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Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Ep 136

Drums of Autumn Chapters 41-42 Week 22 “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” Summary: Brianna and Lizzie get safely upriver to Cross Creek, though the girl had yet again become ill. Brianna borrows a mule to scout out Cross Creek. She meets Jamie. He’s dubious at first. Then filled with utmost joy. To River Run, he takes her and Lizzie. Fergus is victorious at his trial. Jamie takes Brianna to Fraser’s Ridge. Claire is shocked and happy. Jamie takes Brianna hunting. They become more...


Virgin Sacrifice Ep 135

Drums of Autumn Chapter 40 Week 21 “Virgin Sacrifice” Breaking News: Outlander S4 will premiere in November 2018 with 13 episodes based on Drums of Autumn and adapted for television. The television series has been renewed for S5 and S6 with 12 episodes each season. S5 is expected to be adapted from Fiery Cross and S6 from A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I will be doing a read-a-long for FC in 2019 after S4 ends. Summary: Brianna and Lizzie make it to Wilmington. The girl has been sick...


A Wolf in Captain's Clothing Ep 134

Drums of Autumn Chapter 37-39 Week 20 “A Wolf in Captain’s Clothing” Summary: Roger learns what being a seaman means. It’s tougher and lonelier than he expected. His goodness and love for others cannot be helped. He must do what he must when others are in trouble. His good Samaritan ways are found out. The good Captain shows his teeth. The coin is flipped. Roger lives to see another day. Inside the Chapters: Chapter 37 Gloriana Roger is quickly disabused of the idea his physical...


Not So Hot on Her Trail Ep 133

Drums of Autumn Chapter 35-36 Week 19 “Not So Hot on Her Trail” Summary: Brianna and the Murrays secure her passage to the Colonies. She shows her big heart and Fraser stubbornness when she insists on taking the contract of a young teenage girl instead of a strapping male to be her servant. She leaves Scotland with sadness and loss for the place and family she has known for such a short time. Roger experiences déjà vu as he walked through Inverness in 1769. He finds Brianna in the...


Lallybroch Ep 132

Drums of Autumn Chapter 34 Week 18 “Lallybroch” Summary: Brianna did it. She went through the stones. She arrives at Lallybroch. She meets the Murrays to their surprise and happiness. She also meets a vengeful woman and her brother. Brianna stands up for herself and her mother. A lengthy letter makes it wild and worth the trip. She bonds with her Uncle. She clears the air of her intention. She connects with this place so a part of her though she's never been. To the Colonies, she will...


Wouldn't You? Ep 131

Drums of Autumn Chapters 30-33 Week 17 “Wouldn’t you?” Summary: Roger overstays his Oxford term. Brianna isn’t coming to visit as planned. A mysterious crate arrives. Roger confers with Joe Abernathy. JHRC on toast did she do it? Yes, oh yes she did. A grimoire is revealed. Roger and Fiona make a plan. Midsummer’s Eve means time to travel. Inside the Chapters: Part 8 Beaucoup Chapter 30: Into Thin Air Oxford, April 1971 The Dean talks Roger into staying in Oxford an extra week to...


Friend or Foe Ep 130

Drums of Autumn Chapters 28-29 Week 16 “Friend or Foe” Summary: Claire tends to the ill men. She tells the stories of their Jamaican adventure. Jamie and William are to be away for a few more days. She and Lord John make conversation. They slowly engage and begin to bond. John is on a personal mission. A visitor brings alarming news. John serves as a protector. They wish Jamie were there. Claire returns to the chores of the Ridge. John and Claire deepen their connection. Another...


Plagued Ep 129

Drums of Autumn Chapters 26-27 Week 15 “Plagued” Summary: Claire treats the ill man. John and Jamie play chess into the night. Claire is disturbed. Her feelings and thoughts run amok. She’s jealous, but of what? There’s an omen in the night. The sick man prepares to die. Claire performs the ritual. What will they do with the body? John takes ill. To keep William safe, Jamie takes him on a road trip. The journey is bittersweet and filled with the language of the heart. Inside the...


Rattled Ep 128

Drums of Autumn Chapters 24-25 Week 14 “Rattled” Summary: Roger is baffled. He assures himself all is well. Deep down he knows something is amiss. Just maybe he’s stopped Brianna from looking back. A rattlesnake takes up residence in the privy on Fraser’s Ridge. There’s also a guest with measles taking up space in the corncrib. Claire searches for greens. A boy and his stepfather unexpectedly arrive. Claire’s emotions and thoughts go wild. It’s Lord John and Master William. William...


Perspectives on Protection Ep 127

Drums of Autumn Chapters 22-23 Week 13 “Perspectives on Protection” Summary: Roger finds a horrifying historical fact. A sin of omission is not a lie, is it? Fraser’s Ridge is growing with new tenants. Claire rides into a storm. Her traitorous horse leads her astray. A friendly ghost visits Claire’s resting place. Rollo proves himself a worthy hound. Jamie, Young Ian, and the dog find Claire well. They find a visitor upon return to the Ridge. Duncan greets them at the door. Jamie...


