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Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.

Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.
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Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.




DH 7 Revisit: Kissing Advice

On Episode 251 we discuss... → Happy birthday, Harry! → Too bad wizard google doesn’t exist → Harry doesn’t know he’s in a 7 book series → Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches → Scrimgeour’s relationship with Dumbledore → Elections for the Minister of Magic → Could the deluminator be a tracking device? → The sign of the deathly hallows as Grindelwald’s sign → Horcrux lessons carefully curated to build


Pop Culture: Harry Potter is EVERYTHING

On Episode 250 we discuss... → What is popular culture anyway? → J.K. Rowling made bank! → Harry Potter’s YA ancestors → From Baby-Sitters Club to Shakespeare → What’s Potter got that the others don’t? → The fan fiction springboard → “Snape… Snape… Severus Snape…” → The diminishing return → Can Potter really be everything?


CoS 4 Revisit: Forget Me Not

On Episode 249 we discuss... → Foreshadow maxima! → Ghouls: pests of the after-life → Arthur Weasley’s Muggle World Podcast → Honest portrayals of poverty → Is fire travel unique to Potter? → Ring theory epicness! → Draco unmasked → Burke, the body snatcher → What was Hagrid really doing in Knockturn Alley? → So much Harry love → Did Lucius target the Weasleys or was Ginny a convenience? → Mr. and Mrs. Granger - blissfully ignorant


Magic's Inner Workings: We're All Squibs

On Episode 248 we discuss... → Guessing about Gamp's Law → Can you conjure air?! → Turns out you can study Alchemy at Hogwarts → Could the plague actually be dragon pox? → Mandrakes are real and science = magic → Flying brooms are less conspicuous than flying bathtubs → Revisiting the desk pig! → No such thing as too many Star Trek references → There actually is a math class at Hogwarts → We pull out our punnett squares to talk genetics in HP → Wizards can use electronics...just...


PS/SS 16 Revisit: Traps Everywhere!

On Episode 247 we discuss... →


Hogwarts Houses: A Little Bit Phlegmatic

On Episode 246 we discuss... → We’ve got all four Houses here for a discussion on the four Houses! → The Four Temperaments or “Humors” that make up all of humanity → Katy’s Shoutout Maxima tackles nightmare fuel, Luna love and YouTube → What do the Sorting Hat songs say are each house’s key attributes? → Which students embody the stated attributes of each House / which do not? → Who does Pottermore say were Hatstalls, and what does that mean? → Would Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts...


DH 36 Revisit: Exploding a Moment

On Episode 245 we discuss... → Let the tears flow with Michael's reading of the chapter! → Untested magic → A moment for parallels → Harry's cadaver career → James is important too, guys! → "I'm Spartacus!" → Everything but the Ford Anglia → Other ways to kill a wizard → Stupid movie → The Master of Death → 19 years of recovery → What is the Flaw?


Death: It Does Not Do to Dwell

On Episode 244 we discuss... → JKR's admissions of how the death of her mother shaped the series → Immortality and the fear of death → Voldemort: The most useless, magic-dependent wizard ever → Grief over death and loss → How unresolved grief can stunt growth → Acceptance of death and its inevitability → The Flamels are Hobbits → What was on Dumbledore's bucket list? → Church Grims bring out Katy's angst → Death is more trustworthy than God or the Devil → Quotes to grieve by →...


HBP 22 Revisit: Felix: The Master Manipulator

On Episode 243 we discuss... → Best HBP chapter EVAR!! → Leaving Hagrid to grieve alone? Rude. → Half-Blood Prince: a metaphor for being 16 → Slughorn: B+ teacher, A+ motivator → Half an eyebrow now, half an eyeball later! → Felix has no morals... and kind of makes you drunk → Did Tom Riddle get lucky? → Spiders are so ungrateful → Wizard minors can drink alcohol... no biggie → Actors' names in literature → We need more drunk men hugging, crying, and singing → Odo the...


Harry Potter: The Diamond in the Rough

On Episode 242 we discuss… → A role model for teenage activism → Why is Harry so determined to be a "good guy?" → Harry, listen to Michelle Obama → Why does he insist on going it alone? → Harry is Batman... and Luke Skywalker → Why should he NOT be angsty? → No, Harry is not his Horcrux... or a Cylon → A sensitive male protagonist? Wicked! → Why isn't Harry a favorite character? → Daniel Radcliffe, we love you! → Harry is brown AF → Cursed Child Harry... WTF?


