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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author


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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author






Bobby Lashley The Almighty From The WWE

“The Almighty” Bobby Lashley has a list of credentials few can boast as a former MMA fighter, 3-time wrestling National Champion, 4-time wrestling All-American, 2-time Armed Forces Champion, Silver Medalist in the 2002 CISM World Championships, and multi-time WWE and Intercontinental Champion. He’s as comfortable striking down his opponents with the full force of his 6’3 frame as he is striking an Adonis-like pose with his dazzling smile. He is both brazen and brave, taking on the biggest...


C.T.C.S. Episode 58 The Billion Dollar Lottery And Newer Ways To Steal

I’m C.T. When I’m not hosting podcasts I’m in the real world. Everybody has to work. My job is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships and generating motivation to keep my team pumped and connected to every guest who chose to stop in to pick up a few things or large baskets with everything. This is C.T.C.S. Episode 58 The Billion Dollar Lottery And Creative Ways To Steal


The Daily Mess Air To Get In There

Breathing properly while writing. Just like lifting weights and running, being a daily writer requires the right breathing technique. Some writers actually suffer from writing apnea. They stop breathing while pasting thoughts to a page. I use breathing to get me deeper into thought. Almost like mediation. Science has proven that writing lowers stress. In doing so, the goal is to do it by way of stream of conscious. But what do we do on days of clogged noses? A cold or allergies! That's when...


Ginna Claire Mason From A Holiday Spectacular On Hallmark

A Holiday Spectacular – The Hallmark Channel’s original new movie premiering November 27 as part of its “Countdown to Christmas” programming event – stars Broadway favorite Ginna Claire Mason (Wicked, Newsies, Flashdance) as a Philadelphia heiress named Maggie in 1958. Maggie puts her high-society wedding plans on hold to sneak up to New York City and make her secret dream come true: dancing live on stage in the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. While her family thinks she’s...


Bryce Leatherwood From NBC's The Voice

Bryce grew up going to his granddaddy's farm where they would ride around together and listen to country music. Bryce couldn't imagine life without his grandfather, who was diagnosed with lung cancer when Bryce was young but is still going strong to this day. Bryce is finishing up his final year at Georgia Southern University and is completing a degree in business in hopes of managing his music career. The college bar scene is where got experience on stage, and it's also how he pays his...


Stream Thinking How Do They Know

I'm amazed by how dogs love being in the human's real world. Our Jazzie loves taking walks through Lowes Home Improvement. She greets every employee like she knows them. She prances while walking down the aisles. Always looking for something cool to take home. How do they know? I've always believed that our next level in life isn't a cold silent death but rather a transition into becoming a human pet. We've lived this life before.


Eric Zweig It's A Numbers Game

With every throw, tackle, and kick, numbers are being calculated on the football field. National Geographic Kids and ESPN teamed up to create It’s a Numbers Game! Football to teach kids the way that digits and math factor into football, from the countless statistics used to measure an individual player’s performance to the numbers used in defensive formations. NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes wrote the foreword for this new book, explaining how he uses time, numbers, and math to win football...


Brayden Lape From NBC's The Voice

A go-getter and avid athlete, Brayden hails from a small town where everybody knows everybody, and a lot of his childhood was spent outdoors. At just 15, Brayden started playing 30-minute slots at restaurants in his hometown, which his little brother loves to brag about. When Brayden isn’t working on his music, you can find him playing basketball, football and baseball. Brayden’s mom has always pushed him to be his best, even when he wasn’t confident enough to feel it himself. He hopes to...


Dr Yasmin El Shazly From Tutankhamin Allies And Enemies On PBS

More than a collection of priceless artifacts, Tutankhamun’s legacy places him at the center of one of the most intriguing political thrillers of all human history. By following the clues through the eyes of Egyptian researchers, like Dr. El Shazly, audiences are in for an immersive, authentic story unlike any other telling of this fascinating tale. Produced and shot on location by an all-Egyptian crew, the film aims to share the Egyptian pharaoh’s story from his point of view and unpacks...


