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The Truth Ep. 13: Playoffs Q&A with Ian Levy

Ian Levy of, Hickory High, and Hardwood Paroxysm joins the show to discuss his recent articles about the music behind the NBA’s biggest stars and to answer listener questions about the Playoffs so far.


The Truth Ep. 12: Chasing Down Cleveland w/ Justin Rowan

Justin Rowan of The Chase Down Cleveland Cavalier show joins the show to discuss Boston’s greatest fear since the redcoats: the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. Can Boston possibly dethrone the king, or will it be back to the drawing board? Plus – Russel Westbrook: why not?


The Truth Ep. 11: Isaiah Thomas breakdown with Mo Dakhil

Mo Dakhil (@thejumpballnet) joins The Truth to discuss the Celtics, the NBA, and Isaiah Thomas’ future in Boston.


The Truth Ep. 10: Jabari Davis thinks Lonzo Ball is better than Kobe

Jabari doesn’t really think that – you’ll need to listen to hear what The Truth’s special guest Jabari Davis has to say about the Los Angeles Lakers and the potential to draft Lonzo Ball next year. James Holas and Jabari of Basketball Insiders discuss the Celtics win against the Suns, and Devin Booker’s 70 point outbreak – plus a twitter mail bag and much more on the Boston Celtics.


The Truth Ep. 9: Around The NBA with Free Darko

I’m lucky to be joined by NBA blogging pioneer Nathaniel Friedman to talk NBA: -What’s Danny Ainge’s deal? -the power of the superstar: how Russell Westbrook impacts Oklahoma. Can Presti keep him happy? -Reinforcements: Boogie Joins Brow: what’s to become of the Pelicans? Can their gargantuan frontline be the zig to upend the pace & space zag? Don’t miss it!


The Truth: a Celtics Podcast Ep. 8: Mid-Season Report Card w/ John Karalis

John Karalis, one of the founders of Red’s Army and co-host of The Raining Js Celtics Podcast, joins the show to discuss which of the top contending teams in the East hav performed up to expectation, and which have failed to make the grade. After, they make predictions for the post All-Star Break Boston Celtics.


The Truth Ep. 6: Seven Leafed Clover: Streakin’ In The Quad w/ Oliver Maroney

James Holas, at @jholashoops, invites Oliver Maroney, NBA analyst and host of the K/O Show on Rip City Radio, to discuss the state of the Boston Celtics – are they legit? Can they steal the 2nd seed from a struggling Raptors squad? Can they make the Eastern Conference Finals, or will they be bounced by a better team? All that, and more, on The Truth.


The Truth Feb. 6th: Hear the Deer and Paul Pierce’s Farewell to Boston

On today’s episode, Chris Axmann, James Holas, and Daniel Green introduce the newest member of ABPN – @Rachael Hoops, analyst for Milwaukee and Bucks A Team host! We discuss their recent trade, the return of Khris Middleton from injury, and how their lineups will change. Next, we discuss the retirement of Paul Pierce and the impact of the Big 3 era on the NBA – and how the Boston Celtics might be able to build another Big 3. Subscribe to The Truth Celtics Podcast on iTunes Subscribe to DG...


Around the NBA Feb. 4th: Trade Talk

In the first ABPN round table discussion, Buzz Beat brings on James Holas from The Truth, Derek Perez from Dig In Nuggets, and Daniel Green of DG Courtroom. The discussion begins with the Hornets trade for Miles Plumlee. Spencer and Richie give their views and how this affects Charlotte’s plans moving forward while the others weigh in on its relevance. The conversation shifts to Derek as the rumors around Denver are swirling — will Barton or Nurkic leave and does Wilson Chandler want out?...


The Truth – Ep. 4 – Snub Nose Special with CLNS Radio’s Nick Gelso

I almost screw up “CLNS”, but Nick Gelso (that’s @CLNS_Nick on Twitter) calls me “Snottie” so we’re even. We review the suck of the Celtics’ 1-3 week. Nick gives his thoughts on Boston’s pathetic rebounding, we talk about Isaiah Thomas’ All-Star snub, discuss Al Horford’s All-Star bona-fides (wait until you hear how much credit nick gives Horford for Isaiah’s 2017 improvement), debate which guard will be the odd man out in the summer of 2018, bemoan the overreliance on the analytics side...


The Truth Ep. 3: Knicks-Celtics preview with ESPN’s Robin Lundberg

ESPN Radio’s Robin Lundberg talks New York Knicks’ futility as we preview the upcoming Knicks-Celtics showdown.


The Truth Ep. 2 – (Leprechaun)trol The Pace w/ Danny Leroux

On Episode 2, I’m joined by’s (and the Dunc’d On pod’s, the Locked On Warriors pod’s, and The Athletic’s) Danny Leroux (that’s @DannyLeroux on Twitter) to chop it up about the Celtics, coming off of a 2-1 week. -Boston is 12-3 over the last month, second only to Golden State’s 12-2. On a scale of 1-10, how “legit” is Boston? -Isaiah Thomas: is he deserving of an All-Star start, and how real is an MVP push for him? – Jae Crowder: toughest guy in the NBA? Thoughts on Wall...


The Truth Ep. 001 - (Sham)Rock The Casbah

Basketball Insider’s Oliver Maroney (that’s @OMaroneyNBA on Twitter) swings by and we wax philosophical on what Boston (and Toronto) need to do for this season and moving forward. -Is Hawks big man Paul Millsap a better fit in Toronto or Boston? -how much should the Celtics give up for a player like Jimmy Butler? -Is Isaiah Thomas worth $25+ million? -I share my resignation about the fact that Boston returning to championship glory may be further in the future than I wanted to admit. -we...