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Bruh Listen Podcast number 39 - Different Plight, same Fight?

"All Power to the People!" This episode we talk about Kevin Hart and his old tweets! Get into why the gay and black community can't see eye to eye. Also we talk about a major injustice that happen to a black woman and how justice is not blind!!! #BruhListen


Bruh Listen Pocast number 38 - "Friends?"

"All Power to the People!" 38 must be great... right? This episode is about having whote friends and being woke AF? We get into if it's cool or not, how they act and more! We also talk about President Bush passing and how we should feel about it! As alway it so much more we said as well! #BruhListen


Bruh Listen Podcast number 37 - How to get your come up!

"All Power to the People"! Bruh Listen is 37 deep my people! This is a show about starting your own and getting paid... kinda!? We talk about a ton of stuff in this one. Happy to be back at it and doing podcast. We hope you guys had a good holiday! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 36 - Blackfishing!

"All Power to the People!" 36 is here bruh nation! After episode 35 we needed a break from the political side of things. So this show we decided to talk about Blackfishing and the STD being to damn high! Both topics are crazy in their own way but blackfishing... Bruh? Anyway check it out and enjoy! #BruhListen


Bruh Listen Podcast number 35 - VOTE or DIE!

"All Power to the People!" Episode number 35 we want to get to the bottom of this... why are you guys not voting? The elections was just this pass week and although overall the Dems took the house black voter turnout was low here in Florida. Why is that, why are we not voting? Brea brings in a guest that didn't vote and we go from there... #BruhListen!


Bruh Listen Podcast number 34 - The Don Lemon effect!

"All Power to the People!" Episode number 34 was really fun because we back on this drink! LOL We talk about Don Lemon's comment that "white men are the biggest terror threat in Amrecia!" Him saying that has triggered white me eveywhere... we ask why? We also get into Trump saying he will tell the Army to treat thrown rocks as guns!? You heard that right, thats what he said are you shook at all any more? Well we talk about it!!! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 33 - "Fake News!"

"All Power to the People!" We're back at it again for episode 33! This show we get into why you get sick in space (fake news) we really talk about just that, "fake news"! Going head first into the issuse and what effects that it is having on people! This one is crazy because Tank is all in on "fake news" unlike everyone else. Funny things happen on this one guys keep listening! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 32 - Black Identity What?

"All Power to the People"! Shaq rock number 32 for years... now we here! On this episode of Bruh Listen we talk about Black Identity Extrmist and the FBI says that they are terrorist. RakemBalogun runs a Facebook page that has 483 followers and we're not impressed with the FBI saying they're a threat to the goverment! We also talk about so much more! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 31 - #HIMTOO

"All Power to the People!" Here we ho with episode 31! Getting into the #himtoo movement and how dumb it it. Also we talk about polygamy and much more! Thanks for listneing to the podcast guys, we cant say it enough! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 30 - Columbus blew up Mt. Rushmore!

"All Power to the People!" For the dirty 30 we're talking about the lie that is Columbus day! Why is it that white people tend to change history? We also get into the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. Things also get really funny when we tackle the N.S.A and us blowing up things! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 29 - Slip me a Cosby!

"All Power to the People!" Bruh nation we are sick of hearing about Pill Cosby... so we start the show talking about should kids be arrested for fighting in schools!? Don't worry though we get in to slick uncle Bill too! We ask why is it so much back lash for him getting foung guilty? Many other things where talked about... we have no idea what is wrong with Tank at this point! #BruhListen


Bruh Listen Podcast number 28 - Slutwalk!

"All Power to the People" Back at it for number 28 and it's going down! We jump right in talking about over regulations on black hair derssers in Tenn. Then we get into the Slutwalk and what does it mean? Is there a goal for it that makes it worth it? Plus so much more! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 27 - Way all the white women at!?

"All Power to the People!" We actung up!!! Naw just kidding but we are talking about how white women help with their own oppression! We also get into the case of the officer who went into the wrong house and shot the black man who lived there! As usual we talk about so much more!!! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 26 - Just Do it Kaepernick!

"All Power to the People!" Bruh Listen putting it in your ear once again! Talking about this NIKE ad with Kaepernick and the white outrage from it! We also ask the question is Kaepernick equal to Ali? It's one of those things that people are not on the same page with. We also talk about ex Cosby show actor Jeff Owens and him working at Trader Joes with a Yale degree! Also some funny stuff from the guys! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 25 - Don't Monkey this up!

"All Power to the People!" Bruh Listen Podcast number 25 is lit! We're trying not to monkey this up but... We talk about newly elected Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida Andrew Gillum! Bruh Nation we get into his opponent saying "don't monkey this up" and his up hill road to the office! We also talk about the two young ladies who are facing 45 years in jail for giving their kids weed on Facebook! Plus Tank and HB get into another Obama debate! #BruhListen


Bruh Listen Podcast number 24 - Trafficking Carrie!

"All Power to the People"! Bruh Nation we are jumping into it deep this episode. We talk about sex trafficking and follow up to the interview on "Bruh Listen 2 "My Story"! Covering things like the over prosecution of the sex workers, should we legalize sex work and more. At the end we for some reason get into marriage and other things!? Make sure you check out the first episode of Bruh Listen 2 "My Story"! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen 2 "My Story" - Episode 1 - Carrie's Story

"All Power to the People"! Bruh Nation we are coming to you for the first time with something new... Bruh Listen 2 "My Story"! This first episode we have a very special guest... Carrie! As we listen to her story you'll hear her tell us about the father of her child who was a pedophile, her being taken into sex trafficking and her child being taken away as a result! Bruh Nation his is deep! Thanks to Carrie for sharing your story! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 23 - Free thinking, speak your mind!

"All Power to the People!" Bruh nation we are all the way into it with this one. We flex a lil brain power with a ton of topics. Talking about humanity, Omarosa and a United Africa! The guys really enjoyed this episode because it is the most pdcast like episode to date! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 22 - Peace up, Chi-town down!

"All Power to the People"! Bruh Nation we go for "22"! This episode we get into the madness in Chicago! We go around and around trying to come up with a way to stop the killing! We also get into Alex Jones and being censored for your wild views on the internet. You gotta listen until the end it get really funny and interesting! #bruhlisten


Bruh Listen Podcast number 21 - Practice what you preach!

"All Power to the People"! Bruh Nation 21 savage don't got nothing on us! We talking about how the world is changing and things you can and can't do anymore. Talking about things like domestic violence, tweets coming back to hunt you and can white people say nigga? We also found out that Brea is a MMA fighter, we love South Africa and Tank don't listen to the show!!! #Bruhlisten