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Editor's Note #38

The first live show of the year! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:17:59 Here's the upcoming schedule! And here's the calendar of when we're recording: (Mind you, this could all change if Adam has a baby.) We talk about all manner of things in this one, including but not limited to: Also, we were asked a question about what Mr. Fixer was called by each of the characters that met him in the show. We're here to help!


Episode #132 - Writers' Room: Disparation Vol. 2, Issue #74

We're finally back! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:08:32 We're here in the future! And we're going to talk about the past! A not-too-distant but very different past! We tell a tale out of the Inversiverse, and things get twisty! We finally start in with overviewing and storytelling around four and a half minutes in. After all that noodling, we finally get to your questions at the 47 minute mark. If you're on the Letters Page Patreon, join us this coming Friday for our anniversary live show!...


Precapsode 2020

Welcome to a new year-- a new century!! Show Notes: Run Time: 6:24 Just a quick hello to usher in a new year. Thanks for making this show possible!


Recapsode 2019

Hey, everyone! We said there was no episode this week, but hopefully you've learned that you can't trust us by now! Show Notes: Run Time: 20:25 We talk about this year, answer some questions, and perhaps more? (No, not really anything more than that.) See you next year, everyone!


Episode #131 - Writers' Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol. 3 Issue #9

It's Christmas Eve! Let's talk about an avenging angel with absolutely no chill whatsoever. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:20:50 We talk a bit about Christmas, and then, about 4 minutes in, we get to work! We expected this one to be tough, but it turns out that we were visited by the ghost of Sentinel Comics past, and they did the work for us! Just after the 53 minute mark, we start in on your questions. At just before an hour and 15 minutes in, we talk a bit about the cover, which is shown...


Editor's Note #37

It's the Holiday times! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:35:49 We had a pile of technical difficulties, but we still made it work! Thanks to Trevor for cleaning up everything with his fancy editing. Here's the upcoming schedule: Tuesday, January 7rd: Beginning of the year: no episodeTuesday, January 14th: Episode #132 - Writers' Room: Disparation: InversiverseTuesday, January 21th: Editor’s Note #38Tuesday, January 28th: Episode #133 - Writers' Room: Villain vs Villain We also had a pile of...


Episode #130 - Writers' Room: Cosmic Tales Vol. 2 Issues #180 & 181

We accidentally got over ambitious with this one! Behold: Two covers! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:17:59 We just got back from PAX Unplugged, but we recorded this right before we left! We goofed around for a few minutes, but after only about 4 minutes of goofs, we got right to business! We craft enough framing for a story that we end up doing both parts 1 and 2 in one episode! So speedy! Around the 50 minute mark, we get into your questions. At about an hour and 10 minutes in, we talk...


Episode #129 - Writers' Room: Cosmic Tales Vol.1 Issue #251

The Eeeeeeeennnnnnclave of the Eeeennnnddddlliiiiiiiiiinnggsss!!! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:09:53 We recorded this episode the day before Thanksgiving, but now it's the week after Thanksgiving! How does time even work? We talk about a bunch of space stuff, to the point of even crafting and telling multiple tales, due to the anthology nature of the Cosmic Tales book at this point. Around 32 minutes in, we get to your questions! The day after this episode releases, we're recording...


Episode #128 - Writers' Room: Deepest Space #1

Good morning, everyone! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:28:14 We banter about RPG stuff, then get into a series of conversations about just what comic book we're talking about today. You already know, due to the name of the episode and also the nifty cover art above! We have a blast putting together all the building blocks, telling the story, answering your question, and discussing the cover. We hope you enjoy it, too!


Editor's Note #36

Good morning, everyone! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:39:54 The upcoming schedule! Here's the calendar! We talk about a ton of things, including: Thank you to all of our listeners, and an extra huge thanks to all of our Patreon supporters! Special thanks to Auburn Audience for making this delightful image for us in record time! Well done! Catch you next time!


Episode #127 - Creative Process: Animated Series Phase 3

Time for a very animated episode! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:38:51 In this episode, we start off by talking a bit about the previous animated series stuff, as it's all quite excellent. Seriously, go listen to those other animated series episodes - they're great. Then, after about four and a half minutes of banter, we get into this latest phase of animated shows: four shows (including one entirely new show) and two movies! That takes us... a while. Finally, we get to your questions right...


