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How to Write the Rising Action Scenes in a Novel

Are you struggling to figure out how to write the rising action scenes in your novel? I remember when I first started writing and using the three act structure, I outlined scenes in the first act and then got stuck with the second act. It wasn’t the entire middle of the story I was stuck with; it was the first half. I understood the midpoint and the second plot point or the ‘Dark Night of the Soul,’ but where I struggled the most was with getting my story to the midpoint. These moments in...


BTS006, Blogging as an Unpublished Fiction Author

I was recently listening to an episode of a podcast that was discussing how to build a platform as an unpublished author. And coincidentally I didn’t agree with all the tips they shared. There was one tip I disagreed with that these guys shared with certainty. While writing your novel is the most important thing you can do as an unpublished author you need to build your author platform before you hit publish. And, I'm sorry, but a one-page stagnant website will not achieve this. You need...


IAP016, Plot and Story Structure, The Point of No Return/The First Plot Point

So you've brainstormed ideas for the three plot points in the first act of your story, and you're now wondering how to transition between act one and act two. How do you take your character into the core conflict of the story? The easiest way to do this is to set up a point of no return scene in your story. About this mini-series This fourth instalment in my three-act structure mini-series. If you've just joined me on this episode then, I will link the previous four episodes, the...


BTS005, Writing and Business Goals for February 2018

At the beginning of January, I shared my writing and business goals for the year, just like every other entrepreneur, writer, and blogger. While this is a great practice, it hasn't been as motivating as I had intended. As I look back over 2017 and consider what has worked and what has not, I've realised there was one thing that did work. Well, this practice did encourage me to take more action and achieve more by the end of the month. And, this practice was sharing my monthly goals with...


IAP015, Plot and Story Structure: The Inciting Incident

So, you've created a great narrative hook and an ordinary world scene for your story and you're thinking 'what next?' In this episode, I will share will you the important elements of the next plot point of the first act of your story. The next plot point in the first act is the inciting incident. The inciting is the scene that many first time writers seem to confuse or entirely overlook. Most often this scene is confused with the hook or the first plot point. I will discuss this plot point...


IAP014, Plot and Structure: The Ordinary World

Are you struggling to figure out how to start your novel? Quite often we place much emphasis on the first sentence or paragraph and not to the large scene. In three-act structure, this scene is referred to as the ordinary world. In this episode, we are going to discuss why this scene is so important and I'll share seven tips to help you write a great ordinary world scene. Before we dive into this episode, I want to point out a few necessary pieces of information. I'm a thriller...


BTS004, The Truth About Why You Are Struggling with Productivity as a Writer

Hello Writers! In this episode of my behind-the-scenes video diary, I share my experience of struggling with productivity as a writer and my process of revising and editing a novel. This episode isn't a confession, I get to the source of the problem. The source of my unproductive months is fear of failure. There's a huge part of me that is afraid of handing my manuscript to a developmental editor. Just like me, you don't have to live with the fear of failure as a writer. You can change...


IAP013, Plot and Story Structure: The Hook

So, how do you start a story? How do you hook the reader from the very first page? In the literary world, there is a lot of talk about how to write an inciting first line or paragraph, but if you're in the early stages of crafting a story, this advice is useless. There's a step you need to take before you put pen to paper. This step is outlining your story and structuring it in such a way that hooks the reader. And, how do you achieve this? By creating an irresistible story hook. In...


BTS003, Alpha Readers, Writers Insecurity, and Relaunching a Non-Fiction Book

I must confess this last fortnight didn’t go exactly to plan. I started the two weeks off with the best of intentions, to revise Immunity, but I had a few struggles (procrastination, tech, changing podcast platforms). However, I did get this podcast ready to submit to iTunes and other podcasting platforms. So, I’ve crossed off one of my goals for October. As I got ready to record the podcast before my weekend in France, I had an anaphylaxis reaction to a cookie. My face swelled up and I...


IAP012, What is Three Act Structure?

So, you've got a story idea that you can't wait to write and you're wondering; how do you write a good story? Is there a structure you should follow as you write a novel? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing a novel. If you're just starting out, then I recommend using Three Act Structure. This type of story structure is a writing tool used by screenwriters. It was studying the craft of writing for screen, which I was introduced to the concept of structuring a...


