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We’re about all things branding and so much more! We’ll talk about SEO, website design, the value of adding video, social media, and of course, branding identity. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.

We’re about all things branding and so much more! We’ll talk about SEO, website design, the value of adding video, social media, and of course, branding identity. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.


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We’re about all things branding and so much more! We’ll talk about SEO, website design, the value of adding video, social media, and of course, branding identity. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.








018 Tiffani Czapinski: Rescue Baby

Inspiring you to be your baby's hero I met Tiffani Czapinski as a new member at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce while we both were attending an online Zoom event there. When she introduced herself to the group I immediately knew I wanted to have a conversation with her. Tiffani’s background is as a firefighter, but because of a back injury, she had to leave that profession. She then inspired herself to create Rescue Baby, her new emerging yet to be branded business. Listen to this...


017 Sophie Felix: Faith and Service Lead To Branding Success

Sophie Felix says “Work Hard. Brand well. Give back to the community and they’ll seek you out.” Sophie’s definition of branding: Reflect on who you are in your personal life, your career, and your lifestyleBy investing in yourself and how your marketing assets look is vital to your successYou want to be authentic. You can be yourself, be real, and still be branded like a celebrity. Mentions Branding herself and her clients is the top priority. And Sophie says with that, you’ll always be...


016 Back For More with Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan is back with John for the 4th time to catch up on everything pandemic, music, and how Chris has managed to do so well this year with his business Ryan Video Productions. Some of the topics we covered today: Chris talks about one of his most recent projects with theDaley Ranchin Escondido, CA.What Chris is listening to (Bon Iver).What John is listening to.Interviews with musicians and artists they’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.Video streaming.Microphones and...


015 Logan and Anna: Call Me Unstoppable

Imagine A World where you and your dreams matter. “The trifecta™ of unstoppable, aligned is unstoppable. It's the foundation, the basis of everything we do at Call Me Unstoppable™ - The Trifecta™ of Unstoppable. And when all three elements - Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset - are aligned, you are truly unstoppable!.” ~ Logan and Anna from Call Me Unstoppable Who are these “unstoppable” sisters? Logan was in private practice for about 10 years, and before that a former corporate gal in...


014 DIY Publishing Meets DIY Broadcasting

Honoree Corder is a wildly prolific author who has sold over 4 million copies of her books on Amazon. What’s more, she offers an online “Publishing Ph.D.” course to aspiring authors that walks them through the entire process of conceiving, composing, marketing, and selling their books. One of the things she tells her clients is that producing a podcast is an effective way to enhance their reach and boost sales of their books. This is where our amiable host, John Biethan, comes in. He’s just...


013 Tanya Goodall Smith: Improve Your Brand Image

Originally a graphic designer, Tanya Goodall Smith noticed that many small businesses in her area (Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho) were shooting themselves in the foot by using amateur photography in their advertising and marketing materials. “When 90 percent of the real estate on your ad is a photo and it's terrible, “ she says, “it can be difficult to make it look good.” In that case, your brand doesn’t look good. “Branding is your reputation,” she says. “It's what other people...


012 Jane Tierney: Chain Reactions

Virtually every product or service travels through a supply chain that has a myriad of moving parts and plenty of expense and risk involved. I spoke with Jane Tierney, a consultant who helps companies save money, gain efficiencies, and mitigate risk. Our conversation touched on the key aspects of her universally applicable specialty. Here are some key takeaways that might be relevant to just about any business: Transportation and logistics are an obvious aspect of physical supply chains,...


011 A Strategic Book Coach meets a Recovering Magazine Editor

A Strategic Book Coach Meets a Recovering Magazine Editor at the Podcast Cafe Honoree Corder is a Strategic Book Coach, a self-publishing expert, and the author of 53 books that have sold 4 million copies! She also calls herself a co-creator: “I work with professionals and entrepreneurs to help them write, publish, and monetize their books.” For the purposes of this conversation, refer to her title, You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get ... Dave Herndon is a recovering magazine...


010 Marcy Browe: Brand Photography, Music, and Appreciation

I wanted to have this conversation with Marcy and told her if she got the Samson Q2U, I’d schedule with her. As a branding portrait photographer with extensive marketing and advertising experience, Marcy Browe uses this unique skill set to help her clients uncover their personal brand. Then, she brings that brand vision to life by creating stunning visual images that perfectly capture her client’s next-level version of themselves. As a thriving portrait photographer, she’s able to...


