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A New Angle is an educational and business podcast highlighting awesome people doing cool things in and around Missoula, MT. We live in the College of Business at the University of Montana.

A New Angle is an educational and business podcast highlighting awesome people doing cool things in and around Missoula, MT. We live in the College of Business at the University of Montana.
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A New Angle is an educational and business podcast highlighting awesome people doing cool things in and around Missoula, MT. We live in the College of Business at the University of Montana.








Mario Schulzke - Digital nomad with a house

We’ve been trying to pin down Mario Schulzke for some time. Since leaving his role as UM’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mario has become a self-described “digital nomad with a house.” He’s working remotely as CMO for the Seattle-based start up, GeniusLink, and enjoying a wide variety of adventures. Mario remains bullish on UM and lays out the reasons why in this wide-ranging conversation.


Geoff Peddicord - Missoula's Branding Superhero

Geoff Peddicord - Missoula's Branding Superhero by Justin Angle


Cathy Cole on what's possible at UM

Cathy Cole, UM's recently hired VP of Enrollment & Strategic Communications, just walked into a big job. In this episode we discuss what attracted her to this opportunity, why she is unabashedly bullish about the University of Montana, and what she sees in our future. If you are a fan of UM and rooting for our recovery, we think you will really enjoy this episode.


FairEnds' Ben Ferencz says it's not about the hat

Ben Ferencz is the co-founder of FairEnds. Though this Missoula -Manhattan collaboration between two friends is primarily known for its distinctive hats, Ben tells us the hat doesn't really matter. It's an entry point for an important conversation. Tune in and learn all about that conversation and the non-linear path Ben has taken to build a life of design, creation, family, and balance - all with a deep commitment to making it happen in Montana. To learn more about FairEnds, visit...


Blackfoot Communications CEO Jason Williams & VP Joe Fanguy know it's about more than wires

What's innovative about the broadband business? You'll likely be surprised by Blackfoot Communications CEO Jason Williams' answer. His outlook for Blackfoot's future and role in the Northern Rockies technology ecosystem is visionary, and the recent hire of former UM Tech Transfer director Joe Fanguy is evidence to back it up. Listen to Jason and Joe talk about Blackfoot's commitment to leading economic development in the region and the launch of their new innovation and entrepreneurship...


Front Street Capital's Russ Piazza invests in culture

Front Street Capital Management's Russ Piazza (UM '77) knows exactly the sort of businesses he wants to invest in. As the portfolio manager of the hugely successful Tarkio Fund, Russ brings a focus and clarity to his work that's inspiring. He also has a thing of two to say about the bond markets. This is an important conversation anyone with an interest in the markets should hear.


Holly Truitt: Community Creator, Coalition Builder, and Change Maker

"You gotta get Holly Truitt on the pod!" We've heard this countless times since we launched the show, and we finally got her to come on. Holly is the Director of University of Montana's Broader Impacts Group. Her work ranges from directing spectrUM, a wonderful science museum for children, to leading innovateUM, a coalition of key innovators driving the future of Western Montana's economy. Holly is inspirational and visionary and in this conversation we explore how her unique and challenging...


Olympian Sam Schultz Rides For All the Right Reasons

The competitive pinnacle of Sam Schultz's mountain biking career came during the 2012 Olympic games. In the years since, he's faced health challenges, a limited capacity to train and race, and the reality that his relationship with his bike and livelihood must change. Today we talk about how Sam has met these challenges to build an inspiring, productive, and sustainable career in the cycling industry. Sure, he lives in a van down by the river, but it's a damn nice van with some really sweet...


Montana Code School - a Case Study in Education Innovation

The Montana Code School launched in 2015 as a way to prepare students to walk in ready and able to the growing number of technology jobs available in Montana. In this episode we talk with Paul Gladen, Director of the Blackstone Launchpad and founder of the Code School, and Kelly Nash, graduate of the first Code School cohort and current director of admissions. We learn about how the Code School came to be, what sorts of students it targets, and what types of jobs its graduates are getting....


Pictionary Creator Rob Angel on Trusting the Process

Rob Angel invented the legendary game Pictionary in 1985. I got the chance to speak with this charismatic, inspired and dynamic creator during a quick visit with his children, both Missoula residents. Rob shares the Pictionary origin story, brings us up to date on his current endeavors, and outlines his philanthropic efforts...all subject to the entertaining commentary of his daughter Sam (UM 2017) and his son Ben (MT Code School 2018).


