episcopal Church is apparently reviewing their “Common Book of Prayer” to have more non-Gender specific references to God. We’ll...


Episode 36 - Archaeology and its kinds. Means of Interpretation. Crypto-archaeology. History of Civilization. Its beginning and its end. Where must we stand? Reading and Analysis.

In our introduction today, we’ll briefly discuss various kinds of archaeology, how facts are interpreted, and how the general means of interpretation causes certain discoveries to misfit. This is due to an overall misunderstanding of human history. The Bible, on the other hand, makes perfect sense of the archaeological details which we find in the world. We’ll trance an interesting course of human civilization, from its beginning in Genesis, to its end in Revelation, and where we are called...


Episode 35 - Romans 13. The Christian and Government. Has God set up every Government? The whole of Scripture. The right understanding of Romans 13:1. Reading and Analysis, Supporting those in need.

Recently there were some comments by a Government Official of the Federal Government of the United States of America, where citation was made to Romans 13:1. Many secular agencies have given commentary on the event and the Scripture, but what’s the real understanding of this verse? Our answer must not simply seek to satisfy a theological position, but a textual exegesis. We will examine the immediate context in Romans 13. Then, the whole of Scripture, and what individuals did in both the Old...


Episode 34 - 20% Christians don’t believe in God of the Bible. What does that mean? How did that happen? Comparing Figures. What do we do now? Reading and Analysis. What about the Apostle’s Creed?

According to recent expansive surveys in the United States 20% of Christians don’t believe in the God of the Bible. What does that mean, and how did the research come to that conclusion? What’s different about these 20%? What about Christians in Europe? Less than a third (64%) believe in the God of the Bible. How did this happen? Comparing figures. Essentially, this is what happens when we undercut the Word of God, and biblical doctrine from having its full authority. What do we do...


Episode 33 - Titus 2:3. The Bible and Women Teachers? What is Correct? Baptist History of Women as teachers. What about Pastors? Reading and Analysis. Islam in ascendency. Austria.

Today we’ll review a statement made in our previous episode about Baptist having women teachers very early. We’ll find out, Baptists have had women as teachers in churches from the very beginning. This, we will find out is different than being a Pastor, as we examine what Scripture has to say about it. We’ll examine Titus 2:3, and other Scriptures that revolve around women in Church. After a very interesting and profitable time in reading, we’ll come to our analysis, and discuss, among...


Episode 32 - Exodus 20:3-6. The Baptist Church and the Statue of Jesus. What does the Bible say? Is it right to have statues or images of Jesus? Reading and Analysis, A Crusade against Anabaptists.

Recently, at Red Bank Baptist Church in South Carolina, USA, decided to take down a statue of Jesus. The Sculptor, the secular Press, and others cry out against this removal. But what does the Bible have to say about this? We’ll examine Exodus 20:3-6, and see what the Bible has to say to all of us, asking the question: Is it ever right to have statues or images of Jesus? (or anything else religiously related, for that matter). Next, we’ll have our reading and analysis, and notice a...


Episode 31 - Allegation: Paulicians and Saracens Cooperation. Islamic Coexistence? Historical overview - Spain, Barbary, Istanbul, Israel. Understanding the past.

Last week, we read that there are those who allege that the Paulicians worked with the Islamic Saracens to attack Grecian states. Moreover, that these Paulicians were happily embraced by these Muslims. The old allegation is meant to make us think twice about the Paulicians. But is it possible? What does History teach us? A few weeks ago, we saw that Islam certainly doesn’t teach coexistence. This week we ask the question: Does Islam practice Coexistence? In this interesting episode, we’ll...


Episode 30 - Royal Wedding (Harry and Meghan), Cost of Wedding. What is Priceless? Revelation 19:5-9, Righteous Acts? Our blessing, our duty, our reward. Whose wedding? Reading and Analysis.

In our introduction today, we’ll discuss the cost of the recent nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan (Now Duke and Duchess of Sussex). In comparison, what is it when something is priceless? What then is our salvation in such a light? Taking this interesting thread, we’ll discuss the Marriage of the Lamb in Revelation 19:5-9, especially verse 8, where we read that those at the marriage are given to wear a garment that is the righteous acts of the saints. How do we understand this? We’ll also...


Episode 29 - The Lord’s Supper — Open or Closed? Who can take the Supper? What Scripture and History indicate. Why is the Lord’s Supper significant? Reading and Analysis. Was Constantine a Christian?