Episode #126 - Writer's Room: Disparation Vol. 2 Issue #50

Let's get EXTREME! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:31:11 This one is about Citizen Dawn in the Extremeverse! We don't know where it's going when we start, but it ends up in a REALLY awesome place. Go figure. Like, how did we start with the seed of "Citizen Dawn" and get to that cover above? Only one way to find out! We're throwing the horns for Trevor, who did a badass job editing this one. He always does great, but he brought the noise on this one. (In this case, "brought the noise" is a good...


Episode #125 - Creative Process: Monsters and Magic

Let's get Monstrous and Magical? Who are we kidding - we're always monstrous and magical. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:18:43 We start out assuming we've already covered all the monsters and magics... but we prove that untrue quite swiftly. But then! Your questions are what unlock even MORE great content! We start in on those questions just after the 30 minute mark. Thanks everyone for listening to these spooky but not too spooky episodes - but don't you fret: November is right around the...


Editor's Note #35

Good morning, friends! Show Notes: Run time: 1:20:52 Another silly live show with a wide variety of topics! Upcoming schedule: And here's a calendar! Do note that the recording times are all over the place for this coming month. We're both traveling for various reasons in November, so we're fitting the recordings in where we can! So, get your questions in ASAP! We talked about lots of things, like: Catch you next time!


Episode #124 - Creative Process: Phobias

We unleash your greatest fear! A podcast! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:15:31 We explore phobias! Fears! Both irrational and otherwise! We also end up bridging over into a "Writers' Room" style episode, accidentally. Sorry about that. We just felt like creating, I guess? It worked out, but this episode is all over the place. Scary! We'll be doing the live Editor's Note on Wednesday this week, the day after this episode goes live, so if you're on The Letters Page Patreon, join us for the live...


Episode #123 - Writers' Room: Disparation Vol. 2 Issue #134

Let's go into another version of reality! Again! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:15:37 We're excited to do another Disparation story, even though we don't know which one! Let's figure that out, together! No spoilers, but here are the various timestamps where stuff kicks off: Thanks for listening, everyone! Since this is a rare five Tuesday month, we'll have another episode before the Editor's Note, so look forward to that next Tuesday, and then the live recording will happen next Wednesday!...


Episode #122 - Creative Process: Count Barzakh

It's the first creepy episode of the second most creepy month: October! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:12:50 After confessing our sins, we get to our creative process overview at around the 6 minute mark. And we are on fire! (At least, in our humble opinions.) Apparently, we should create in the face of adversity more often! One successful creation segment later, we get to your questions, at just before the 50 minute mark. Thank you for your questions! Also, thanks for listening! Don't...


Episode #121 - Creative Process: Minions and Henchlings

We talk about the bad guys who work for the bad guys... and also some deep philosophical topics? Show Notes: Run Time: 1:40:05 Good morning, everyone! After a very short amount of banter, we go to an overview only two and a half minutes into the show. There, we go through most every major villain and how they use minions, if at all, who those minions are, and more! This process ends up taking a while, and we have a fun time of it, all told. We hope you do, too! Then, just before the...


Editor's Note #34

We do the monthly live talking about everything thing! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:25:51 The votes are in! What's happening in October? Upcoming schedule: Tuesday, October 1st: Episode #122 - Creative Process - Count BarzakhTuesday, October 8th: Episode #123 - Writers' Room - an issue of DisparationTuesday, October 15th: Episode #124 - Creative Process - PhobiasTuesday, October 22th: Editor’s Note #35Tuesday, October 29th: Episode #125 - Creative Process - Monsters and Magic And here's a...


Episode #120 - Writers' Room: The Guise Book #37

We're gonna write a comedy story! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:10:59 Yet again, we craft a comic from the back catalogue of Sentinel Comics! This one is much more modern than our other Writers' Rooms episodes, as you can tell by the cover. We had a ton of fun with all the various parts of this story, and we hope you do, too! Thank you for tuning in! If you're a member of our Patreon, you can join us live this Friday at 11 AM for this month's Editor's Note!