Casey Hammer From House Of Hammer

Featuring exclusive access and shocking revelations, the documentary takes viewers inside the Hammer family's dark power plays over the course of three revealing hours. Hammer's meteoric rise to fame came crashing down as victims came forward with disturbing stories of bondage, cannibalism fantasies, branding and that was just the beginning. The rape and abuse allegations brought against Armie Hammer in 2021 shocked Hollywood insiders and fans across the globe. This docuseries begins in...


Blanca Releases The Heartbreak An The Healing



Charles Brandt Releases Surpressing The Truth In Dallas

In SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH IN DALLAS, Brandt unravels the connections between the homicides of JFK and Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit on November 22, 1963, and the murder two days later-captured live on national television-of their killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, in the basement of the Dallas police station by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. What he uncovers is conspiracy in Dallas by and among Ruby and his lawyer Melvin Belli; Oswald and certain members of the Dallas Police Department, including...


The Daily Mess Know Without Saying No

November 22, 2022 The daily goal is to walk free of a hidden landscape. To stay clear of hidden inabilities that stall the truer calling. While in front of a daily challenge or change don’t allow yourself to become weighed down by a feeling of having nothing. Know without saying, “No.” Gaining access to who and how you are removes the hidden landscape. Saying, “Yes” to an opportunity opens the system of choice to strengthen. We’ve made it too easy for others to retreat to their hidden...


Dr Julia Skinner Releases Our Ferminted Lives

In OUR FERMENTED LIVES: A History of How Fermented Foods Have Shaped Cultures & Communities, food historian and fermenting expert, Dr. Julia Skinner explores fermentation’s fascinating path through human history…. from the unexpected history of ketchup to the foundational role kimchi has played in building community…. to the surprisingly familiar taste of ancient Egyptian beer. Part popular history, part cookbook, part fermentation how-to, Our Fermented Lives will give your listeners...


Play It Forward Episode 519 With Chas West From Westbound

This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward Episode 519 With Chas West Of Westbound West Bound started with just Chas, Z, & Chili. When it was time, Chas added other pro players to round out the lineup. Jimmy Burkard (guitar) was introduced to Chas thru Stephen McGrath (Billy Idol) and was quickly added to the mix. Jason Cornwell (Eric Martin) was joined next on bass. He and Chas played together in a previous project and they had an immediate bond!...


De Frag Episode Twenty Five Time Travel

Because I'm a daily writer that receives early in the morning, I'm amazed at how fast the messages move through me and beyond. I document my moments of now. Like most, a lot of great ideas are lost forever by noon. Breaking it down allows the body to make clearer choices. So much valuable information is shared with our inner core then lost by the outside world.


Pod Crashing Episode 177 With Barry Ritholtz From Masters In Business

Pod Crashing Episode 177 With Barry Ritholtz From Masters In Business Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business. Barry Ritholtz has spent his career helping people spot their own investment errors and to learn how to better manage their own financial behaviors. He is the creator of The Big Picture, often ranked as the number one financial blog to follow by The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and others. Barry...


Justin Baldoni Releases Boys Will Be Human

From filmmaker, actor and author Justin Baldoni comes a real-talk, self-esteem-building guidebook that helps boys ages 11 and up embrace their feelings and fears instead of repress them. Boys Will Be Human is the perfect social-emotional learning tool for parents and educators to jump-start conversations about masculinity with the boys in their lives. Boys Will Be Human isn’t about learning, it’s about UNLEARNING them. It’s a get-real guidebook that will show young readers how to be: •...


Chef Jet Tila From The Halloween Cookie Challenge

From the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Normandie Avenue in the heart of Los Angeles to the Las Vegas Strip; from backyard cooking classes to battling legends on "Iron Chef America"-Jet Tila has carved a singular niche as a culinary storyteller. Thanks to his diverse background and education, Tila is as comfortable as chef and consultant as he is teacher and student in the art of food. His numerous accomplishments in the culinary world continue to grow. In 2013 alone, Tila has...


Jay Allen From NBC's The Voice