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Episode 21: Gulf Coast Tigers' Kyle Thomas

This edition of the pod features Detroit Tigers 2017 Draft selection Kyle Thomas. The Mississauga-native talked to the guys about his decision to transfer from NJCAA to NAIA, his draft experience, the setback of Tommy John surgery, and more. For the rest of the show Ryan and Cam focus on who should win MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Cy Young for the league, and have a little fun talking about what baseball concession they would get tattooed on themselves. The Second Deck podcast is...


Episode 20: Orix Buffaloes Andrew Albers

On this episode we finally debut our earliest interview to date. Former Minnesota Twin, Seattle Mariner and Toronto Blue Jay pitcher Andrew Albers joins the show from Japan. The Saskatchewan native made his first all-star team in 2018 and made the guys get up at 4:30 am to talk to him. It is truly a great interview! They discuss his many times representing Canada at the WBC and at the Olympics. We also discuss his time in the big leagues, his one game as a Blue Jay and his transition from...


Episode 19: Montgomery Biscuits and UBC Grad Curtis Taylor

On this episode we sit down with Curtis Taylor of the Montgomery Biscuits. We had a lot of fun with the British Columbia native, asking him to rank the most ridiculous nicknames of the teams hes played for. The Canadian pitchers also talks about being traded for Brad Boxberger, transitioning from starter to reliever and his time at UBC. This episode is a little choppy as Ryan is calling in via cell phone from his hometown of Windsor, ON. The guys touch on the 2019 MLB schedule, the NL Wild...


Episode 18: Former Red Sox and Southern Maryland Blue Crab Drake Britton

On this episode we talk to former Boston Red Sox lefty Drake Britton. He discusses his time inside the locker room and making his debut during a mid-season Yankees-Red Sox series during a World Series run. He ranks the funniest names of places he has played and discusses his journey back to the major leagues. As for the rest of the show, we discuss Jose Urena's suspension and just how stupid it was to hit Ronald Acuna Jr. Do players want robot umps? Ben Zobrist does. The Cardinals and A's...


Episode 17: Former Blue Jay and Southern Maryland Blue Crabs pitcher Kyle Drabek

This weeks guest was once traded for Roy Halladay. Former 18th overall selection in the 2006 MLB Draft, Kyle Drabek joins us to discuss his attempt at a comeback. We talk growing up with a dad who won the Cy Young and Texas high school football. We touch on his time in Toronto and if he is trying to make it back to the show. The structure of the show is different this week. There is very little actual baseball discussion and a ton of off-field stories. We talk about Rick Ankiel's...


Episode 16: Vancouver Canadians Griffin Conine

On this episode Ryan and Cam talk to Toronto Blue Jays second round pick Griffin Conine. The Vancouver Canadians outfielder is the son of former major leaguer Jeff Conine and adds to the Jays long line of family ties in their minor league system. There is a ton of trade deadline talk. Like every other podcast we did winners, losers, underrated moves and surprises of the trade deadline. We also talk about Jake Diekman taking the bullpen cart over to his new team. We also discuss Sonny...


Episode 15: Dunedin Blue Jays Joshua Palacios

On this episode we catch up with Dunedin Blue Jays outfielder Joshua Palacios. We talk about his story and how he got cut from his high school varsity team. We cover the crziest and most interesting minor league uniforms he has seen this year and his experience with rehabbing major leaguers Marcus Stroman and Josh Donaldson during their time in Dunedin. With all the trades going on pre-deadline Ryan and Cam discuss which one will be the most important to the playoff race. Rob Manfred does...


Episode 14: Sportsnet's Joe Siddall

Our guest on this weeks episode is Blue Jays Central anchor and former major league catcher Joe Siddall. We discuss his journey to the major leagues and his transition from the field to a member of the media. Siddall shares some interesting stories about his days in both Montreal and Detroit. As for the rest of the show the guys discuss the impact the Manny Machado trade has on the National League race, Josh Hader's terrible tweets, and signing a taco. Keegan Whatshisface of...


