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S1E10: Three audiobooks I hated (that everyone else loved)

Want a sneak peek at the books I hate on? Wrong by Jana Aston His Turn by JA Huss Misadventures with a Professor by Sierra Simone Did I just diss your faves? Visit me at http://bit.ly/GetIn-S1E10 to leave a comment or to snag your copy for a re-read to prove just how wrong I am. =) #GetInfatuated #BookSlut #ReadSomethingSexy Follow me online at @InfatuatedPdcst on Twitter and @InfatuatedPodcast on Instagram, or visit InfatuatedPodcast.com


S1E9: Kindle Unlimited books we're hoarding... and way too much wine!

We have a secret. We’ve been hoarding books! Listen as we (drunkenly) chat about the books that have been languishing in our Kindle Unlimited libraries… for years. We also go on a rant about Facebook. If you’ve ever raged against the social machine, you’ll enjoy the last part of this chat! Here's a sneak peek at a few of the authors we mention: Ruby Dixon, Keira Andrews, Sarah Lyons Fleming, MJ Edwards, Elicia Hyder, Izzy Sweet... and SO many more! Check out the show notes at...


S1E8: Four romance books that will make you a better person

I dare you to read these stories. At least one of them will change the way you think about disability, and how you can change to be a better version of you. And if that scares you, don't worry—there are plenty of sexy times to go along with the stellar storytelling. Here's a sneak peek at the books I talk about: The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare Check out the show notes at...


S1E7: Bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti chats about her Dark Protectors reboot, Vampire’s Faith

Today I chatted with one of my favorite authors of paranormal romance, Rebecca Zanetti. Her new release VAMPIRE’S FAITH is a great entry point for readers who are new to the Dark Protectors series—you can just jump right in without having to read the earlier books—and fans of the series will see some new faces as well as some old friends. Rebecca and I also chat about her other upcoming releases and she gives some great advice on what to do when you meet your favorite author in person. This...


S1E6: Name That Drink! (bookish drinking games)

Sometimes you just want to drink and chill with friends. And if your friends are also rabid romance readers, the conversation is bound to devolve into giggling and book talk. So we decided to just cut right to the fun. Join Sheryl and I as we match our favorite tropes and book characters to alcoholic beverages! Listen in to see if we got 'em right! Here's a sneak peek at the tropes, characters, & book series we matched with alcoholic drinks: Best friend's brother + zombies Regency +...


S1E5: April 2018 review reads recap

Yep, it’s June, and I’m still playing catch up! The good news is that good books never go out of style, so here are my April 2018 romance review reads. Listen in to hear why you should Buy It, Try It, or Skip It! Here's a sneak peek at the books I talk about: His to Claim by Shelly Bell Spice by Jenna Jameson & Jamie K Schmidt A Gentleman Revealed by Cooper Davis Set Ablaze by KC Burn Saving Rayne by Susan Stoker Daughter of Draekons by Lee Savino & Lili Zander Fallen Ink by Carrie...


S1E4: Princess Fever

Episode 4 of Season 1 of Infatuated is all about royal romance! This episode was inspired by the royal wedding—Meghan and Harry—and we had a ton of fun chatting about our favorite things from the day, including our thoughts on the dress. BUT! If you’re over the whole royal wedding thing*, we’ve still got you covered! Tune in to find out what romances we recommend for meeting your very own book boyfriend prince. Here's a sneak peek at the books we talked about: Meghan: A Hollywood Princess...


S1E3: February & March 2018 romance review reads recap

Reviews, reviews, reviews! Bear with me as I catch up on a massive review backlog! This podcast is all about my thoughts—snark and all—on my February and March 2018 review reads. It's a shortie, less than 14 minutes long, so pop in and give me a listen! Check out the show notes at http://bit.ly/GetIn-S1E3 for buy links and more! Here's a sneak peek at the books I talk about in this episode: The Bastard's Bargain by Katee Robert On His Knees by Laura Kaye Crossing Promises by Kimberly...


S1E2: Raw reactions to Sierra Simone's American King

This second episode of the first official season of the Infatuated Podcast is all. about. New Camelot. Join the angst-fest as we celebrate (and curse) the highs and lows of our experiences reading American King, the final book in Sierra Simone's New Camelot trilogy. This episode is RAW (these books inspire some serious feels, peeps!). If you've read Sierra Simone's New Camelot series, you know exactly what I mean. Listen in to hear our 110% honest thoughts about this extremely emotional...


S1E1: Twilight & Fifty Shades: How these YA and NA fandoms changed our adult lives

Sparkly vampires. Sadist billionaires. Let’s get REAL about Twilight and Fifty Shades! Being part of the Twilight and Fifty Shades fandoms has literally changed my life. And I mean that in both forms of “literal”—these stories influenced both what I read and the people I have connected with. In this first episode of the shiny, new, rebooted Infatuated Podcast—previously called the GraveTells Romance Podcast—I dish with two of my girlfriends about the books, the trips, and the friendships...


S0E5: Romance for Every Reader (Part 2 of 2) with Shelf Addiction

GraveTells Romance teamed up with podcaster and book reviewer Shelf Addiction to bring you our TOP TWENTY romance book recommendations! In this two-part podcast series, we share our favorite reads from across romantic genres, and there's something for every reader. Listen to Part 1 on Shelf Addiction and Part 2 on InfatuatedPodcast.com here: https://wp.me/p9NOsJ-G Follow us online: Connect with Sue Brown- Moore Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/show/gravetells Website:...


S0E4: Gamer Girls In Romance with Vivien Jackson & Tamsin Ley

Check out the full show notes at InfatuatedPodcast.com to see the fun extras! https://wp.me/p9NOsJ-4W Join me and romance authors Vivien Jackson and Tamsin Ley as we chat about all things gaming, our favorite gaming romances, how gaming has become such an integral part of our lives, and reminisce about our best (and worst) times in games like World of Warcraft, Munchkin, D&D, and so many others! On Episode 4 of the GraveTells Romance podcast, WE CHAT ABOUT: World of Warcraft, fire mages...


S0E3: Kink in romantic fiction: A candid conversation with erotica author Eden Bradley

In this episode of the Infatuated Podcast (previously called The GraveTells Romance Podcast), erotica author and kinkster Eden Bradley talks candidly about the importance of women's sexual health and how kink and BDSM in real life can differ from what is often portrayed in romantic fiction. See details of the full episode, including buy links, on InfatuatedPodcast.com here: https://wp.me/p9NOsJ-43 Here are some questions and topics Eden and I cover: What are kinks? How do they differ from...


S0E2: Chasing book boyfriends (Book Passport Pt 2 of 2 with Shelf Addiction)

See the full show notes, with recommended book list and an introduction to my co-host for this episode, at https://wp.me/p9NOsJ-33 In this episode, Part 2 of our Book Passport series, I reunite with Tamara from Shelf Addiction as we talk about the next places we’ll visit on our book journeys and where we plan to stamp our literary passports.


S0E1: Paranormal Romance Girls' Night In, an intimate chat with GraveTells Romance & friends

See the full show notes, with the recommended book list, at https://wp.me/p9NOsJ-1z In my very first podcast ever—seriously, be kind! It’s a little rough!—I invited two of my best girlfriends over for wine & girl time, and we talked all about paranormal romance. And a few fun off-topics too. Because what romance lover (no matter the age) doesn’t love to talk about her favorite heroes?