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Nothing but the blues, from the earliest to the latest, all genres

Nothing but the blues, from the earliest to the latest, all genres


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Nothing but the blues, from the earliest to the latest, all genres




Nothing But The Blues #649

James Cotton (Let Yourself Go); Shawn Pittman (Somebody Gonna Lose, Somebody Gonna Win); Little Jimmy King (Win, Lose Or Draw); Odetta (God's Gonna Cut You Down); Black Patti (God Don't Like It); The Matt Schofield Trio (Ear To The Ground); Ann Peebles (You've Got The Papers (I've Got The Man)); Hakon Hoye and The Honey Tones (Breaking Up Somebody's Home); Veronica Lewis (You Ain't Unlucky); John Lee Hooker (Questionnaire Blues); Roosevelt Sykes (Training Camp Blues); Misty Blues (Ready To...


Nothing But The Blues #648

Joyann Parker (Hit Me Like A Train); Frank Bey (Gun Toting Preacher); K. Walters (The Preacher, The Pimp And The Bluesman); Lizzie Miles (Too Slow Blues); The Jake Leg Blues Band (I Hate A Man Like You); Gino Matteo (Hopeless Sinner); Johnny Otis (Don't Deceive Me); Mose Allison (I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues); Reverend Raven (Once The Women Start Talkin); Johnny B. Moore and Willie Kent (Fast Life); Casey Bill Weldon (W.P.A. Blues); David Alexander (Working For The P.W.A.); Bonny B....


Nothing But The Blues #647

Electrofied (Bad Case Of The Blues); The Mannish Boys (Easier Said Than Done); Rob Stone (It's Easy When You Know How); John Weston (Gotta Deal With The Blues); Little Joe McLerran (Gotta Move); Buddy Guy (Evil Twin); Roy Hawkins (Bad Luck Is Falling); Legendary Blues Bannd (Lottery Blues); Sloppy Henry (The Best Cheap Car In The Market Is A Ford); Tom Delaney (Parson Jones (You Ain't Livin' Right)); Old Man Kelly (Louisiana Dirt); Nathan James (Natural Born That Way); Luther Allison (She...


Nothing But The Blues #646

Tail Dragger (Don't You Want A Good Man); Etta James (Down Home Blues); Goksenin (The Blues Is My Business); Buckwheat Zydeco (Make A Change); The Mercy Brothers (I Believe I'll Make A Change); Skylar Rogers (Back To Memphis); Selwyn Birchwood (Mama Knows Best); Mary Dixon (You Can't Sleep In My Bed); Issie Ringgold (Be On Your Merry Way); Eddie Taylor (You're Gonna Look For Me (And I'll Be Hard To Find)); Ghalia Volt (Can't Escape); Ivory Joe Hunter (S.P. Blues); Mel Melton and The Wicked...


Nothing But The Blues #645

Billy Boy Arnold (I'll Be Up Again Someday); Hop Wilson and His Buddies (I'm A Stranger); Buddy Whittington Band (Black Cat Bone); Tommy Johnson (Black Mare Blues (Take 2)) Sunjay (Big Road); Vivian Vance Kelly (Blues Woman); Bobo Jenkins (Bad Luck And Trouble); Baby Boy Warren (I Got Lucky); Son House (Grinning In Your Face); Big Daddy Wilson Trio (John The Revelator); The Homemade Jamz Blues Band (Gotta Bad Bad Feeling); Bruce Cockburn (Honey Babe Let The Deal Go Down); Harry Manx (I'm...


Nothing But The Blues #644

Robert 'Bilbo' Walker (Baby How Long); Arthur Williams (Goin' To Memphis); Harpdog Brown (Home Is Where The Harp Is); Eric Bibb and Habib Koité (Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad); Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons (Short Time Come Again No More); RB Stone (Lonesome Traveler's Blues); Champion Jack Dupree (She's Jail Bait); Big Al Dupree (Kidney Stew Blues); Eddie Shaw and The Wolf Gang (Casino Blues); William Clarke (Gambling For My Bread); Dave Keller (Scratchin' At Your Door); Bessie Smith...


