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Adrift by Tami Oldham Ashcraft - Autobiography Book Club

This month we read Adrift, the harrowing tale of Tami Oldham Ashcraft who was floating at sea for 41 days. Her story is one of resilience, survival, love and loss. Join in while we discuss the 5 reasons why we would never survive 41 days at sea as well as one of our deep lack of navigational knowledge. We also sip a makeshift "Sea Breeze" slapped together just like the rickety jib aboard Tami's wrecked sail boat. We would love to hear what you think! Leave us a review on iTunes and wherever...


Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot - Autobiography Book Club

This month we read the heart wrenching autobiography detailing one women's struggle with depression and mental illness as well as her fight for love. Heart Berries is a poetic book written in North American Indian prose, but with a modern flair. Listen in while we discuss Heart Berries over a glass of berry garnished New Age on ice. If you enjoyed Heart Berries, you might want to check out last months read, Educated by Tara Westover. In our latest discussion we will address some of the...


Educated by Tara Westover - Autobiography Book Club

This month we read Educated by Tara Westover, the story of a young woman living an unconventional, survivalist childhood in the mountains of Idaho. This story gives free range children and childhood labor a new meaning. Listen while we discuss the amazing journey of Tara and how she overcomes her familial shackles and rises up to become an amazing, talented and educated woman. This autobiography has many layers, so join Jill and Leah while they dissect some of the more humorous aspects of...


I'll Be Gone in the Dark: The Golden State Killer - Autobiography Book Club

This month we read the true crime book I'll Be Gone in the Dark. If you are into true crime, you are going to love this book. Michelle McNamara is a relentless researcher and a fabulous writer. She tells the story of the Original Night Stalker aka East Area Rapist aka Golden State Killer with compassion and great detail. Join us as we discuss the book, what does it really mean to be a "non-secretor" and if women can really tell when men are "faking it". If you are enjoying book club, we'd...


Brave: The Discussion Continues - Autobiography Book Club

So much to discuss and so little time. Brave by Rose McGowan brings up a myriad of topics to cover. Join us for our "bonus episode" that digs a little further into Rose McGowan, her life and were she is now. We've also got an update on her upcoming court date regarding those suspicious drug charges. If you didn't hear the full length book club discussion on Brave by Rose McGowan we recommend checking that out first, but if you'd rather catch the short side of things, enjoy this bonus...


#3 Brave By Rose McGowan - Autobiography Book Club

I hope you are all finished Brave by Rose McGowan, but if you didn’t get through it it’s alright because we have a lot of things to talk about regarding her book, her career and her current activism. If you didn’t finish, I encourage you to read on and hopefully find some inspiration in her fight and maybe some motivation to help with her cause…in whatever capacity you see fit. Now let’s dig in. So I sit down to organize my thoughts on the book and an hour later I’m like “oh my god, I’m...


#2 The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish - Autobiography Book Club

My initial thought going in to The Last Black Unicorn is that she’s a comedian. Comedians are writers so it’s a slam dunk…this is going to be funny. Although it did make me laugh, let’s be honest, Tiffany is not about to win any awards for her literary prose. As far as the writing goes, I would put this a couple steps below 50 Shades of Grey and a couple above Everybody Poops. It’s not good. That being said, I still really enjoyed reading about her life. I had already fallen in love with...


#1 Welcome to the Club - Autobiography Book Club

Welcome to your new favorite book club…ok so maybe we haven’t hit it off just yet, but I assure you this will be fun. So why autobiographies…. well for a number of reasons. One, people are weird and interesting and they love to talk about themselves. We’ve all had the run in where we meet someone and thirty minutes later they’re telling you about how in high school all the girls hated them and they only got along with the boys and there dad was real strict and now their husband is real...