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The premier crypto research podcast for analysts, investors and funds featuring the top leaders in crypto

The premier crypto research podcast for analysts, investors and funds featuring the top leaders in crypto
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The premier crypto research podcast for analysts, investors and funds featuring the top leaders in crypto




Blocknet's Arlyn Culwick: Interoperability and the Race To Connect Crypto (Blocknet, Cosmos, Polkadot)

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51percent Crypto Research is joined by Arlyn Culwick, the co-founder of Blocknet. The conversation covers interoperability in crypto, the various players (Blocknet, Cosmos, Polkadot), the state of the market, the benefits of interoperability and what the future holds. Listeners can use coupon code "Fifty" on 51pct.io for 50% off a retail membership Relevant Posts Dfinity: Cloud Three Point Oh? Privacy Coin War: Short-Term Monero and Long-Term Zcash With Grin/Beam...


Beam Privacy's Beni Issembert: Mainnet Launch Takeaways

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51percent Crypto Research is joined by Beni Issembert, the CMO at Beam Privacy. Beam is a privacy coin, based on the MimbleWimble protocol that just launched on the first week of January. Our conversation is not technically focused but is an impromptu one focused on the key takeaways on Beam following its launch. We covered Beam, Grin, Zcash and Monero in-depth in our latest privacy coin report. Relevant Posts Privacy Coin War: Short-Term Monero and Long-Term...


Hedera Hashgraph's Mance Harmon: Mainnet Launch, A $6B Valuation and A Radically New Consensus Mechanism

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51percent Crypto Research is joined by Mance Harmon the CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph for the most in-depth dive into the project to date. For those who don’t know, Hedera Hashgraph is a public distributed ledger for building decentralized applications. The project has gained a lot of interest and has raised $124M at a $6B valuation. Our conversation covers the dynamics of the platform, an update on their mainnet launch, governance in Hedera and where the...


Securitize's Carlos Domingo: Why The Market for Security Tokens Will Increase 10x in 2019

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51pct.io is joined by Carlos Domingo who is the Founder and Managing Partner at SPiCE VC and Founder and CEO at Securitize. Our conversation covers security tokens, securitize, and why Carlos believes the security token market across all of its metrics will increase by 10 times in 2019. We discuss the competitive landscape, and Carlos provides information on the competitive landscape for security token platforms since we now have so many today. Carlos unloads a ton...


Parity's Afri Schoedon: Clients, Serenity, Görli and Private Blockchains

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51pct.io is joined by Afri Schoedon of Parity for a wide-ranging discussion that includes an overview of Parity's Ethereum Client, Ethereum's Serenity upgrade, Parity's new Görli testnet, the use case for private blockchains and more. Afri shares a ton of invaluable information and is on the front lines of Ethereum, making this a must listen to episode. Relevant Posts Did Ethereum Reach 1TB YetEtherum Archival Node SizesEthereum’s Serenity: A Potential ~10x...


Tezos' Jacob Arluck: The Future of Governance

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51pct.io is joined by Jacob Arluck, a governance research at Tezos. This is a timely episode since governance is becoming more and more important given recent events with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and of course with Tezos itself over the long term. Jacob gives us a complete rundown on how the innovative governance structure at Tezos works and compares it to Ethereum and Bitcoin. The discussion includes the importance of governance at the base blockchain layer, how this...


Alpine's Rocco and Jacob: Creative Token Destruction and Evolution

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51pct.io is joined by Gregory Rocco and Jacob Blish, two token designers and engineers as ConsenSys' Alpine Spoke. The conversation covers everything from the use cases and design of utility tokens, to designing for governance and positive incentives and even token doomsday scenarios. Sign up for 51pct.io using coupon code "Token" for 20% of for the next 24 hours. Topics covered include The Death of Decentralization (the buzzword). ----more---- Follow Tom on...


PegaSys: Daniel and Faisal On The Future of Enterprise Ethereum

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51pct.io is joined by the PegaSys team, a spoke of ConsenSys focused on building Ethereum tech for the public-chain community and leading enterprises. The 50 person team is one of ConsenSys' largest teams. Tom is joined by Daniel Heyman a co-founder of PegaSys and Program Director and Faisal Khan whose role is Strategy and Business development at PegaSys. The conversation spans ----more---- Follow Tom on Twitter @Shaughnessy119 Follow PegaSys on Twitter...


Kevin Werbach: The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust

Host Tom Shaughnessy of 51percent is joined by Kevin Werbach to discuss his newly released book, "The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust". About Kevin: Kevin Werbach is Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Founder of the technology consulting firm Supernova Group, he has advised the FCC and Department of Commerce on communication policy. ----more---- Follow Tom on Twitter @Shaughnessy119 Follow Kevin on...


Zak, Nate and Daniel: Three Months of Heavy Analysis Unearthed Serious Issues With EOS

Today on the podcast, the Whiteblock Team joins host Tom Shaughnessy of 51percent to discuss their widely circulated technical research report titled; "EOS: An Architectural, Performance, and Economic Analysis Paper". Tom is joined by Zak Cole the CTO of Whiteblock, Nate Blakely a systems developer at Whiteblock and Daniel Choi a blockchain developer at Whiteblock. The results of the team's three-month analysis of EOS, which comprised thousands of hours.----more---- 51percent's Reports...