Nothing But The Blues #643

Sonny Rhodes (Blues Is My Religion); Otis Rush (Feel So Bad); Bees Deluxe (Homework); Walter Mitchell (Stop Messing Around); Louisiana Red (Soon One Morning); Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood (Unsung Hero Of The Blues); Darren Watson (Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)); Eric Clapton (Hell Hound On My Trail); Sugaray Rayford (Live To Love Again); George Smith and The Chicago Blues Band (West Helena Woman); Willie Farmer (The Man From The Hill); Bob Corritore (Goin' Down South); Little Whitt...


Nothing But The Blues #642

King Edward Antoine (You Been Cheatin On Me); Lowell Fulson (Every Second A Fool Is Born); Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (Solid Gold Plated Fool); Sue Foley (Train To Memphis); Little Mack Simmons (Help Me); Sonny Boy Williamson II (Key To Your Door); Colin Linden (Trouble Only Comes In 3s); Bullfrog Willard McGhee and Tad Walters (I Can Hear My Name Ringin'); Linwood Taylor Band (Don't Burn Down The Bridge); Doctor Clayton (Moonshine Man Blues); Tom Principato ('Till I Get What I Came Here...


Nothing But The Blues #641

Dan Dinnen and Shorty (Have Mercy); Natural Blues (Muddy Waters); Muddy Waters (Got My Mojo Working (Live)); Evelyn Preer (Looking For The Sunshine, Walking Around In The Rain); Christine Kittrell (Ain't Never Seen So Much Rain Before); Eric Johanson (Oh Louisiana); Sonny Terry (Mountain Blues); Blind Boy Fuller (I Don't Want No Skinny Woman); Joseph 'Mojo' Morganfield (It's Good To Be King); Robert B. Jones (My Soul Just Keeps On Singing); Seasick Steve (Fred's Worried Blues); Mississippi...


Nothing But The Blues #640

Eden Brent (Boogie Woogie Santa Claus); Lee Jackson and The Cadillac Baby Specials (The Christmas Song); Washboard Pete (Christmas Blues); Michele D'Amour and The Love Dealers (All I Got For Christmas); Ron Holden and The Thunderbirds (Who Say There Ain't No Santa Claus); Vernon Delhart (Santa Claus That's Me); Teresa James (I Need Christmas This Year); Oscar McLollie and His Honey Jumpers (Dig That Crazy Santa Claus); Joe Bonamassa (Merry Christmas Baby); Laura Cheadle (Red Ain't Everything...


Nothing But The Blues #639

Big Al Dorn and The Blues Howlers (Red Wine Man); The Cinelli Brothers (Babe Please Set Your Alarm); The Blues Swingers (Alarm Clock Blues); Ritchie Dave Porter (Working Class Bluesman); Warden Martin and Walker (Working Class White Boy); Sugar Queen and The Straight Blues Band (Wanna Take My Man); Catfish Keith (Jumpin' Jack Rabbit); Johnny Shines (Pet Rabbit); Big George Jackson (Beggin' Ain't For Me); The Sly Fox (I'm Tired Of Beggin'); Jorg Danielsen ((Same Old Blues); Dick Justice (Old...


Nothing But The Blues #638

Benny Turner (I Can't Leave); Bobby Joe Holman (You Don't Have To Go); Harmonica Shah and Howard Glazer (Who's Been Talking?); Mercy Dee Walton (Five Card Hand); Albert Collins (T-Bone Shuffle); Henry Gray and Bob Corritore (Going Down Slow); Little Milton (Lump On Your Stump); Erskine Oglesby (I Have The Same Old Blues); Blind Mamie Forehand (Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All); Lil McClintock (Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed); W.C. Clark (Why I Got The Blues); Roscoe Chenier (My...


Nothing But The Blues #637

Big Papa and The TCB (The More Things Change); "Big" Al's Blues Howlers and Jim Liban (The Cadillac Kid); Roy Brown And His Orchestra (Cadillac Baby); Kai Strauss (Guest In The House Of The Blues); Johnny Nicholas (Tomorrow Night (Live)); Big Bill Broonzy And His Big Little Orchestra (Tomorrow); Baba Blues (Help Me Through The Day); Eddie C. Campbell (Rock Me); Mud Morganfield and Kim Wilson (Nineteen Years Old); Susan Tedeschi (Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean); Ruth Willis (Man Of My...


