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True Influence's Series is about having new conversations and fresh ideas on accelerating B2B revenue through unpacking best sales, marketing and data practices by hearing from C-level executives, VPs, and Thought Leaders.

True Influence's Series is about having new conversations and fresh ideas on accelerating B2B revenue through unpacking best sales, marketing and data practices by hearing from C-level executives, VPs, and Thought Leaders.


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True Influence's Series is about having new conversations and fresh ideas on accelerating B2B revenue through unpacking best sales, marketing and data practices by hearing from C-level executives, VPs, and Thought Leaders.






072: How to Take B2B Sales from Vendorship to Partnership

Former Stripe and Google employee, Ross Rich, and his brother raised millions for a startup -- a customer collaboration platform for sales leaders to build repeatable, data-driven processes. He saw the problem firsthand from his own time as a rep. Not another email or text automation tool, his Accord platform is a place where humans interact. Add to that a stint doing marketing for #1 Billboard hits, sold-out international tours, and platinum albums, and you have one interesting guest! Ross...


071: Data-Driven Marketing to Analyze Customer Behaviors

From an early age, Ajay Gupta has been fascinated by how technology can connect brands with an audience base. This led him to founding a business to develop products that make communication easier. Identity data sets are also part of his story, so you know this will be a data-centric conversation about understanding customers. Ajay Gupta CEO and Founder | Stirista Global Watch to learn: ✅ How to find the right human touch in data-driven campaigns ✅ What questions to ask about contact...


070: How to Increase Sales with Business Value Conversations

When companies struggle for revenue and profit, they often can’t see the blind spots holding them back. If you’re running blind, Doug’s ideas and advice will turn that around. He’s led award-winning sales teams to the next level in growth, revenue and profits, and it all comes back to business communications that add value. Doug C. Brown CEO, Conversion Strategist, Revenue Growth Expert @ Business Success Factors | Forbes Business Council Listen to learn: ✅ How the four quadrants of...


069: Practical Marketing Ideas to Rev Up Your Startup

Whether you’re part of a startup or an established enterprise, marketing has the same goal: deliver new clients and organic opportunities to drive growth. Michele Cobb is no stranger to that mission. Growing the business has been on her to-do list in every role, and given the M&A activity in her pedigree, she’s been very successful at it. Catch this interview to uncover her secrets for pragmatic growth marketing. Michele Cobb Chief Marketing Officer | RefineRE Listen to learn: ✅Should a...


068: How Video is Redefining B2B Marketing

Question of the Day: Would your B2B buyers be open to more human, video connections from your brand? Achieving a human bond in business has never been more important. Personal connections accelerate sales and improve customer experience, and Ethan Butte shares what marketers must know about personal video in B2B. Part marketing strategist, part messaging specialist, part branding enthusiast, he’s on a mission to rehumanize business communication. Join to learn how simple, personal videos...


067: MarTech Via Cloud: What CMOs Need to Know

Question of the Day: What’s been your biggest struggle as your team tries to automate and streamline marketing processes? We tap into our own deep bench of experts for this episode. Praveen Balla has established an award-winning reputation for high-margin marketing programs and end-to-end demand generation and lead nurturing. A proven growth hacker, he once grew revenue at a record high 40x at 90%+ margin. But his strengths also cover team building and leadership. Sit back and enjoy...


066: Psychological Safety and Leadership During Disruptive Times

Question of the Day: How does your organization help employees thrive in remote work conditions? During the pandemic, companies faced challenges unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Businesses learned the value of prioritizing emotional wellbeing for employees. Now with many organizations retaining some form of remote work, how can we build on the lessons of last year and come out stronger? Bill Flynn has advice based on his extensive experience in driving growth under all kinds of...


065: How Fractional Executives Fuel Business Growth

At the C-level, B2B marketing involves many moving parts. No wonder fractional CMO advocate Cara Posey calls herself a builder: “I see the parts and pieces of a brand, a strategy, a community, a product and want to make it better and stronger.” Backed by extensive integrated marketing experience, she credits her curiosity for breakthrough results in startup, mid-size, Fortune 500 and 100 companies. What might a “fractional executive” bring to your team? With guest: Cara Posey SVP of Growth...


ARS 064: How AI Revolutionizes B2B Marketing in a World of Signals

As a B2B marketing change agent, Kerry Cunningham proves that curiosity is a valuable trait in business. He’s explored many areas of intellectual curiosity. While also pursuing a master’s degree, he worked concurrently in as many as three research laboratories in various fields of social and personality psychology. He brings that depth to SiriusDecisions, where he works with B2B clients to optimize marketing operations and demand management functions. With Guest: Kerry Cunningham Vice...


BONUS: Join us at our Spring Summit!

We have a special bonus episode for you all! Our virtual Spring Summit: Accelerating Revenue through Artificial Intelligence on April 14, 2021 at Noon - 2:30pm (EST). Register here: Just as artificial intelligence is changing our daily lives, machine learning is also redefining B2B marketing and sales at a rapid clip. Should you harness the power of AI in your demand generation? How can AI turn your marketing, sales and data efforts into a revenue machine? What do best...