Scott Andersen: A Former Prosecutors Take On The Legality of Crypto, ICO's Returning Funds, and SEC Enforcement Actions

On this episode host Tom Shaughnessy is joined by Scott Andersen, a principal at Finlawyer.com and a former prosecutor at FINRA. In this episode the two discuss everything legal ranging from ICOs to the future of the space ----more---- 51percent's Reports on Tezos and MakerDAO Follow Tom on Twitter @Shaughnessy119 Scott's Company Website Scott's 2016 Post ----more---- Sign Up For 51percent's Leading Crypto Research Using Coupon Code "Thanksgiving" 51percent's...


Eric Olszewski and José Macedo: Ethereum's Fat Protocol Thesis and Why Crypto Hasn't Bottomed

Eric Olszewskii and Jose Macedo join host Tom Shaughnessy to discuss Ethereum’s fat protocol thesis following Jose’s post on the topic. We also go into depth on everything Ethereum with Serenity, scalability, store of values, future use cases and why ETH prices haven’t yet bottomed. Our conversation also dives into Ethereum's competition, ranging from Bitcoin, NEO, EOS, Litecoin and Tezos. ----more---- 51percent's Reports on Tezos and MakerDAO Follow Tom on Twitter...


John Quinn: How StorJ Is Battling Cloud Competitors (AWS/Azure) and Decentralized Peers (Filecoin, Sia, Maidsafe)

John Quinn, the Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at StorJ joins host Tom Shaughnessy to discuss the decentralized storage provider. ----more---- ----more---- Follow StorJ on Twitter @storjproject Follow John on Twitter @StorjQ StorJ V3 Whitepaper StorJ Blog on Security and Encryption Follow Tom on Twitter @Shaughnessy119 ----more---- Sign Up For 51percent's Leading Crypto Research 51percent's Institutional Crypto Podcasts are to the point discussions with crypto leaders for...


Alexander and Illia: Discussing Ethereum’s Serenity and The Near Protocol

Following Alexander's post comparing the differences between Ethereum's Serenity with Near Protocol, we decided to dive into the platform with the founders (Alexander Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin). The Near Protocol is a new project, and one of our goals is to find these projects first and educate our listeners on them. We discuss Ethereum’s plan forSerenity (Sharding and Casper), why the Near team believes this release is not a 2020 event but likely 5 years or more away and why the Near...


Emin Gün Sirer – Building Crypto 3.0

Host Tom Shaughnessy welcomes on a very special guest, Emin Gün Sirer, for a far-reaching and extremely engaging crypto discussion. The conversation covers Emin's view on the problems current blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS) face and how he is addressing them with his radical new blockchain platform; Ava. The discussion covers the latest on Ava, the future of crypto and Emin's thoughts on numerous pressing issues the space faces. If you enjoy the episode, please rate and share...


Wietse Wind: An Unbiased Conversation On XRP The Cryptocurrency Beyond Ripple The Company

With all of the media's attention on Ripple, Wietse Wind joins Tom Shaughnessy to discuss building on XRP (the cryptocurrency) beyond Ripple (the company) Wietse has significant experience here as he has built the XRPTipBot which allows users of social media sites (Twitter) to send XRP while staying on the site. So far the tipbot has handled $50K in volume and the site has had 30k+ unique visitors. Ripple and XRP are not without their red flags, as we have discussed, but this conversation...


Mike Kane: Hydrogen Is Building The Infrastructure For The New Ecosystem of Crypto Financial Applications

Mike Kane, the co-founder and CEO of Hydrogen joins us to discuss how the platform company is enabling the next generation of financial applications. Hydrogen's API's and connections offer a one-stop-shop bringing together all of the pieces needed to build an application (identity, documents, authentication, AI, payments) versus integrating numerous different companies for each piece (i.e. Civic for identity then Docusign for documents). Hydrogen is building on the Ethereum blockchain but...


Anthony Lusardi: Ethereum Classic, Dead or Alive?

Anthony Lusardi, a director of the Ethereum Classic cooperative joins us to give a full update on whether Ethereum Classic (Ticker ETC, $1B) is dead or alive, and the interplay with the larger Ethereum chain (Ticker ETH $21B). Beyond the engaging discussion on Ethereum Classic; this episode is perfect for those looking to understand what happens to crypto communities, governance, network effects, funding and goals after a fork, and the interplay with other chains. This is a timely...


Eric Conner: An Ethereum Update Covering Constantinople Hard Fork, Proof of Stake, Sharding, Inflation and More

Following the delay in Ethereum's next hard fork and all of the noise going on between scaling, security, proof-of-stake and sharding (Shasper), Eric Conner joins us for the ultimate conversation into a complete Ethereum update. We discuss why the hard fork was delayed, the future for Ethereum under proof-of-stake, throughput with sharding and what the future holds. For the first time we also take questions from Twitter. If you want to get or stay up to speed on Ethereum, this is the...


Harbor's CEO Josh Stein: The Ultimate Deep Dive on Security Tokens

Today on the podcast we have Josh Stein, the CEO of Harbor. Harbor is one of the most well-known names in the security token world. This episode is the most comprehensive deep dive on security tokens, and is a must listen. How Harbor is looking to complement traditional financial institutions and is not looking to put them (Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan) out of business. An example of what the New York Giants would look like if ownership was tokenized; collapsing giant ownership...