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Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.

Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.


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Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.




Dark Arts & Beasts: Justice for Basilisks!

On Episode 319 we discuss… → Does Dark Magic only depend on the intent of the witch or wizard using it? → Dark Magic is magic for which there is no good use → All dark magic are curses, but not all curses are dark magic → Knockturn Alley... the black market that everyone knows about → Snakes are given a bad rep → "Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps its brain." → Love potion isn't dark, Hermione? Disagree! → Which horcrux is your...


HPB 26 Revisit: The Dueling Aesthetics of Dumbledore and Voldemort

On Episode 318 we discuss… → First all-male episode?!? → The chapter that inspired the book's cover art → Young Tom Riddle was incredibly focused and powerful → Everyone agrees... Half-Blood Prince is THE BEST → Has Dumbledore been to the cave before? → Quality quotes comin' at ya! → "Really? You're one of the most powerful wizards of all time and you went with a blood door?" → The cave = the next great theme park ride → If Dumbledore had lived, would he have gotten rid of the...


The Anthropology of Harry Potter, Part Two: Bloody Brilliant

On Episode 317 we discuss... → Localization of the Harry Potter text (British vs. American English) → Why butcher cultures for the sake of ethnocentrically Americanizing text? → Hooray for fans fighting back! → Folklore and Fairytales - "The Boy Who Lived" is already a living legend → Are there similarities between Potter and other epic tales? → Enter the Cinderfellas: Voldemort, Lockhart, and Snape → The Anthropology of Fandom - how do you carry Harry Potter on a daily basis? → The...


GoF 26 Revisit: This is Traumatizing!

On Episode 316 we discuss… → Would aqua lungs have functioned at Hogwarts? → We need more info regarding the limits of transfiguration → Madam Pince is THE WORST librarian → Powers you never knew you had and how to use them → Where are card catalogs/CTRL-F/Google when you need them? → This task is MESSED UP and Alison can't even → Crackpot theory: Viktor fell in love with Hermione at the World Cup → The only thing that dies in this task is Harry's watch → Justice for Dobby! → The...


"Alohomora!: Full Circle" Sneak Peek

Created and hosted by Kat Miller, Alohomora!: Full Circle is a re-read of the Harry Potter through the lens of Ring Composition. Enjoy this sneak peek from the show featuring clips from Books 1 - 4 and an exclusive clip from the yet-to-be-released Book 5! Can you guess who the voice belongs to? Featuring book-long cohosts of past and present Alohomora! hosts and other special guests, Full Circle is a re-read unlike any other. Get access to all the episodes by visiting...


Love: Ride or Die

On Episode 315 we discuss… → Love types: Agape, Philia, Eros, Storge, Xenia, Philautia → From Lily to Narcissa, mothers' love is everything in Potter → A child's love for their parents is not to be ignored → Everyone in Harry Potter needs to have a therapist → Does Hermione love her friends more than her parents? → The Golden Trio - ride or die → Fred and George are the best of best friends → Is Remus and Tonks' relationship healthy? → Love potions = big yikes → Hogwarts course...


OotP 28 Revisit: Fresh Horror

On Episode 314 we discuss... → Leaving a broken vanishing cabinet on the 1st floor... totally fine → Tragic Filch - the half-person → Fear of kittens makes a lot more sense than pigeons → What do fireworks and torture devices have in common? → Turning suffering into profit is ok when you're making bad people suffer → The Department of Mysteries appears to be a spiritual place → "We all got away, didn’t we?"... Dumbledore didn't, Cho! → Did Hermione go too far with her hex? →...


Memories and the Pensieve: Drowning in French

On Episode 313 we discuss... → Where did the brains in the Brain Room come from? → We hope there are individual education plans for struggling students → Rex schools us on memory types, formation, storage, retrieval, etc → Memory loss, brain injuries, and diseases → Are the disembodied brains conscious? → Most wizards are too afraid to use a Pensieve → The Hogwarts Pensieve contains centuries of memories! → Are extracted memories originals, copies, or can they be either? → Pensieves...


DH 20 Revisit: Xenophilius Lovegood

On Episode 312 we discuss... → Why does Harry forgive Ron so much more easily than Hermione? → The Muggle Prime Minister is potentially left out to dry → It's time for Ron to shine → We need to know what a plimpy is! → Xenophilius's name is one of the best in the series → Dumbledore's gifts finally start to make sense → Ron... the third wheel during Bill and Fleur's first married Christmas → Wizarding Christmas songs FTW! → Harry does pay attention in class. Bye haters! → Erumpant...


Quidditch: The Human Condition

On Episode 311 we discuss... → Early Quidditch = animal cruelty → How does the Hogwarts House team system work? → There should be JV teams, more backup players, fun play, and more games → "That's just Jo not thinking it through." → Quidditch is the one thing that comes naturally to Harry → The 2014 Quidditch World Cup was a thing of beauty → Female inclusion in wizard sport FTW! → How much do the different brooms really matter? → The Snitch is worth too many points → Fouls... the...


CoS 11 Revisit: Can Everyone See Me?