009 Krista Crotty: Business Crew Chief - Business Strategy and Racing

Krista Crotty is a Business Crew Chief with the experience of a Business Strategist, Racecar Driver, Driving Instructor, Mompreneur, and an NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner. Wow! That’s a lot of living. Krista lives her life considering how she wants to make an impact and follows the European work model where they work to live as opposed to living to work. You build the life that you want and then adapt your job and income to facilitate the life you want to live. She works hard to play...


008 Honorée Corder: Why you MUST Write a Book

Honoree is a badass. We like badasses. Her reputation is legendary as you’ll discover in this episode. Honoree helps her clients get “behind the velvet robe” as she says - the place that’s comfortable and the snacks are better. Cutting to the chase, get your free copy of You Must Write a Book by visiting Honorée Corder is an executive and strategic book coach, TEDx speaker, and the author of dozens of books including You Must Write a Book, The Prosperous Writer book...


007 Mary Cravets: Client Generation - Tied For First

Notable Quotes, Questions, and a Book The "Accidental" Millionaire: Leaping From Chance To Mastery In the Game of Life, by Stephanie Frank. Watch Us THRIVE Zoom Calls. “When you come from who you really are - your values, and then align with what will make you truly happy - the vision part of it... I think of values and vision as the bookends of how you operate your business. Your values. Who you are. Your vision. What will make you happy out there in the future? When those two things are...


006 Kevin Clemons: Cyber Security - Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you’re thinking it’s time for a computer upgrade, you’ll enjoy the options presented in this episode. If you’re concerned about getting hacked, we’ve got you covered on what to do to protect your computer and your business. In this episode, we geek out a bit with Kevin Clemons, CEO at Au Technology Solutions. It should be noted, in this episode when Kevin mentions services offered by Microsoft, that those similar services are also available with Google’s suite of products. I wanted to...


005: Preparing for Your Brand Video Shoot (and more music)

This is the 3rd episode Chris Ryan has been on, and we’ve only done 5 episodes. What’s up with that? Simple. He’s a great co-host and we have a lot of fun together - as it should be. Chris owns Ryan Video Productions. As he says on his website, “Let’s do some good work together!” He means it, as evidence by his client testimonials and the people I’ve talked to who’ve used his services. Chris and I share a love for music. We’ve both been involved in the seen for years. While Chris worked in...


004 Jani Jackson: Develop Your Team - Make the Relationships and Connections Strong and Lasting

Today we bring you Jani Jackson, M.Ed., for an in-depth conversation about Team Building. Jani is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Develop Your Team, located in the greater San Diego area. We’d be amiss if we didn’t mention that her dog Leah joined us as well for a brief part of the interview. As a successful and dynamic corporate leader for over 20 years, Jani developed many high-achieving, engaged teams. She has brought her enthusiasm for people development to Develop Your Team,...


003 Reese Harris And Chris Ryan on Brand Equity

Chris Ryan and Reese Harris have known each other for years. I was lucky enough to get them both in the studio (2019) to talk about “brand equity” and so much more. We covered these topics in our conversation: Where Chris and Reese MetBrian Wilson’s movieLove and MercyTom GrantJeune et Jolie'ssound systemRhythm and Roots Concert Seriesin Tucson, AZThe band Calexicoin Tucson, AZKCXI Radio in Tucson, AZReese’s websiteRee-Source.comWhat is branding?Examples of “genericized” brands:How Kleenex,...


002 Chris Ryan: Making Heroes With Branded Video Storytelling

This episode will grind your video gears and get you to stop putting-off doing your brand video. Good marketing strategically creates stories about brands that resonate with a target audience. Chris Ryan from Ryan Video Productions tells his story about how he approaches video storytelling to create a “brand story” which turns his clients into heroes. That’s his work. That’s his talent and gift. And we like that a lot. Topics & Questions Answered How do you convey the importance to your...


001: Bacon, Bran, and Branding

Question: What’s Bacon got to do with ALL MAVEN? Answer: Bacon is proof that God loves us! In this episode, you’ll get to know ALL MAVEN’s CEO and branding maven Alexandra Renee-Polestra (THE MAVEN), and her partner and COO Joseph Poelstra, the Executioner. Where did the name ALL MAVEN come from? A name in its self is worth a lot of money. Which would you rather have to help you? A connoisseur or an expert? As nouns, the difference between a connoisseur and an expert is that a...