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Do No Harm Ep 153

Season 4 Episode 402 “Do No Harm” Directed by: Julian Holmes Written by: Karen Campbell Summary: Claire, Jamie, Young Ian, and Rollo arrive at Aunt Jocasta’s plantation, River Run. Aunt Jocasta extends every hospitality learning they were robbed. Young Ian and Rollo meet a wicked predator. We meet a mountain man. Claire’s sensibilities and beliefs are on edge. Auntie Jocasta hatches a MacKenzie style plan. There’s a party with the who’s who of the area in honor of their arrival. An...


American the Beautiful Ep 152

America the Beautiful Season 4 Ep 401 Written by Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia Summary: Jamie, Claire, Marsali, Fergus, Young Ian, Lesley, and Hayes are in Wilmington, NC. There’s a hanging. Young Ian gets a dog. The Frasers are going to a party. They are broke and need to sell a gemstone for passage back to Scotland. A greedy pastor, flashbacks, and a stowaway complicate the burial. Assistance is given to an escaped convict. Jamie and Claire sleep rough. The Governor makes Jamie...


Countdown to Outlander Season 4 Part 2 Ep 151

THE COUNTDOWN TO OUTLANDER S4 CONTINUES! News: The official Season 4 opening credits and the music was released on October 6thduring an Outlander panel at the NYCC. Bear McCreary masterfully creates the connection to the colonial south of America by once again altering The Skye Boat song to reflect where the story is going while maintaining its Scottish roots. The credits also combine the familiar beginning with snippets from the season that include the sweeping expanse of River Run, the...


Countdown To Season 4 Ep 150

It's been almost ten months since the finale of Outlander Season 3, and in a mere 5 weeks, Season 4 will premiere. Last seen, Jamie and Claire, the family, and crew had washed up on the southern shores of The Colonies in America. Season 4 is based on book 4 of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Jamie and Claire are no longer being pursued by the British, however, expect adventure, trouble, surprises, and love as they embark on their life in The New World. This podcast discusses the...


All Roads Lead to The Gathering Ep 149

Drums of Autumn Chapters 68-71 Week 34 “All Roads Lead to The Gathering.” Summary: Domesticity ruled the moment. Jamie and Claire drunkenly frolicked in the night. Roger and Brianna established married life. Duncan Innes came to the Ridge with a proposition. The family headed to the Gathering. The baby finally had a proper name. The Gathering hosted Scottish families from across the Colonies. A word from Young Ian was had. A Highland Regiment arrived. Lizzie got a welcomed surprise....


Cowards Need Not Apply Ep 148

Drums of Autumn Chapters 66-67 Week 33 “Cowards Need Not Apply” Summary: Claire was annoyed with the rascally rabbits. Roger made his return. He performed a blood vow upon the baby. Jamie declared Roger and Brianna husband and wife by handfast. Brianna was timid around Roger. Claire tended Roger’s wounded foot. Roger convalesced at the partially completed big house. Brianna visited Roger daily. Claire released Roger from rest. Claire cautioned Roger to be careful. Jamie cautioned Roger...


New Life Ep 147

Drums of Autumn Chapters 63-65 Week 32 “New Life and Returning Home” Summary: Brianna was angry about Jocasta’s will. Lord John had a plan if he needed to help. Brianna feared how things would be between her and Roger if he came back. Only two riders returned. Brianna forgave Jamie. Claire assessed John. Brianna went into labor. Jamie and Claire supported her. A healthy baby was born. The Fraser’s and Lord John left River Run. They happily returned to The Ridge. Roger was nearby. He...


Forgiveness Ep 146

Drums of Autumn Chapters 61-62 Week 31 “Forgiveness” Summary: Claire was sent to the longhouse. She examined Roger. Jamie wanted to keep some facts to themselves. Roger baptized a baby. Young Ian was adopted into the tribe to replace the man Roger had killed. He was named Wolf’s Brother and joined Works with Her Hands’ family. With sadness Roger, Claire, and Jamie left the village toward River Run. Roger learned the baby might not be his. Jamie and Claire left Roger to decide. Stephen...


Fighting Words Ep 145

Drums of Autumn Chapters 59-60 Week 30 “Fighting Words” Summary: Brianna susses out a truth about Lord John. She allows herself to feel close to Roger. She hatches a plan and proposes marriage to Lord John. She threatens him. She apologizes and explains. He explains why he cannot marry her. They become “engaged.” The priest prepares for death. Roger prays for him. The priest is taken from the tent. The drumming stops and all hell breaks loose. Roger escapes the tent but is knocked on...


Difficult Negotiations Ep 144

Drums of Autumn Chapters 57-58 Week 29 “Difficult Negotiations” Summary: With the help of Young Ian and his friend Emily, Jamie agreed to offer a ceilidh to be hosted by the Pretty Woman with a whisky tasting. Claire became acquainted with the Pretty Woman and her granddaughter. The conversation began with, Claire searching for the truth about the opal and soon revealed who the ghost was that saved her and his purpose in the past. The ceilidh was a hit, and no damage was done. Roger...


