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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author


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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author






Charles CG Esperanza Releases The Book Boogie Boogie Yall

Born in the South Bronx, Charles G. Esperanza is an author, illustrator and an art teacher at the Serviam Gardens Senior Center in the Bronx. As an ode to his neighborhood, Charles created the vibrant picture book Boogie Boogie, Y’All, which celebrates the rich culture of New York City’s graffiti art and hip hop music. While some may not consider graffiti to be “real art,” Boogie Boogie, Y’All conveys how street art is a form of expression, a source of inspiration and a means of bringing...


The Daily Mess Curmudgeon

At 59. Am I a curmudgeon? The dictionary defines it as a bad tempered person. Wow! That doesn't paint a pretty picture. The world is missing people like Andy Rooney. I always wanted to be him. To never be afraid to speak about what you're well aware of. The world beat me to it. Social Media is nothing but a massive amount of curmudgeons.


Play It Forward Episode 309 With Carlos Watson Host Of The 42nd News And Documentary Emmy Awards

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 309 with Carlos Watson! The 42nd Annual News & Documentary Emmy® Awards honor programming content from more than 2200 submissions that originally premiered in calendar-year 2020, judged by a pool of over 800 peer professionals from across the television and streaming/digital media News & Documentary industry.


C.T.C.S. Episode 8 Great Game Now Clean Up The Locker Room

I’m C.T. When I’m not hosting podcasts I’m in the real world. Everybody has to work. My job is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships and generating motivation to keep my team pumped and connected to every guest who chose to stop in to pick up a few things or large baskets with everything. This is C.T.C.S. Episode 8 Good Game Now Clean Up The Locker Room


Stream Thinking Not A Fan Of Text Messages

September 27, 2021 I’m a man of many faults and weaknesses. One of them being seriously disconnected from texting. I don’t enjoy reading or writing a text message. Especially if the conversation is excessively long or the subject involves several talk bubbles. I think it’s based on a lack of inflection. I see words but I’m not hearing them. My creative mind starts to make up the noise. If something doesn’t feel right I’m always going to react in ways the original author didn’t mean. It’s...


Elvira Cassandra Peterson Releases The Book Yours Cruelly Elvira Memoirs Of The Mistriss Of The Dark

On Good Friday in 1953, at only 18 months old, 25 miles from the nearest hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, Cassandra Peterson reached for a pot on the stove and doused herself in boiling water. Third-degree burns covered 35% of her body, and the prognosis wasn't good. But she survived. Burned and scarred, the impact stayed with her and became an obstacle she was determined to overcome. Feeling like a misfit led to her love of horror. While her sisters played with Barbie dolls, Cassandra built...


Pod Crashing Episode 122 With Amara Le Negra From Exactly Amara

In Exactly Amara, reality star, model, singer and overall boss lady, Amara La Negra gets personal on just about everything! Along with her co-host Stevey Newnez, the pair discuss dating, sex, relationships, social media, plastic surgery, body positivity and everything in between. In each episode of this weekly show, Amara adds her Spanglish sazón, getting raw and real with topics that hit close to home. Prepare for her to show you, Exactly Amara.


Paul Sexton Releases The Book Prince A Portrait Of The Artist

Prince Rogers Nelson was a musical phenomenon who constantly reinvented himself throughout his long and colorful career, changing his style and even his name to keep his artistic output fresh and funky. Eccentric and flamboyant with an impressive vocal range, Prince influenced many other musicians with his trademark mix of funk, rock and R&B. In addition to his remarkable musical output, Prince helped other performers on their path to stardom, writing songs for a variety of artists and even...


Crystal Renee Hayslett From Tyler Perry's Sistas On BET

The one-hour dramatic comedy “Tyler Perry’s Sistas” is the #1 new scripted cable series for Black people 18-49 and 25-54. In the midseason finale episode #311 “Unlock It” premiering Wednesday, August 18 at 9 PM ET/PT– Andi has a sudden change of heart after another one of Gary’s antics strikes home. The one-hour drama follows a group of single Black females as they navigate their “complicated love life,” careers and friendship through the ups-and-downs of living in a modern world of social...


