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New Cerebro Keyword Research Method That Works – AMPM Podcast EP 194

While it may seem like a lifetime ago, Manny Coats debuted the CPR Method of performing product launches through targeted keyword research and marketing to climb to the top of the Amazon rankings for your product niche. A lot of things have changed in the last year, and so too has Amazon updated its Terms of Service and rules governing how sellers can operate on its platform. In episode 194 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats discusses this Cerebro-based keyword research method with...


Sell Your Amazon Business Successfully – AMPM Podcast EP 193

Whether or not your intention was to sell your Amazon business from the start, a profitable exit is always on the table for many sellers. If you have worked hard to build up your private label brand to be a six to eight-figure revenue machine, it’s probably worth every penny to potential buyers as well. However, there are a lot of things that go into preparing your private label brand if you want to sell your Amazon business. Buyers will want a business that is on the rise and has few...


Email Follow-Up: How to Stay Amazon TOS Compliant + Personal Questions – AMPM Podcast EP 191

On Podcast EP 191, host Manny Coats talks about how the recent Amazon TOS relate to reviews and even answers a few personal questions! A few weeks ago, we talked about sneaky ways to gain Amazon reviews that may get you banned so you know which tactics to AVOID. If you missed that episode, check it out here. Since then, a lot of you have asked for clarification on Amazon’s TOS surrounding reviews and email follow-up so you can gain reviews fast without getting your account banned. So...


The Truth About Amazon Product Launch Giveaways Featuring Six Leaf, ZonJump, Viral Launch, & Rebate Key – AMPM Podcast EP 189

Is using a product launch against Amazon Terms of Service? Find out the answer and more from the top industry experts! Get all your questions, misconceptions, and more answered in the ultimate podcast about the latest trends in using a product launch via the giveaway method on Amazon to climb the rankings! The AMPM Podcast has taken the roundtable chat to the next level! We've gathered four industry experts from leading Amazon launch companies ZonJump, Six Leaf, Viral Launch, and Rebate...


How to Save Money By Reducing Amazon Packaging Size & Weight – AMPM PODCAST EP 187

How much is your Amazon packaging really costing you? Do you have to pay extra per unit when you ship and store your products due to Amazon packaging size stipulations? Your product’s dimensions and weight can have a significant impact on your cost per unit, but there are ways to help you save money when evaluating your product’s size class with Amazon. Many new sellers may not be aware that if your product crosses over from being a Standard sized item to being Oversized, the cost can...


Amazon Keyword Indexing: Are You Missing Out on Product Ranking? – AMPM Podcast EP 186

In the wake of the recent Amazon search results controversy, we have decided to address another topic of discussion that’s drawing confusion from sellers: Amazon keyword indexing. For those who are new to selling on Amazon, indexing keywords refer to whether or not the Amazon keyword search algorithm is associating your product’s ASIN with your targeted keywords. Whether or not your ASIN is being indexed for your desired keywords and phrases determines the discoverability of your product...


Amazon 101: How to Effectively Drive Traffic to Amazon Products – AMPM Podcast EP 184

The final part of the Kevin King interview is here, and we are concluding with the best ways to drive traffic to Amazon products! Now that you have chosen your product and built the listing on Amazon, it’s time to launch and drive traffic to your Amazon private label business. This last part is ongoing and very often separates the serious sellers from the casual ones. Kevin offers a taste of his Freedom Ticket course with his basic strategies for figuring price to using Facebook to get the...


Amazon 101: How to Create the Best Amazon Product Listings – AMPM Podcast EP 183

Amazon 101 with Kevin King continues where he and Manny discuss how to build the best Amazon product listings! Ensuring that your Amazon listing is perfectly optimized is crucial to the success of your product launch. New and experienced sellers alike can make the same mistakes when building their listings, which can have negative effects on your sales and your ability to compete in your market niche. By using the best Amazon product listings as a guide, you can evaluate your own Amazon...


Amazon 101: How to Pick the Products That Make Money on Amazon – AMPM PODCAST EP 182

This Amazon 101 series will let you in on the expert secrets for choosing the best products that make money on Amazon! Manny has a special treat for all the new sellers who want to learn how to start selling on Amazon! Together with his good buddy Kevin King, he will be creating this three-part series to explain the finer points of how to make money on Amazon in the beginning. Check out the video here: In AMPM Podcast EP 182, host Manny Coats speaks with Kevin King, a 7-figure Amazon...


The Danger of the 999 Amazon Shopping Cart Trick – AMPM PODCAST EP 181

Could you be getting inaccurate Amazon sales estimates with the 999 Amazon shopping cart trick? Some may remember this old inventory hack in the early days of the AMPM Podcast to see how much inventory your competitors had left for their products. The basic idea was that you visit a listing and add the product to your Amazon shopping cart. You also set the item quantity to 999, and if the seller did not possess that many items in his or her inventory, Amazon would alert you and tell you...