OotP 37 Revisit: TL;DR

On Episode 241 we discuss... → Does Harry finally learn from his shortcomings? → A perfect moment for Dumbledore to mention his family → Voldy is watching you, always watching → The Fidelius Charm has so many freakin' loopholes → Four claps for you, Severus Snape; you go, Severus Snape → When do phoenixes actually die? → Harry breaks a bunch of cool stuff → Petunia's complicated feelings for Harry → The flaw in the plan → Would Dumbledore have killed Harry? → "Thrice defied" -...


Ron Weasley: The Fwoopers and the Billywigs Talk

On Episode 240 we discuss... → Jack Russel terriers should be renamed Ron terriers → Could Ron ever turn to the dark arts? → Ron's wands reveal a lot about him → Is Ron mean? → Pottle → The "fwoopers and the billywigs" talk → Ron = Nessie → Nose picking on endless repeat → Newsflash: Ron is hilarious → Ron is a voracious eater → Is Ron Aragorn or Gimli?


HBP 10 Revisit: The Crimes of Merope

On Episode 239 we discuss... → Hermione’s got nothing → Who’s the Half-Blood Prince? Who cares? → Dumbledore’s secret Maxima Spell → The ghost pigeons of Hangleton → The Gaunts are NASTY! → Slytherin Monkeys → "Can I borrow your Deathly Hallow?" → Merope the Grey Lady → Tom Riddle, Sr. can’t even → Wuv...twue wuv? → Don’t forget Bob Ogden


Hermione Granger: Exit, Pursued by Hermione

On Episode 237 we discuss... → Hermy-own? Herm-own-ninny? → Just who are Hermione's parents? → Does Hermione’s wand core fit her personality? → Otters fall asleep holding hands and we’re verklempt → Minister of Magic in Hermione’s future → Without Hermione, would Harry be dead? → Women in fantasy tropes → Hermione as a role model for young women → Hermione vs. the Lovegoods → Morality of S.P.E.W. → Hollywood-ized Hermione → Bring on diverse Hermione!


GoF 28 Revisit: House Elves are Hufflepuffs

On Episode 237 we discuss... → Is Butterbeer alcoholic? → Where do House Elves come from anyway? → You is nosing! → Hermione's hate mail → NIFFLERS ARE SO FLUFFY WE'RE GOING TO DIE → This chapter breaks our hearts → Don't mess with Molly's boys → Percy Weasley defense squad → Crouch's addled brain → Did Dumbledore invent Patronus communication? → Snape and Karkaroff suck


Languages and Translations: It Changes a Lot

On Episode 236 we discuss... → Harry Potter and the Translator's Nightmare → Names go Rogue → The Smasher, the Steamroller and the Golden Lightning → Translation Strategies → Localizing “Muggle” → Newt Scamander’s French alias → Universal spell-casting → “I am Lord Romeo” → Shopping for the audiobooks → Dubbing’s so yesterday → How do the translations measure up?


PS/SS Ch. 12 Revisit: Erodelbmud Eht Nepo

On Episode 235 we discuss... → Self-worth, yay! → Needling Hagrid → “Chess! That’ll do it!” → Ancient artifacts for Christmas →The library is always an exception → A malicious mirror → Hearts’ desires by the hour → Dumbledore’s secrets → What’s your Erised?


Ginny Weasley - Sugar Free Ginny

On Episode 234 we discuss... → Facts about Ginny → Ginny's ties to Tom Riddle → What else could Ginny have grown to be? → Degrees of Ginny love → Do we only define Ginny by her bond with Harry? → Our Ginny feelings: Thor-smash cups and Valkyrie walks → Movie Ginny: a failing of writing or acting? → Is Cursed Child Ginny ineffectual?


Recap: Episode 232

On this recap we discuss...


Shipping Wars: The Best in Both of Them

On Episode 232 we discuss... → Book vs Movie Hinny → Our OTPs → Early Ships → Friendships → True Love → Fan Fiction Ships → Dean &; Seamus all the way! → Bromances → Weird Ships