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CKNM Little G Weevil, CKNM Dave Keller, Randy McAlister, CKNM Jim Allchin

LITTLE G WEEVIL – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC G returns for his 4th visit to The Couch with his new release, Back In Alabama, which dropped the day before the show! We’ll talk about the new album and all G has been up to since his last, visit earlier this year! DAVE KELLER – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Dave returns for his 4th visit. This talented guitarist has released Every Soul’s A Star, his debut album on the Catfood Records label. What’s Dave been up to since his last visit in 2017 and what is next for...


CKN Johnny Riley, CKNM Niecie, Popa Chubby, CKNM In Layman Terms, Vanja Sky

JOHNNY RILEY – COUCH KID NEWS Johnny stops by to talk about his upcoming tour and maybe a few more tidbits. NIECIE – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Niecie makes her 4th visit to The Couch to talk about the new album, Trouble With A Capital T and all that is happening in her world. POPA CHUBBY We had hoped to speak with Papa Chubby back in 2017, but his tour plans got in the way. He comes in with the new album Prime Cuts and we can talk about his journey and where he is headed in 2019. IN LAYMAN TERMS -...


CKNM with Bob Margolin, Trudy Lynn & Fiona Boyes plus Kirk Fletcher

BOB MARGOLIN – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Bob returns to talk about his new self-titled album. The album contains 6 originals and 9 songs Bob hand selected from his mentors and friends. TRUDY LYNN – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Trudy was scheduled for a month ago when we could not connect. Tonight, we finally get to chat with her about the new music on Blues Keep Knockin’ and all that is going on in her world. FIONA BOYES – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Fiona will be calling in from Australia to talk about her new...


Maria Muldaur, CKNM with Delta Moon, Michele D'Amour & Cary Morin

MARIA MULDAUR Yes, that Maria! She has released a new album; Don’t You Feel My Leg ~ The Naughty Bawdy Blues of Blue Lu Barker. She will come and sit with me and talk about her long career and especially the new music. DELTA MOON – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC The guys come by for the band’s 5th appearance on The Couch. The new album is entitled Babylon Is Falling, and we’ll talk about the album music and more MICHELLE D’AMOUR & THE LOVE DEALERS - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Michelle comes by to talk about...


David Julia, & CKNM with Amanda Fish, Kenny Wayne & Lawrence Lebo

DAVID JULIA David has released Inspired, his new album produced by Mike Zito. Finally sit with David on a Monday after speaking at IBC. We’ll cover his journey and listen to the music. AMANDA FISH – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Amanda returns with Free, her new album. The album of all original music follows up Amanda’s 2105 Down In The Dirt. We’ll find out all that has been going on and what is upcoming. KENNY WAYNE – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC The ‘Blues Boss’ returns to talk about the music on the new...


Scott Sharrard, CKNM JW-Jones, CKNM Appleton/Ricci, CKNM Rachelle Coba

SCOTT SHARRARD Scott spent almost a decade as musical director to Gregg Allman and has now released his 5th solo album, Saving Grace. Scott and I will talk about his musical journey and the tunes on the new album. JW-JONES – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC JW first sat on The Couch back in December of 2012 when his album, Belmont Blvd was released. We’ll talk to JW about what has gone on in his world the last 4 years and discuss why a Live album, which contains 11 unreleased songs. JJ APPLETON & JASON...


ALL CKNM- Sean Chambers, Stacy Mitchhart, Geoff Achison, Anthony Gomes

SEAN CHAMBERS – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Sean makes his 4th visit to The Couch. The last being in 2017 when Trouble & Whiskey was released. He returns to talk about the music on the new album, Welcome To My Blues, which drops the Friday before the show. Always a fun time with Sean. STACY MITCHHART – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Was in Nashville last month and saw Stacy perform in one of the clubs. We got to speak and we realized that he had not returned when his self-titled album dropped in late 2016. So...


CKNM Frank Bey, Keith Stone, Jonathon Long, CKNM Gina Sicilia

FRANK BEY – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Rescheduled from 10/01/18 - This is Frank’s first time actually sitting on The Couch, but his music was featured when Anthony Paule came on for their album, Not Goin’ Away. Thrilled we can speak with Frank this time and we will do a full interview while listening to Back In Business. KEITH STONE The second release for Keith and his band Red Gravy. Out of New Orleans, the band adds the NOLA Funk & R&B to their original Blues sound. We’ll learn their history...


Couch Kid New Music Matty T Wall, Ray Bonneville, Jeremiah Johnson, Damon Fowler

ALL COUCH KID NEW MUSIC MATTY T WALL – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Matty returns to The Couch to talk about all he has been doing since his last visit and to share the music from Sidewinder, his new release. RAY BONNEVILLE – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC It has been 5 years since Ray was on The Couch, so we have a lot to catch up on while we listen to At King Electric, his new release. JEREMIAH JOHNSON – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Jeremiah has just released Straitjacket on Ruf Records. We’ll check out all that has...


Peggy Brown, E-Flat Porch Band, Shari Puorto, Billy Hector, Dustin Arbuckle

PEGGY BROWN – COUCH KID NEWS Peggy manages promotion and publicity for the Central Mississippi Blues Society…and is a huge part of the Blues Family. Peggy stops by to fill us in on all that is happening within the society. E-FLAT PORCH BAND I met Rudy & Duane at Tall City this past July and knew I had to bring them onto The Couch to let them tell their story. We’ll find out all about these two gents and hear music from their latest, which celebrates their 20 years of performing together....


