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Luke and Don take a look at the topics and trends that make them raise their eyebrows and wonder, what's that about?

Luke and Don take a look at the topics and trends that make them raise their eyebrows and wonder, what's that about?
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Luke and Don take a look at the topics and trends that make them raise their eyebrows and wonder, what's that about?




Episode 14: The Haunted Mask

After many technical difficulties Beau and Lauren return with an examination of one of the most well known Goosebumps stories, The Haunted Mask.


Episode 11: Welcome to Camp Nightmare

Are you ready for the summer? Join Beau and Lauren as they pack their bags and head out for a summer at Camp Nightmare! Insidious camp counselors and endless games of Scratchball are bad enough, but there's also a beast named Sabre stalking the campers after dark. Camp Nightmare is one of the cult classics of the Goosebumps series, so put on some sunscreen and grab some marshmallows and enjoy the Listener Beware crews take on it.


Episode 10: The Girl Who Cried Monster

In this episode, Beau and Lauren dig into The Girl who Cried Monster and talk about the library a whole lot. Yeah. This episode is mainly Beau and Lauren nerding out about libraries. But also Goosebumps!


Episode 9: Night of the Living Dummy

Beau and Lauren are back, and this time they are taking on one of the biggest names in all of Goosebumps, Slappy the Dummy! In this episode we look at the origin of Goosebumps' most popular character and talk about the lasting impact he has had on pop culture. All of that plus one star Amazon review from people who don't seem to understand that Goosebumps is for children. LINKS Buy Your Own Slappy From the Onion Slappy the Dummy in Face Off?...


Episode 7: Let's Get Invisible

After shaking out of their post turkey nap, Beau and Lauren triumphantly return for more Goosebumps madness. In this episode the duo tackle Goosebumps #6, Let's Get Invisible. Everybody was skeptical about liking another invisible man story, but, surprisingly, #6 has some surprises in store. From proof that Harry Potter is a cheap knockoff to Skrillex cameos, this book has it all.


Episode 5: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

In this episode Beau gets really mad about mummies and black Whoppers and Lauren gets mad at everything else. The Listener Beware crew rolls on with discussions about orientalism, mummies in cinema, and the future of the show. Follow Listener Beware @listenerbeware on Twitter and at


Episode 3: Monster Blood

Do you have monster blood in your veins? In this episode Beau and Lauren talk about why slime toys are awesome, what witches were like in the 90's (hint: leather pants) and how liking horror makes you both cool and weird. Listener Beware is debuting a new episode every Monday in October, with a Halloween surprise to round out the month. You can follow Listener Beware on Twitter @listenerbeware and on Facebook at and make sure to follow and review the show on...


Episode 2: Stay Out of the Basement

We're back for episode 2, now with not terrible audio. Join Beau and Lauren as they discuss Goosebumps #2, Stay out of the Basement. In this episode we tackle important issues like how it won't feel like Halloween until it's not 90 degrees out, why plant monsters are cool, and why someone pretending to eat dirt can save a show if they do it ravenously enough. Follow the show on Facebook at and on Twitter @listenerbeware and if you want to get in touch you can do...