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Ep 06: Dogs in Breweries, MLB All-Star Game Voting, Gateway Bands

Coming at ya with episode 6 of Basses Loaded! Take a listen it’s a fun one. We talk Benchmark Brewing’s newest craft beer release called Hop Chunks, what did we think of this Imperial IPA? We also talk about dogs and kids in breweries, are you for this, or against this? We want to know your thoughts. We are getting close to the All Star Game for MLB and the voting process, we talk about how many Chicago Cubs are going to be starting the game that don’t deserve it. Last week we talked about...


Ep 05: Jolly Pumpkin, Craft Beer Naming Regulations, Concert and Baseball Pet Peeves

Here we are, episode 5 of Basses Loaded! We get a bit silly on this one. This week we have some great beer from Jolly Pumpkin, one of our favorites breweries from the Midwest. Also on the beer front we talk about regulations with naming beers, and should it be censored. We mention some of our favorite named beers as well. Similar to concert ethics, we talk about baseball ethics, what is okay to wear, and what to do. David had to actually wear ear plugs at a Padres game he went to the other...


Ep: 04 - Gateway Beers, Bad Metal Moshing, Mike Trout, and Basebrawls

We are back! Sometimes you need to take a week off, we promise not make that a regular occurrence. This week we drink a new beer from Pure Project, is it possible for a beer to remind you of chap stick and be delicious? Also we talk Los Angeles Angels, Mike Trout. How dumb it is to slide face first, and how he should learn from the National's crown jewel, Bryce Harper on why not to do that. Don't worry, we chat about what is the Baseball brawl of the year between Harper and Hunter...


EP 03: South African Hop Farms, Struggling MLB Players, Band Reunions

This week on Basses Loaded, we talk about Alpine Beer Company’s newest limited edition bottle release, does it live up to the hype? We discuss South African hop farms that are being absorbed by big beer and how it will affect smaller craft beer breweries. Last week we talked about baseball players who were playing above their heads, this week we talk dudes who are barely staying afloat. And in music, we talk reunions we would love to see, and some that have happened recently that we are...


002 - Craft Beer Festivals, Break out MLB Players, Rad Shows

We made it to week 2! This week on Basses Loaded we discuss the abundance of craft beer festivals. How many is too many? We learn about a certain item of clothing that Jesse wears on the regular. On the baseball front, we chat about players that are performing over their heads this season, will they keep it up? What are the 4 of us listening and going to for concerts lately, we give you the rundown of what we are digging. All this and more (while enjoying some delicious beer from Russian...


001: Our First Episode talking Baseball, Bands, and Craft Beer

Here we are, the first episode of Basses Loaded! In this episode, we talk about what tasty beer we are drinking from Green Flash, and the Burning Man of beer fests Boonville. On the baseball front we talk about how poorly some of the MLB managers manage their players, such as the Mets. We also discuss the unwritten rules of baseball and pitchers throwing at batters. Such as the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles recently. In the world of music we discuss good music festivals such as Psycho...