Bjorn Nabozney on Building a Community with Big Sky Brewing Co.

Few places impact the community like Big Sky Brewing. This week, we sit down with founder Bjorn Nabozney to talk about beer, building a community, and the issue of alcohol on college campuses.


Erin Switalski on the vital work of Women’s Voices for the Earth

Women’s Voices for the Earth is a Missoula based national non-profit organization doing big things on a national scale. The group’s aim is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in a surprising and disturbing number of household products, particularly products used predominantly by women. We talk about WVO’s mission and strategy and how you can be more aware and get more involved


The Big Dipper's Charlie Beaton Knows Ice Cream, Music, and Balance

Montana has a handful of iconic establishments, and The Big Dipper is one of its finest. In this week's episode we learn all about it with founder and owner Charlie Beaton, a Missoula legend. Charlie not only creates killer ice cream, but he also makes great music as the lead singer for VTO. On top of that, hes a passionate family man and had a keen sense of the sort of life he wants to build for himself and his family. Check out The Big Dipper at: www.bigdippericecream.com


Black Coffee's Matt McQuilkin on Coffee, Community & Creativity

Matt McQuilkin and Jim Chapman launched Black Coffee Roasting Company in 2010 and it quickly became a fixture of the Missoula scene. In this conversation, Matt and I discuss the series of experiences that uniquely prepared him for success as a coffee entrepreneur and how he has turned that success into deep support for the Missoula community. To learn more about his great product, shop, and staff, visit: https://www.blackcoffeeroastingco.com Or stop by the shop at 525 E Spruce St in Missoula.


Meg Whicher: Recreation Evangelist

Meg Whicher is a Recreation Specialist at Missoula Parks and Recreation. In four short years she's become a fixture of


Tester, Gianforte, & Ward on Higher Education and the 6-mil Levy

Investment in higher education is a hot topic across the country and in Montana especially. Every ten years since 1948 Montanans vote on a ballot measured called the 6-mil levy, which represents a substantial funding mechanism for the state's university system. The 6-mil levy returns to the ballot this November. In this special episode we present the viewpoints of Senator Jon Tester (D), Congressman Greg Gianforte (R), and UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research economist Bryce Ward....


Eric Sprunk, Nike, Inc. COO, on Leadership, Opportunity and Coming Home

Eric Sprunk was the commencement speaker at this year's University of Montana graduation ceremony. In today's episode, we track Eric's experience as an accounting student who graduated in from UM in 1986 though to his current position as head of Nike's global operations. It's an amazing story and along the way Eric has developed a powerful and inspiring set of leadership principles. He also has some important ideas about how to conceptualize and seize opportunity. Thanks for listening!


Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament on Creativity, Hustle, and Giving Back

Jeff Ament was born in Havre and grew up in Big Sandy. His Montana roots and pride run deep and returning to his home state is a big part of what keeps him balanced. Our conversation dug into several key themes about the basis for his gritty work ethic, his creative process, and his commitment to creating opportunity for others. We also explore the magic that has kept Pearl Jam at the top of its game for over 25 years. Jeff's knew solo album, Heaven/Hell, releases on May 10th. Check it out!


Lisa Mills and Elephant Friendly Tea

Lisa Mills is the creator of the world's first tea certification program. In this episode she tells us about the devastating effects conventional tea farming has on the severely endangered population of Asian elephants. The program she launched - Elephant Friendly Tea - is a fantastic example of the important collaborative, interdisciplinary work happening at the University of Montana. Housed at UM's Broader Impacts Group, the project brings together wildlife biologists, policy makers,...


Christopher Preston: Philosopher for the Synthetic Age

This week we chat with Christopher Preston, Professor of Philosophy at University of Montana. Christopher recently published The Synthetic Age: Outdesigning Evolution, Resurrecting Species, and Reengineering Our World. The central argument of the book is that human beings have fundamentally altered the planet in a manner unprecedented in history. We chat talk about the areas in which this is happening - climate, genetics, artificial intelligence, etc. It's fascinating, horrifying, inspiring,...