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Moe and Jenna Abdou interview a highly influential roster of thought leaders, authors, founders, creatives, and senior executives to deconstruct the hidden insights that only those who are building breakthrough ventures can reveal.

Moe and Jenna Abdou interview a highly influential roster of thought leaders, authors, founders, creatives, and senior executives to deconstruct the hidden insights that only those who are building breakthrough ventures can reveal.
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Moe and Jenna Abdou interview a highly influential roster of thought leaders, authors, founders, creatives, and senior executives to deconstruct the hidden insights that only those who are building breakthrough ventures can reveal.








How To Live Your Healthiest And Happiest Life

Amanda Haas and Jenna discuss her journey rising from an associate at Williams Sonoma to becoming their Culinary Director. We dive into Amanda’s mission to help people eat healthier and feel their best, her bestselling cookbook, The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook, and simple shifts we can make to build healthy habits. We then delve into Amanda’s 12 Life Tips including the importance of saying your dreams out loud, making the decision to only spend time with people who uplift you, and always...


From The Dish Room To The Board Room

CEO and founder of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR), Cameron Mitchell joins Moe Abdou to discuss his unrelenting path towards entrepreneurial success.


gorjana Founders On Using Change As A Catalyst

Gorjana, Jason Reidel and Jenna discuss how being adaptable gives us greater agency to create our desired outcomes, navigating the transitionary phase of change, and the importance of setting and respecting human expectations for ourselves. We also chat about why happiness is like a shooting star and its relationship to presence and success.


How Home Cooking Inspires Community and Connection

Euncie Byun and Jenna discuss Material’s mission to create “beautiful tools to inspire beautiful memories." Eunice highlights the importance of empowering home cooks and celebrating being them by focusing on the joy of cooking rather than striving for mastery. We chat about walking through open doors in life and being patient enough to reflect on our next chapter when it’s time to walk through new ones, how to show people we value them by being present and always taking time to ask them...


Tender Greens CEO On Embracing Your Uniqueness

Denyelle Bruno and Jenna discuss how Tender Greens is creating a new niche for fast-casual healthy restaurants and planting seeds to empower people to make health a habit. We walk through Denyelle’s innate desire to question norms and her own beliefs and why she always asks for the promotion before she’s ready.Denyelle also highlights why our unique strengths are the competitive advantage that makes us untouchable, the importance of asking for what we want and communicating our perspective...


How Food Network Helps Us Turn Meals Into Memories

Deb Puchalla and Jenna discuss Food Network and the Cooking Channel’s intention to inspire and empower home cooks with the insights and tools they need to gather their loved ones around a delicious meal. Deb shares a glimpse into her process of identifying great talent, why the chefs who become household names are the ones you want to share a meal with, and the question she asks everyone she works with to ensure they’re telling their story in its truest form. We also chat about our favorite...


A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Headspace Chief Science Officer Megan Jones Bell and Jenna discuss how meditation empowers us to show up as the people we aspire to be by increasing our sense of presence and compassion and decreasing feelings of anxiety and stress. Megan walks us through simple ways to build our own meditation practices, shares what we should really expect when we meditate, and how cultivating awareness puts us in control of how we choose to perceive and respond to our daily experiences.


To Pixar and Beyond

Lawrence Levy - handpicked by Steve Jobs to lead Pixar's business - joins Moe Abdou to discuss turning a $50M money pit into a seven plus billion dollar sale to Disney.


Wisdom at Work

A bold & visionary leader, Chip Conley rejoins Moe Abdou to chronicle his experience as the Elder Statesman at Airbnb.


Changing The World One Steak At A Time

Chris, James and Jenna discuss how Porter Road is radically improving the meat industry by controlling the entire supply chain, setting and upholding strict quality standards, and revitalizing the sense of community of your local butcher shop.We chat about how to respond when life throws you curveballs, the importance of waking up every day with the intention of challenging yourself and striving to improve the world, and our duty to inspire and uplift each other doing so. Throughout our...


Seed Wants To Introduce You To Your Microbiome

Ara Katz, Raja Dhir and Jenna discuss how Seed is redefining health by helping us utilize our microbiome as a lens to not only improve our health but to recognize our interconnectedness with each other and the planet.Ara and Raja give us a primer on what we need to know about our microbiome, the impact its wellbeing has on our health, and share six strategies we can start practicing today to increase our gut health. We also discuss Seed’s efforts to equip a global community with the...


The Art of Breathing

Award-winning journalist, Danny Penman rejoins Moe Abdou to discuss the miraculous power of the breath and why it holds the key to unlocking your true essence.


theBoardlist CEO On Showing Up As Your Best Self

theBoardlist CEO Shannon Gordon and Jenna kick off discussing her experiences serving in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa and the lessons she learned about making time for joy and community, finding our shared humanity, and seeing and accepting people as their whole selves.We chat about theBoardlist’s efforts elevating diversity at the board level - less than 20% of board seats at Fortune 1,000 companies are held by women and less than 7% are at private companies - and why they...


HATCH Founder On Your Instinct As Your Mentor

HATCH CEO and Founder Ariane Goldman and Jenna discuss how her parents “thirst for life” as founders inspired her to pursue entrepreneurship, the catalyst for HATCH and the brand's evolution from a clothing line into a community that empowers every mother to tap into her own unique sense of strength. We chat about our shared humanity facing challenges, how sharing them helps us all feel more confident and reassured, and how putting in the work during the early years affords us freedom of...


Lunya Founder On Being The Change You Wish To See

Lunya CEO and Founder Ashley Merrill and Jenna discuss how Ashley relies on the mantra - ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ - as a framework to guide her life. We unpack the metaphor that entrepreneurship is like bowling and trace Lunya’s evolution from Googling ‘How do you make clothes?’ to pioneering the modern sleepwear category and launching their latest collection, COOL. We spend the majority of our time together walking through key lessons on building our risk-taking muscle,...


How to Take Bigger Risks

hims CEO and Founder Andrew Dudum and Jenna discuss how his family’s mantras of being the best and taking the untrodden path instilled the courage he needed to drop of out school at 19 and start building companies. We walk through the helpful visualization framework Andrew relies on to take risks, why he believes that personal and professional growth isn’t about faking it until you make it, you have to fake it forever, and how the under recognized ability of being confident enough to...


How &pizza’s Values Turned Into A Life Philosophy

&pizza Co-founder and CEO Michael Lastoria and Jenna discuss how &pizza’s values and culture prioritizing their tribe’s personal growth, creativity and wellbeing have been the undercurrent of their success expanding to nearly 30 pizza shops in seven years. We chat about accepting change and pressure as constant forces in our lives and leaning into them, our responsibility to teach ourselves lessons to avoid self inflicted suffering, as well as earning the right to grow by consistently being...


The Making of a Dream Team

Award-winning journalist and celebrated entrepreneur, Shane Snow rejoins Moe Abdou to explore the fascinating science behind building and leading a Dream Team.


Why The World Rewards Learners?

UNC Business School Professor, Dr. Bradley Staats joins Moe Abdou to discuss why most of us are notoriously bad learners, and how a shift in mindset can amplify our career trajectory and sense of self-worth.


How A Triathlon Inspired Activewear Brand Alala

Denise Lee and Jenna reflect on her parents giving her the courage to start Alala, how early mentors helped her launch the brand and her best advice for asking people for help. We walk through how focusing on momentum empowers us to navigate uncertain situations and be active decision-makers as well as making the critical mindset shift of truly acknowledging when we have done great work rather than solely focusing on improvement. We also talk about the practice that helps Denise maintain...