On Episode 310 we discuss... → Theory confirmed: Dumbledore is the Avatar → CoS is FULL of red herrings → Are Fred and George cruel jackasses? → What's the most terrifying sentence in the Harry Potter canon? → Everyone knows that Neville is almost a squid → Snape is such a bad teacher! For the greater good! → We want to see Flitwick killin' it on the dueling stage → Harry CAN'T EVEN with Lockhart → More fat-shaming... ugh. Milicent is a cat-loving queen! → It's Dolohov-o-clock! →...


Rubeus Hagrid: The Soccer Mom

On Episode 309 we discuss... → Did Dumbledore know Hagrid's father? → Mr. Dumbledore's home for Peculiar Children → Ogg was probably important to Hagrid's continued learning → Hagrid is the opposite of toxic masculinity → Hey Google, what is pedagogy? → Was the blast-ended skrewt breeding legal? → Yes, Hagrid's a bad teacher but that's not his fault → Is there any excuse for the way Hagrid treated Dudley? → A case of arrested development → Hagrid vs. Trelawney → "He's literally...


PS/SS 10 Revisit: No Inflated Bladders

On Episode 308 we discuss... → Harry & Ron = The Chaos Crew → Neville has "zero positive male role models that aren't trying to dangle him out of a window" → Harry's privileged broom → Caps lock McGonagall → We finally learn what the heck Quidditch is! → Only 28 kids per year get to play the one wizard sport at school... that's messed up → Don't judge people by their physical appearance, mkay? → When does wand movement really matter? → How successful would a witch/wizard with a lisp...


Introducing "Alohomora!: Full Circle"

You asked for it, you got it! After years of requests from our loyal listeners begging us to start another re-read, we are very happy to introduce Alohomora!: Full Circle. Created and hosted by Kat Miller, Full Circle is a re-read of the Harry Potter series through the lens of Ring Composition. Featuring book-long cohosts of past and present Alohomora! hosts and other special guests, Full Circle promises to be a re-read unlike any other. Episodes will be released on the first of each...


The Department of Mysteries: Unspeakably Vague

On Episode 307 we discuss… → Hagrid definitely couldn't work there → Whose brains do they have in the Brain Room?? → "Thoughts could leave deeper scars than almost anything else" → The Death Chamber - the room we know the most and least about → Are there multiple death veils? → "[Myrtle is] living her best death" → Would the veil destroy a horcrux? → The Hall of Prophecies - there's going to be loads of fog tonight → How convenient that the fountain of perfect love potion is so...


HBP 12 Revisit: Questionable Morality

On Episode 306 we discuss... → Harry reading Cliff Notes → Fandom theories from back in the day → "Eh, it's Half-Blood Prince. Things get a bit sexy." → Why did Aberforth buy a sketchy mirror? → Was Rose Granger-Weasley named after Madam Rosemerta?? → Polyjuiced Draco in Hogsmeade?? → Double Imperio! OMG! → "Katie is social distancing from the ground." → Ring composition curses → How did Draco afford the cursed necklace? → Deep dive on opals! → The trouble with trusting teachers


Cho Chang: Social Distance From Swans!

On Episode 305 we discuss... → Cho's name... lazily written, alliteration love, and/or downright offensive? → The only girl on her Quidditch team! → Written to be a love triangle character/self-insertion mold → From cool chick to emotional, jealous wreck → Ginny vs. Cho → Teenage boys are oblivious → The Madam Puddifoot's disaster - fault on both sides → Why did Cho join the DA? → #Charry → Cho + Dudley = the fanfics we all want to read → What kind of wand do you imagine Cho...


PoA 15 Revisit: Quidditch Is Life

On episode 304 we discuss... → What was Buckbeak's favorite part of London? → Hermione at her breaking point... crying, slapping, quitting → Hermione's slap = SO GOOD... but, don't do that → Fowl or Foul? Ron helping with Buckbeak's appeal is precious → How does the Quidditch system even work?? → Oliver legit sends his team to bed → "What a man... I love him" → Crookshanks and the "Grim" - blink and you miss it → Lee Jordan's commentary gives us life → "When you want to win, rules...


Patronuses & Dementors: You Fail, Maggots!

*Trigger warnings for this episode: suicidal thoughts and death of a loved one On Episode 303 we discuss... → "Azkaban Guards" = magical policemen? Not quite → Why are parents not concerned that their children will be surrounded by Dementors in PoA? → Is Harry already suffering from mental health issues in PoA? → Are wizards behind Muggle society in the field of psychology? YES → Dementor's Kiss = lobotomy → Rex gives us a history lesson on brain science! → Patronuses and spirit...


DH 26 Revisit: Live Your Best Life

On Episode 302 we discuss... → Grace’s famous last words, “I don’t think there’s anything controversial in this one!” → Action set-piece + character growth all in one → The trio forms a good plan for once! → Why didn't they ask Bill for advice? → The quest for Bellatrix’s wand → Why was Hermione chosen to play the role of Bellatrix? → Bi-Harry? Why not → Can House Elves penetrate Fidelius Charms?? → "We make society run, kind of" → Death Eaters = Storm Troopers → Gotta get the...