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DAL targeting Boogie, Pels draft Tony Carr, and Summer League News!

@KevinbforBounce and @DMGrubb join the pod to discuss the New Orleans Pelicans' second round draft pick, Tony Carr, as well as what Dallas' selection of Luka Doncic means for the future of Demarcus Cousins? Sporting News and Michael Scotto of the Athletic report that Dallas is confident they will sign him this summer. Then we talk about the Pelicans' Summer League additions. Then we take questions! Thanks for listening. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites...


Lebron James and the Pelicans' Upcoming Free Agency

Lebron James is still the focal point of conversation in New Orleans, as the Pelicans get set to make their decision on Demarcus Cousins. We discuss how the Pelicans can improve in each of the three avenues: 1) Sign Boogie 2) Trade Boogie 3) Live without Boogie Then we saw some fun with Walph Malbrough's questions. Yes, talking is hard, and so is pronouncing friends' names. Join @OlehKosel, @KevinBarrios and @PrestonEllis as we talk all things Pels! Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us...


Mailbag, Sign and Trades, and Boogie's Loyalty with Grubb, Oleh, Kev and Scoop B

In this special THREE part podcast we answer mailbag questions with Oleh Kosel and David Grubb, before spending time with Kevin Barrios on his new article on, concluding with Brandon Robinson of Scoop B Radio who tells us why Demarcus Cousins' will be back in New Orleans next year. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


Boogie Talk! AD Awards and Offseason Predictions with Oleh + Grubb

Anthony Davis has been voted top three in both Kia MVP and DPOY voting! AD is the 14th such player to do it since the 1982/83 season, finishing what could arguably be viewed as the best single season performance in Pelicans/Hornets history. And yet, this news is overshadowed by the elephant in the room. Demarcus Cousins' impending free agency, as well as the rehabilitation of his Achilles tear. We talk this, offseason predictions, the future of the big man, and more! Subscribe and rate us...


What about the Boogie? Season Ending Presser with Oleh + Kevin + Grubb

Roundtable palooza! Join Oleh, David, Kevin and I as we record the season's final episode recapping the New Orleans Pelicans performance against the Warriors, as well as the Pelicans' season ending press conference, and predict what is to come! What is the future of Boogie? How will the Pelicans manage their salary cap? Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


Oleh Recaps Game 4 on the Alan Michael Show, 103.7 FM

Oleh Kosel joins Alan Michael to recap the Pelicans' painful loss in GAme four. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes: Stitcher: Tune In:...


Kevin recaps Game 4 on SB Nation's "Sports Bosses"

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NOP v GSW Game 4 Preview: with Oleh and Aliko Carter of Locked on Dubs

The Pelicans are back in this series after a stunning 119-100 victory, but it means nothing it they can't carrythe success over to game four on Sunday afternoon. To get you prepped for the big game, Oleh and Aliko Carter break down all the popular storylines. Let's geaux Pels! Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes: Stitcher:...


Pelicans Crush Warriors in Game 3, and we have a SERIES! With Kevin Barrios

With five minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Steve Kerr threw up the white flag and inserted his second unit, officially declaring the New Orleans Pelicans winners of Game three, 119-100. The Pelicans were led by all four of the usual suspects in addition to getting standout performances from E'Twaun Moore and Ian Clark. Now, all eyes will be back on the Pelicans on Sunday at 3:30 eastern as they seek to tie the series and keep this improbable run alive! Subscribe and rate us today!...