Stephen Braitman From Rock My Collection On AXS TV

AXS TV has launched a music memorabilia series, "Rock My Collection," hosted by Ahmet Zappa with Co-Host Appraiser Stephen Braitman on Sunday August 15, 2021 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. The series showcases unique Items such as Elvis’ Bank Loans, a Map of Italy Signed by Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty’s Scooter, and Brian Wilson’s Driver’s License, as well as pieces signed during each episode by iconic guests Including shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper, beloved Heart founder Nancy Wilson, 4 Non Blondes...


Cheyenne Floyd From Teen Mom On MTV

Cheyenne Floyd is a proud mother, social entrepreneur, philanthropist and television personality. She is best known for her roles in MTV’s The Challenge, Are You The One and currently Teen Mom OG, which kicks-off its 10th season on September 7th, 2021. Leveraging her growing social influence, Cheyenne’s mission is to bring change in society through her creative strategies and innovative ideas realized in her businesses and philanthropic commitments including Nails by Ryder K, Rage Regardless...


The Daily Mess Running Away

The time on the clock is rarely friend to those trying to keep focused on keeping their head above water. The price of trying to keep your mind body and soul in shape in an age of very little rest. The effects of the after affects. What are we handing down to the next generations? Credit cards are painting over our injured hearts. The eyes though are telling a different story. We can't run away from being tired. Not even when you're retired.


Ryan Jay Reviews Dear Evan Hansen, The Starling, Midnight Mass and Foundation

Ryan Jay reviews four new big and flat screen attractions. Dear Evan Hansen is beyond fantastic. The voice, the connection and the experience. Its only in theaters. At home you can catch The Starling on Netflix. Ryan says its kind of a Bridesmaid reunion. If you love drama and horror then you'll need to take in the Netflix series Midnight Mass. It will become your new binge. And finally did you know that Star Wars wasn't the first epic flick about a journey through space. The big inspiration...


Play It Forward Episode 308 With Trina From Love And Hip Hop Miami

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 308 with Trina from Love And Hip Hop Miami. The powerhouse franchise, LOVE & HIP HOP: MIAMI, returns to the musical melting pot that’s emerged as the epicenter of global culture. The new season finds its larger-than-life cast of iconic series veterans and heavy-hitting newcomers seizing the moment to represent, reinvent and push the industry envelope. At a time when the stakes have never been...


You Can't Turn It Off

September 24, 2021 I heard a teacher this morning say these words, “You can’t turn it off.” I watched the video over and over. The entire message was based on how leaders of lessons taught are expected to be on 24/7. The part that hit me the hardest in the heart was when she explained how taking home school work kept her away family. She wasn’t in control of raising her children. You can’t turn it off. This is very close to me because of my wife’s connections to education and I lived this...


Hayley Mills Releases The Book Forever Young

Iconic actress Hayley Mills shares personal memories from her storied childhood, growing up in a famous acting family and becoming a Disney child star, trying to grow up in a world that wanted her to stay forever young. The daughter of acclaimed British actor Sir John Mills was still a preteen when she began her acting career and was quickly thrust into the spotlight. Under the wing of Walt Disney himself, Hayley Mills was transformed into one of the biggest child starlets of the 1960s...


The Daily Mess Breaking Free Of The Influencers

The sway of the world. It reminds me of how the doe swishes here tall white tail from the left then quickly to the right. It's no different with the headlines. They've been designed to define our lives. People that once garnered hits and clicks disappeared for a while but seem to be back in full force. I won't bring up their names. That's what they want us to do. It sells advertising. People are making money off our addiction to news and entertainment. We have to jump into some deprivation....


Fatima Silva From Reasonable Doubt On ID

​All too often, innocent people fall through the cracks of the justice system. These judicial missteps leave families devastated with doubt and paralyzed by unanswered questions about their convicted loved one. Determined to uncover the truth of these questionable convictions, retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva return for a fourth season of Investigation Discovery’s popular series REASONABLE DOUBT. Each week, Anderson and Silva use their...