Supercharge Amazon A/B Testing Images with Pickfu for Better Conversions – AMPM PODCAST EP 180

Can Amazon A/B testing your images prevent wasted time and money before the product launch? In today’s episode of the AMPM Podcast, Manny discusses the importance of getting your primary image right to increase conversions for your listing and prompt Amazon to feature your product marketing more often. However, how do you know the image you attached to your product listing is a good one? Amazon A/B testing, of course! While Amazon Central does allow sellers to split test images, it must be...


How to Optimize Your Listing with Amazon Product Videos – AMPM PODCAST EP 179

In today’s podcast episode, Manny discusses the importance of optimizing your Amazon image stack by adding promotional Amazon product videos into the mix! After taking some time off to concentrate on some big projects, Manny Coats is back for another informative episode of the AMPM Podcast! Over the last few months, Manny has spent his time building up Helium 10 and traveling out of the country to gain better knowledge on the state of selling on Amazon today. Manny mentions his recent trip...


Boost Conversions With This Essential Amazon Sponsored Ad Strategy – AMPM Podcast EP178

Making all the right moves from the very beginning can mean all the difference between a successful Amazon seller and a flop. While a rare occurrence, new sellers have been known to sweep in and totally dominate their niches. However, achieving this feat never comes easy and can only be done by choosing a solid product to source and employing a winning strategy on Amazon. In episode 178 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats interviews Amazon seller Janine Hong, a relative newcomer to the...


How to Get a Better Price from Amazon Suppliers – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Even if you think you’ve found the perfect supplier for your business, how do you know you’re getting the best price in comparison with other Amazon suppliers? Let’s say out of all the other Amazon suppliers you encountered and spoke with, you’ve decided on which one will be creating your product. But what if you [...] The post How to Get a Better Price from Amazon Suppliers – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed appeared first on AM/PM Podcast.


Use Amazon Keyword Tool Combinations to Create the Ultimate Keyword List – AMPM Podcast EP 177

Using more than one Amazon keyword tool to get an exact phrase keyword list is a strategic way to launch a product correctly. Building a strong keyword list through a powerful Amazon keyword tool is absolutely essential, especially in the beginning stages of your Amazon selling journey. Combining software can help sellers achieve more goals during their product research. Magnet is a general Amazon keyword tool that uses a seed word to generate exact phrase search term estimations for a...


What Amazon Sellers Get WRONG About Product Launches – AMPM Podcast EP 176

Making product launch mistakes can be detrimental to the success of your listings - learn what NOT to do! Product launch mistakes can plague a listing from the very beginning, and many sellers don't realize they are doing it wrong! Sellers sometimes judge the success of product launches on their own experience without factoring in the role of personal error in the process. The general consensus of the Amazon selling community is a testament to how product launches fare. If or when product...


Building the Amazon FBA Business: From Launch to Growth and Beyond – AMPM PODCAST EP 175

In episode 175 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats speaks to 8-figure Amazon sellers and partners at Seller Tradecraft, Fernando Cruz and Nick Young, about how to begin and sustain a contending Amazon FBA business like theirs. Somewhere between building a team, cutting it down, and driving Uber, Fernando and Nick managed to break eight figures in their now thriving company. With $10 million plus in sales last year (2017) and a 300% growth in one year, the partners were able to do the other...


How to Organize the Amazon Coupons On Your Product Page – AMPM PODCAST EP 174

Don’t just stack the Amazon coupons for your product listings on your page. Organize them! Sellers offering cross-sells and upsells often stack coupons to draw the customers’ attention towards their products and drive sales. Using multiple Amazon coupons for all the different products sellers have to offer is definitely great for doubling sales and increasing revenue. Controlling the position of those coupons is even better. It allows sellers to prioritize certain products over others and...


How To Source Private Label Products the RIGHT Way – AMPM PODCAST EP 173

In episode 173 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats talks with private label manufacturing expert and Sourcify CEO Nathan Resnick about how to source private label products efficiently. Nathan also reveals his methods for choosing the best manufacturing options for your product and category. Nathan got started in selling on Amazon in school and created his first private label product: a first-of-its-kind leather watch strap without holes. He founded Sourcify to help sellers to find the best...


How Critical Is Getting an Amazon Trademark for Your Business? – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

How important is it to get an Amazon trademark for your private label business? To be frank, it is CRITICAL to your success as a seller on Amazon. Without Amazon trademarks, sellers would be infringing on each other’s products constantly. The best way to shield yourself legally and financially to is to obtain a trademark [...] The post How Critical Is Getting an Amazon Trademark for Your Business? – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed appeared first on AM/PM Podcast.