Weighing the Pelicans' Chances with Will Guillory + Oleh Kosel

The Pelicans return to the Smoothie King Center for game three, but what are their chances in reversing the series? Will Guillory of joins Preston and Oleh to discuss what it will take for New Orleans to turn the tide of the series before heading back to Golden State for game five (hopefully). Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


GSW escapes, Curryntly lead series 2-0, with David Grubb + Andy Liu

13 lead changes, and 11 ties, but it wasn't enough as the Pelicans fell short yet again in the Oracle, 121-116. The Pelicans starters gave it everything they had averaging more than 40.5 minutes a piece, but the return of Steph Curry and his 28 points gave the Dubs exactly what they needed to survive Nola's finest punch. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


How's that for Data!? Cranjis McB breaks down Game one + Oleh

Tim Cranjis of Nylon Calculus and Forum Blue and Gold joins us to break down the analytics of why the Warriors are such a dreadful matchup for the Pelicans. Join Oleh Kosel and I as we uncover just how poor the Pelicans' offscreen defense has been, and why they fell apart offensively in the second quarter. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


Down, but not out! Game Two Adjustments With Oleh + Grubb

From a 23-2 free throw disparity to a 19 rebound advantage, nothing seemed to go the Pelicans way on Saturday night. After a thrilling 35-34 opening period, everything went GSW's way in the second culminating in a 25-2 run, and 37-9 demolishing of the Pelicans' hearts. The Pelicans can simply throw out the game tape from this one and start anew, this time against two time MVP Steph Curry. What can the Pelicans do to stay competitive and steal a game in Oakland? Subscribe and rate us today!...


NOP v GSW Preview on NBA Outlet with Preston Ellis, Nick Fay, Kory Waldron

Preston Ellis guests into OTG's "NBA Outlet," Hosted by Nick Fay and Kory Waldron. The Pelicans head into Round Two the underdog, once more. And once again, the Pelicans are the hotter team poised to wreak havoc, only this time, they face the defending champs. But Golden State hasn't had that type of season. However, armed with the greatest talent in the NBA, they are unbeatable at full strength. And for now, that's the Pelicans advantage. Injuries and fatigue, both mental and physical....


Pelicans Hold the National Spotlight as they await GSW: With Daniel Sallerson

Demarcus Cousins made headlines again with articles written by ESPN's Zach Lowe, and The Ringer's Kevin O'Conner, but just how important is the next ten weeks of rehab to his future in New Orleans? Then we talk Golden State and everything you need to look for in their Game Five clincher tonight against the San Antonio Spurs. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


The Eye of Sauron turns to Golden State! With Oleh + David G. + David M.

We wrap up the Pelicans stunning four game sweep of the Portland Trailblazers with's Editor, David Mackay, before discussing what it will take for the Pelicans to scare the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors in a game that could occur as soon as this Saturday should the Dubs defeat SAS tomorrow night. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


Sweeping the Nation! The Pelicans Move On! With Luis Corzo + Co

The Pelicans Move on! 129-123 and it took an otherworldy effort from Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday, who combined for 88 points! They needed every bit of it as CJ McCollum and Al Farouq Aminu combined for 75 of their own on the night. It was chippy, it was electric, and the Pelicans get to start their weekend early, and prepare for Golden State! Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


What Happened with Steve D of Blazers Edge + Kevin's Recap on SB Nation Radio

Join myself and Steve Dewald of Blazer's Edge as we unpack what went wrong for the Blazers in game three. Then Kevin Barrios visits Host Matt Perrault of SB Nation Radio's "The Sports Bosses," to talk Pelicans! Subscribe on Itunes today, and give us a rating won't you? Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes: Stitcher:...


3-0! Pelicans Give SKC one of the Greatest Shows in NOP history!

What to even say! Pelicans capitalize off of 24 Portland Turnovers and give the SKC Center a Show! Mannie Fresh and Juvenile led the vicotry parade at halftime in a game that was never truly in doubt. Hereos involve the big four yet again, in Niko with 30, AD, Jrue and Rondo. Let's close out this Saturday! Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes:...


Jrue Holiday, Ladies and Gentlemen, With Oleh + Kevin + Fish

The Pelicans defeatd Portland in Game Two and I honestly, am at at loss for words. Fish + Oleh + Kevin join us to talk Jrue, halftime adjustments, Mirotic (and his ankle), Rondo, the bench, and so much more. Subscribe and rate us today! Follow us @TheBirdWrites Itunes: Stitcher:...