State Of The Blues 2018 AND Roundtable #7 - The Future Of Music Delivery

STATE OF THE BLUES 2018 For the third year in a row, The Blues Foundation has honored Music On The Couch by joining me to talk about the state of our music and the Foundation. This year, Barbara Newman President & CEO and Jeff Syracuse, Board Chair will join me for a shortened version. We will spend about an hour talking about all that has happened in the last year and look ahead to 2019.J ROUNDTABLE #7 – THE FUTURE OF MUSIC DELIVERY During one of our phone chats, Jeff Jensen and I began...


CKNM Anthony Geraci, Taylor Made Blues Band, Whitney Shay, CKNM Regina Bonelli

ANTHONY GERACI – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Anthony’s new album, Why Did You Have To Go, just dropped on September 21st, and it is already sitting at #5 on The Roots Music Report Blues Album Chart. Meanwhile, Anthony’s summer has been a whirlwind of festivals from coast-to-coast both as himself and also backing others. We’ll talk to Anthony about all that is happening while we listen to the tuneage. MICK KOLASSA TAYLOR MADE BLUES BAND – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC The newest Mick Kolassa project is The...


The Proven Ones, CKNM Steve Howell, CKNM Bruce Katz, CKNM Dennis Jones

THE PROVEN ONES The newest of Blues Collaborations, The Proven Ones consist of vocalist Brian Templeton, guitarist Kid Ramos, Anthony Geraci on keys, Willie J. Campbell on bass, and Jimi Bott on drums. I will chat with both Jimi and Kid about how this all came to be as we listen to music from Wild Again. STEVE HOWELL – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Steve returns with the new album, Good As I Been To You. This album is with his band, The Mighty Men and features Katy Hobgood Roy. We’ll find out what...


Shirley Waring, Vanessa Collier, JP Soars, The Bennett Brothers, Big Harp George

SHIRLEY WARING – COUCH KID NEWS Shirley is President of The Vicksburg Blues Society and she comes by to talk about the society and also L.D.’s a new venue opening in Vicksburg… VANESSA COLLIER – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Vanessa has a new album, Honey Up, and a whirlwind touring schedule and we will talk about both and catch up with Vanessa. JP SOARS – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC JP returns to The Couch to talk about Southbound I-95, the new album. The thirteen originals and two unique covers contained on...


Malaya Blue, Mark Wenner, Brigitte Purdy, Spencer MacKenzie, Carolyn Fe

MALAYA BLUE – COUCH KID NEWS Malaya called in from England to talk about her new project she is co-writing with Multi-Grammy Winning writer & producer Dennis Walker. She is also running a fan-funding campaign and we talked about how you can help get this project made. MARK WENNER – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Segment Begins At The 13:00 Mark Well, it is not the Nighthawks, but Mark returns with his new album, Mark Wenner’s Blues Warriors. This is the first album from this project Mark began a few...


CKN Eliza Neals, CKNM Sugar Brown, Kat Riggins, Travis Bowlin, CKNM Steve Krase

ELIZA NEALS – COUCH KID NEWS Eliza comes by to talk about her new single, Love Dr. Love. We’ll also talk about what is going on in her world. SUGAR BROWN – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Sugar has a new album, It’s A Blues World and he and I will talk about the new music, his reaching the finals at the IBC in 2017 and where he is heading from here. KAT RIGGINS The “Baby Doll Of The Blues” has a new album entitled In The Boys Club. Her music encompasses Blues, Hip-Hop, Pop, Gospel, Rock ad Country....


CKN Lauren Mitchell, CKNM: Billy Price, Al Basile, Steve Hill

LAUREN MITCHELL – COUCH KID NEWS Lauren comes by to talk some details on her summer tour, coming to a town near you… CLARA BELLINO – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Clara is one of the original Couch Kids…comes by with a sampling of her new album BILLY PRICE – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Billy has a new album entitled Reckoning and he returns to The Couch to talk about the music and all that is happening in his world. AL BASILE – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Al has combined his talents as a song-writer and poet to...


CouchKidNews x2, Dany Franchi, CKNM Tom Hambridge, CKNM Bob Corritore

IN LAYMAN TERMS – COUCH KID NEWS Logan & Cole Layman come by to talk about their Fan-Funding Campaign for their next album. We’ll also find out what else is going on in their lives. TWEED FEATURING GERVIS MYLES – COUCH KID NEWS The band, Tweed Funk, is getting ready to continue their journey after losing Smokey, and tonight I speak with Eric Madunic, bassist and vocalist and new lead vocalist, Gervis Myles about the new lineup, band name and what is in their plans. DANY FRANCHI Dany has...


Calgary Blues Fest, CKNM Rory Block, Russ Green, Eric Corne, CKNM Tommy McCoy

CALGARY BLUES FEST Cindy McLeod will join me to discuss this years’ festival and all that will be taking place. RORY BLOCK – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Rory returns to The Couch to talk about her latest release, A Woman’s Soul, her tribute to Bessie Smith. We’ll catch up with all that has occurred in her world. RUSS GREEN Russ has a new album, City Soul, his love letter to his adopted city of Chicago. It features 10 original songs and he and I will sit and talk about his career and music. ERIC...


Ann Arbor Fest, Artur Menenzes, Keeshea Pratt, CKNM Deb Ryder, CKNM David Vest

ANN ARBOR BLUES FESTIVAL James Partridge came by to talk about the 2018 Festival and the incredible lineup he has put together this year. We’ll also touch base about next year, the 50th Anniversary! WEB SITE FACEBOOK PAGE ARTUR MENEZES – Segment Begins At The 13:50 Mark Hot off 3rd place at the 2018 International Blues Challenge, while winning the Gibson/Albert King Award” for best guitarist, Artur brings us Keep Pushing. He and I spoke about his journey from Brazil to Chicago and back and...