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S1E27 - Offseason Special

In this offseason special, the crew recaps all the latest moves, signings & trades, including LeBron's Decision 3.0, Lakers' complete overhaul and Boogie joining the Champs. Other discussions include: • How good can this Lakers team be? • Which Boogie are we going to see on the Warriors? • Rockets' roller coaster offseason & latest on Clint Capela • What's next for OKC and Melo? • Will Kawhi start the season in a Spurs uniform? • Did DeAndre Jordan join the Mavs too late? • Does Devin...


S1E26 - Swaggy Champs!

In the last episode of the season, the fellas recap all the exciting action from the NBA Finals, including KD's Finals MVP performance, Cavs' Game 1 meltdown and LeBron's hand injury. We also discuss the Warriors Dynasty and what's next for the King. We want to give a BIG thank you to everyone for rockin' with us this season and showing your support. We'll see you again in the fall! Other discussions include: • Is KD the best offensive player in the game? • Should Steph Curry have won the...


S1E25 - 4th Time's the Charm

This week, the crew recaps all the exciting action from the conference finals, including LeBron's Game 7 heroics over Celtics and the Rockets coming up short against Warriors. We also dig into the GOAT debate between LeBron and MJ. Ben comes through with an intriguing segment of "Fact or Fiction". Lastly, we preview the upcoming NBA Finals, including key analyses and predictions. Other discussions include: • Where does this finals milestone rank among LeBron's greatest achievements? • Did...


S1E24 - King of the North

This week, the fellas recap all the exciting action from round two, including the King's continued dominance over Raptors (#LeBronto) and the resilient Celtics upsetting Sixers. Following yet another disappointing Cavs sweep, we dissect the root cause of the Raptors' playoff woes and explore where they go from here. We also preview the upcoming conference finals, including predictions for the highly-anticipated HOU-GSW matchup. Other discussions include: • The evolution of LeBron and his...


S1E23 - On to the Next One

This week, the crew recaps all the exciting action from round one, including biggest upsets and surprises. For the disappointing teams, we explore where they go from here. The fellas also preview all 4 second-round series, including key matchups, x-factors and overall predictions. Other discussions include: • Are the Pelicans better with or without Boogie Cousins? • What the @#$&! happened to Dame and CJ?! And where do the Blazers go from here? • Did OKC choke or did the Jazz just play...


S1E22 - Playoffs Baby!

In this special Playoff Edition episode, the fellas breakdown all 8 first-round series, including key matchups, x-factors and overall predictions. We also discuss Andre Ingram's remarkable story of perseverance & dedication. Lastly, we tackle some tough Q&As from our listeners. Other discussions include: • The Nuggets' valiant playoff push - where do they go from here? • Will DeRozan and Lowry step up for the Raptors? • Who will be the Celtics' closer? • Will the Sixers' talent beat the...


S1E20 - You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

This week, the fellas discuss the Blazers' recipe for success, Nuggets' dwindling playoff chances, Harden's MVP lock, Warriors' depleted team, and the latest drama from Kawhi and the Spurs. We also break down the Cavs' statement win over the Raptors, behind a historic performance from the King. After Dwight Howard's massive 30/30 night, the guys debate whether he's truly a lock for the Hall of Fame. Lastly, back by popular demand, Jimmy brings out a TBT-edition of Sign, Waive, Trade. Other...


S1E17 - #WeWillNotShutUpAndDribble

This week, the crew recaps all the highlights and lowlights from the NBA All-Star Weekend, and analyzes the idea of a revised top-16 playoffs format. The guys also deep-dive into troubling off-the-court issues surrounding Laura Ingraham's attack on LeBron and KD, and the Mavs' shocking sexual harassment scandal. For an event recap of the Mavs' Scandal, check out Rachel Nichols' monologue via The Jump:...


S1E16 - A New Landscape in Cleveland

On this special NBA trade deadline episode, the fellas discuss their shocking reactions to the Cavs' overhaul, including the emotional departure of I.T. and D-Wade's Miami homecoming. We also dissect the new look Lakers and what this means for their future. With the flurry of deadline trades, we reevaluate the current playoff picture to see which teams will climb and fall. Other discussions include: • The failed I.T. experiment in Cleveland • Are the new Cavs good enough to beat Celtics or...


S1E15 - Trades, Injuries & All-Star Saturday Predictions

This week, the crew weighs in on Jabari Parker's return, Dirk Nowitzki's possible retirement, The Beard's historic 60/11/10 night, and a slew of season-ending injuries. We hit the trade alarms for Blake Griffin's shocking departure to the Pistons and Nikola Mirotic's move to the Pelicans. We also discuss who we're feeling in this year's Dunk Contest, 3-Point Contest and Skills Challenge. Other discussions include: • Future of Greek Freak & the young Bucks • Harden's strong case for MVP •...


S1E14 - Team LeBron or Team Stephen?

