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Robert Tyndale a local entrepreneur in Edmonton, Canada highlighting his experiences in building a new marketing agency, while sharing a variety of interviews and conversations during his journey.

Robert Tyndale a local entrepreneur in Edmonton, Canada highlighting his experiences in building a new marketing agency, while sharing a variety of interviews and conversations during his journey.
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Robert Tyndale a local entrepreneur in Edmonton, Canada highlighting his experiences in building a new marketing agency, while sharing a variety of interviews and conversations during his journey.








Guest: Bringing more life to our city, one mural at a time with Annaliza Toledo and Trevor Peters

Annaliza Toledo and Trevor Peters are the creatives behind Rust Magic. Considered “graffiti royalty” in Edmonton, the two have worked tirelessly to change how Edmonton sees graffiti. And even while commissioned murals are becoming more and more celebrated, Annaliza and Trevor also love and respect the grassroots nature of tagging. They believe that all forms of street art are important as they allow for artistic expression where there may be a lack of mediums or alternatives, and they...


Guest: Building a Community with an App ft. Anthony Nagendraraj

Anthony Nagendraraj is a co-founder of the Edmonton-based tech startup Spontivly. Since incorporating in 2018, Spontivly has been driven by one mission: to create a world where social isolation and loneliness are nonexistent, by revolutionizing the way people connect with their communities in a meaningful way. Spontivly’s approach to tackling this ambitious goal is the launch of its app of the same name. The Spontivly app curates experiences based on users’ interests, with the goal of...


Guest: Building a cultural community in Canada with Coleen Neita

Growing up a first-generation Jamaican in Canada I have been fortunate to grow up with an understanding of my culture and heritage. I was able to chat with Coleen Neita who is the President of Jamaican Association of Northern Alberta and the Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Edmonton. We talk about the current state of the Jamaican community in Edmonton, the history of JANA, and what does the future look like of the organization.


Kickoff for Season 2 of 360 Chat with Just Bobby.T

Wanted share that season 2 will be rolling out of the podcast and this time around on top of the interviews and round table conversations I will be introducing some of my VLOG conversations into the mix.


Guest: Art being in the DNA with Giselle Denis

Over the last couple of years I have had such interesting conversations with Giselle Denis about how she is running and managing her art career. She was able to provide so many awesome insights and I'm happy to finally have her as a guest on the podcast. Regardless if your an artist, entrepreneur, student, or professional I highly recommend you tune into this episode!


Guest: Building a festival around Design

Continuing our series around the design community I was able to have a in depth conversations with one of the hardest working people I know, Victoria Wright who created one of the biggest design festivals in Western Canada — Vignettes Showcase. In this episode we discuss how to start & grow a festival, navigating through challenges, and how design blankets everything around us.


Guests: Let's Talk Art with Grady Wallace & Keon Courtney

I had a chance to connect with some visual artist participants from Vignettes Showcase 2018 to discuss range of topics from how do artist get their first commissions to the current state of the art community in Edmonton.


Guest: Taking a Swing at Golf Society with Jordan Jeske

Last Summer sparked one the most interesting Canada events called the River Valley Range Party hosted by Golf Society. Founded by Jordan Jeske, Golf Society is a platform looking to bridge the golf community and pop culture. During this interview, I was able to get some insights behind the man behind the event and some details about this new emerging community.


Guest: Being a RAD original with Grady Wallace

Mid-2017 I met Grady Wallace who was a young hustler trying to build a clothing and personal brand around his artwork. Over the last nine months, I have seen him make leaps and bounds from commissions to fashion projects and I know this is just the beginning. I think a lot of aspiring artists should check him out and take notes. Host @justbobbyt Guest @g_radoriginals


A spoken words poem for YOU by Liam Coady

This spoken words poem by Liam Coady was a dope story that YOU might need to hear right now.


Guest: Talking Downtown opportunities with Ian O'Donnell — $5 Billion Turn Up

Edmonton is a city of opportunity and I was able to sit down with Ian O'Donnell — executive director of Downtown Business Association. We were able to talk about the Cannabis "gold rush", new parks, condos, and community initiatives jumping off in the heart of downtown Edmonton.


Fireside Chat: Melanin Narratives 3: Black Panther Screening

**SPOILERS AHEAD** I had the chance to host a fire chat with a local community group called YEG The Come Up. There was a great discussion from all the panel participants, which consisted of Eunice Gatama, Adama Bundu, David Shepard, and Minister Faust. We explored parts of the movie, specific scenes, and explored on how to localize some of the inspiration --- Host @justbobbyt www.instagram.com/justobbbyt Guests Eunice www.instagram.com/e.u.n.ice Adama www.instagram.com/velvetorchid David...


Guest: Behind the Bar with Dre

The cocktails industry is a fascinating space that is fueled by creatives. I had the chance to speak to Dre from a local cocktail bar Baijiu. We touch-based about the industry, key things about cocktails, and the passion needed to be successful in the industry.


Guest: Navigating the music scene with Arlo Maverick

Arlo Maverick is a rapper based out of Edmonton, Canada who recently been on the international scene and as acquired a wealth of knowledge during his journey. In our conversation, we break down his story, some actionable insights on how to navigate the music scene, and some jokes along the way.


Guest: Getting Started with Clo's General Leather Co

This episode had the opportunity to speak to Kyle Closen from Clo's General Leather and how he got started in his business. We break down how his journey was not a straight shot, challenges working in custom products, and his biggest project to date with Champion Pet Foods. Guest @clogeneral Host @justbobbyt


Guest Podcast: Getting down to business with The Hateful Truth

This was my first experience being on Podcast and have been hooked since that day! The Hateful Truth is a raw to the point show hosted by Meron and Daniel who speak there mind on a range of topics and activities. @tht_pod @justbobbyt


Interview: Opportunities in Cannabis with business owner Keenan Pascal

Sat down with Keenan Pascal to get some information about himself and the current state of the Cannabis Industry in Canada. He explains the series of opportunities emerging in this new industry, but some of the challenges. Guest @keenanpascal @TokenBitters Host @justbobbyt @VersionMeMedia


Intro to 360 chat with just bobby.t

Wanted to give a quick 3-minute introduction to the podcast and a bit of information about myself. I am from Edmonton Canada and love everything dealing with marketing and business, Currently 1 year into my marketing agency and love to share stories.