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48: Kings assistant Jason March on Summer League and Garrett Temple

Deuce and Mo catch up with Kings assistant coach Jason March and discuss the work the players are putting in during the offseason (1:40), the challenges of preparing for summer league (2:40), why summer league was so important for the team (4:40), maintaining perspective during the league (6:40), what most impressed him about Harry Giles (8:50), why it's great that Harry plays with edge (10:30), how he sees some Shawn Marion in Marvin Bagley III (11:50), the biggest challenge for a young...


47: Gary Gerould talks Vegas Summer League with Deuce and Mo

Morgan and Deuce welcome in the Kings radio announcer Gary Gerould from Las Vegas where he discussed what has jumped out to him through 5 summer league games (2:00), what has stuck out about Harry's game (3:15), the leadership Giles showed in the 2nd half (4:40), Justin Jackson's performance and what has been different for him (7:50), if Justin has tweaked his jumper (10:05), his early impressions of Marvin Bagley III (11:25), why we all have to be careful not to overreact with summer...


46: Jason Ross recaps California Classic with Deuce and Mo

Morgan and Deuce welcome in Jason Ross to look back at the inaugural California Classic that drew 50,000 fans over 3 days (00:35), Deuce tries to get them to list 30 reasons why he's awesome because it's birthday (2:00), initial impressions of Marvin Bagley III and ustin Jackson's strong finish (3:15), Harry Giles' debut and what they liked about his game (12:58), what they want to see in Las Vegas (17:30) and Deuce tries to get them to name Summer League MVPs since 2012 (20:35), Jason...


45: Marvin Bagley III with Deuce and Mo

Deuce and Mo catch up with Kings No. 2 pick Marvin Bagley III. Bagley III talks about why he had a ball in his hand right when he arrived in Sacramento (00:25), how youth basketball shaped him (00:50), why he went right to the gym once he arrived (1:35), how he'd describe his game (2:10), his relationship with Harry Giles and De'Aaron Fox (3:20), what Coach K's high praise meant to him (4:30), what he remembers about meeting Coach K for the first time (5:22), why he's excited about the...


44: Draft Reaction: Kings Draft Marvin Bagley III

Deuce and Mo reflect back on the the Kings selection of Marvin Bagley III, what they like about Bagley (3:05), why Coach K said he was the most unique player he had in his 38 years coaching (5:55), some things that he'll work on going forward (8:20), the high praise from David Robinson (13:45) and they caught up with Jerry Reynolds to get his thoughts on the pick (19:40).


43: NBA Draft: The Final Countdown

Deuce and Mo continue their draft coverage with Sports Illustrated's NBA draft analyst Jeremy Woo. Jeremy explains the challenges of projecting this year's draft (1:25), if he anticipates a lot of movement and draft day (2:20), why he thinks Luka is the best fit for the Kings (3:20), how he feels Bagley fits into today's NBA (4:45), they discuss the Derrick Williams/Beasley comparisons (6:10), what position Bagley would play in the NBA (7:29), why Michael Porter Jr. was rising in his mock...


42: Draft Prospects 101

Deuce and Mo catch up's Bobby Gerould. Yes, he's G-Man's son. Bobby discusses the depth in the draft (00:58), why ranking Ayton No.1 wasn't easy (2:05), what he likes about Luka (3:50), how he feels about Michael Porter Jr. and the film fans should watch (9:35), his thoughts on Marvin Bagley III (12:20), why he loves Jaren Jackson Jr. (14:20), other players fans should pay attention to (16:20) and who he'd take at No. 2 (17:50).


41: Get To Know The Draft Prospects

Deuce and Mo continue their draft coverage with SacTownRoyalty's armchair NBA draft scout Bryant West. They discussed what you can take from Michael Porter's college career (2:30), what jumps out to him about Porter Jr. over the last few years (3:20), if he can be an elite scorer in the NBA (5:05) and if Porter Jr. can defend multiple positions (6:25). They discuss Marvin Bagley's rise in mock drafts and what he likes about him (7:45), if Ayton is a can't miss prospect (9:32), what...


38: Draft Prospect: Who is Luka Doncic?

Deuce and Mo dive into one of the most polarizing draft prospects, Luka Doncic. They caught up with SLAM's Sam Laird who spent time with Luka in Spain and talked about why he could be one of the best international prospects of all-time (1:20), what Luka's childhood was like (2:40), how he's obsessed with basketball (4:15), what type of personality he has on the floor (6:05), his biggest takeaway from the time he spent with Luka (7:45), how Luka is handling on the attention he's receiving...


37: Draft Prospect: Who is Wendell Carter Jr.?