Oh Snowy Night Ep 126

Drums of Autumn Chapters 20-21 Week 12 “Oh Snowy Night” Summary: The small cabin is completed. Visitors come bearing gifts. Claire makes a friend and receives a prophecy. Young Ian is on a hunting trip. Jamie goes to check the traps. Claire tends to the business of home. Jamie doesn’t return. Claire tracks him in the snow. Jamie has injured his back. Claire stays with him. They see a band of Mohawk. Young Ian and friends rescue Claire and Jamie. Back home they are safe and sound....


Of Lust and Blessings Ep 125

Drums of Autumn Chapters 18-19 Week 11 “Of Lust and Blessings” Summary: Roger attends Mass with Brianna and survives it. He proposes marriage. She turns him down. They argue. She explains herself. He’ll wait for her. They declare love for the other. Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian are living in the mountains. Jamie is taking the offer. They build small outbuildings. Provisions arrive. Duncan becomes Jamie’s agent. They receive a blessing from Jocasta. They, in turn, bless their hearth....


At the Abyss Ep 124

Drums of Autumn Chapters 16-17 Week 10 “At the Abyss” Summary: Jamie surveys the land. Claire follows behind. They hike for miles until Jamie finds a suitable spot. Wild strawberries fill their bellies. They christen the land. Claire speaks her fears. Jamie’s confused then hears her heart. They are each the half to their whole. Their love is the first law of thermodynamics. A decision is made. Brianna joins Roger for Christmas. He’s about to lose his home forever. She soon will too....


In the Backcountry Ep 123

Drums of Autumn Chapters 14-15 Week 9 “Into the Backcountry” Summary: With much haste, they leave Cross Creek by night to take Pollyanne to safety. They ride until dawn. Claire learns a new method of tick removal. They come across a spooky abandoned Indian village. They make camp near a stream. Myers tells the story of the Tuscarora. Claire hopes Pollyanne will be accepted by the Indians. Myers and Young Ian part with Jamie and Claire to take Pollyanne north. Jamie and Claire head...


An Examination of Conscience Ep 122

Drums of Autumn Chapter 13 Week 8 “An Examination of Conscience” Summary: Jamie and Claire go for a stroll. Jamie speaks frog somewhat fluently. Claire wants to know what the hell is going on. Jamie shares Jocasta’s big plan. They take a boat ride onto the river. Claire can’t be Jamie’s conscience. The overseer is dead. They arrive at the sawmill and discover a dying woman. Jamie and an old for cross paths. They plan to take a woman to safety. Inside the Chapter: Chapter 13 – An...


Ep 121 Of Cruelty and Kindness

Drums of Autumn Chapters 11-12 Week 7 “Of Cruelty and Kindness” Summary: A party is planned. Fergus goes to Jamaica to await the birth of his child. There’s an altercation between a slave and the overseer. Jamie, Claire, and Farquard Campbell head to the sawmill. The overseer is injured but alive. The slave is hanging by a hook above the platform. Remarkably, he’s alive and not in mortal danger from his wounds. The laws of North Carolina state if a slave draws the blood of a white man...


Consider River Run Yer Home Ep 120

Drums of Autumn Chapters 10 Week 6 “Consider River Run Yer Home” Summary: Down but not out, they dress in their best to meet Aunt Jocasta. River Run is a beautiful and large plantation. Jamie shares their woes. Ian and Rollo meet a scary skunk. They tour the turpentine works. A meeting takes place. There’s a pitch explosion. An awkward luncheon ensues. Contracts are signed. The charade is explained. Three letters arrive. Young Ian is put into their keeping. Inside the...


Of Plans and Pirates Ep 119

Drums of Autumn Chapters 8-9 Week 5 Of Promises and Pirates Summary: Jamie hates boats. Aunt Jocasta fancies Cameron men. Fergus fancies himself a landowner. Marsali prepares for the birth in Jamaica. Young Ian is not a scholar. Claire receives a tremendous anniversary gift. Jamie worried for Young Ian’s future. They prepare to meet Aunt Jocasta. Claire reminisces. Pirates board. Bonnet lacks honor. Rollo is injured. Claire tries to swallow her pride and joy. The gems are gone. They...


What an Offer Ep 119

Drums of Autumn Chapters 6-7 Week 4 “Oh, What an Offer” Summary: They arrive in Wilmington smelling of peaches. They require a boat to get to Cross Creek. A man tries to show Claire his wares. Jamie meets a cousin. To a dinner party, they go. Claire distracts. A ruby necklace shines. Jamie receives an intriguing offer. Inside the Chapters: Chapter 6 – I Encounter a Hernia – June 1767 Jamie hates boats. For expediency sake, it’s the preferred mode of travel to Cross Creek where...


Summer of 1969 Ep 117

Drums of Autumn Chapters 3-5 Week 3 Summary: Brianna takes an unexpected early morning call. Roger plans a visit. Brianna sends confusing signals. There's a sweet airport reunion. After his week-long conference, off to the Scottish festival they go. Brianna struggles with the past, grief, and healing. A kilted Roger performs to an appreciative crowd. Brianna’s wounds are exposed. Roger passes Uncle Joe’s assessment. The Apollo 11 mission prevails. “Yeah, it’s like that,” for the both...


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