Nothing But The Blues #636

Anthony Wild (Talk'n About The Blues); Jimmy Reed (Take It Slow); Magic Slim and The Teardrops (Down In Virginia); Bobby 'Blue' Bland (Two Steps From The Blues); Anthony Geraci (Two Steps Away From The Blues); Chris O'Leary (V8 Ford); Katie Webster (I'm Bad); Kelly Chappue (Good When I'm Bad); Stevie Ray Vaughan (Love Struck Baby); Robert Cray (False Accusation); Rees Du Pree (Long Ago Blues); Billy Higgins (Levee Blues); Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson (Feel So Bad); When Rivers Meet...


Nothing But The Blues #635

Dustin Arbuckle and The Damnations (You Got To Go); Rachelle Coba (River Of Blood); Son Seals (Cold Blood); Miss Emily (Hold Back The River); The Ryk Mead Band (Can't Turn Back The River); Mad Dog Lester Davenport (I Smell A Rat); Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Talking Miner Blues); Herschel Brown (New Talking Blues); Ruth Brown (False Friend Blues); Bonnie Raitt (Never Make Your Move Too Soon); The Mannish Boys (Raunchy); Jimmy McCracklin (I'm To Blame); Smoki Whitfield (Take The Hint); Kid Ramos...


Nothing But The Blues #634

Vin Mott (Whistlin' By The Graveyard); Bernie Marsden (Loved Another Woman); Jeremy Spencer (You Don't Have To Be Black To Be Blue); Sergio Duarte Blues Band (Bring It On Home); Lazy Lester (You Got Me Where You Want Me); Erja Lyytinen (Snake In The Grass); Luke Jordan (Church Bells Blues #2); Erin Harpe (Pick Poor Robin Clean); Brian Blain (I'm Not Fifty Anymore); Lucky Peterson (Age Ain't Nothing But A Number); David Rotundo Band (Too Blue); Skip James (How Long "Buck"); Jimmy "Duck"...


Nothing But The Blues #633

Brad Stivers (Three Times A Fool); Martin Lang (Reefer Head Man); Ray Cashman (Reefer Headed Woman); R.L. Burnside (Please Don't Stay); Tiny Legs Tim (Going Down South); Little Milton (Big Boned Woman); Sonny Green (If Walls Could Talk); Mick Kolassa (Good Day For The Blues); Bessie Smith (Chicago Bound Blues); John Lee Hooker (Leavin' Chicago); Smokey Wilson (You Know What My Body Needs); Son House (The Jinx Blues - Part 1); The Bills (Grinnin' In Your Face); Dennis Jones (I Love The...


Nothing But The Blues #632

Peter Veteska and Blues Train (Grass Ain't Greener On The Other Side); Tampa Red (So Crazy About You Baby); Danielle Miraglia (It Hurts Me Too); Tim Woods (Ready); Robert Lee McCoy (Prowlin' Night Hawk); Joe Hill Louis (Western Union Man); Angela Strehli (What It Takes); Shaun Murphy (Man Sized Job); Jimmy Johnson (Rattlesnake); Willie B. Huff (Beggar Man Blues); Steve Washington (Blues Don't Cost A Thing); Paul Boddy and The Slidewinder Blues Band (Over The Hump); Cathy Grier and The...


Nothing But The Blues #631

Corey Harris and Henry Butler (Song Of The Pipelayer); Vernon Ray Harrington (Help Me With The Bills); Koko Taylor (Bills, Bills And More Bills); Little Junior Parker (Sittin' Drinkin' And Thinkin'); Memphis Slim (Sittin' And Thinkin'); Barbara Blue (Careful Blues); Lee Jackson (I'll Just Keep Walkin'); Professor Longhair (Walk Your Blues Away); Big Harp George (Chew Before You Swallow); William Shatner (Born Under A Bad Sign); Albert King (Answer To The Laundromat Blues); Ghostleg (Down In...


Nothing But The Blues #630

Kim Wilson (Fine Little Woman); Phillip Walker (Rub Some Good Luck On Me); Byther Smith (Mean Old Daddy); Henry Gray (Can't Afford To Do It); Barrelhouse Chuck (Chicago Blues); Coco Montoya (Witness Protection); Ben Levin (Too Good For Me); Deanna Bogart (Tightrope); Blind Boy Fuller (Thousand Woman Blues); Robert Curtis Smith (Get A Real Woman); Mick Simpson (Left Me With The Blues); The Pat Sheridan Band (Devil's Music); Franc Robert and The Boxcar Tourists (The Devil At Your Door); Laura...