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#08 – 2017 Winners

In this three-part interview, we talk to Chas! Pangburn, Deniz Camp, and Sam Beck, the winners from each category of our 2017 competition. They open up about their lives as indie comic creators. The ups and down, the rejections, and the light at the end of the tunnel. *Apologies for the bad audio during Deniz Camp's interview. Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play


#07 – Meredith Finch

Meredith Finch got her start writing on the project Tales from Oz. Ever since, she's been writing for some of the biggest properties out there: Wonder Woman, Justice League, and the soon to be released Xena: Warrior Princess. Her creator owned comic, Rose (Image Comics) is a reflection of her life long love for fantasy stories. She tells us about working with different publishers and different artists, and what it's like being married to a fellow comic creator. Listen on: iTunes –...


#06 – David Baron

David Baron has been working in comics for over twenty years. He's colored comics for the biggest publishers, and he's just put out his first creator owned comic, Stained. David opens up about how the industry has changed over the years, what it's like working with different publishers, and what he'd do if he was trying to break into the industry today. Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play


#05 – A Place in the West

Ross Joseph Gardner and Michael Pelletier created the first standalone comic on Steam. Their Half-Life based comic, A Place in the West, comes with mini-comics, commentary tracks, and even a musical score. Their latest issue, Part #3 – The Pit, was just released July 21st. We talk about being the first comic on a new platform, the pros and cons of basing your story on a video game, and the challenges of translating your comic into multiple languages. Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google...


#04 – ap2hyc

A Place to Hang Your Cape has been a champion of indie comics for years. For many creators, ap2hyc is the first review they get. We talk with David Molofsky (who started the website in a Starbucks) about comic book theory, finding up-and-coming creators, and networking over social media. Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play


#03 – Vault Comics

If you don't know Vault Comics, do yourself a favor and go check out their books. Adrian and Damian Wassel join us to discuss why they started a publishing company, what creators can do to stand out when submitting comics, and the importance of branding in today's online world. Ira Glass on the Creative Process: Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play


#02 – Comic Bastards

Interested in getting your comics reviewed? Or maybe you wanna review comics yourself? Dustin Cabeal has been running Comic Bastards for seven years. He shares the ins and outs of submissions, taking criticism, and growing your audience. We also discuss writing about comics and what it takes to start reviewing. Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play


#01 – Action Lab Comics

Our first episode! We're super happy to have Nicole D'Andria on the show. She works with Action Lab Comics, handling submissions, editing, marketing, and more. She's also a long time reviewer over at Comic Frontline. We delve into the submission process for Action Lab and how Nicole manages to wear so many hats in the comic world. Listen on: iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play