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Visionary leaders from industrial companies share their insights on technology, innovation, and leadership. This podcast is for industrial business leaders who are looking to make data-driven decisions and learn from those who have experienced similar challenges.


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Visionary leaders from industrial companies share their insights on technology, innovation, and leadership. This podcast is for industrial business leaders who are looking to make data-driven decisions and learn from those who have experienced similar challenges.




Stop Strategizing. Start Listening. The secret to happy employees and improved security. (Featuring Koch Industries)

Join us as we talk with Gabe Green, Chief Information Security Officer for Koch Industries, about taking an informed approach to security in manufacturing. In this episode, Green shares with us insights from Koch’s journey to provide consistent IT and OT security across their very different environments, and how a bottoms-up approach creates space to leverage each employee’s comparative advantage.


Part 2: The Art of Possible: Find Balance Between People and Automation Tools (Featuring Deloitte)

Listen in as we continue our conversation with Jason Bergstrom, Principal Smart Factory Go-To-Market Leader, and Stephen Laaper, Principal, Smart Factory Leader, from Deloitte and get their perspectives on striking the balance between people and automation in the factory of the future.


Part 1: Evolution of the Smart Factory (Featuring Deloitte)

In this podcast, we’ll highlight how smart factories, also known as smart manufacturing, smart refining, or digital operations, leverage rapidly advancing technology to create an impact in the manufacturing environment by connecting data from across the enterprise, systems, and supply chain.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Ep. 4: Top Security Myths DEBUNKED

In our final episode during cybersecurity awareness month, we turn our discussion with Robert to examine the myths and misunderstandings surrounding industrial IoT systems that persist throughout the manufacturing industry. Robert tells us “A lot of the myths that are out there with regards to industrial IoT systems, unfortunately, misdirect us. They make us think in some directions that are problematic and you’ll end up trying to solve a problem that maybe doesn’t exist.”


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Ep. 3: Building a Base Architecture for Your Future Security Needs (featuring Cisco)

Join us as we continue our cybersecurity awareness conversation with Robert from Cisco Systems, a leader in product management for secure firewall / industrial security, and discuss the significance of implementing a security architecture that meets your needs today and in the future.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Ep. 2: Tips for Managing Your Vendors Securely, While Maintaining Control

Today’s episode is a continuation of our conversation with Robert Albach, a leader in product management for secure firewall / industrial security at Cisco Systems. We’ll dive into the complex world of securely managing vendor integration and the importance of doing it while maintaining control within your environment.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Ep. 1: Differences between IT and OT security

This week our hosts sit down with Robert Albach, a leader in product management for secure firewall / industrial security at Cisco Systems, to discuss the differences between IT and OT in how they respond to security incidents, as well as how they value security within the organization. Hear the varied perspectives and mindsets at play, how technological updates can create risk in OT workflows, and how IT can keep OT secure while also keeping them physically safe, as “Safety is the number...


Don’t move junk. Convince your leaders of a self-funding cloud migration with this 3-step approach.

Have you ever asked for permission to save money? In this episode, learn how Safran Cabin saved five million dollars in three years! IT Director, Jon Ripley reveals a 3-step approach to make cloud migration a self funding project. You heard that right. Self funding. There’s no need to allocate extra dollars for an eventual payoff. Listen and learn how to use your existing dollars!


#8: How to start your cloud journey (featuring GE Aviation)

Learn how to get started with your cloud journey, and make the right changes along the way. Featured guests include Chris Carissimi, CTO at GE Aviation and Douglas Bellin, the Business Development Lead for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 at AWS


#7: Bringing IT and OT together (featuring Carrier)

In this episode, you’ll learn how to bring IT and OT together towards one common goal. You’ll hear from Bobby George, the Chief Digital Officer at Carrier, and Douglas Bellin the Business Development Executive for Industrie 4.0 and Smart Factories at AWS.


#6: Communicate a bold vision (featuring Volkswagen)

Transforming and upgrading your technology can be expensive, but so is funding outdated and inefficient IT. In today’s episode we’ll learn from Volkswagens Nihar Patel, and Frank Goeller as they share their strategies for upgrading and replacing existing systems. You’ll learn how to communicate a bold vision within your organization to realize substantial cost savings and efficiencies.


#5: Strengthening your cybersecurity preparedness (featuring Synopsys)

Learn how to thoroughly examine your current security exposure, scrutinize users accessing your network, and identify areas of vulnerability. Featured guests include Deirdre Hanford, Chief Security Officer at Synopsys, and David Pellerin, Head of WW Business Development for Semiconductors at AWS.


#4: How to build resilience through crisis management (featuring Fictiv)

Learn how to realize new opportunities for innovation, even while managing a crisis. This episode helps you analyze the potential for long-overdue digitization efforts to increase your speed to market and reduce risk.


#3: Gain insights from complex data (featuring 3M)

Learn how to gain visibility into your complex data sources by using a data lake. Learn the fundamentals of what a data lake is used for, and how it can help you gain actionable insights from your interconnected supply chain.


#1: Strategies for adopting new technology (featuring General Electric)

In this episode, we’ll uncover tips and strategies for adopting new technology – figure out what is limiting you today, and learn how to transform the culture of your organization to embrace new technologies, take risks, and solve for business-critical outcomes.


#2: How to close the talent gap (featuring General Electric)

Manufacturing and industrial companies face a looming worldwide shortage of qualified skills on an unprecedented scale. Many refer to this challenge as the talent gap, or the skills gap. In this episode, we’ll discuss strategies for closing these gaps. Learn how to train, develop, and qualify talent within your transitioning workforce.