In our introduction we’ll cover whether the Lord’s Supper should be open or closed? What does that mean? What does Scripture command and history reveal about its practice? Through our discussion, we’ll be able to establish not only the proper guard of the Supper, but also why it should be guarded at all. In our Reading we’ll cover a very interesting period of history, and in our Analysis we’ll discuss whether Constantine the Great was truly converted or not. Support this Podcast and...


Episode 28 - Churches in Saudi Arabia? Catholicism and Islam, Beliefs of Islam, Analysis, Abrahamic Religions, History of Catholic Practices, Reading and Analysis.

In our introduction, we’ll discuss the widespread news of the possibility of “Christian” churches in Saudi Arabia. What is going on? What kind of Churches are these? What are some similarities of Catholicism and Islam? What are the beliefs of Islam? We’ll discuss all this and go into the notion of Abrahamic Religions. Where does this term come from? What does Scripture say that Abraham believed? Next, we’ll review the history of Catholic practice as it relates to what we see happening in...


Episode 27 - Acts 2:38. Baptismal Regeneration? How to understand the words of Peter’s exhortation. Translation influenced by Theology. Reading and Analysis. Baptist Covenantal Theology.

We’ll review Acts 2:38, Peter’s exhortation to the convicted. The King James Translation makes this sound like one must be baptized in order to be forgiven, or saved. Is this true? Is this an example of Theology influencing translation? How should we rightly understand the original words that God gave? As we read, we’ll cover the period of history where, in the East, God’s churches existed from the very beginning, even in the face of the corruption of the hierarchies of the Eastern...


Episode 26 - Tracts of History, Testimonies on Baptists throughout History, Beliefs of Baptists throughout History, The Fulfillment of Promise, Reading and Analysis, Augustine and the Baptists.

In our introduction today we’ll notice the history of the primary religious groups and Churches of History. We’ll hear the testimonies of the existence of Baptists in every age of History, and these testimonies will come not from the lips of Baptists, but from their enemies. Next we’ll regard the common beliefs and practices of Baptists in every age, showing their commonality throughout time. All this not to the elevation of man, but the fulfillment of the promise of God concerning His...


Episode 25 - Religion and Children? Parental Responsibility? State of Society. Bible Answers. Reading. Similarity of Donatists and Novatianists. Analysis.

In our introduction today, we’ll cover the decline of the younger generation in the church by addressing a fundamental issue today. Should we take our children to church? Should we let kids figure out religion for themselves? Should we let children decide whether they want to go to church? We’ll read an article related to this and then find the answers we need in Scripture. In our reading, we’ll start covering some interesting history, but we’ll notice some special similarities between...


Decline in younger Church Attendance. Church Hypocrisy? Lack of Church Discipline. What it is? Who does it? What is its aim? Reading, Analysis, what about clergy?

We’ll discuss the real numbers of the decline in church attendance by younger folks today. Why aren’t they coming? We often hear Church Hypocrisy decried. Certainly, some of this is just an excuse on the part of the younger, but is there a real problem with hypocrisy? If a lack of Church discipline is any meter to go by, then there certainly is a problem! We’ll cover the numbers and what we must do to be what we should be, as God’s people. In our reading, we’ll hear more about the...


Episode 22 - A reminder of Easter, What is Jesus like Today? Salvation. What about Infants? Accountability. Reading, Perpetuity.

As we come upon Easter Sunday, let’s remember what Scripture says about Jesus in our time. What is Jesus doing now? What does Jesus look like? We’ll cover these subjects in our introduction. Additionally, last week, we said we would cover the subjects of infants and salvation. We will hear what, precisely, the Bible has to teach us on this subject, which is very well developed in the pages of Scripture. In our reading we’ll be introduced to Novatianists, Waldensians, and Donatists, and...


Episode 21 - Review of A Wrinkle in Time, Reading, History of the Development of Sacramentalism and Infant Baptism, Analysis.

Today we doctrinally review Mrs. Madeliene L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. We will review and critique her doctrine, her writing in A Wrinkle in Time, and the Disney Movie Adaptation. Disney has released “Bible Study” material to accompany the film and is promiting its use by churches and groups. What does this material say and teach? Is the Movie good? We’ll see and give the final answer. In our reading, we’ll review the history of the development of the sacramental (viz. the conferrence of...