BTS002, Revision Is My New Reality

I'm going to keep this episode short and sweet and just stick to all things writing and book related. But, I will point out that I'm super happy with my current productivity levels since I shared my October Goals. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue this new trend with my productivity. Immunity Revisions This week I dived into Immunity revisions and found myself obsessing over the science of immunity. In the novel, a drug is created that supports the immune systems of cancer survivors....


IAP011, Plotting Vs Pantsing: How to Decide Whether to Plot or Pants Your Novel

Are you struggling to decide whether you should plot or pants your novel? If you've been a writer for longer than a quick minute, then you already know the debate between plotting vs pantsing is fierce. When I considered creating this episode to discuss this important writing topic I didn't want to make another pros and cons list. Let's face it, there are millions of those blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos out there, and we don't need one more. In light of this, it's important to...


BTS001, Writing Goals For October 2017

I've been thinking about changing how I deliver content on my behind the scenes author blog. I was inspired by Paul Teague Self-Publishing Journeys podcast. The podcast has two types of content. The first is interviews with writers and the second is Paul's podcast diary. I've been listening to the podcast a few weeks before Paul asked me to be a guest on the show. Paul does this great podcast diary where he gives you a weekly personal update on his writing journey. This is something I've...


IAP010, How To Create Conflict In A Story (with examples)

In this second episode of my two-part series on how to create conflict in your novel, I discuss and share examples of how to add more conflict in your story. Thanks for listening! ** The Previous Episode ** The 5 Types of Story Conflict | bit.ly/storyconflict ** Check out the blog post ** How to Create Conflict in a Story (With Examples) | http://bit.ly/addmoreconflict ** Connect with Me on Social Media ** Twitter: https://twitter.com/writeradhay Facebook:...


IAP009, The 5 Types Of Story Conflict

In this first episode of my two-part series on how to create conflict in your novel, I discuss and share examples of the 5 types of story conflict. Understanding the types of story conflict is an important step to creating an enriching reading experience for your readers. It's important that you figure out the types of conflict that will work well with your story before you start to add more conflict to your story idea. Thanks for listening! ** Check out the blog post ** The 5...


IAP008, How To Flesh Out A Story Idea (Part Two)

In this second part of my two-part mini-series, I discuss the final four steps you need to take to flesh out a story idea into a story synopsis. In the previous episode, I discussed how to identify your story's problem, what's at stake, protagonist and antagonist. These steps were the first four steps of my eight-step process on how to flesh out a story idea into a synopsis. All you have right now is the first basic elements of an idea. How do you take this information and flesh out a...


IAP007, How To Flesh Out A Story Idea Into A Synopsis (Part One)

In this two-part mini-series, I discuss the exact steps you need to take to flesh out a story idea or one-liner pitch into a story synopsis. So, you've created an idea or one-liner pitch for your story and, now you're feeling stuck and don't know what to do next. And, your wondering; how do you go from a simple idea to a well-developed story? If you can identify with that situation, then this video is for you. If you've never written a novel then developing a story idea into a synopsis...


IAP006, How To Know If You're A Writer

In this episode, I discuss this age-old question, 'how to know if you're a writer.' And, share you some insight on how to know if you're a writer, and a few simple strategies to help you reframe your mindset for success. You've probably just read the title of this video, 'how to know if you're a writer' and thought, 'she's reading my mind.' I swear to you, I'm not a mind reader. This has got to be the most frequently asked question among aspiring authors and writers. Everyone at some...


IAP005, How To Tell If Your Story Idea Is Profitable

In this episode, I talk about two strategies on how to tell if your story idea is profitable. Are you stressing over whether your story idea is profitable? Are you worried that you'll get to the launching stage of the publishing process and just hear crickets? It's perfectly normal to have moments along your writing journey where you doubt whether people will read, like, or even buy your book. Nevertheless, there are two steps you can take to put your mind at ease no matter where you...


IAP004, How To Get Motivated To Write A Novel

In this episode, I talk about one quick strategy on how to get motived to write a novel. So, you know you should be writing, and you intend on writing, but you can't seem to get your butt in the chair and actually write. If you can identify with that statement, then this video is for you. Thanks to the rise of modern technology and we're living in an instant gratification world. This instant gratification encourages us to allow this habit to flow into other areas of our lives. As...


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