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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author


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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author






You Can't Turn It Off

September 24, 2021 I heard a teacher this morning say these words, “You can’t turn it off.” I watched the video over and over. The entire message was based on how leaders of lessons taught are expected to be on 24/7. The part that hit me the hardest in the heart was when she explained how taking home school work kept her away family. She wasn’t in control of raising her children. You can’t turn it off. This is very close to me because of my wife’s connections to education and I lived this...


Hayley Mills Releases The Book Forever Young

Iconic actress Hayley Mills shares personal memories from her storied childhood, growing up in a famous acting family and becoming a Disney child star, trying to grow up in a world that wanted her to stay forever young. The daughter of acclaimed British actor Sir John Mills was still a preteen when she began her acting career and was quickly thrust into the spotlight. Under the wing of Walt Disney himself, Hayley Mills was transformed into one of the biggest child starlets of the 1960s...


The Daily Mess Breaking Free Of The Influencers

The sway of the world. It reminds me of how the doe swishes here tall white tail from the left then quickly to the right. It's no different with the headlines. They've been designed to define our lives. People that once garnered hits and clicks disappeared for a while but seem to be back in full force. I won't bring up their names. That's what they want us to do. It sells advertising. People are making money off our addiction to news and entertainment. We have to jump into some deprivation....


Fatima Silva From Reasonable Doubt On ID

​All too often, innocent people fall through the cracks of the justice system. These judicial missteps leave families devastated with doubt and paralyzed by unanswered questions about their convicted loved one. Determined to uncover the truth of these questionable convictions, retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva return for a fourth season of Investigation Discovery’s popular series REASONABLE DOUBT. Each week, Anderson and Silva use their...


Play It Forward Episode 307 With Comedian David A Arnold From That Girl Lay Lay

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 307 with David A Arnold From That Girl Lay Lay on Nickelodeon. That Girl Lay Lay stars 14-year-old hip hop sensation Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High (the youngest female rapper to sign a deal with Empire Records) as Lay Lay, an avatar from a personal affirmation app that magically comes to life. After she’s wished into existence by Sadie (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green), a lonely girl struggling to make her...


But What Is The Connection

September 23, 2021 As a writer things move through us differently. Not everybody will admit to that. Mostly because writer’s tend to be selfish with their secrets of ability. No wonder so many choose not to write! Inspiration and influence on a page doesn’t have to come from just reading. Non-writers need to hear from those who do write. I’m presently on the corner of walk and don’t walk. The morning writer cannot be compared to the nighttime writer. Opposites! I think it’s because the...


Matt Siegel Releases The Book The Secret History Of Food

It's hard to imagine a time when food was more central to our collective imagination than it is today. These days, what and where we eat says as much about us as the clothes we wear or the places we live; meanwhile, social media has allowed us to project and share our private food experiences with the world as never before. But our fixation is not new. "As a species, we're hardwired to obsess over food," Matt Siegel explains in THE SECRET HISTORY OF FOOD: Strange but True Stories About the...


The Daily Mess Participating With Change

Gripping change. Not only expecting it. But participating with it's behavior. In 2020 we embraced change by forces beyond our ability and control. Covid 19 put us in a stare of mind unrecognized. I'm not a fan of change! I've just made it a point to not fight it. It's will always win and it's time I'll never get back.


Kasim Sulton Releases The Song Fast Car

Kasim Sulton is best known for his work with Utopia, Sulton sang lead on 1980s "Set Me Free”, Utopia's only top 40 hit in the United States. He has toured with Blue Öyster Cult, Meat Loaf, Hall & Oates, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Patty Smyth, and Richie Sambora, among many other artists. Sulton was the bassist and sang background vocals on the breakout Meat Loaf album “Bat Out of Hell”, and has played and sung on albums that have sold more than 85 million copies...


