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074: Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy [Jessika Phillips]

There's been a recent shift in marketing and attracting clients, are you moving with the times? Jessika Phillips is here to give us her insights into how the growing amount of word of mouth referrals in business can help you double down on sales. These days there are so many channels to gain and share referrals, and Jessika is here to share it all…


073: Customer Care and Social Listening [Brooke Sellas]

Dealing with customer care and customer complaints (we all get them) is an important part of any business, but it can be tricky to know the best way to handle it. Brooke Sellas is here to discuss how customer care has shifted into the ‘Twitter generation' and how we can make the most of social listening to give our customers a better experience when dealing with queries and complaints.


072: Building A Network Of Talent For Your Business [Dean DeLisle]

This episode Dean DeLisile, author of First: The Street Guide to Digital Business Influence, teaches us how to build a network or team of people that are going to help us get to that next level. With a background in coaching senior executives, spearheading insanely successful team projects, launching an online university, and so much more – this guy knows his stuff…


071: How To Create YouTube Content That Sells [Marley Baird]

YouTube isn't just a place for home tutorials and dancing cat videos anymore (although they certainly make the world a better place). These days there are YouTube channels packed full of highly polished and produced video masterpieces, teaching us everything we need to know. So how do you get your videos into the same YouTube league? Marley Baird is here to talk us through her strategies and techniques for getting your audience hooked into your products and services on YouTube. Get ready...


070: How To Make Facebook Ads Work For Your Membership Program [Gavin Bell]

Turning people from cold traffic into paying members of a membership program can be a challenge, to say the least! This episode we're going to find out how to structure your cold ad campaigns, how to make the most of your re-targeting, as well as how to turn people into loyal members! We've managed to pin down ad genius Gavin Bell to find out what strategy he would use and how he gets top results…


069: Make LinkedIn Ads Work For You And Your Webinar Promotion [AJ Wilcox]

Is it a Facebook ad? Is it a Google ad? No, it's a LinkedIn ad! LinkedIn ads may not be the most popular or the cheapest type of ad you could run, but after this episode they may be your favourite. AJ Wilcox stumbled into the world of LinkedIn ads and quickly became on expert on campaign structure and targeting, and he's here on the 3 Marketers podcast to share his top tips…


068: How To Track Paid Traffic For Better Conversions [John Belcher]

Stats, numbers, and calculating conversions can be confusing. So, how do you make sense of it all, especially across multiple platforms? John Belcher is here to dive into the best tracking methods, including the brilliant Northstar concept! Find out how to track your conversions, drive more sales, and what questions you should be asking along the way...


067: The 9 Step Process To Maximise Your Conversion Rates [Karl Blanks & Ben Jesson]

Karl and Ben, authors of the book Making Websites Win, have come up with a nine-step process to figuring out how to get customers or prospects to convert and how to find out why they converted. They explain the importance of really understanding your business strategy and goals, and which tests to run to find out what areas of your business needs to improve to align with your goals!


066: Insights Into The Buyer Persona [Douglas Burdett]

Figuring out what problems prospective customers have and how your company can provide a solution for them is the key to making sales. But what's the most effective way to get that information? Douglas Burdett is here to share his knowledge on buyer persona and the importance of really understanding your customers and what’s going on in their head, as well as what you can do with all that information to maximise profitability!


065: How To 16x Your Revenue By Carving Out Your Niche [Aaron Ross]

You hear it all the time, you have to find your audience, you have to find your niche! But what are the real benefits? We had an amazing chat with Aaron Ross who explained exactly why finding your niche is the number one most important thing to do in business, and how it can 16x your revenue! As a successful author and founder of Predictable Revenue, Aaron certainly knows a thing or two about building a growing a successful business. Let's hear how he did it…


064: How To Use Personalised Video In Your Sales Funnel [Oli Bridge]

Gone are the days of needing a professional setup to use video in your business. Almost every entrepreneur and brand are leveraging the power of video to create brand awareness and build trust, but is there a strategic place for video in your sales funnel? We caught up with Oli Bridge from Bonjoro to find out exactly how you can use personalised video to increase conversions, build better connections, and massively enhance the customer journey…


063: Building An Engaged And Loyal Membership [Mike & Callie]

There are membership programs that dominate their niche with reputation and quality, and then there are those that fizzle out before they really begin. So, how exactly do you create one that will stand the test of time and generate some awesome recurring revenue? We caught up with the ultimate membership experts, Mike and Callie (The Membership Guys) to find out what it takes to create and maintain and engaged and loyal membership. Let's find out what they had to say…


062: Drive More Traffic Using The Ultimate Quora Strategy [JD Prater]

How often do you have the opportunity to get really cheap traffic to your site? I mean, it's every marketer's dream, right? Using Quora strategically is an amazing way of generating a ton of traffic to your site, as well as positioning yourself as an expert in your niche! We pinned down the brilliant JD Prater and got him to spill the beans on the best Quora strategy to use and exactly how to make the most of the Quora ads platform…


061: How To Leverage Your Personal Brand In Business [Tim Hughes]

Wouldn't it be nice if you could make money from your business without having to do any actual selling or pitching? Tim Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Leadership Associates, is a huge advocate of using quality content and engagement to boost your business, instead of selling to your audience. Let's find out how he does it…


060: 4 Steps To Scale Facebook Ads Like A Pro [Nick Kusmich]

Facebook ads, the powerful yet mysterious marketing tool that has the potential for so much success but also SO much wasted money if you don't know what you're doing. Nick Kusmich is an absolute ninja when it comes to scaling Facebook ads for top results, and he's here on the podcast to share his fool-proof 4 step strategy!


059: The Key To Creating Content That Drives Sales [Chris Marr]

You've heard that content marketing is an essential part of business, but you might still be wondering how to use content marketing to get you actual customers. Chris Marr is a content marketing expert and founder of CMA (The Content Marketing Academy) – pretty impressive stuff! In this episode Chris talks us through how to map out your content marketing journey, and the critical steps to making killer content…


058: Getting Ahead Of The Compliance Game [Laura Casselman]

You might think that running a business is all fun and games, until you get caught up in compliance issues and it all gets a little confusing. That's why it's important to know where you stand with the legalities of it all and exactly which bits of business compliance you're responsible for. Lucky for you, we've got Laura Casselman here to help you better understand it all and make sense of what your next steps should be…


057: Leverage The Power Of Perceived Value [Nicholas Bayerle]

Putting a price on your high ticket program can be difficult if you don’t have the right mindset. Luckily, we have Nicholas Bayerle here to talk about how mindset and perceived value can help take your high-ticket programs to the next level.


056: The Art Of Storytelling In Your Email Marketing [Kim Doyal]

One of the biggest email marketing challenges is coming up with content, consistently. Kim Doyal is a content marketing genius who has been in it since 2008. Despite having zero web development background she has built an entire brand around WordPress utilising the power of email marketing! This episode Kim shares her processes and tips for effective email marketing…


055: How To Rock Live Events [Rich Brooks]

Ever thought about running a live event but just don't know where to start? Luck for you, we've pinned down internet marketing expert and live event genius Rich Brooks to share his top tips. Rich organises and runs The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference and speaks on stage in front of local and national audiences… so he certainly knows his stuff!