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Podcastellanos Episode 78: June 10, 2018

On this week’s episode of the Podcastellanos, Jordan and Eric remember Candy’s walk off blast, discuss a couple downer series versus Boston and Cleveland, breakdown the struggles of Shane Greene, heap praise on Joe Jimenez, and get to the bottom of the Beer City Bung Hammers. If you want to play the Podcastellanos World Cup Challenge: Email your predictions for: Semi Finalists (4) Finalists (2) Winner (1) Top Scoring Player How many goals that player ends...


Podcastellanos Episode 77: June 4, 2018

Podcastellanos Episode 77: June 4, 2018 In a wide ranging return from a one week layoff, the guys talk about the Rally Goose and Castellanos and Shane Greene’s new podcast. Other topics include Tigers role players stepping up, reaction to the Casey Mize pick, Blaine Hardy’s dominance, weed, whether Jordan is a millennial, and who would win a fight between the SixOneNine Podcast and the Podcastellanos. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On...


Podcastellanos Episode 76: May 21, 2018

It’s a scorcher this week as Jordan and Eric break down Miggy’s comments about playing hurt, decide where they come down on JaCoby Jones, reveal what they would have worn to the royal wedding, and disclose why Eric is irritable and Jordan stays inside. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 75: May 14, 2018

On this week’s show, Eric and Jordan discuss how the Tigers have played well despite all the injuries, why James McCann isn’t quite as bad as the internet thinks, whether this is the right time to cut Victor Reyes loose, and break down Jordan’s pitch arsenal from the old college baseball days. There are some fire taeks from below the line, a discuss of sports doppelgangers, and talk of Jordan’s patented “tied for first place in the division” celebratory dance. On...


Podcastellanos Episode 74: May 6, 2018

In a show consisting of mostly nonsense, Jordan and Eric discuss Miggy going on the disabled list, Jordan Zimmermann (apparently) not sucking anymore, Jordan’s grandpa’s dislike for Victor, and the fellas answer a lot of listener questions. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 73, April 29, 2018

On this week’s episode of the Podcastellanos, Eric and Jordan discuss the Daniel Norris conundrum again, take a long hard look at what has gone wrong for Jordan Zimmermann, rejoice that Miggy and Iggy are swinging hot bats, and Eric guesses that Tiger on his first try. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 72: April 23, 2018

This week, Eric and Jordan discuss the streaky nature of the Tigers start to 2018, JaCoby Jones setting the world on fire (on 4/20,) Jordan gets heated about Drew VerHagen being designated for assignment, and they take a quick look at some fire taeks from below the line. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 71: April 16, 2018

On this week’s rain delayed episode of the Podcastellanos, the boys discuss the fallout from the miserable weather that has afflicted the Tigers, rough weeks for Candelario and Jordan Zimmermann, the demotion of Mikie Mahtook, and the Tigers new bullpen cart. They also answer your questions about disc golf, what commonly accepted good things they actually dislike, and how they get through weather delays. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On...


Podcastellanos Episode 70: April 9, 2018

In what Eric described as a dynamite episode, the guys discuss doubles Dixon Machado’s hot start, Mike Fiers’ amazing debut, the Tigers’ bullpen putting up zeroes, the Daniel Norris conundrum, and weigh in on the Rod vs Gibby debate. Eric also complains about not being able to remember passwords, Jordan craps all over Arby’s, and they play a name that Tiger trivia game. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 69: March 3, 2018

In this nice brand new episode, the guys discuss a wild opening day for the Tigers, get into a heated discussion about Drew VerHagen and Buck Farmer (really, I’m not making that up,) recap Jordan’s trip to Comerica Park on Monday, and go in depth on the shawarma nachos. Eric rants about rain outs, a Podcastellanos meetup is discussed, and there are many Twitter questions. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 68: March 26, 2018

Fire everywhere!! It’s the last show before the start to the 2018 regular season so that means it’s the hot takes Detroit Tigers season preview episode of the Podcastellanos! The boys breathe smoke about all the big guns like Miggy, Victor, Castellanos, and Fulmer, while also mentioning the likes of Niko Goodrum, Drew VerHagen, and Mario Impemba. There’s also an update on Big Steve’s lifestyle brand and what crap was left in Jordan’s yard when the snow melted. So much fire!!! On...


Podcastellanos Episode 67: March 19, 2018

The boys are back with reaction to Jordan M Zimmermann being named the Detroit Tigers starting pitcher, Gardenhire consulting with the mysterious “guys upstairs,” Ronnie Rodriguez’s rapping career, and the new extended netting at Comerica Park. They also bring Sister Jean hot takes and discuss the strength of Jordan’s twitter brand. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 66: March 12, 2018

We’re less than three weeks away from Opening Day and the fellas are starting to get properly excited about Tigers baseball! This week, they discuss Jordan’s encounter with Jim Leyland, Francisco Liriano pushing Daniel Norris from the rotation, JaCoby Jones’ hot spring, and begin to discuss the minutiae of who will win the final roster spots, certainly more of that to come later. You can join their ESPN Bracket group at...


Podcastellanos Episode 65: February 27, 2018

Spring training games have started and the boys are ecstatic! This week, they discuss Leonys Martin hitting leadoff, Miguel Cabrera and Nicholas Castellanos as a 3-4 punch, the signing of Francisco Liriano, and answer a bunch of Twitter questions. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 64: February 19, 2018

This week on the pod, the guys discuss some of the things that they will be paying attention to during the Tigers’ spring training season. Topics include the impact of the new coaching staff, the bullpen situation, what to expect from Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, and Mahtook’s ceiling. They also answer a bunch of Twitter questions and Eric complains about kids. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 63: February 12, 2018

The boys are back and ready for 2018! On the season premiere, Jordan and Eric discuss how the Tigers changed their jerseys, packed out TigerFest, are projected to have a better season than the Royals, and might require some patience. The fellas also discuss the winter olympics, tipping at restaurants, a big freaking snake, and we learn that Kevin Rand actually runs the podcast’s twitter account. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On...


Podcastellanos Episode 62: December 19, 2017

Ho ho ho! The boys are back with their annual holiday themed episodes. They discuss the trade of Ian Kinsler, the Tigers rule 5 pick Victor Reyes, the signings of Leonys Martin and Mike Fiers, and get very festive with a game of Buddy the Elf or the Grinch. Eric also dropped the most holly jolly power rankings of the year. All that, crap on the side of the road, twitter questions, and more on the Christmas episode of the Podcastellanos. On...


Podcastellanos Episode 61: October 9, 2017

The boys are back! In this season wrap up episode, they recap the trying month of September for the Detroit Tigers, discuss lessons learned down the stretch, fondly remember #9forromine, debate Brad Ausmus’ legacy, recap Jordan’s vacation to Texas, and answer a bunch of Twitter questions. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 60: September 5, 2017

On this week’s show, the guys break down the trade of Justin Verlander from all angles. They also discuss the trade of Justin Upton, Mikie Mahtook’s issues with outfield walls, and decide which team they will be rooting for in the playoffs this year. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4


Podcastellanos Episode 59: August 27, 2017

This week on the Podcastellanos, Jordan and Eric break down the Tigers brawl with the Yankees, discuss Ausmus’ comments regarding Matt Boyd’s recent struggles, tell what would be in their “favorite things” baskets, give takes on the MLB Players Weekend uniforms, and Eric gives us his dragon impression. On Twitter: @JordanHall23 @ComericaEric @Podcastellanos On Instagram: @jordinho4