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Ep. 20: Postseason Rundown

With the postseason in full swing, Nick Turturro and MLB veteran Chris Dickerson break down all the winners and losers leading up to the World Series. The guys talk about how the Indians have followed the similar mold to the Royals and their successful bullpen, if this might be the year the Cubs finally win the whole thing and more on the latest edition of I Breathe Baseball.


Ep. 19: Trade Deadline Woes

How could the Yankees give up Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller to contending teams? Are the Rangers unstoppable after acquiring Carlos Beltran and Jonathan Lucroy? And what words of wisdom did Chris Dickerson give to Jay Bruce as he plays in his first Subway Series? Nick Turturro and Chris Dickerson are back in action to dissect the Trade Deadline and more on I Breathe Baseball.


Ep. 18: From The Cape To The Bigs

Nick Turturro goes down memory lane with MLB veteran Chris Dickerson to discuss his career and his journey to The Show. From his time in the Cape Cod League to his experience with the Reds, Brewers, Yankees, Orioles and Indians, Dickerson talks about some of his favorite tales and former teammates on the latest edition of Nick Turturro's I Breathe Baseball podcast.


Ep. 17: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Nick Turturro and seven-year MLB veteran Chris Dickerson reflect on some of their favorite baseball memories and discuss who Dickerson idolized growing up.


Ep. 16 Foot Notes

Nick Turturro is fired up in his latest edition of I Breathe Baseball despite his beloved Yankees' early struggles this season. Turturro caught up with's Alyson Footer to find out where she got her start, what it was like covering the Astros for so long and how she's worked her way up through the ranks to pursue a successful career in baseball.


Ep. 15 A breath of fresh air

Nick Turturro is back in action with a new partner in crime, Shane Shapiro. They're breathing deep as the season starts in just a few days, previewing all 30 teams, spotlighting new faces and highlighting veterans primed to lead their teams to the World Series.


Ep. 14: All for one and one for all

Former Mets pitcher John Franco joins Nick Turturro to spotlight Franco's career with the Mets, Jeurys Familia's big impression in the postseason and explain why, regardless of team affiliation, all New Yorkers should be rooting for the Mets in this World Series.


Ep. 13: Joe Knows

Nick Turturro and baseball icon Joe Pepitone get together to talk, you guessed it, baseball! They'll rehash Pepitone's playing days and break down the upcoming NLCS debating whether or not the Cubs or Mets can advance to the World Series.


Ep. 12 Maximum Enthusiasm

Nick Turturro's enthusiasm is at an all time high. He's bearing down to prepare for the Yankees must-win Wild Card game. Joined by his friend Frank and the leader of the Bleacher Creatures Vinny Milano, the guys will break down the upcoming game against Houston, why they're still Alex Rodriguez fans and all things Bronx Bombers.


Ep. 11: Reflecting on a baseball icon

YES Network's Chris Shearn joins's Nick Turturro to share stories of the legend Yogi Berra, who passed away at the age of 90 on Tuesday. Plus, the guys swap stories from the new and old Yankee Stadium and debate just how good the Bronx Bombers are this season.


Ep. 10: Gut Check

Will Nick Turturro cheer for Yoenis Cespedes? Will the Yankees claw their way into the postseason? Get inside Turturro's head as he reviews September and looks ahead to October.


Ep. 9: Celebrating the Past and the Present

Nick Turturro and his son have been Yankees fans for their whole lives. They'll spend time reminiscing about the current Yankees team and why they'll be playing baseball in October as well as bring in a few die-hard fans to talk about some of the more iconic moments in Yankees history.


Ep. 8: The Fate of The Yankees

It's not playoff baseball but it sure feels like it. Nick Turturro and his son Nick the III waste no time breaking down the Yankees pivotal series versus the Blue Jays. WFAN's Sweeny Murti joins the guys to give a closer insight into what the Bronx Bombers need to achieve in order to make a strong playoff push, breakdown the humongous series in Toronto, and explain why even after the Yankees leave Canada, it won't be the last time the Jays give them trouble.


Ep. 7: Trade Deadline winners and losers

Which teams made all the right moves at the Deadline? Nick Turturro and his son, Nick Jr., break down the Troy Tulowitzki trade to the Blue Jays and why the shortstop isn't a franchise player. Plus, the two discuss Cole Hamels' move to Texas and why the ace could help the Rangers make a playoff push, debate whether or not Mark Teixeira is having an MVP season and give their predictions for October.


Ep. 6: All-Star ramblings, first half reviews and second half previews

Could the All-Star Home Run Derby have played out any better? Nick Turturro and Gary Valentine come together to review the first half, brag about Todd Frazier's hometown heroics at the All-Star Game and the Mets' striking pitching staff. Plus, Turturro and Valentine discuss Alex Rodriguez's new lease on baseball and look forward to the second half.


Ep. 5: The Art of Managing

What does it mean to be a good manager? Nick Turturro highlights his personal experience as a Little League manager, breaks down the All-Star Game voting from a fan perspective, and explains why A-Rod should get more love for his 3,000th career hit - on this week's musings from the mind of one of baseball's biggest fans.


Ep. 3: Book It! First Month Reflections

Which teams have impressed Nick Turturro through the first month of the season? Which players does Nick expect to heat up as the weather heats up? All that, plus Nick's take on baseball books - including the latest on the life and times of former MLB manager Billy Martin - on this week's musings from the mind of one of baseball's biggest fans.


Ep. 4: Let's Get Back to the Basics

Has average become the new norm? Has baseball succumbed to mediocrity? Nick Turturro goes back to the basics and reminds us of the true definition of baseball greatness - on this week's musings from the mind of one of baseball's biggest fans.


Ep. 2: Valentine's Day

Did Nick make it all the way through the Red Sox/Yankees 19-inning marathon? Could he ever convert and become a Mets fan? (Bite your tongue! But he does see a bright future for the Amazins!) Are the Astros and Cubs ready to be playoff contenders? Actor/comedian Gary Valentine joins Nick Turturro to answer all those questions and to give their unique take on the next great character in baseball, Interleague Play and all things baseball.


Ep 1: Opening Week - New Faces, New Places

Which transplanted superstar will have the biggest impact on the 2015 season? Who does Nick see as the face of MLB after Derek Jeter's retirement? Which Nicholson movie is the Little League team Nick coaches most like? Find out the answers to all these things in this week's debut episode of Turturro's new podcast.