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Tune in every Sunday from 10pm-11pm for an intriguing weekly radio show, chock-full of business insights and marketing strategies that will get you ahead of the game!

Tune in every Sunday from 10pm-11pm for an intriguing weekly radio show, chock-full of business insights and marketing strategies that will get you ahead of the game!


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Tune in every Sunday from 10pm-11pm for an intriguing weekly radio show, chock-full of business insights and marketing strategies that will get you ahead of the game!








Episode 303: Hands-On Leadership featuring Investors Bank and Comfort Cases

The first of the Investors Bank Business Exchange Broadcast Series, featuring leaders that impact our local communities through non-profit organizations. This episode, co-hosted by Dennis Budinich, Chief Culture Officer at Investors Bank, featured Rob Scheer, CEO of Comfort Cases. Hot topics included succeeding in business beyond trials and tribulations, business tips and strategies learned the hands-on way and the effect of community involvement.


Episode 302: Kosher Business Advice From The Recent Kosherfest Expo in the Meadowlands

Live from the recent Kosherfest Expo in the Meadowlands. Hot topics included what the “secrets” to success in business are, from Israel, Panama, Brazil, Turkey…and of course the USA as well!


Episode 301: Bank On These Experts! Co-Hosted by Mike MacIntyre from Investors Bank

Live from the recent JBiz expo at BlueClaws Stadium, brought to you by Investors Bank. Hot topics include corporate "tips and strategies" from seasoned business executives...If you want to learn from seasoned business executives’ tips and strategies to become successful, you won’t want to miss this episode!


Episode 300: Cheesequake: Shaking Up Business Norms featuring Baruch Green, President of Lilac and Creme

Hot Topics Include: Secrets to building and maintaining a successful sales team. Hiring the right employees. President vs. CEO – the critical differences in running a company… If you want to learn how to how to shake up your business and get things moving, you won’t want to spill the milk on this one!


Episode 299: Building Profitability featuring Lisa L. Levy, Founder and CEO of Lcubed Consulting

Hot Topics Include: Improving Productivity. Refining Process. Bolstering Profitability. Identifying areas of opportunity for growth within every company… If you want to learn how to break away from normalcy and transform your business to adapt and grow, you won’t want to miss this episode!


Episode 298: Are You Ready to Scale? featuring Jerel Benjamin, CEO of the Profit Gold Group

Hot Topics Include: How to evaluate when it’s time to move forward. Implementing growth in your company. Instituting “KPI’s.”…If you want to learn from a seasoned expert on how to scale a company, this episode is for you!


Episode 297: Marketing Secrets Shared featuring Noted CMO’s And Marketing Gurus

Hot Topics Include: Marketing lessons from Warby Parker. Storytelling as a channel for marketing. Tips for an effective LinkedIn presence…Learn from Beth Comstock, Seth Godin, Debra Jasper, Linda Kaplan Thaler and others on how to leverage marketing to scale your business!


Episode 296: Importance of Market Research featuring Mark Trencher, Founder of Nishma Research

Hot Topics Include: Understanding Market Research – what it is and why it is so important. What are the 3 critical steps of research? What is a “Net Promoter Score?” …. If you want to learn from a seasoned expert on how research can be used for growth and development in your business, this episode is for you!


Episode 295: I’ll Be Back! featuring Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert

Hot Topics Include: How to get customers to say “I’ll be Back”. Creating an emotional connection with customers. How technology has changed customer service….. If you want to learn the secrets behind exceptional customer service and how it can affect any business, this episode is CRITICAL for you!


Episode 294: The Voice Of Creativity featuring The BLMG Creative Team

Hot Topics Include: How creativity is critical for marketing and how it influences consumer’s memories. Creative Brief – why digging down deep will help achieve impactful results. How emotions play a role in creativity.


Episode 293: The Brains Behind A Successful Brand featuring Leslie Zane, President of Triggers® Brand Consulting

Hot Topics Include: Brand Connectome – explained by the woman who originally invented the concept. Navigating the brain to make brand decisions. Influencing consumers on an instinctual level…..If you want to learn how instincts and the 5 senses play a critical role in influencing consumers, this show is critical for you!


Episode 292: Developing Visionary Ideas featuring Ralph Zucker, President of Somerset Development

Hot Topics Include: Developing Visionary Ideas. Navigating challenges that invade big picture opportunities. Outsider advice – when to listen and when to ignore… This show featured the man who made it big, despite outsider advice trying to stop him…..


Episode 291: Innovative Marketing featuring Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International

Hot Topics Include: How to get 60% of the way to closing a deal. Automation tips. TOMA…..what is it and how can you apply it to your business… If you want to scale your business, this show is critical for you!


Episode 290: Investing 101: When To Buy and When To Sell featuring Dr. Rich Roberts, former pharmaceutical industry CEO

Hot Topics Include: Cryptocurrency, QQQ, Diversification, When to buy…and when to sell… If you’re serious about making more money, this show is for you!


Episode 289: Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity featuring Investors Bank and Withum

Hot Topics Include: Cybersecurity and Risk Management – Best Practices. Introduction to Blockchain – its relevance to crypto currency. Distributive Ledger Technology – explained in depth…. If you’re ready to jump into the world of Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity, this is a special episode from the experts!


Episode 288: Killer Sales Tactics with Adam Lieberman, President of Lieberman Training

Hot Topics Include: How to get your “foot in the door” with a new client. How to create an effective “sales funnel.” How to handle a client who’s “bargaining hard” for discounted pricing… If you’re serious about making more money, this show is for you!


Episode 287: Building a Sustainable Business with Norm Trainor, Founder and CEO of The Covenant Group!

Tune in to hear: Building a sustainable business – understanding your core mission, vision and purpose. Importance of redefining your business – in the right time. Understanding The “S Curve of Business”.


Episode 286: Leading and Executing Change with Steven Gaffney, Communications Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies!

Tune in to hear: Embracing change to maximize outcome in business. The 4 pillars of leading and executing change. Why people resist change – understanding the reason could lead to success.


Episode 285: Business Mentors - Establishing Businesses to Thrive and Succeed, with The Jewish Entrepreneur

Tune in to hear about: Building and maintaining an organization. Critical importance of mentors – for businesses and individuals. Measuring success. Crowdfunding – why it is critical for any organization.


Episode 284: Taking Flight - Soaring Above the Standards the Founder and CEO of ParaFlight Aviation and OrganFlights.com, Sim Shain

Tune in to hear about: Concierge Corporate Flights – what they are and how critically important they are. Medical And Urgent Flights – other alternatives for time sensitive emergencies. FLYING ORGANS and Transplant Teams around the country.