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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author


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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author






Conceited and DJ Diamond Cuts From Yo MTV Raps On Paramount+

The reimagined global iteration will include hosted segments, live performances, cyphers, lifestyle content, and serve as a comprehensive deep dive into the current state of hip-hop. After its debut 33 years ago on August 6, 1988, YO! MTV RAPS became the premiere destination for all things hip-hop. The advent of the series coincided with the rise in hip-hop and was crucial to the growth in popularity of rap music worldwide, creating a global passion for the genre and greater hip hop...


The Daily Mess The Numbers

May 18, 2022 I’ve been to the professionals! There’s a real injury. Fixing it is going to be the greater challenge. You can’t ignore your Achilles tendon. My average day is 13 to 15,000 steps. The app claims I’ve walked 2,864,037 steps. That’s 1,350 miles. It seems so small! Like my daily writing. 28 years sounds like longtime until you physically see the number of books that’ve been used. Not as many as you’d think. Has our view of larger than life changed? Look at what we do on social...


American Journalist In Ukraine Joe Lindsley Episode Three

These moments in Ukraine have proven to be some of the darkest experiences in human history. Through the clouds overtaken by billowing smoke from a nation under attack there are real stories about the people and why they remain unforgettably strong. Joe Lindsley is the American Journalist in Ukraine.


Junk Mail

Junk mail! Has anybody purchased an item because it was featured in junk mail? Digital junk mail is no different. How do they convince advertisers that their Email blast is going to bring them business success? Block! Unsubscribe! How about these job websites? Monster and Indeed are hosts for smart phone viruses. They bait you with a job that sounds fantastic then it's not there when you double click. The phone rings with someone asking about furthering your education. Junk mail! My mailbox...


Johnnie Christmas Releases The Book Swim Team

Learning to swim is a very serious issue in the Black community. Longstanding issues of race and class have meant that pools are either not present in Black communities or are poorly maintained. Parents who can’t swim are less likely to have children who can swim or encourage their children to learn. Johnnie’s inspiration for SWIM TEAM was to encourage young African American children to get in the pool and learn to swim. In SWIM TEAM, a splashy, contemporary middle grade graphic novel from...


The Daily Mess Blocked In

May 17, 2022 That feeling of being blocked in. Nowhere to turn. Invisible walls that keep moving inward. Your mind wants to collapse. Your sky carries no color. The ideas are almost nothing which makes writing or creating a greater challenge. The choice is to call it out. Writing about that feeling of being blocked. Get in its face. The edge of the universe. Darkness meeting light. Sight with no sound. Only the voices in your head. If they could be heard outside the mind there would have to...


C.T.C.S. Episode 35 The Adventure

I’m C.T. When I’m not hosting podcasts I’m in the real world. Everybody has to work. My job is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships and generating motivation to keep my team pumped and connected to every guest who chose to stop in to pick up a few things or large baskets with everything. This is C.T.C.S. Episode 35 The Adventure


Play It Forward Episode 433 With Actor Johnny Whitaker

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 433 with actor Johnny Whitaker. Krofft Kon is the FIRST ever con dedicated to the talents of Sid & Marty Krofft. Sid and Marty Krofft will both be attending the amazing day! This will be a 70s kids dream! The historic Orinda Theatre in Orinda, California will be transformed into "Living Island". Also, come meet your favorite stars that you watched each Saturday morning while eating a bowl of...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 294

Garrick is one. He finds great joy in pointing at the black bear statue in my forest. On Christmas Eve I placed a black bear statue on his side of the forest. I didn't want to tell him where to locate it. That's part of the excitement of life. Locating things that others have put on your path and not telling you about it until your heart and eyes find it. The same is true about conversations. Just like the bear in the forest people endlessly say things that go unnoticed. The moment you...


Ira Shapiro Releases The Book The Betayal

The Founding Fathers gave the U.S. Senate many functions, but it had one fundamental responsibility—its raison d’etre: to provide the check against a dangerous president who threatened our democracy. Two hundred and thirty years later, when Donald Trump, a potential authoritarian, finally reached the White House, the Senate should have served as both America’s first and last lines of defense. Instead, we had the nightmare scenario: today’s Senate, reduced through a long period of decline to...