Play It Forward Episode 306 With David Henrie From This Is The Year

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 306 with actor and film director David Henrie from This Is The Year. David Henrie, who directed and stars in the new coming-of-age film "This Is the Year," spoke to Insider about how "Wizards of Waverly Place" costar Selena Gomez contributed to the movie as an executive producer. "It's been incredible working with her because what the show did was really bond Selena and I like brother and sister...


Identifying That Place

September 22, 2021 I tend to write a lot at night. Very late at night. It looks more like scribbles than physical words. As of late the writing-self-challenge has been to locate that place. We all have a place. You know that place! When the sun starts to set mentally things about us begin to change and something from a different place begins to consume our presence. That place. As a writer I’m trying to identify it. To locate the trail. To understand the transitions. To document the...


Luis Navia And Jesse Fink Release The Book Pure Narco

'If Howard Marks was the king of the cannabis smuggle, Luis Navia is the Howard Marks of the cocaine trade.' - GRAHAM HONEY, HMCE Senior Investigation Officer (Ret.) 'With a cast of wild, grotesque and often deadly characters, strapped into a rollercoaster they cannot or will not get off, PURE NARCO is a deliriously pleasurable ride. Luis Navia was a key trafficker for the biggest Colombian and Mexican cartels, and his insight into how they flooded the USA and Europe with drugs is...


The Daily Mess Getting Beyond The Passage

The message. The passage. The bricked walls and stalled or stagnated waters. The search for flow as well as flaw knowing your weakness is actually a strength.


C.T.C.S. Episode 7 We're Closing Early

I’m C.T. When I’m not hosting podcasts I’m in the real world. Everybody has to work. My job is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships and generating motivation to keep my team pumped and connected to every guest who chose to stop in to pick up a few things or large baskets with everything. This is C.T.C.S. Episode 7 We’re Closing Early


Play It Forward Episode 305 With Kevin Martin From Candlebox

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 305 with Kevin Martin from Candlebox. Seattle-based, multi-platinum rock band Candlebox releases its brand new album Wolves, available on all major streaming platforms, CD, and vinyl. This is Candlebox's seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2016’s Disappearing in Airports. Wolves was produced by Dean Dichoso at the legendary Henson Studios in Los Angeles, California. Stream Wolves here:...


David Loyn Releases The Book The Long War

THE LONG WAR: The Inside Story of America and Afghanistan Since 9/11 (St. Martin's Press, on sale October 5, 2021, $29.99), by award-winning foreign correspondent David Loyn, tells the most complete and detailed story yet on the 20-year campaign in Afghanistan - America's longest war. At first, it was easy for the U.S. to defeat the Taliban with overwhelming air power. However, they've risen again amid general discontent across Afghanistan, coupled with rampant corruption and instability...


The Daily Mess Walking Beside You

At 59 I tend to argue with my mind body and soul. Not because it's not living up to my expectation but it's reaching beyond what I always assumed 59 would be. Learning how to share a conversation with yourself is an avenue to breathing that keeps you on the very path your body is walking. Being beside yourself opens your heart to new ways to love the world and all it offers.


Chris Jagger Releases The Book Talking To Myself And Album Mixing Up The Medicine

You will find many of Chris' life adventures detailed in this new pull-no-punches memoir, Talking to Myself. It’s a rich, detailed, hilarious and gossipy tale that digs deep into he and his older brother Mick’s upbringing in Dartford, Kent. The book plots the siblings’ emergence into adulthood and shared lifelong appreciation for the blues. It also chronicles the younger Jagger’s musical adventures from the 1970s onwards with entertaining detours into his travels to India, Pakistan,...


Play It Forward Episode 304 With Cody And Brandi Rhodes From Rhodes To The Top On TNT

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 304 with Cody and Brandi Rhodes From Rhodes To The Top on TNT. “Rhodes to the Top” will go inside the lives of Cody and Brandi Rhodes as they navigate their growing family while helping to build AEW’s global wrestling empire. Each episode will take viewers behind-the-scenes as the powerhouse couple manage their ever-busier lives inside and outside the ring, all the while surrounded by a colorful and...