Episode 13: Special Guest Jacob Robson

Toledo Mud Hens outfielder and Detroit Tigers Minor League Player of the Month Jacob Robson joins the podcast to talk about getting drafted by his childhood team and what life is like in the minor leagues. That is basically the highlight, as Ryan and Cam discuss other things that are a lot less cool than talking to Jacob Robson. The Hot or Not segment is where Ryan and Cam pick their mid-season awards and the cast discusses all-star game snubs. Hotline Swing is the only other segment, where...


Episode 12: Lets talk pooping your pants

Yep... That's right. Probably our weirdest show yet. We talk about the Steve Pearce trade, All-Star voting, Ohtani and of course pooping your pants. We introduce a new segment with Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees fans in mind. Remember to subscribe, rate, review, share on social media and tell your friends!


Episode 11: Trade talk and league reform

On this episode of the Second Deck Podcast Ryan breaks the news to Cam that their fantasy team sucks. Ryan and Cam discuss Bryce Harper and his case for the All-Star game and what they expect form him in the Home Run Derby. The Kelvin Herrera trade is brought up and the dynamic dou goes rapid fire predicting trades. There is a spirited discussion about playoff reform and why there are so many non-competitive teams near the end and a little flair is added to the intro and extro music.


Episode 10: Oakland A's Prospect Brett Siddall

Midland Rockhounds Canadian outfielder Brett Siddall joins us to talk about the draft process, minor league life and his time in the Oakland Athletics organization. Cam struggles with the making moves segment. Ryan claims both Joe Maddon and the San Francisco Giants are frauds, in separate segments. A lot of minor league baseball talk. We start the show discussing what sport our first guest Keegan Matheson would be best at. Happy 10th episode anniversary.


Episode 9: The Dodgers and Blue Jays, All-Star Voting, Who Dat, and More!

In this week's episode Cam and Ryan talk about the the hot Dodgers and cold Blue Jays, have a brand new Who Dat segment, talk Javier Baez switching positions every batter, All-Star voting, and more! To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins


Episode 8: Baseball Toronto's Keegan Matheson

In the second episode of this week Cam and Ryan are joined by Keegan Matheson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Toronto to discuss everything Blue Jays, the MVP race, and even talk breakfast. The guys also talk about the hot starts from Justin Verlander and Jake Arrieta, if anyone can catch the Brewers in the NL Central and more. To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins


Episode 7: If the season ended today...

In this weeks episode of the pod we take a look at the historic AL MVP race between Mookie Betts and Mike Trout, talk about the AL West, NL West, go into Sergio Romo starting instead of closing, and more! To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins


Episode 6: Vlad Jr is crazy hot, who's for real in the AL Central and NL East, and more!

In this weeks episode of the pod we take a look at Vlad Gurrerro Jr. and his red-hot start to the AA season and give our opinions on when and if he should be called up, debate who will win the tight divisions in the NL East and AL Central, talk about Joey Votto's recent comments, and more! To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins


Episode 5: The Yankees hot stretch, Phillies playing 5 infielders, Who Dat, and More!

In this weeks episode of the pod we take a look at the Yankees hot stretch, talk Gabe Kapler and his managerial moves, check in on who's hot and who's not, and much more! To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins


Episode 4: Who's Real, Who's Not, Making Moves, and a Brand New Segment!

In this weeks episode of the pod we take a look at how the league is looking through the first month of the season, who's real and who isn't out of the hot and cold teams in the league including the Dodgers, Nationals, and D-Backs. We also have a brand new segment called Who Dat? and talk about another Houston managerial move. To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins


Episode 3: Looking at the league, Who's Hot Who's Not, and Bryan Price's Firing

In this weeks episode of the pod we take a look at how the league is looking through the first month of the season, including the Red-hot Sox and Blue Jays before looking at who's hot who's not, and the firing of Reds' manager Bryan Price. To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins Intro and outro music provided by W.S.R, @dorygrant on Instagram, or Soundcloud @ws_remix


Episode 2: Awards Show, Who's Hot Who's Not, and Makin' Moves !

In this weeks episode of the pod, we go into who has and hasn't been hot the first couple weeks of the season, give our takes on two managerial moves over the week, and offer our predictions for the major awards: Manager of the Year, Cy Young, ROY, and MVP. To contact either host, follow us on twitter @RealCamNewell @TheRyanBlevins Intro and outro music provided by W.S.R, @dorygrant on Instagram, or Soundcloud @ws_remix