The Daily Mess Pain

May 16, 2022 What if the pain you feel isn’t your body but rather your knowledge? I openly admitted to a coworker how painful it is to get old. I’m constantly being introduced to a new area of ache. I blame a lot of it on my 15 years in martial arts. My Sensei always put focus on kicking the knee and lower. I didn’t understand. It didn’t look cool! He told us about our aging years claiming we wouldn’t have the strength or ability to kick above the waist. His vision was a seed to become...


Angel Brinks From VH1's Basketball Wives

This season on the hit series Basketball Wives it’s a whole new ball game as the ladies are back and ready to level up with a reunion of friends from past and present, all the while finding connections that both bring them closer together – and at times threaten to tear them further apart. Featuring veteran cast members Jackie, Malaysia and Jennifer and MVPs from seasons past Angel, Brandi, Duffey, Brooke and Brittish with appearances by Shaunie, Nia and Noria, we’ll follow the boss ladies...


Play It Forward Episode 432 With MTV's Jay Osterman Mental Health Action Day

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 432 with Jay Osterman from MTV. MTV’s second-annual Mental Health Action Day (May 19) has once again brought together more than 1,600 companies and organizations in cities across the country to support the global movement that encourages and empowers people to take action for mental health. Focusing on the theme Connection, brands and nonprofits in cities around the world will host free in-person...


Stream Thinking Study The Event

As we grow, how far do we reach? Mentally we're learning by way of being present. My lawn wouldn't grow so I planted trees and it became a forest. Never realizing how the future umbrella above would affect and infect the soil. define growth as a means of undergoing a natural development. Through age and maturity we start to realize the importance of the struggles caused by dreams and personal expectations. In the community there's unpredictable growth. The next step is choice....


David Gergen Releases The Book Hearts Touched With Fire

Gergen describes himself as a short-term pessimist but a long-term optimist. The next several years are likely to be rough in America, he believes, but the long-term outlook holds much greater promise. Our prospects for success, he argues, now rest heavily upon preparing rising generations for lives of service and leadership. As a White House adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton, Gergen gathered invaluable lessons on leadership that he has shared for more than two decades...


Rea Frey Releases The Book Secrets Of Our House

REA FREY offers a thrilling domestic drama set against the power of the wilderness. Engaging, propulsive, and with a dramatic, heart-pounding final act, the book is a dazzling novel, richly-drawn, that shows no matter how hard outside forces may shake you, the bonds of family are stronger than the harshest winds. About the book: Desi is the mastermind behind her dream getaway house. Nestled high into the mountains of North Carolina, it is a sleek place, a luxurious place, a dark place. A...


Pod Crashing Episode 152 With Ty Longworth From Whiskeylodeon

Pod Crashing Episode 152 with Ty Longworth From The Podcast Whiskeylodeon. This is the spot where you can join best friends Ty and Sean and drink while we revisit the old shows we loved as kids. So sit back, pour yourself a glass, and let's get drunk off nostalgia... And whiskey.


Terri Lebenson Releases The Book Remarkably Ruby

Terri Libenson’s best-selling graphic novel series, Emmie & Friends, feature humorous portrayals of friends coming of age, figuring out where they fit, and navigating the challenges of middle school. The first five books – Invisible Emmie, Positively Izzy, Just Jamie, Becoming Brianna and Truly Tyler – deliver endearing and relatable stories about friendship and middle-school drama. Now, Terri introduces the sixth book in the series, Remarkably Ruby, a story about how there’s more to...


The Daily Mess Mouth Vomit

May 13, 2022 So much going on. Digesting it feels more like mouth vomit. You’re not physically sick but there’s evidence that something never feels right. The experts claim the Covid 19 numbers are moving upward. The new normal is accepting that it’s not going away. The goal should be prevention. I do it for the common cold, flu and seasonal allergies. Here we are! Hope you are fine. So much of a mess. If life was a computer we’d hit control alt delete. Reboot! But life doesn’t give us that...


Kendall Smith Releases The Book Rookie Father

Author KENDALL SMITH, son of a single mother, takes readers and new fathers under his wing in his new release ROOKIE FATHER: A Playbook for Men Experiencing Fatherhood for the First Time. This playbook is for fathers who, like Smith, did not have a regular and dependable father figure and is packed with short lessons to answer questions new dads will face, from choosing your parenting style to what it means to really be the “man of the house” (spoiler alert: it’s not the 1950s) to...