ARS 063: How Does Marketing Operations Drive Business Growth?

Darrell Alfonso has been called the perfect balance of detail-oriented and completion-driven, combined with strategic thinker. Having worked at startups, mid-sized companies, and nonprofits, Darrell says he’s come to realize it's about the people, not the platforms, but it's best to keep your eyes on both. His list of marketing achievements is only eclipsed by his list of volunteer and community work. You’ll find there’s plenty to learn about Marketing Operations from this high achiever....


ARS 062: How to Prep Your Sales Practices for New Markets

Join this session with Tom Castley for tips on transforming sales processes, sales and marketing collaboration, and delivering higher revenue, all while breaking into new markets. Tom helps businesses dramatically boost sales productivity with a toolkit that includes data and automation to remove manual steps from sales processes. with Guest Tom Castley Vice President of Sales, UK | Outreach Listen to learn: ✅ Key differentials to keep in mind when selling to a new market ✅ Communication...


ARS 061: Why Conversational Marketing Matters More Than Ever

Who hasn’t engaged with a chatbot? And who hasn’t deployed one on a website? Billy shares compelling reasons you should take a closer look at how your chatbot is performing. His team helps B2B brands with digital conversation optimization, not just with chatbots, but email and other automated engagement. What great ideas will you learn? With Guest Billy Bateman: ChatFunnels Co-Founder & VP of Operations | Host, Digital Conversations Podcast Listen to learn: ✅ What B2B companies are missing...


ARS 060: How Creative Content Wins Over B2B Audiences

Dan and his team create entertaining ads that sell stuff, and he wants other B2B marketers to enjoy the same results. As a keynote speaker and agency co-founder, Dan has proven chops in digital and social media marketing. Listen for some serious content marketing advice. With Guest Dan Knowlton Knowlton Co-Founder & CMO | Co-Host Business Anchors Podcast Listen to learn: ✅What B2B marketers can learn from creative strategies of B2C branding ✅Which metrics to consider while shifting towards...


ARS 059: How to Leverage B2B Intent Signal Data Effectively

Learn how intent signal data helps B2B companies supercharge the sales process with Guests: Steve Richard & Jamie Shanks Steve Richard: Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, ExecVision | Co-Founder @Vorsight Steve Richard is an evangelist for quality sales conversations, and in using technology and data to mine insights about customer interactions. Jamie Shanks: Managing Partner, Sales for Life - The Growth...


ARS 058: Cold Call Tips to Improve Prospect Conversations

How can sales reps prospect through all the digital noise? Who better to answer that question than a sales rep who’s also a sales trainer. Morgan coaches teams on modern techniques that bolster pipeline, leverage social media, schedule net new accounts and cold call with confidence. And now he’s our guest! With Guest Morgan Ingram: Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales | Host of SDR Chronicles Listen to learn: How to introduce yourself with a “PLA” cold call opener Impact of...


ARS 057: How Video Transforms the B2B Marketing Experience

From rookie start-up CMO to founder of Laudable, Angela is your go-to for how to create authentic, engaging, custom-branded content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video. Laudable puts customers at the center of the story, leveraging video for a better customer experience. You’ll never think about case studies, brochures and other business content in the same way. With Guest Angela Ferrante Founder and CEO | Laudable Watch to learn: Starter tips for creating good B2B video content...


ARS 056: Unique Virtual Sales Methodology for B2B Companies

The winner of too many awards to list here, Rick has coached 500+ companies and thousands of B2B salespeople. The “Smarketing Guy” shares his views on rethinking how to market and sell in a virtual climate. (Smarketing integrates sales and marketing processes to drive favorable business outcomes.) But don’t forget about integrating people into that equation. Here’s what B2B companies need to know to pivot from traditional hiring models. With Guest Rick Lambert: Founder / CEO -


ARS 055: How AI Powers Your B2B Sales Process

His passion - “Helping Regular People Become the Greatest Sales Professionals in the World” -- is no small feat, but Chad does it with skill. Part of his method involves showing Founders, CEOs and CROs how to use artificial intelligence to dominate markets. Following his advice, entrepreneurs have generated thousands of meetings and millions in pipeline and bookings. Watch and learn. With Guest Chad Burmeister: Founder & CEO -|Co-Founder -|Author Watch this episode to...


ARS 054: B2B Sales Leadership Tips: How to be an Effective Frontliner

A self-described sales process geek, David cares strongly about leadership, strategy, operations, marketing, training and employee development. His topline philosophy: Winning is about proper execution and always putting the client's needs first. One fan recognized him by borrowing a quote from John Maxwell, “David is a leader "who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." Sounds like a perfect guest for Accelerating Revenue! With Guest David Weiss: Enterprise Sales Leader | Author |...