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Dave and Aaron (along with the occasional guest) talk about books around the water cooler! We'll review books, share author news, and provide strategies to help you read more! Email us at

Dave and Aaron (along with the occasional guest) talk about books around the water cooler! We'll review books, share author news, and provide strategies to help you read more! Email us at


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Dave and Aaron (along with the occasional guest) talk about books around the water cooler! We'll review books, share author news, and provide strategies to help you read more! Email us at




Episode #24 - How To Stop Time

This is the beautiful and bittersweet story of a man who ages at 1/15th of the speed of everyone else... Dave loved it! #books #reviews #scifi #drama #timetravel Music by


Episode #23 - William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope

Dave and Aaron are HUGE fans of Star Wars, but how good is the "Shakespeare" adaptation of a New Hope? Aaron shares his thoughts... #books #reviews #scifi #starwars #shakespeare #theatre


Episode #22 - The Brilliance Trilogy

This book is what you'd get if you crossed X-Men and the Bourne Identity. Dave just wrapped up the trilogy and won't stop raving about it. Have you read it? What are your thoughts? Message us at #bookreviews #scifi #thriller #abnorms #mutants Music by


Episode #21 - The Warrior Within

Aaron reviews the brand new novella from debut author Angus McIntyre! It's a very cool book about a man with multiple personas in his head--each with a unique set of skills--who must defend his town from dangerous mercenaries. #books #reviews #sciencefiction Music by


Episode #20 - Mort(e)

After reading this book, we can no longer fully trust house pets. It is suuuuper weird and dark, but it is impossible to put down. #bookreviews #dystopian #scifi #animals #EMSAH Music from


Episode #19 - The Handmaid's Tale

While Dave readily admits that the book was well-written, he thought The Handmaid's Tale was wildly unpleasant... If you like dark, depressing dystopian novels, this might be for you! #bookreviews #scifi #dystopian Music by


Episode #18 - Broaden The Backlist: Comedic Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Dave and Aaron suggest some of their favorite comedic sci-fi and fantasy titles! Did they forget your favorite? Email us at #booksuggestions #scifi #fantasy #comedy Music by


Episode #17 - A Walk In The Woods

With spring arriving and the weather warming up, you may just feel like taking a walk in the woods... just watch out for the bears! Aaron shares his thoughts on the unique comedy/drama/travel memoir. #bookreviews #nature #humor #davewantstogohikingwithyou Music provided by


Episode #16 - Dark Matter

Dopplegangers! Kidnappings! Multiverses! Oh my! Dave and Aaron (or at least some version of them) discuss the latest sci-fi thriller from the guy who wrote Wayward Pines. #bookreviews #scifi #thriller #icecream #kidnappings #multiverse Music by


Episode #15 - Killers Of The Flower Moon

We take a break from the sci-fi/fantasy books we normally cover to discuss a pretty shocking story of cold blooded murder from the 1920s. While the book isn't a "fun" read, it's important that we know the horrors of our history. #bookreviews #truecrime #mystery #history #nonfiction Music courtesy of


Episode #14 - Artemis

On a very special Valentine's Day episode, Aaron chats with his wife Heather about the latest sci-fi spectacle from Andy Weir, the author of The Martian. Does this book suffer from the classic "Sophomore Slump" or does it stick the (moon) landing? #bookreview #scifi #moonheists #allthatjazz All of our music on the podcast comes from


Episode #13 - The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem is the Hugo Award-winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin. Aaron shares some of his thoughts on it. Have you read it? Share your thoughts at #scifi #bookreviews #Trisolaris #chaoticera Tunes are from


Episode #12 - Two Minute Tip: Audio Books (Part 2)

Where's the best place to find/buy/borrow audio books? Dave and Aaron have some suggestions on where to get started. #audiobooks #twominutetips #overdrive #librivox #audible #library The cool intro music came from


Episode #11 - Two Minute Tip: Audio Books (part 1)

I thought that this was a podcast about reading books? Aren't audio books cheating? NOPE! Prepare to double your double the number of books you read. #twominutetip #books #reading #audiobooks All that cool music in our podcasts comes from


Episode #10 - Sourdough

What do you get when you combine a book about the joys of technology with the passion of baking? This weird, wonderful gem of a book by the same author who brought you Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore. Dave really enjoyed this book (which is not surprising based on how much bread he eats). Have you read it? Share your thoughts at #fiction #bookreview #slurry #doublespicy Music provided by


Episode #9 - The Sudden Appearance Of Hope

This book won the 2017 World Fantasy Award, so we had to take a look at it. The protagonist: a jewel thief who people immediately forget about 60 seconds after they stop talking to her... their memories of her are completely gone. Dave LOVED the premise of the book, but does it stick the landing? To share with us what you are reading, email #thriller #scifi #review #doyouhaveperfection? (Musical goodness provided by


Episode #8 - Altered Carbon

Is it a sc-fi novel? Is it a harboiled detective noir? Yes. What are you reading? Message us at #scifi #mystery #bodysleeves Music courtesy of ****EPISODE NOTE: According to reviews, the Netflix show is very, very graphic and we are super bummed out :( While we really enjoyed the book, we are in NO WAY endorsing the series. Resorting to "sexploitation" in order to get viewers for your show is gross. Yes, there was content issues in the book (I...


Episode #7 - Kings of the Wyld

It's time to get the band back together for a reunion tour: a suicide mission into the Heartwyld. Dave and Aaron share about one of their favorite fantasy titles from 2017. #fantasy #bookreviews #GRRMmeetsTerryPratchett Spicy tunes provided by


Episode #6 - Two Minute Tip; Multibooking

Multibooking... it's like pinball... for books! Do you read one book at a time or do you read multiple books simultaneously? Email us your thoughts at #twominutetip #bookpinball Music by


Episode #5 - Annihilation/Southern Reach Trilogy

Dave and Aaron are sharply divided on this baffling, unsettling series. Dave explains why he's a hater... Aaron explains why Dave's opinion is completely wrong. What are you reading? Drop us a line at #scifi #dividedopinions #bookreviews #Whereliesthestranglingfruit (Bleep bloops courtesy of