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Podcast by The Act of Storytelling.
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Podcast by The Act of Storytelling.




Ch02.Podcast08 Christopher Saunders

To celebrate March in style, Lauren and Nick sit down with Christopher Saunders to talk about creating social change through art. Not only is he an actor, enabler and creative producer, Christopher is also endlessly curious about how we work together to reframe our stories and connect ourselves to the real humans represented in the tales we tell. Through his work with BIGhART, and currently as General Manager of Renew Newcastle, Christopher shares some sage advice on sustainability and...


Ch02.Podcast7 Nick Cain & Lauren Bailey

In the first full length podcast for 2018, our hosts take the spotlight as they carve out an special hour that is dedicated to turning the interviewers into the interviewees. Both Nick and Lauren take turns delving into key factors that have driven them to be the individual artists they are today. The discussion winds passionately from the importance of specificity and curiosity in designing our artistic lives, to musings around the fundamental nature and meaning of existence. In a...


Ch01.Snapshot01 Hayden Gregory & Opie Sayner-Hassell

It's a double dose of talent on this storyteller snapshot, as Nick and Lauren meet with two childhood friends turned indie filmmakers. Director Hayden Gregory and producer Opie Sayner-Hassell discuss the experience of creating the Australian phycological thriller, The Rip. It's a bitesized insight into the expectations of the filmmaking process, crowdfunding and developing an engaging narrative.


Ch02Podcast06 Artist's Toolkit - Sue Maslin

This month's podcast guest, Sue Maslin, weighs in on our Artist's Toolkit topic: Social Media. Listen to the full interview here: Music © Anita Quayle


Ch02.Podcast06 Sue Maslin

In what is one of the most expansive discussions to date, you are invited to explore the inner thoughts of one of Australia's most successful film, television and digital content producers, Sue Maslin. Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to the microphone as she discusses some truly important ideas. Those ideas include empowering women in the arts, the value of being knocked back multiple times, and the desire to create works from ideas that matter. She also discusses the process of getting...


Ch02.Podcast05 Sally McLean

It's the penultimate month of November but it is very much a continuation of all things storytelling on the TAOS podcast. Nick and Lauren discuss 'holding the line', creating space and being present before turnign their attention to a great conversation, and a lot of laughter, with actress, producer, creative director and Melbourne WebFest General Manager, Sally McLean. This podcast brings so much laughter along with a wealth of insight into making work that is relevant today, prioritising...


CH02P04: Ali Khadim

Nick and Lauren check in bi-continental this month from LA to Sydney to compare keeping on track vs letting go, following words with actions and being grateful for the journey. Then it’s a wonderful ride inside the motivational life of Ali Khadim, who is, among other things, a Parkour practitioner, martial artist, filmmaker and movement specialist. Having just received the Kirk Robson Award from the Australia Council for the Arts, this young man has many wise words to share on reframing...


Ch02.P02 Budi Miller

The importance of self-nourishment as an artist comes into focus this month, as our fearless hosts share poetic verse and moments of vulnerability in a podcast equal parts intimacy and hilarity. Our charismatic guest, Mr. Budi Miller, takes us on a gripping journey through world culture and its influence on his art, in particular the artists’ search for the divine. The visionary teacher and change-maker also shares some intimate personal stories about art's ability to affect and shape our...


Every Laneway has a Story - Hosier Lane excerpt

We collaborated with VoiceMap to create an immersive GPS tour of Melbourne's laneways! Every laneway has a story. So download VoiceMap on your phone at iOS: or Android: and listen to the audio tour on your phone. Here's an audio excerpt from "Every laneway has a story". Even if you can't physically do the tour, you can purchase the audio for $4.99AU and have Nick and Lauren take you on a storytelling journey!


Podcast 26: Elke Berry

Due to some scheduling and sound issues we are a few weeks behind with Podcast 26 this month… but we promise you, it will have been worth the wait! This month Nick and Lauren are on a journey to live intentionally and align with their inner activists and Nick has a few ideas how to make it all happen. And to celebrate the end of winter here in Australia, they sit down over Skype with the sunny and superb, Elke Berry! In one half of her life Elke is an amazing and talented LA-based,...


Podcast 8: Tom Meadmore

It's a worldly podcast via Skype this month, as we get an update from Lauren and Nick on their journey's this month through LA, London and Istanbul. They are lucky enough to sit down with London-based Australian documentary filmmaker Tom Meadmore to talk about the importance he places on honesty, his enthusiasm for the investigation of the “microcosm of the emotional experience” and his drive to continue as a storyteller.


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