Prisoners of Circumstance Ep 143

Drums of Autumn Chapters 54-56 Week 28 “Prisoners of Circumstance” Summary: Roger met a priest. His situation became direr as he was thrown into a hut with the man. The priest was on trial. The priest was tortured. Roger became more worried and comforted the man the best way he could. Brianna was trapped at River Run in a gilded cage. Jocasta was parading her to the eligible men in the area because she didn’t think Roger would return. Brianna found out she was now the heir to River...


Betrayal and Blame Ep 142

Drums of Autumn Chapters 51-53 Week 27 “Betrayal and Blame” Summary: Roger found himself a prisoner. He was concussed and battered. He forcibly traveled with the Tuscarora for more than a week. He escaped hoping they would not pursue him. He found a stone circle. He was recaptured. Brianna was at River Run until her parents returned. She was angry and distant from Jamie. She fell into the rhythm of River Run, and Aunt Jocasta loved her company. She and Claire had a difficult goodbye....


Truth and Consequences Ep 141

Drums of Autumn Chapters 49-50 Week 26 “Truth and Consequences” ****Warning: This podcast contains discussion about abortion, rape, and hastening death**** Summary: Claire contemplated offering and performing an abortion if Brianna wanted it. She and Jamie fought over the mere idea of it. Brianna wanted to keep the baby. Young Ian proposed to Brianna at the behest of Jamie. Brianna refused the offer. A fight ensued between her and Jamie. Later the truth came out after Brianna...


Of Partial Truths, Protection, and Forgiveness Ep 140

Drums of Autumn Chapters 47-48 Week 25 “Of Partial Truths, Protection, and Forgiveness” ****Warning: disturbing content and discussion of rape**** Summary: Jamie needed doctoring upon his return. Brianna told her news. Jamie and Brianna bonded. Claire and Jamie walked and talked. Claire kept the rapist’s identity secret. Jamie lied and kept his secret about the man MacKenzie. A ghost from the past rose. Claire left to attend a birth. Jamie and Brianna attended a delivery in the...


Denver Comic Con Outlander Fan Panel Ep 139

Denver Comic Con 2018 An Outlandish Outlander Fan Panel We, Karen Daugherty, Courtney Williams, and I had a good turnout and excellent attendee participation for our first ever Outlander inspired fan panel. It was incredible fun to discuss our favorite books and television series with other fans. We discussed the television show and the books surrounding season's 3 and 4. We gave away books courtesy of Random House and had a gathering afterward. Please enjoy this special live recorded...


The Road To Hell is Paved with Good Intentions Ep 138

Drums of Autumn Chapters 45-46 Week 24 “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions” *****Warning: There is a discussion about rape during this podcast. I have notated the time where it occurs in the podcast below.***** Summary: Brianna is pregnant. She doesn’t know who the father is. The pirate raped her days after being hand-fasted to Roger. She recovered Claire’s gold wedding ring. Roger is near Fraser’s Ridge. His horse and supplies were stolen. He was on foot without a...


It's All in the Name Ep 137

Drums of Autumn Chapters 43-44 Week 23 “It’s All in the Name” Summary: There’s a stranger inquiring about Jamie’s whisky. Worry increased over Roger not showing up yet. The small distillery was Marsali’s responsibility. Wee Germaine is a full-throttle toddler. A mysterious button was found. Brianna was a hot commodity. The winter preparations were underway. Lizzie saw a familiar man at the mill. Lizzie shared the misinterpreted event. Jamie and Young Ian went out to stop a visitor from...


Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Ep 136

Drums of Autumn Chapters 41-42 Week 22 “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” Summary: Brianna and Lizzie get safely upriver to Cross Creek, though the girl had yet again become ill. Brianna borrows a mule to scout out Cross Creek. She meets Jamie. He’s dubious at first. Then filled with utmost joy. To River Run, he takes her and Lizzie. Fergus is victorious at his trial. Jamie takes Brianna to Fraser’s Ridge. Claire is shocked and happy. Jamie takes Brianna hunting. They become more...


Virgin Sacrifice Ep 135

Drums of Autumn Chapter 40 Week 21 “Virgin Sacrifice” Breaking News: Outlander S4 will premiere in November 2018 with 13 episodes based on Drums of Autumn and adapted for television. The television series has been renewed for S5 and S6 with 12 episodes each season. S5 is expected to be adapted from Fiery Cross and S6 from A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I will be doing a read-a-long for FC in 2019 after S4 ends. Summary: Brianna and Lizzie make it to Wilmington. The girl has been sick...


A Wolf in Captain's Clothing Ep 134

Drums of Autumn Chapter 37-39 Week 20 “A Wolf in Captain’s Clothing” Summary: Roger learns what being a seaman means. It’s tougher and lonelier than he expected. His goodness and love for others cannot be helped. He must do what he must when others are in trouble. His good Samaritan ways are found out. The good Captain shows his teeth. The coin is flipped. Roger lives to see another day. Inside the Chapters: Chapter 37 Gloriana Roger is quickly disabused of the idea his physical...