This week, the fellas discuss the surging Thunder, Pistons' free fall, Bucks firing Jason Kidd, LeBron's 30K milestone, and Boogie's tragic injury. In anticipation of the NBA All-Star Weekend, we also deep-dive into Team LeBron vs Team Stephen, including draft orders, storylines, snubs, coaches and jersey designs. We also give our game and MVP predictions for the Rising Stars' Team World vs Team USA. Other discussions include: • Westbrook's leadership among OK3 • The impact of team...


S1E12 - Early Preview of All-Star Weekend

This week, the guys discuss the latest saga involving LaVar Ball (aka Kardashian of the NBA) and the Lakers, the surging Timberwolves and Thib's coaching style, Cavs' atrocious defense, Steph Curry's role on the Warriors, and Gerald Green's Houston homecoming. Ben introduces a brand new BBB battle round to give a potential preview for this year's NBA All-Star festivities, including the dunk contest, 3-pt shootout, skills challenge and All-Star Game. Other discussions include: • Celtics...


S1E11 - New Year, New Rules

The crew rings in the new year by deep-diving into the Raptors' winning formula, DeRozan's historic performance, I.T.'s anticipated return, Coach Popovich's milestone and Harden's injury. We also discuss the recent string of controversial officiating and how this impacts players, fans and the overall league. Lastly, the fellas look into the crystal ball and dish out their New Year's resolutions for individual players and teams. Other discussions include: • DeRozan's ranking among today's...


S1E9 - Westbrook or Westbroke?

This week, the crew discusses the scorchin’ Rockets’, CP3’s phenomenal playmaking impact, Okafor’s trade to the Nets (Jah is free!), and the rising Victor Oladipo show in Indy. We also debate Westbrook’s leadership ability and his role in OKC’s continued struggles. Sean comes through with a hilarious ‘Would You Rather’ segment on life as a NBA player. Other discussions include: • James Harden’s MVP push • Playoff predictions for Rockets vs Warriors • Possible trade destinations for Marc...


S1E8 - "First Team All-Defense!" ☝🏾

This week, the fellas analyze the Cavs' and LeBron's recent dominance, Steph's latest 2K 3-pt milestone, Hack-a-Simmons, and the return of the dreaded injury bug. The crew also examines today's best defenders, from perimeter to rim protection, supported by stats and ratings. Ben brings a special 'Fact or Fiction' segment, recapping all the action from the 1st Q of the season. Lastly, the guys have a surprise in store for Franky. Other discussions include: • The 'Steph Curry' effect on...


S1E7 - A Withering Rose

This week, the guys discuss the Cavs' hot streak, David Fizdale's firing, Blake Griffin's injury and the Clippers' future, and the evolving rivalry between KD and Westbrook. We also break down Derrick Rose's future in the NBA and how the pressures of money, performance, injuries and media impact today's professional athletes. In our #MoBucketsPodcast questions segment, we debate whether Steph Curry would be in the GOAT conversation if KD never joined the Warriors. Other discussions...


S1E6 - When It's All Said and Done

This week, the crew analyzes the Celtics' formula for success, Embiid's unique skillset and dominance, CP3's return, and KD's mysterious personality. Sean comes through with a challenging edition of 'Fact or Fiction', covering a variety of topics, including whether the '95-'96 Bulls could beat today's Warriors, Raptors retiring Vince Carter's jersey, the one-and-done rule, and LeBron's legacy. Other discussions include: • Jaylen Brown's heroic performance • The growing legacy of Mask Kyrie...


S1E5 - New Kids on the Block

The fellas break down a wild week in the NBA, which saw the Rockets soar behind The Beard's recent MVP play (he dropped how much?!), OKC continue its 4th quarter struggles, and Bledsoe head to Milwaukee in the first major trade of the season. We also assess how key rookies have performed thus far, including players who are overachieving, meeting expectations and underperforming. Other discussions include: • Controversial offensive flagrant fouls • LiAngelo Ball's shoplifting incident • The...


S1E4 - Dame Time

This week, we look at the rise of the young Celtics and fall of the mighty Cavs. We also set our watches to Dame Time and have a heated debate on the top 5 clutch players in today's game. Jimmy comes through with a challenging 'sign, trade, waive' segment for all 5 positions. Other discussions include: • Philly resurgence and Ben Simmons ROY • OKC's continuing success behind Westbrook's leadership • Jahlil Okafor's frustrations with the Sixers • Is LeBron a top 5 clutch player in the NBA?...


S1E3 - A Sticky-Icky Situation

Join the fellas this week as they dissect Phoenix Suns' self-implosion, Eric Bledsoe's potential trade destinations, and OKC's formula for success. They also deep-dive into the sticky subject of marijuana, including pros and cons of removing it from the NBA's banned substance list. Other discussions include: ● Orlando Magic's sizzling start ● LeBron's new shooting form and transition to PG ● Draymond Green and Bradley Beal FIGHT!!! (sort of) ● Brooklyn Nets' sale ● A special Halloween...