Deuce and Mo catch up with Bleacher Reports lead NBA draft writer Jonathan Wasserman to talk about Wendell Carter and if he's a big who fits with today's NBA (1:42), if he can benefit from the pre-draft process (3:00) and why he doesn't think there's a huge difference in the top of the NBA draft (4:40).


36: Draft Prospect: Who is Miles Bridges?

Deuce and Mo continue their draft prospect profiles by taking a look at Michigan State's Miles Bridges. They caught up with former NBA player and current college basketball analyst Stephen Bardo who talked about what he likes about Bridges (1:50), if his shooting can translate to the NBA (2:25), if he's concerned about his length (3:15), what he likes about his teammate Jaren Jackson Jr. (5:55), what he thinks about the talent in the Top 10 (6:45) and who he likes with the No. 1 pick (7:14).


35: Who is DeAndre Ayton?

Deuce and Mo kick off their draft prospect profiles looking at Arizona big man DeAndre Ayton. They chatted with former NBA player and current Pac-12 Network analyst Casey Jacobsen (2:00), he reflects back to playing against the old Kings teams (4:30), why he believes guys like Ayton don't come around often and how he seems Hakeem in his game (6:05), if Ayton is healthy, he's a can't miss prospect (8:45), if he can have an impact on day one in the NBA (11:10), why he'd take him No. 1 and...


34: ESPNs Jay Bilas on draft prospects

Deuce and Mo welcome in long-time ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas to discuss the talent level in the 2018 NBA draft. Deuce asked him about his hip-hop artist mock draft (1:35). Jay explains why he thinks Ayton is the clear cut No. 1 pick (2:00), what makes Ayton a unique talent (2:40), what he thinks of the Duke prospects (3:40), if taking Michael Porter would be a gamble (4:45), what he likes about Mo Bamba (5:40), why he doesn't like the Jimmer Fredette-Trae Young comparisons...


33: Lottery Time, Prospects We Like and NBA Playoffs

Deuce and Mo return to look ahead to the NBA Draft lottery and why the the NBA draft combine is valuable for teams (2:15), way too early talk about draft prospects they're intrigued with for the Kings (9:00), CP3s big night against Utah and why Deuce is kind of happy for him (17:00), why Utah fans should feel OK with the result (20:00), who has the edge in the Western Conference Finals (22:40), if the "turning on the switch" is a real thing (29:50), where the Raptors go from here (31:40),...


32: Jason Ross joins Deuce and Mo

Deuce and Mo reunite with their old co-host Jason Ross and talked about the significance of May 2, 2001 in Kings history (1:10), Deuce compares his game to Jack Cooley (6:10), they look ahead to the draft lottery (6:40), what they want to see from Fox in year two (12:42), Harry Giles taking the floor this summer (16:40), the biggest area of need for the team (19:45), they discuss the NBA playoffs (25:42), how the Celtics have turned into the Spurs (31:00), Kawhi's future in San Antonio...


31: Jerry Reynolds with Deuce and Mo

Deuce and Morgan catch up with the great Jerry Reynolds to discuss the night he was honored (00:45), the random music he listens to on his walks (3:34), his favorite moments with the team (4:30), if the Jerryisms will continue (6:05), random love for Beno (7:19), when he knew the late 90s-early 2000s Kings team was going to special (8:40), the potential he sees in De'Aaron Fox (10:28), what he has seen in Harry Giles (12:20), how he has seen star potential in Buddy (14:47), if the Pelicans...


30: Doug Christie joins Deuce and Mo

Kings legend Doug Christie joins Deuce and Mo talks about keeping up with other sports (1:10), Deuce takes a shot at Doug (2:25), what it was like to see Jerry Reynolds honored and why he's excited to be the full-time analyst for the team (3:45), what each of the young guys needs to work on over the offseason (8:15), why he believes Bogi will be even better next year (13:50), what he sees in Buddy Hield (15:10), they look at the NBA playoffs and why the Pelicans have shown (22:00), why...


29: Rookie Roundtable with Deuce and Mo

De'Aaron Fox, Frank Mason, Justin Jackson, Harry Giles and Bogdan Bogdanovic hang out with Deuce and Mo to reflect back on their rookie years, their "welcome to the NBA" moments, the lessons they learned from the vets, the funniest rookies on the team, what they would do if they weren't playing basketball, why they're so confident about the team's future and they answered fan questions.


28: Final Games, NBA Awards, Mailbag and 2K League

Deuce and Mo return and for some reason Deuce brings up the return of Jersey Shore (00:20), they look at the end of the King season and why they've been so impressed with Buddy Hield's game (2:20), why Bogi has been so important in helping others improve (7:10), Frank adjusting to size in the NBA (10:25), how the Kings should approach the last few games of the year (14:00), Deuce talks about how players should utilize time in the offseason (15:40), they talk about the significance of Kyrie...